Working Capital and Liquidity (Outline)

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Our Explanation of Working Capital and Liquidity provides you with an in-depth look at the components of working capital and the challenges of converting current assets to cash before obligations come due. You will see how the statement of cash flows can assist you in understanding and managing a company’s liquidity.

Part 1Introduction to Working Capital and Liquidity, Components of Working Capital
Part 2Reporting Working Capital, Current Assets, Current Liabilities, Accrual Method of Accounting, Changes in the Amount of Working Capital
Part 3Liquidity, Working Capital Ratios
Part 4Accounts Receivable: Turnover, Other
Part 5Inventory: Turnover (Average and by Item)
Part 6Accounts Payable, Business Credit Card, Statement of Cash Flows
Part 7Reasons Why Liquidity Will Decrease, Reasons Why Liquidity Will Increase
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Our Working Capital and Liquidity Cheat Sheet highlights the components of working capital and the financial ratios associated with accounts receivable and inventory. It also summarizes the reasons for a company’s liquidity to increase or decrease and how the changes are presented in the statement of cash flows.

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