Sample Balance Sheets

We will present examples of three balance sheet formats containing the same hypothetical amounts. (The notes to the financial statements are omitted as they will be identical regardless of the format used.)

Example of a balance sheet using the account form

Example balance sheet

In the account form (shown above) its presentation mirrors the accounting equation. That is, assets are on the left; liabilities and stockholders’ equity are on the right.

With the account form it is easy to compare the totals. It is also convenient to compare the current assets with the current liabilities.

A drawback of the account form is the difficulty in presenting an additional column of amounts on an 8.5″ by 11″ page.

Example of a balance sheet using the report form

Example account form balance sheet

As you can see, the report form presents the assets at the top of the balance sheet. Beneath the assets are the liabilities followed by stockholders’ equity.

Example of a comparative balance sheet

Comparative balance sheet example

The comparative balance sheet presents multiple columns of amounts, and as a result, the heading will be Balance Sheets. The additional column allows the reader to see how the most recent amounts have changed from an earlier date.

It is common to present the recent amounts in the column closest to the descriptions, and the oldest amounts furthest from the descriptions. It is also common for the amounts to be rounded to the nearest dollar or nearest thousand dollars.

As you can see, the report form is more conducive to reporting an additional column(s) of amounts.

Balance Sheet Templates

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Now that we have seen some sample balance sheets, we will describe each section of the balance sheet in detail.