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I am an accounting firm owner of over 5 years. I became a PRO user when I started my firm and was looking for help in all areas of firm ownership. The materials you have on your website are a must-have for accountants and accounting firms as a reference for all things accounting. I have used the materials on AccountingCoach to grow my business 5 times since I started my firm.
As a supply chain professional, I can confirm that AccountingCoach is a great resource for my mastery of accounting principles that directly impact my work. I find the structure of the sections particularly beneficial due to its well-designed approach, breaking down complex topics into digestible parts. The interactive components, such as quizzes, Q&A, flashcards, word scrambles, and crosswords offer a variety of ways to reinforce my learning and ensure I truly understand the material. AccountingCoach has not only improved my financial literacy but also enhanced my ability in key supply chain tasks, such as assessing supplier financial health, budgeting projects, and making strategic sourcing evaluation. The skills acquired through this platform have been essential for effective cost management and informed financial decision-making in my supply chain role.
I was hired six years ago as an office clerk for a mid-sized company that builds and services swimming pools, and have since grown into the role of AP/AR Manager. When I graduated in 2012 with a BS in business administration, I had only taken basic accounting courses and had gotten rusty on the fundamentals. AccountingCoach has been a fantastic way to refamiliarize myself with the accounting process, so that I feel much more confident discussing financials with our upper management. It's even allowed me to catch some major errors in our balance sheet, which my predecessor did not understand enough to notice! The written overviews are fairly easy to follow, and the supplemental quizzes and crossword puzzles help to make the information stick in a way that I've had difficulty achieving in the past. I've recommended AccountingCoach to some of my coworkers, and I've used it to help explain some core principles of accounting to our VP of Operations as well!
I am writing to express my gratitude and satisfaction as a PRO user of AccountingCoach. As Treasury Risk and Compliance Manager, I understand the value of continuous learning and professional development. Becoming a PRO user was an easy choice for me. Your extensive library of resources and materials cater to my specific needs and interests. The in-depth analyses, expert insights, and practical tips have immensely enriched my knowledge and skills in my field. Not only have your materials provided me with valuable information, but they have also helped me stay updated with the latest trends and advancements. The convenience of accessing the materials from anywhere and at any time has been a game-changer for my professional growth. Since I started utilizing your materials, I have noticed a significant improvement in my performance and confidence. The comprehensive content has enhanced my decision-making abilities, allowed me to develop innovative strategies, and improved my problem-solving skills. The diverse range of topics covered in your materials has helped me broaden my understanding of various aspects related to my job. The well-curated resources have served as a reliable source of inspiration and guidance, assisting me in tackling new challenges with ease. In conclusion, I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to be a PRO user of AccountingCoach. It has undoubtedly contributed to my success and development in my current role. I highly recommend your materials to professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills, and I look forward to benefiting further from your exceptional resource.
After getting a request for an annual and monthly budget and profit and loss statement I was a little perplexed. After researching different options AccountingCoach was and is the most applicable and capable software I've used. I would suggest if you are new and a start-up, AccountingCoach is the way to go. Thanks again for your awesome help.
AccountingCoach is awesome! I received my accounting degree almost four years ago. Despite having completed the accounting program, I was still a bit confused with the appropriate journal entries for some transactions. I purchased AccountingCoach PRO Plus and passed all of the four exams and received the four certificates (two at 98%, one at 95%, and one at 93%). Adding the four certificates on my resume was phenomenal but even more so was grasping the concepts. Understanding the fundamentals helped me in solving problems that were presented with different approaches. Reviewing the material on AccountingCoach presented the material in a different way and I was able to pick up the information quicker. It also helped me understand the reason for certain transactions, such as accruals and reversing entries, as I was part of a team at work who tackled year-end close. The material on AccountingCoach is an added asset to my resume and to my accounting knowledge. I can most definitely attest to its benefits.
I am an accounting supervisor for a nonprofit, though not a CPA. I joined PRO after working my way through many of AccountingCoach's topics because I was impressed by the clarity of the explanations. I used AccountingCoach early in my career to shore up my understanding of various areas, like inventory and the cost of goods sold. AccountingCoach's concrete and transparent explanations have improved my own teaching as I onboard and train new accountants. I hope to work through all of the PRO Plus material and certificates in the future.
I have a degree in computer science, and have worked as a software engineer for over 15 years. I had a lot of gaps in my business knowledge, and AccountingCoach PRO has been a great help in remediating those. The lessons are concise and easy to complete in a reasonable amount of time, and progress is easy to track. I now have a better understanding of accounting, which makes it easier for me, as someone in a technical role, to interact with project stakeholders and understand project requirements.
I received a finance and MIS degree from undergraduate school, and soon thereafter joined a company working in management reporting. I've since held various roles in finance, and now find myself working in investor relations. AccountingCoach and the materials provided give me the tools to understand our financial statements and entry impacts wholeheartedly. This allows me to work alongside my colleagues and provide insightful support. It also allows me to speak with Wall Street and the investment community with confidence. This site has helped me lessen the gaps between my finance-oriented perspective, and the accounting world we live in.
As a seasoned professional with over 14 years of experience in overseas banking and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Australia, my role as a bookkeeper demands constant skill enhancement. AccountingCoach's user-friendly platform and well-structured materials have been instrumental in refreshing my accounting knowledge. Being a practical PRO user, I've found the learning resources to be comprehensive and the instructions to be exceptionally clear. The benefits I've gained from AccountingCoach have improved efficiency in my work, making complex tasks more manageable. I am excited about the upcoming enhancements to the website, and am willing to continue my journey with AccountingCoach.
AccountingCoach has helped tremendously while I was studying for accounting and I strongly believe that my grade would not have been in the 90's had it not been for the AccountingCoach. I will always keep the AccountingCoach in my favourites list even though I have completed my courses as I will no doubt make reference to it when I second-guess myself. It has helped with all aspects of accounting from the very beginning to the very end. Whomever decided to create AccountingCoach was a genius because it is designed in a way that anyone from an amateur to a PRO can follow along. I recommend it to everyone. It has become my new limb. Cannot boast enough about it. Well worth it.
AccountingCoach PRO was such an immense help!!! I switched gears at 42 and wanted to get into accounting. My first course was an introductory bookkeeping course. I had no clue what I was doing. I felt I had made the biggest mistake of my life. I searched online for a course I could take to help me in my regular course!!! And am I ever glad I found AccountingCoach PRO. It made things so much clearer. I love the flashcards and word searches... such a fun way to hammer the details home. I am so grateful for AccountingCoach PRO. For such a small fee for lifetime access I know that I will be referring to this throughout the rest of my accounting schooling.
I have been using AccountingCoach for many years. This is why I signed up for a lifetime membership. I'm an accounting manager/senior accountant, and AccountingCoach has helped me achieve this goal. I would prepare myself for interviews and assessment testing by using the quizzes to test my knowledge in various accounting fields, which allowed me to improve on my weaknesses. By taking these steps, AccountingCoach allowed me to climb the corporate hierarchical ladder to the position I hold today. Thank you, AccountingCoach.
I am a partner with a company that provides bookkeeping and taxes for customers. We've been in business for over 30 years. I love being a member of AccountingCoach, and I became a PRO user to take advantage of all the benefits it offers. I use it to educate my staff, keep my skills current, and research if I get stumped. The material is well written, concise, and straight to the point. It doesn't overwhelm with ‘accountant-speak’. The benefits to my self-confidence when dealing with complex accounting issues to help my clients is priceless. AccountingCoach is the expert that is always there and you can count on. I recommend AccountingCoach to all my colleagues.
After a long career in banking, I started working for a private home builder in the accounting department. I wanted to have a better understanding of accounting, so I enrolled in the AccountingCoach program. I quickly realized everything I didn't know about accounting and was able to lean on the course’s objectives to help in my daily work. I would highly recommend your website to others who are currently in the field, or who have a desire to work in accounting. I continue to go back and review modules to continue to solve questions that come up!
My current position is as a nanny to my 3 grandkids (my daughter has cancer/chemo), but my usual job position is in accounting. I decided to go back to school in 2016 at 47 years old and get an accounting/finance degree. When I began to struggle with accounting concepts, I would go online and search for answers. After getting several answers that not only answered my questions, but explained concepts in terms that I could understand, I realized that I kept being directed to the same place: AccountingCoach. Once I started exploring the site, I quickly realized that this was exactly where I needed to be. Everything that I was learning, and was yet to learn, was all here in one place! It felt like someone handed me the CliffsNotes guide to accounting, and I immediately signed up for the PRO version. I wish that the writers of all accounting textbooks would write like this. First of all, everything is explained. I stopped that sentence there because that was my biggest frustration with my textbooks, as they never give explanations for why something is done a certain way. Second, it's explained in easy-to-understand terms, like one should do when explaining a new concept to someone. Third, the site is quite extensive. There is so much information, and it's organized in an easy-to-navigate fashion. The topics are listed on the main page, so you can find whatever you need quickly, and there are tons of in-text links so that you can delve deeper if you need to. Last but not least, my favorite part: there are quizzes! I still use these quizzes to check my current knowledge, and to see what I might have forgotten and need to work on. AccountingCoach has been an invaluable tool for me, both during school and whenever I need to know something for my job. I'm not sure I would have graduated with top honors had I not found this site. I think I learned more here than I did there!
I love this platform! I use AccountingCoach because I am a lawyer without a background in accounting. It is useful for me to brush up on concepts when I am representing clients in tax matters, or doing my own accounting work. It is an amazing resource. Mr. Averkamp has put together an incredible resource for consumers and business owners alike. I am excited to see what types of upgrades are coming to the platform. I am sure they will be extremely useful to the public.
I am the head of finance and administration at my organization. I am currently based in Guatemala, and my experience and knowledge has only extended to local accounting and taxation; however, since I need to align some reports and controls with US standards, it has become critical to me to learn and practice as a PRO user with this wonderful tool. I like it because it provides a lot of examples and clear explanations that help me understand and apply what is needed for my job. Thank you so much for all the support.
Having been a stay-at-home mom for most of my life, and soon to be an empty nester, I decided to do something for myself. My love of numbers brought me to bookkeeping. I started out with another known website, but I wasn't liking how I was being taught, and found myself having to search for more details. That's when I found AccountingCoach. I was amazed at the teaching platform, and quickly realized I needed to ditch the other and come to AccountingCoach. The materials have definitely been giving me more confidence and understanding. I'm enjoying learning!
Since attending college (for a non-accounting degree), I have had several careers, starting with accounting/bookkeeping for both small businesses and larger companies. This pathway has led me back to the bookkeeping field, as I seek to further service small businesses. Being a couple of decades away from that bookkeeping experience, I needed to refresh and re-study. When I found the AccountingCoach, I knew it was the professional experience I was looking for. The materials are well written and easy to follow, progressing naturally from subject to subject and from simple concepts through to more advanced financial matters. What I especially like is the multi-pronged approach to teaching, which includes written material, videos, quizzes/tests, and other materials to enhance and confirm your knowledge. All in all, the benefits refresh my existing knowledge and also further that knowledge, allowing me to offer more value to my clients than I thought I would be able to provide. I highly recommend this course of study.
I received a degree in accounting in 1990, and have worked with accounts payable for several companies. Since I didn't work with the whole spectrum of accounting, I had often forgotten rules for depreciation, accounts receivable, and the various other aspects of accounting. AccountingCoach has been a great source to get information that can help you with accounting concepts that you may not be familiar with (or have forgotten). I have also worked at a technical college, teaching professional development, business law, computer technology, and accounting. AccountingCoach was a great resource to help me stay current with procedures that I needed to teach my students. I am retired now, and still do bookkeeping/accounting for a business that my husband owns. I use AccountingCoach to help me stay current with accounting topics that I haven't reviewed in a while. AccountingCoach is a great source of information.
AccountingCoach PRO landed me a job I had been praying for. I have a background in Banking & Finance with basic accounting. However, over the years while working in the bank, I majored in customer service and branch management. When I left the bank, I was out of job for about a year but volunteering in an NGO. I sought a job as a Finance Officer in another NGO (where I am presently working) but I needed to brush up on my accounting skills. AccountingCoach PRO helped me get back on track and I landed the job! And with a lifetime membership, what more could I ask for?
Your website and all information you made available has helped me a lot! I didn't study Accountancy and in my country it's very difficult or too expensive to attend such classes in English. But I want to gain as much knowledge in accounting as possible and you play a big part in me doing so. Probably I wouldn't be on my current position without the help of AccountingCoach. I'm a Credit and Collection Analyst and I'm looking forward to growing in my career. I'm convinced that AccountinCoach will be still available to me, whenever I'll need it.
I would say AccountingCoach is the best website out there for accounting. It has helped me a lot during my MBA and even now it is helping me with my job. I always look upon AccountingCoach whenever I have to clarify my understanding about any accounting concept. AccountingCoach has been very useful to me in the preparation of my job interviews. There is only one word that comes to mind whenever I open
I've used AccountingCoach for many years while employed by a few companies. I came across the platform while doing some research for information on a procedure. My role is currently Business Operations Manager, but have previously held the roles of Accounting Manager and Controller. AccountingCoach has enabled me to refresh myself on some procedures, as well as confirm calculations for different ratios. I find the website very easy to use and full of information. The greatest resource I use are the quizzes. I have used them to train employees, to develop questions for team-building games, and for presentations to non-finance and accounting personnel. This last use is really great, because how many times do project managers misunderstand the difference between AP and AR?!
I was looking for an engaging and professional way to increase my knowledge of accounting and financial understanding to take advantage of opportunities. I was not disappointed. The user interface is clean and easy on the eyes. The material is presented in an orderly way, yet flexible to meet your needs. The detailed menu system aids in this flexibility. You can clearly see what topics are covered. The progress bar is a visual representation of your current status, which helps keep you motivated. Additionally, the variety of material, quizzes and interactions help reinforce the material in a non-boring way. The knowledge I have gained and retained has allowed me to engage with confidence, and pursue business opportunities.
I have a BA (Hons) degree in accounting and a finalist CMA. I have 25 years of experience in accounting, and have worked both in the public and private sector. My current role is Accounting Manager for a multimillion-dollar company. The free version of AccountingCoach is just a sample of the PRO membership, so upgrading really is a worthwhile purchase. I love coming on this website periodically to test and refresh my knowledge, especially on areas that I don't encounter on a daily basis in my role. The site is easy to navigate and the material is outstanding, for individuals with any level of accounting knowledge. Each topic is broken down, with easy-to-follow examples. I have recommended this site to lots of people, as it really is a great resource for a really affordable price!
My background is in accounting and taxation. I have been doing both for over 20 years. I also teach taxation courses, and I am an enrolled agent. I have been using AccountingCoach for what I believe has been 15 plus years. AccountingCoach has been my savior since my college days. The material is concise and easy to understand, and the theory is broken down into manageable pieces. Over the years, I have seen the growth and amount of work put into this site, which shows the passion and dedication of the creator. This course helped me to graduate college with my degree in accounting. Currently, I am taking the course to certify in bookkeeping and payroll. The material provided is well worth the small fee. I have reached out to the content creator, who has always been helpful. Thank you for all that you do.
Thank you for putting together such an awesome and interactive site as AccountingCoach. I love accounting and although I have never made it a career, I use the principles for my own personal use and in business. I enjoy going onto the site just to test my knowledge and skills. I have many college level accounting course hours under my belt and using your site really helps me to stay as sharp as I can be. I really appreciate having it at my disposal.
I am a student right now, and it's a bit hard to find good study material without spending much. AccountingCoach has been a big help for me in this. I chose the PRO membership because your materials are exactly what a student needs—they're clear, and really helpful. It has made understanding accounting much easier, and it's great to get the hang of things without getting confused with big words. Having the PRO Plus membership would be a big boost for me. It's not just more features and a certificate; it’s also about getting the right tools for preparing for the job market. When money is tight, an opportunity like this is really important. Thanks a lot for considering this, and for making learning accounting not just easy but also interesting.
AccountingCoach has really been a tremendous help in my studies. I was in the process of finishing off a Diploma of Management course, however, the examples in the accounting material were complex and difficult to understand. An Internet search led me to AccountingCoach and wow was I impressed. The explanations were very clear and helpful and made my studies a breeze. I am happy to say with the help of AccountingCoach I have successfully completed my Management Diploma. Thank you for helping me to be a success.
Living in a small tourist rural town, there are limited choices in the job market. I knew if I bumped up my skills, I would become eligible for a bookkeeping position locally. AccountingCoach has helped me do that. Such a small investment for a HUGE return. Thank you so much for making this available!
AccountingCoach has greatly helped me in my accounting studies. No matter what the topic I have wanted I've found something to help me better understand what I'm learning. Despite it being in the U.S. I find it makes no difference and the information is relevant in Australia also.
I took a simple course of Accounting at an adult-ed night school in the 80's...I remember learning some very important principles and have used them over the years. Now that I am doing non-profit accounting with a software program, I found that my recall of these principles is quite rusty, like when I have to do journal entries! The AccountingCoach system has helped me learn much more and quickly. I don't have time, or money, to go back to college to get a degree in accounting, but I have gained a lot of practical lessons through AccountingCoach to help me with the bookkeeping I am currently doing.
When I did my MBA, I did not put too much emphasis on accounting. When I started working, accounting knowledge and key accounting concepts were becoming very crucial day by day. This situation was lingering on and on, and I was trying various methods to improve my knowledge of accounting concepts, procedures, and practical applicability. Luckily, I happened to find the AccountingCoach website. I signed up for AccountingCoach as I could find concepts explained from basic knowledge, up to an advanced understanding of the subject matter. I find it to be a quick reference guide to clarify my understanding of accounting concepts, and I always find it to be useful and helpful.
After being a medical biller for many years, I accepted an entry-level position in hospital accounting. With little experience in accounting, I searched for tools that would help me gain more knowledge in the field. AccountingCoach PRO has been awesome! The material is practical and easy to understand, which makes learning fun. I have gained the skills needed to help me excel in my position and enable me to move up in rank within my employment field. Thank you so much.
I stumbled across the website for AccountingCoach, and I am glad I did. I have always enjoyed bookkeeping, but I have never been formally trained. After receiving and reviewing the material with AccountCoach PRO I can honestly say this is the best product I have every purchased. The lifetime membership is worth the cost. The courses are set up for the beginner to the most advanced and is written in a very clear format. I would recommend AccountingCoach to anyone wanting to learn, or take a refresher course on accounting and bookkeeping.
I am so grateful to AccountingCoach writers for making their website informative and easy to understand. Even though the concepts in accounting can be difficult to grasp, each lesson is linked to another subject that supports the information in ways that were easier to understand. I doubt I would have continued my studies in accounting without the help I received from using the AccountingCoach website. I now have earned an Accounting Certificate and am looking for a better position in accounting and finance that will propel my career forward. Thank you so much!!
As a graduate in economics working in accounts payable, AccountingCoach has been my guiding light in transitioning to accounting. Becoming a PRO user was a decision driven by the need to track my progress and support this exceptional service. The materials' presentation is commendable and easy to understand, yet allows for in-depth exploration. These resources have been instrumental as I prepare for graduate school in accounting and pursue CPA certification, instilling the confidence needed for such a significant step. I'm immensely grateful to AccountingCoach for its user-friendly approach and recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone navigating the complexities of accounting education.
I am a finance manager at a non-profit organization. I actually didn't know what accounting was a few years ago until I got introduced by an accountant, as I had a science background. So, I needed to be self-educated and found AccountingCoach. I don't remember exactly why I became a PRO user, but I think I wanted to be able to take quizzes, etc. and it was very helpful to improve my knowledge. I like the examples, and the explanations are very easy to understand. I am still studying some information from AccountingCoach to upgrade my skills.
I am an accountant, and have been in this profession since 1989. Learning is a key to success, and this properly applies to AccountingCoach, which will stay with you for life to teach you bits and pieces of accounting. I have been using AccountingCoach for the last 10 years. Every time, it adds something extra to my knowledge base. The best part of this accounting encyclopedia is that it is not just for beginners, but also for professionals who want to update their knowledge. To be an accounting pro, I highly recommend joining the website, as it pays off on the very first day. Thank you, Mr. Harold.
I used AccountingCoach to help me with my college accounting class. I was having so much trouble doing it by myself. Thanks to AccountingCoach, I passed my class with flying colors. Thank you so much AccountingCoach for all your help. You made this lady so very happy to have signed up with you when I did.
I am an accounting teacher with over 15 years of experience. I became a PRO user because the resources available and the explanations of concepts really provide a deep and alternative perspective in my classroom. The materials are well organized and align very well with the curriculum. There is so much available, and the examples are very thorough. Students have been referred to your site as a resource to use when current textbooks and resources just don't cut it!
I recently started a bookkeeping and tax firm, and AccountingCoach has been an invaluable resource for me. As someone who earned their accounting degree a while ago and is now studying for the CMA, I needed a comprehensive refresher. The materials are not only easy to read but also detailed, with examples and quizzes that cater to hands-on learners like me. Thanks to AccountingCoach, I've enhanced my expertise, and gained the confidence to handle intricate accounting clients. The certificates are a plus as well. Highly recommended!
I’ve been an industrial controller since 2016, and I became a PRO user because I needed to follow up on this kind of subject. I really appreciate your materials because they are absolutely clear; and, thanks to the examples, the videos, the flashcards, etc., everything is easier to understand. I finally have a really clear vision of accounting and the way it works. Obviously, I'm not an expert accountant, but I'm now able to send a correct accounting entry, and to understand if there's something wrong. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your work.
I am currently employed as Office Manager. I became a PRO user because I wanted a professional resource to refresh my accounting knowledge. I like the ready access and availability of the quizzes and study materials. Whenever I need a refresher or feel some imposter syndrome, I take a study break on AccountingCoach. It fixes what I'm lacking knowledge in, or reassures me that I know what I'm doing.
I am running my own small business as an executive and business coach. I became a PRO user so I could stay on top of my finances and to assist my clients with setting up systems with their own finances. I appreciate the easy-to-learn and easy-to-follow and implement materials that have been provided. I have benefited from your materials by implementing them in my business for ease of financial systems.
I have been an active member of AccountingCoach since 2015, when my wife purchased the membership on my behalf. I have to say, I was skeptical at first, but it turned out to be the greatest investment in my career. When I worked in the public accounting industry, I used the site as a primary source of information and as a refresher to the classes I took in college. The quizzes and tests were a great confidence booster and provided real-world references for me to be able to connect college instruction to actual implementation. I have since left public accounting to work for a private construction firm, and I still use the site as a source of reference and to remind myself of the fundamentals. It is especially useful when training new employees, because it provides an instructional point of view, which facilitates the transfer of information. I plan to maintain my membership well into retirement, and I thank Mr. Averkamp for the development and implementation of such a useful tool.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank God in the first place for having protected and guided me to this very important and resourceful entity (AccountingCoach) and would like also to thank the AccountingCoach team for exerting tireless efforts to produce these useful electronic educational materials without which I could have not understood clearly how to make a bank reconciliation and how debits and credits work. I am fully convinced that saying thanks is not enough but it is the offer which I found worth presenting you.
AccountingCoach helped me through undergrad school. Even now in my job when I get stuck I go to AccountingCoach. This has been extremely helpful and I am so grateful that this is available anytime. I cannot imagine not having it. Thank you for all you do.
I started using AccountingCoach during my studies at university, and have continued using this marvellous educational resource as my career progresses. I have it saved in the favourites toolbar on all my computers, and as I start training the new graduates in my firm my advice to them is to do the same. Great work AccountingCoach.
Even with 38 years accounting experience I still refer to AccountingCoach and equally refer clients to sign up. Valuable source of information. Thank you.
My experience with the accounting profession was originally with the use of proprietary accounting software for several years. Later on, my employment experience changed to using QuickBooks, which utilizes predetermined general ledger entries. After using this program for several years, the mind-numbing method of just entering invoices and bills, then letting the program do the work, made the process of dealing with exceptions difficult. It was at this time that I discovered AccountingCoach! The program was a great refresher of why and how for the general journal entries to appropriately book the irregular entries, and to correct mistakes that had been made, which haven’t been noticed until the month-end and year-end reports were made. I have used the program to expose newbies in the office, as well as bookkeeping friends, to the accounting processes. I have also encouraged them to become members, which has helped them to learn accounting rather than just bookkeeping. I find the materials to be an easy-to-follow process for my current needs, such as understanding what may have been an error and then, when corrected, to follow the links to foundational and related processes to better refresh the whole process for myself. I have also had the opportunity to introduce some homeschool high schoolers to the program and the lessons, which build well on each other for a great teaching program. I realize I personally did not use the program to learn accounting for certification, however, I have friends who have. I will continue to share the website and encourage subscriptions.
AccountingCoach has been a fantastic tool while I prepare to enroll in a CPA certificate program. I have a business degree with some accounting but not enough to sit for the CPA exam. Besides being a wonderful educational tool, the customer service I received when I had login issues was equally great. I had joined AccountingCoach years ago and paid for the PRO membership. When I tried to login and was rejected I contacted AccountingCoach right away. Literally, within minutes my issue was resolved, no questions, no hassles. I was so impressed and grateful for the outstanding service. Thank you!
Shortly after changing my major to Accounting last year, I found AccountingCoach and signed up for the PRO membership. I cannot tell you how many times I've gone to that website for help with something in my homework assignments. The answers are easy to understand, even for a beginner like me. All of the information is simple to read and presented in a way that helps me learn. Thank you!
I graduated from college twenty years ago with a degree in finance; however, my twenty plus years of work experience has been in the accounting field. AccountingCoach has been extremely helpful in allowing me to stay current on knowledge pertaining to my work. It is an invaluable reference tool. The format is easy to understand and relevant to all aspects of the accounting profession. I highly recommend this website for all accounting students; undergraduate and graduate.
I am currently a tutor. Many of my students are learning basic QuickBooks skills, but the one skill they lack is fundamental accounting concepts. I became a member to check the materials and concepts offered by AccountingCoach so that I could have a go-to resource for my QuickBooks students. I refer my students to AccountingCoach to gain access to basic understanding so they can be more confident in operating QuickBooks.
I ranked the AccountingCoach as high as the CPA materials that I am using currently. It offers more than I expected. I am very pleased with the AccountingCoach materials and highly recommend it to anyone that wishes to pursue Accounting, Bookkeeping, and/or CPA. Thank you.
I have been using AccountingCoach for nearly ten years. Before, I was often confused when I had to deal with accounting and financial terms and concepts. With consistency, and with the orientations received from this Coach, I succeeded in becoming the CFO of the company I am working for. Now, I consult the website from time to time to check or to confirm certain assertions. I am really assured to have it near me.
My current position is as an owner of a bookkeeping firm for over 15 years. We assist and help small-business owners with accounting and bookkeeping services. I became a PRO user in 2011, and have been studying the materials provided through AccountingCoach over the years. I have greatly benefited from the updates provided on the materials and the opportunity to acquire certificates that add to my professional development and credibility. AccountingCoach has been and continues to be a reliable source of accounting information throughout my bookkeeping career.
I am studying accounting to finish my bachelor's degree. I am currently working in accounting, doing some bookkeeping work for a yacht service center. I became a PRO user to help me in both my career and school. The materials make it interesting, and I find it a unique way to retain information. I have benefited from the materials because they allow me to review basic accounting topics that may have slipped my mind as I progress further in my experience.
Whilst searching through the Internet I found this amazing website, I really liked the basic version but found I could ultimately benefit from the PRO version. I got in contact with the relevant people at AccountingCoach and registered for the PRO version. Since then I use the program daily, it is the first choice for me doing my Accounting degree. The work is easily set out and conducive to self-testing. It has made an amazing difference to my studies and would highly recommend you acquiring this program.
AccountingCoach is an outstanding service. I am a CMA with decades of accounting experience, but when I am presented with an unusual transaction, I go to AccountingCoach for a review of current discussion and accepted methods. It works every time. I can proceed with confidence that I have chosen the best alternative. I also find myself wishing this were available for my coursework and professional exams. Thank you for this significant contribution to the profession.
I signed up for AccountingCoach in 2019, before I started my bookkeeping company. I had experience with running small businesses, using Quickbooks, and working for banks, but I needed to brush up on my accounting knowledge as it had been some years since I had taken accounting courses in college. AccountingCoach was the perfect aid for me at the time, and I still refer back to it when I have the occasional question. The variety of formats lends itself both to study and reference, making it a great long term investment!
I am an IT manager, working on enterprise software implementations in finance and the supply chain domain. I became a PRO user as the detailed informational videos helped me in solidifying my accounting concepts understanding. I like the way you have structured and explained the concepts; it is just great. The kind of examples you provide have also helped a lot. I have developed a deeper understanding that helped in our software implementations. I go back to your site every time I have some confusion about any topic. I will be referring to your site soon to learn more about leased assets and capital-project-related accounting knowledge, hoping that it's already there.
AccountingCoach has been a game-changer for me. I work for a state agency. My CAO recommended your program to me so I could understand the theory behind accounting. I started with the state agency as the AP manager, and am now the accounting supervisor. I handle AP, AR, payroll, and cost accounting. The material your site provides is taped all over my desk to use as reference and for any refreshers I may need during the course of my job. One of my employees is taking a college accounting course, and I directed her to this site. She absolutely loves it. Flashcards, pictures, and quizzes to refer to are great tools. We refer to these frequently. Understanding the accounting cycle and the theory behind accounting has become easier for me because of AccountingCoach.
I'm a PhD student majoring in construction management. I became a PRO user because my major required me to enroll in a construction cost management course, where accounting principles were frequently discussed. As someone with almost no knowledge of accounting concepts and principles, I find the materials in this online course very easy to understand. The quizzes were also fun and engaging. The materials now serve as a knowledge bank and cheat sheet for whenever I need to refresh or grasp an accounting concept swiftly. Big thanks to the creators of this mind-blowing course.
It is seldom that we get good sites like AccountingCoach. Whether it be for exams or projects or for job interviews, this site has all the topics of accounts covered with detailed explanations. Like a cherry on the cake, even quizzes can be taken to rate oneself on understanding. Thank you sooo much for coming up with this site and making our life easier.
The best decision I made during my return to college, at age 50, was to upgrade to AccountingCoach PRO. All accounting topics at my fingertips act as a great study guide reference. Clear, concise and easily understood writing makes this site perfect for anyone that wants to improve their skills. Thank you AccountingCoach for all you do!
This is a great place to review accounting, and for those who cannot grasp the basics this website is for you. It is very generous of you, Mr. Averkamp, to provide knowledge that many students can only find in costly textbooks. Half the time they are useless and ridiculous to decipher. Well done.
My current full-time position is as a full-charge bookkeeper, as well as doing books for clients as an independent bookkeeper. I am also a QuickBooks and bookkeeping instructor at a community college, and have been since 2006. I became an AccountingCoach PRO user to enhance my knowledge for accounting and to keep me updated on changes. Your material is easy to understand and very user friendly. I myself have benefited from the different topics, and my students have also benefited from the explanation of Depreciation, which is one of the books in the bookkeeping course. I tell my students about your website and encourage them to join by pulling up your website and showing them the different topics that you provide. Thank you.
I bought a small Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll business and had very little knowledge of Accounting principles and felt I was way over my head. I was looking online for free training or help with just the basics. After a few websites that did not help, I found AccountingCoach and signed up and it has helped me a great deal! I am not sure if my business would be as successful if I did not pick up the lessons so easily. AccountingCoach really makes learning easy and interesting, which is hard to do when it comes to accounting. I have recommended it to friends & family and I will continue to do so. Thank you AccountingCoach!!!
Running my own general contracting business, I found myself wearing many hats, including that of a bookkeeper. To refine my financial acumen, I turned to AccountingCoach as a PRO user. The clarity and logical flow of the content made grasping accounting principles surprisingly simple. Embracing these materials has empowered me to competently handle my accounts, spot tax deductions I'd missed, and organize my business documents more effectively. It's been a game-changer, making my business operations smoother and more cost efficient.
I'm a small-business owner and a stock picker. AccountingCoach has enabled me to read quarterly financials of the companies I invest in, and helps me to better administer my business. The format of the website is excellent. I can either download the MP3s and listen while driving or working, or utilize the excellent visual modules. AccountingCoach starts with the basics and builds up from there. I have also recommended it to young people, to give them financial literacy early in life. I looked around and this is the best accounting course out there.
I am currently a self-employed, part-time tax accountant, but also have experience working in a Big Four accounting firm. I became a PRO user when I needed a refresher course on accounting and bookkeeping as I transitioned from corporate to the small-business arena. I find that AccountingCoach’s material is not only thorough but also easy to understand. I use AccountingCoach as a reference guide for when I have to explain accounting concepts to other employees.
My current job position is Assistant Finance Director. I have worked in the accounting field for thirty-three years. I became a PRO user because it provides refresher courses when needed, and helps me understand different areas of accounting I may not touch on regularly. The materials are easy to understand, and I like how there are quizzes to test your knowledge. I have benefited from AccountingCoach by having the ability to expand my knowledge in the accounting field. I am thankful to have this service, and appreciate your time and consideration.
AccountingCoach PRO membership has assisted me in keeping my accounting and bookkeeping skills sharp over the years. My bookkeeping business has benefited greatly. The membership pricing is very reasonable and the information is easy to understand and apply. It has helped me explain difficult accounting concepts to many of my clients.
When I finally retired from working full time, I found that I still wanted to keep occupied. I hadn't practiced accounting for a long time, but was once pretty knowledgeable. I had previously been a controller for a major construction company. I had also been a financial analyst for a major corporation, became a systems analyst, and wrote programs to perform financial forecast and budget-control functions. Then, I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug and moved on to other endeavors. My accounting background was always in play as a guide to my decision making, but I wasn't practicing accounting per se. Forty years went by. I investigated online accounting gigs and found some quite interesting. As I read the terminology incorporated in some of the function descriptions, I quickly came to realize that I had forgotten a great deal! In dire need of a refresher course, I found AccountingCoach and signed up. Through my study period, I began to get up to date in many areas. Eventually I was able to apply for some work with a greater sense of confidence. I ended up, for example, working as the technical accounting editor for Canadian editions of QuickBooks at the university level. None of this would have been possible without my time spent with AccountingCoach.
Although in the past, as well as currently, I have not had a lot of time to visit the site or complete any certifications, I still found your program to be most helpful with my questions. I also still have plans to one day be able to visit more frequently and actually spend more time on the site’s very useful features. My full-time job is Office Manager in an office of 9. I wear many hats, and find this a challenging and rewarding career. There are many times that an accounting question comes up, and it is very helpful to be able to find an answer at a place I trust. My part-time job is bookkeeping and payroll for a small business in my local area. This is also a challenging and rewarding position. I have often considered making the move to full-time independent bookkeeping, however, there is little time left in my day. I also do tax returns for family and friends during tax season. I became a PRO user a few years ago when I realized what a valuable site this was, after finding many of my questions answered here. Again, I hope to one day further my knowledge and expertise, and I plan to do this with AccountingCoach because of the vast amount of knowledge, ease of use of the site and material, and the opportunity to keep learning and advancing. I appreciate the opportunity to share my journey with you, and to remain a solid supporter and life-long learner.
I discovered AccountingCoach when I was in graduate school. It was a blessing. I could always count on AccountingCoach to give me answers. This was my go-to website. I was so excited about this site that I introduced it to my sister when she needed my help with accounting. My advice to anyone interested in accounting, whether you are a student or a working professional, if you need accounting answers, AccountingCoach is the way to go.
I have been an AccountingCoach member for quite a few years now. I am a bookkeeper, and I purchased the PRO membership because I wanted to be able to access all the features that this website offers. I consider it ‘my little bible of accounting’, and I often review and refresh my basics. I find the information always clear and easy to understand. Each concept is always explained thoroughly, and the exercises are always engaging. It is really a study guide you can rely on. By adding the Certificates of Achievement, AccountingCoach makes the learning process even more incentivizing. Whether you have a degree in accounting or not, it is still very rewarding to stack up on rewards, and it does trigger one's adrenaline. I cannot recommend AccountingCoach enough, and I truly consider it an investment. Thank you, AccountingCoach!
AccountingCoach has been a wonderful resource for me over the years. I have a degree in Accounting, but I've found that sometimes I need a refresher. After taking leave for several months, I felt my skills were a bit rusty, so I used AccountingCoach PRO to help me prepare for job interviews when I was ready to return to the workforce. AccountingCoach's explanations are concise, yet thorough enough to be used as a resource for both beginners and experienced accountants. I've been using it for years and highly recommend the PRO packages.
I registered for AccountingCoach PRO to help me with basic accounting information for some MBA coursework I am pursuing. It turned out to be a lot more than that! In its clear, yet comprehensive manner, AccountingCoach provides foundational materials, sample exams, study notes, visual aids, and dictionary terms. If you have any need for assistance with all things accounting, AccountingCoach should be your first stop. I highly recommend it to everyone wanting to understand accounting in more depth.
I truly am very fond of AccountingCoach. Not only did it help me in my course of studying accounting, but I still use it to this day. I always refer back to AccountingCoach when a topic or task comes up that I am unfamiliar with. AccountingCoach helped me get back in the groove of accounting. It help me familiarize my self with the basics of accounting. This site is a very use tool for persons working in accounting. I love it. It is full of knowledge.
I currently have my own business and do my own accounting, as well as a little bit of programming on the side, more as a hobby. Back in 2016, I wanted to create my own software to tailor my business needs to account for everything: expenses, payroll, my sales, and my marketing. Everything just tied in together, so I started researching it. The programming part wasn't difficult, but I had no idea about accounting, and in order to create high-quality software that would display accurate information, I had to learn general accounting principles, and that is a whole fourth-year degree. Unfortunately, I didn't have four years on my hand to start developing the software. So I did a couple Google searches, and AccountingCoach came up. I clicked on it and read a little bit about it. Okay, this makes sense. Really easy to understand, and at the same time teaches you high-level accounting techniques and all the general accounting practices... I immediately subscribed and became a PRO member because it provided lifetime access. AccountingCoach has absolutely helped me tremendously in creating the software I needed and understanding more about my business and how money works. I will be able to turn and make more profit, and also understand a little bit of taxing which will help me tremendously when it comes down to how I can manage my finances much better. I was able to understand very well where my money was going, how things were, and how my business was flowing in general. Because of that, I can say that AccountingCoach is probably one of the best tools out there. Even if you're not going to use it, it's great to learn from. Sign up for it, and you're going to learn a lot of information in a short period of time. And if you’re considering becoming a CPA, or if you are in school, this is the perfect supplement material to better grasp accounting concepts. Thank you AccountingCoach, you have made a wonderful product.
I am a retired business manager with many completed accounting courses taken over 20 years ago. I wanted to refresh my accounting skills without going back to a formal classroom. AccountingCoach was exactly what I was searching for. The PRO membership provides a thorough refresher on accounting and will aid tremendously those taking or planning to take Accounting. The materials are thorough and easy to understand. I have benefited from AccountingCoach PRO by saving hundreds of dollars and learning current accounting techniques.
I am currently working as a controller. AccountingCoach has offered excellent materials, going back almost ten years ago from today, when I first discovered it. I became a PRO user shortly after finding the website. It was, and continues to be, an excellent resource! I have referred it to colleagues and friends because of this. I enjoy the high-quality materials, with clear explanations containing examples. AccountingCoach has helped me to transition into the accounting field, and was good preparation for when I began taking college-level accounting courses.
Currently, I work for an oil company with a planning and budgets team. Part of my responsibilities is involving accruals, as well as working on the operations statements. The AccountingCoach program is a very useful tool for learning new things related to accounting. In addition, it helps to go over other accounting information that you may not be utilizing currently, which makes the information stick in your mind. Furthermore, the PRO membership is a very advanced and useful tool which makes your life very easy, helping in preparing for professional accounting certification, as well as with career advancement.
My sincere thanks and gratitude for AccountingCoach. I have been empowered in such an unbelievable way since I became a PRO member. I got to fully comprehend some accounting topics I could not otherwise while I was in college. Your clear and detailed explanations on these topics have given me such a great edge. I am encouraging as many accounting students in my country to become a PRO member. I do not regret becoming a PRO member and I know they won't either.
You guys are the best, I have relied on you on many occasions and can definitely say that your platform is on one of the most reliable platforms out there. It is also very resourceful as I can almost always find what I am looking for. Please keep up the good work and thanks again!!
My wife does company books part time and can deal with most issues, but the coach has been a life saver for her on complex problems she encounters as well as our own issues. I highly recommend it. We have made use of the service over 20 times in the last 5 years and found the correct answer every time.
I've been using AccountingCoach to improve my knowledge and understanding of the complex world of accounting for a few years now. As a Software Implementation Consultant and Trainer for an Accounting DMS software, I am always sharing the knowledge I've gained through using AccountingCoach with my clients. I train Auto dealership office personnel, controllers and accountants recommended franchise processes and AccountingCoach is magnificent resource for information. I share AccountingCoach with all my trainees to brush up their skills and back up my teachings. Thank you for this tool. I am also a PRO-member and I am working on earning all your Certificates of Achievement. Currently I have the Debits & Credits and Adjusting Entries certificates. These really do boost your confidence working in such a detail oriented industry.
My job for the last 27 years as Superintendent of a technology service group has included 3 states, 4 sites, and 65 employees. I did not have a background in accounting but found out very quickly that it would be beneficial when working with the “bean counters”. When I found AccountingCoach, I was immediately impressed with the training material, and looked into the cost of PRO. It's not every day that you find a lifetime subscription at such a great price. The training materials encompass all forms of media. I do better watching videos instead of reading, so having that available is a real plus. Also, the ability to print PDFs makes life easier when making notes. I maintain my own ledger of my teams’ budgets and expenses which helps to keep our team in the black. AccountingCoach PRO has been a great tool for my needs.
It has been my pleasure to join AccountingCoach to gain knowledge for bookkeeping and accounting principles for US accounting. At present, I am working as an accountant in India for an Israel-based subsidiary company. I also want to make my footprints in US bookkeeping and accounting, and while researching to gain knowledge on US bookkeeping, I came to connect with AccountingCoach. Upon going through its study material, I found it very convenient and easy to understand with examples. AccountingCoach is a very good platform to start a journey in US accounting.
I want to thank you for providing AccountingCoach. I was in college studying to be a teacher, and was feeling less passionate about teaching as time passed. If I was going to abandon teaching, what would I pivot to? I took an accounting course and really enjoyed it, but still felt a little intimidated. I started working as an accounting intern and was recently promoted to Accounts Receivable Specialist. One day while researching an accounting topic online, I came across the AccountingCoach website, and loved it. The website has a user-friendly interface, and the materials are presented in a way that is not overly complex. The flow of data is excellent and I have benefited from the site by reviewing the various topics and quickly building skills and confidence. I loved the site so much I decided to become a PRO user. I will also be returning to college to pursue an accounting degree.
I never spent my money in such a useful and smart way. AccountingCoach helped me (and is still helping me) to have more than a basic understanding of accounting in English. And it's so easy and I can access it every moment, every time I have a doubt about something, to a huge amount of material, explained in a really easy way. I think that if I have a job in accounting, it is thanks to AccountingCoach, so..THANK YOU!!
I just wanted you to know that this site on accounting instruction has been very beneficial to me as I review for my college accounting exams. I often find myself returning to your site to brush up on the principles of accounting. You made an uninteresting subject interesting and fun to learn with instant feedback and easy to understand explanations. I will tell other classmates who are struggling as I was about your fine service.
I chose the PRO version of AccountingCoach for its advanced features and in-depth content, in an aim to enhance my accounting skills. The course materials are comprehensive, user friendly, and perfectly tailored for practical application. Since using these materials, I've seen a remarkable improvement in my efficiency and understanding of complex accounting concepts, directly benefiting my day-to-day bookkeeping tasks. I just truly love this course.
I have enjoyed having access to this wealth of information for the past few years. Although I have not taken all of the classes yet, I look forward to doing so in the early part of this coming year. I have looked up answers to my problems and questions as needed, and am grateful for the ability to have this information on hand, and find it easily understandable and extremely helpful! Thank you for this opportunity to grow with you!
I can't say enough good things about AccountingCoach. As an economist working in corporate tax, I needed to learn how to interpret accounting data quickly in order to succeed in my job. I've been an active user since around 2008, and over the years I've realized it's the only accounting resource I need. Thank you, AccountCoach!
I have a start-up company in accounting and taxation practice, and need very practical accounting answers when faced with a problem in my work. I have found AccountingCoach very pragmatic, concise and relevant to all the questions I have sought answers for. I am new in the industry and will certainly be using AccountingCoach extensively in the future.
I have been working as a volunteer treasurer for a small 501c3 charity for 3.5 years. AccountingCoach has been invaluable as I am a one-man show, and they rely on me to do everything in the full accounting cycle (set up chart of accounts, payables, receivables, journal entries, general ledger, reconciliations, financial reports and taxes). I'm not sure where I'd be without this resource. It's been like having a mentor to turn to when I get stuck or have questions. I've enjoyed learning so much that I now wish to leverage my volunteer experience and become a full time accountant! Being inexperienced has caused a few employers to hesitate on hiring me. The certificates offered here are the key metric I need to show my competency and break into this career field. I don't know of any other resource where you can get this kind of help and skills for this value. Thank you Mr. Harold Averkamp, your gift of teaching is a true blessing to us all.
I have greatly benefited from the site whenever I find I have to refresh my accounting knowledge. I am currently working as Finance Manager, FP&A at a multinational technology company, in charge of quarterly budgeting, forecasting, variance analysis, and reporting. With frequent reference to a site like AccountingCoach, I find I can keep up with the latest accounting principles which I have applied regularly to my day-to-day work. Additionally, I have used the materials to train new team members on the basic accounting processes. I am looking forward to the new updated website and to learning new materials every week.
I'm a retired accountant with over 25 years of experience. After retiring, it did not take long for boredom to start creeping in. As time went by, I began to receive offers to perform accounting services, and at first I was excited about the opportunity to keep busy—but then I realized I'm not that bored. After careful consideration I decided to try my hand at small-volume bookkeeping. I was a bit rusty with GAAP, and I did not want to dust off my old accounting textbooks, so I began to look for an online resource for help. I came across AccountingCoach, and as I researched their platform I knew right away this was the right fit for me. This site contains all the GAAP materials that would help knock off the rust. I was even able to download subject materials and related videos for offline referencing. It was worth the investment. As I have gotten reacclimated with GAAP rules with the help of AccountingCoach, I am now able to be selective in the type of bookkeeping clients I take on with confidence (service, inventory, payroll, etc.). Thank you very much, AccountingCoach.
I have been using AccountingCoach in my bookkeeping business for a few years now and love it! There are times when I need an answer to some accounting situation that baffles me and I have always been able to find the answers I need on your website. I particularly like the clear and concise way the materials are presented so I can quickly get results.
I have been a controller and/or CFO in a variety of industries since 1996. I currently have my own finance/accounting consulting practice. Despite the fact that our profession is very fluid and complex, clients don't want to pay for a consultant to get smart on a topic. Let's face it, the field changes rapidly each year and there's a lot to know to remain current. Deep-dive research often isn't an option. That's why I use AccountingCoach as my exclusive quick-reference library. It contains everything you need and more, to help busy accounting/finance professionals like us find the right answer quickly.
Even though I have been in the accounting field for many years, there have been times that something has come up that I wasn't real sure about because I haven't used that particular point for a while. So I could always turn to AccountingCoach for the answers. It has been wonderful to have such a site to turn to when needed. I have recommended AccountingCoach to many of my co-workers and will continue to do so.
I am probably a non-typical user of AccountingCoach. As a manufacturing engineer for a leading aggregate equipment company, my responsibilities focus on facility and process improvements. However, I work with the accounting department on a frequent basis as many of my projects are considered capital expenditures. I have found that AccountingCoach explains topics in a clear and concise manner. I became a PRO User because I wanted to better understand accounting processes as they relate to my responsibilities, and more importantly to establish a firm understanding about general business accounting and financial reporting requirements. AccountingCoach fills those needs.
I found AccountingCoach more than a class-room teaching tool. Ever since I was informed to visit your website, I am able to get handy answers to my day-to-day problems in accounting. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and my best friend from New York.
I spent my entire life in C-level corporate finance positions, and since my retirement 5 years ago, I have been tutoring university students online on accounting and finance. I became a user to provide another source of materials to my students beyond the textbook. Without exception, your materials are easy to use, and unlike textbooks, understandable for students. They have helped me to better serve my students, and increase my customer satisfaction ratings. They have also saved me time in preparing for my sessions. I would highly recommend your program.
I am an office manager and business owner. I have found AccountingCoach to be a great help. My main reason for using AccountingCoach is because I am really good at my work, teaching people to fly. So now, I have a business, and QuickBooks Online has made bookkeeping easier. However, to run a business, one needs to know what's going on with the money. AccountingCoach has given me the skills I need to get my books in order for my accountant. I also know more about what my accountant is doing and am better prepared to make decisions. Being a PRO user gives me access to all the courses I need. I like the format because it's easy to use and lets me skip around to the subject areas I need. AccountingCoach shows me where to find foundational knowledge required to understand the topic I'm learning. I was also able to add another team member easily so that they had access to all the topics as well. Thank you, AccountingCoach.
I've been running a grocery retail business for about five years. Our grocery business had turned out to be very successful, and after three years, we were making about eight thousand transactions on a daily basis. I have an engineering background, with no prior experience in business. I soon found out that without at least intermediate accounting knowledge, I wouldn't be able to manage (though I learned a lot of accounting concepts by myself, and while working) and make sound business decisions. I had to work almost 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, so I didn't have any time to take accounting classes or read financial books, and couldn't afford private classes either. While searching for accounting concepts, I found your website, and although it wasn't easy for me due to it being in English and having some differences between technical details, your straightforward and practical teaching approach was really what I needed. (And I am so grateful for that.) Purchasing a PRO subscription was mostly a way of expressing my appreciation and support, as the extra features provided by the PRO version were not a big deal for me. The materials start from the very basic concepts, and are easy to understand, with no unnecessary and complex issues. The website is generous in providing free materials, and teaches them in a very fast and straightforward approach. Thanks to the materials, I now feel comfortable navigating through our accounting reports, and am able to analyze our business and every move and decision that we make from a financial point of view.
I have a wide range of experience in my career. I started in theater, and worked as an administrator for several years. I created budgets, but did not need specific accounting skills. As my career went on, my work fell more and more into finance, working as a bookkeeper along with the rest of my duties. I found that no one had answers to my accounting questions, and my schooling was in theater, not finance. I realized I needed some help, and I was able to find AccountingCoach. I became a PRO user almost right away, once I saw how simple the material was to follow, and understood how much valuable information was crammed into such a seemingly small package. The quizzes and the ability to revisit lessons are immeasurable. It's a wealth of knowledge that's accessible and clear. I now have more of an understanding of actual accounting and how it works, rather than muddling my way through, counting on just my common sense and basic math skills to get me through. I refer to this material often whenever I find myself lacking the know-how, or just as a refresher.
I have been in the accounting field since 1988. AccountingCoach has helped when I needed a quick answer or a reminder of something I had learned. Even when you have been in accounting as long as I have I find there are still some things I need to look up or research. AccountingCoach has been a great help with this.
Coach Averkamp I have to send you a personal thank you. I could not imagine that AccountingCoach would assist me in earning such an awesome grade in my accounting class. Late bloomer, first year college student at 53 and a bit scared of accounting. Many nightmares later, true I dreamed of financial statements, I am now at completion of my 2 yr coursework and will earn a B in financial accounting (83%). Thank you, thank you, thank you. I still have four years of study ahead of me, so keep me on the distribution list. I love this newsletter!
AccountingCoach presents explanations in an easy to understand every day language not cluttered with technical business jargons. I find it very helpful to refer to when I am not sure of the correct definition from time to time. It has helped big time in my current job in reformatting and structuring financial statements to bring it in line with IAS and IFRS reporting standards.
My current job position is that of Accounting Manager at a midsized corporate office. I became a PRO user when I was promoted to this job last year, and felt like I needed to brush up on my accounting skills. I like your materials for the matter-of-fact presentation of materials. There is no fluff, everything seems usable and to the point. Though I have not really used what I have learned directly, I feel like it has made me more knowledgeable and confident in my dealings with the accounting department. In the corporate world, regular GL accounting is not just like what we learned in the past. It is more about putting out fires! Nonetheless, I like having a point of reference with your materials whenever I feel like I am losing touch with foundational accounting.
My current position is a staff accountant at a CPA firm, and I am also an enrolled agent. I believe I became a member in 2014 or 2015 as I decided to go back to school to get my accounting degree. I love AccountingCoach because it helped me get through my studies when I was completing my degree, and also helped me to become an agent. I use AccountingCoach on a regular basis because it also teaches me something new, and the quizzes are great!
AccountingCoach website is very helpful. I used to go to the website when I was a full-time student and searched some topics that I hardly understood in class. I was off school for a year after having a baby but recently went back to school part time and visited the website again to refresh my memory. The information, topics and quizzes are very helpful, well organized and easy to understand. I will be using AccountingCoach until I land an accounting career related as much as needed. Thank you.
I am an 80 year old who does QuickBooks for a Fraternal Order. When I took the job 10 years ago, I had much experience in bookkeeping but not a lot in accounting. I needed to have a good search reference for my accounting shortcomings, and AccountingCoach PRO more than filled my needs. I needed to create some financial reports etc. for the home office using their forms???. AccountingCoach came through and made me look like a CPA. Thank you AccountingCoach.
I am a seasoned CFO for a midsize company who accepted an aid assignment in Africa working with small businesses on how to prepare financial documents. While I complete the forms on a daily basis, I struggled getting a format in place that provided a range of information for varied skill level audiences. AccountingCoach provided me the range of information I was looking for without recreating the wheel. It was also a good refresher for me to remind me why I do the things the way I do.
AccountingCoach helped a lot and I don't know what I would do without you guys. I remember the first time I came across, I was really stranded, searching for answers and not finding them. I was a first year student in my BComp Financial Accounting degree, I did accounting back in high school but things were getting more advanced in university and it made me feel like I was a novice in the accounting world, like I don't have an accounting background or something but thank God I bumped into the AccountingCoach website which was like my knight in shining armour. I started working at a motor dealership company early this year as a bookkeeper, I've previously worked as a bookkeeper in other firms which I basically did what any bookkeeper does, but provisions were introduced to me and my goodness I've never done provisions before and didn't know what provisions were. I went back to my textbooks hoping there'd be some chapter covering that but knew it in my heart there wasn't and then it suddenly hit me,!! I honestly don't know how my life would be without it, I came back the following day at work with a smile on my face, I understood provisions better and even the person who was training me at that time was impressed and a little bit shocked because I struggled the previous day. I started my little side bookkeeping business, I used AccountingCoach guidance all the way, and my studies are going well. I basically have a tutor, mentor and an advisor and I thank AccountingCoach. It has taught me that you really don't have to suffer in life. Thank you once again.
As a commercial employee, I am responsible for the accounting, bookkeeping, and controlling in an international acting-consulting firm. I became a PRO user in order to be able to use the complete offer provided by AccountingCoach, as well as the very extensive explanations. The range of teaching material is extremely extensive, and the subject areas are very well structured and interconnected. Explanations can be read, downloaded, or printed without much effort. The problem is, sometimes you spend a lot more time on the website than you originally planned, because the offer is so interesting. The question should be, how often has your site helped me? And the answer is, very often. Whether with specific questions about individual booking incidents, or to understand a topic or deepen your knowledge of it. Keep it up, and all the best.
My current position is Accounting Clerk at a federally-qualified health center,, and though I've been with them for almost a month now, I would like to rise up in the ranks within the accounting or finance department. I became a PRO user over a decade ago, because though I have an accounting degree from college, I wanted to brush up on my accounting skills for a potential job like the one I have now. What I like about the AccountingCoach site is virtually everything, from examples to demonstrations to video lectures. These tools are very beneficial and helpful, and have been that way in both my current and previous positions. I would strongly recommend those in the field to use AccountingCoach as a wonderful and educational tool to invest in their accounting skills, even if they graduated in accounting or a related field. My experience with AccountingCoach has been great and beneficial at the same time; it is indeed the most informative accounting-related site I've ever used, out of all the others! Again, I would definitely recommend using AccountingCoach and seeing what it has to offer!
If you're still thinking to purchase the lifetime PRO Plus membership and asking yourself if it is worth the money, I would say definitely. The product/contents are very informative, written in a simple language, straight to the point, and with great examples. I use it to refresh my knowledge, as a reference guide, and to find the answers to my questions. I recommend the product and it's a good investment.
Having been in the accounting & bookkeeping fields for over 20 years, I must applaud your website, as being one of the most thorough & easy to understand presentations of accounting. For the professional seeking additional or refresher knowledge or for the students studying accounting, you have a resourceful site that will guide you through the complete accounting cycle & make you a more knowledgeable accountant.
I absolutely love this site. I am an Accounting major at a university, and this site has helped me more than any textbook has. The explanations are clear, and the examples areexcellent. When I learn something in my accounting classes, I use this site to drill the concept into my head because it is so much easier to follow and understand. By far, the best free accounting aid there is on the web.
Want to skip all the flashy learn how to's out there that overpromise and under deliver? AccountingCoach is the answer, nuts and bolts hands down. AccountingCoach is a straight to the chase no-frills approach to foundational accounting for whatever your reasons to learning may be. Save yourself lots of money and go with a PRO in the industry.
AccountingCoach helped me a lot when I was looking to start a career in business/financial analysis. Not originally from an accounting school, I needed a step-by-step and easy-to-grasp basics of accounting and financial management. When I stumbled upon AC, I needed to look no longer. This is one of the best learning sites I know, made by true professionals.
I got laid off a couple months ago. Thank you for offering this free online accounting course during this economic tough time. The materials are excellent. It makes a difficult and complicated subject simple, easy, and straightforward. Thank you so much.
I tried to study bookkeeping and accounts before and lost interest till I came across I thought it would be the same boring format of learning. I gave a try and now I am hooked. This is a definite launching platform to new beginnings. Excellent.
Hello, I am currently a travel agent but I plan to soon start a bookkeeping business. I already have an associates degree, but it's been a while since I got it, and I wanted to refresh my memory on certain things. I did a search online and came across one of the AccountingCoach programs, where you can get more knowledge on accounting. What sold me was seeing other people in Facebook groups say they took the course, and that it gives you lifetime access. One thing I like is that it's very easy to understand. I plan to go over the materials again just to get a refresh before I take this leap and start my business in 2024.
I am a regional assistant controller for a Fortune 500 company, and I became a PRO user of AccountingCoach to enhance my knowledge and skills in accounting. I like the way the materials are presented in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for me to understand complex accounting concepts. The quizzes and tests have helped me to evaluate my understanding of the material and identify areas where I need to improve. I have benefited greatly from the materials on AccountingCoach and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn accounting.
I started out doing the books for my husband's business for a few years, when I felt confident enough to start working for an accounting firm. I quickly discovered just how much I didn't know! Fortunately, I found AccountingCoach PRO! Thanks to this program, I now have my own bookkeeping business and several clients. Thank you for giving me the tools and skills I needed to start my own bookkeeping business.
As a retiree, I recently took on roles as an advisor, trustee, nominee and/or custodian for a number of family trusts. While my former career as an engineering and management consultant, specialising in—amongst other things—the management of commercial risk on large, privately-funded infrastructure projects, has equipped me with a knowledge of financial matters, it did not leave me with the hands-on knowledge of producing annual accounts as demanded by my new role. My signing up for AccountingCoach quickly solved this problem. With its multiple-learning-resource approach—including clear, non-jargon reliant descriptions, background reference material, videos, worked examples, quizzes, flashcards, and crosswords—I found I was able to learn, without any trauma, the fundamentals of bookkeeping and annual accounts preparation I needed for my new trust consultancy roles. Prior to signing up for AccountingCoach, I had read books on the subject, and had studied accounts prepared by professional accounting firms. None of these other learning experiences, however, have accelerated my learning as much as I experienced with AccountingCoach. Thank you, AccountingCoach, for helping me as you have.
Just want to let you know that I have learned so much from AccountingCoach PRO. I have had so many issues resolved simply by referring to AccountingCoach PRO when it comes to doing my everyday bookkeeping work. I am so glad that I discovered you and look forward to referring to this website a lot in the future...keep up the great work.
English is my second language, and my background is in bookkeeping. When I moved to Canada, I started to improve my English skills. However, my biggest challenge was in my job, because in order to work, you need to know about the terminology of your career. That's why I decided to study bookkeeping in college, but I faced some issues like timing, transportation, and cost. One day, I stumbled upon a website on the internet, and I started to explore it with excitement. Eventually, I signed up for this amazing website, and started to learn terminology and much more. Honestly, I learned a lot more in depth. Nowadays, I have started a new business, and I found that this website has given me a good knowledge of the proper language. This is why I can now talk to my accountant more confidently, and of course, I can do my small business's bookkeeping. I haven't completed all the topics yet, unfortunately, as I am too busy. However, this website is the most trustworthy source for learning and practice. I really appreciate Mr. Averkamp and his team.
AccountingCoach PRO Plus is definitely helpful, since I have started learning the courses it improved my understanding in accounting. The courses are concise along with samples and deep explanations. PRO Plus gave me confidence to apply for accounting jobs. I am still a member of PRO Plus and getting crucial information in accounting that helps me be successful. I am deeply grateful to AccountingCoach PRO Plus!
AccountingCoach helped me out tremendously when I was enrolled in college taking online classes. It provided detailed explanations and solutions to problems that I could not solve or understand. It has also helped me with my job as it relates to why certain journal entries are made and should be made to ensure that GAAP standards are followed.
I needed a refresher course in Accounting as most of my professional work has been in Finance and other areas where I don't apply accounting skills regularly. I needed to go over accounting concepts as job interviews test you on general accounting skills and I was in the process of looking for new employment. As I started reading through the materials, I found them very easy to understand. The topics are great for anyone who is looking for a refresher or trying to get in the Accounting world. I upgraded to AccountingCoach PRO as I wanted to have more testing materials to make sure I understood the topics thoroughly. Overall, I think the investment is so much worth the price for the information provided. I recommend AccountingCoach to anyone trying to understand the basics of accounting and its applications in the real world. Thank you for such a great course.
I initially became an AccountingCoach user to help me further understand accounting and understand the process with a step-by-step explanation of why and how things should be done. I had to set aside my studies in order to care for my aging mother, who has since passed away, but I am going to be re-entering the workforce. Having access to the newly-improved website will help me to improve upon and re-establish my skill level to be able to perform certain duties for my employer. Also, when setting up or working on established spreadsheets, knowing the purpose and being able to understand the steps needed to accomplish the goal as it was intended is why I had purchased the program to begin with. I look forward to seeing what's new and recovering the knowledge lost in my absence from the workforce, as well as to working on my skill set with confidence from the methods taught by your program. I also look forward to obtaining the certificates, which will be appealing to an employer in the future. The programs for inventory and payroll will be especially helpful as I encountered both in the past and was given the responsibility of doing payroll, which we both know requires good accounting and data entry to produce the accurate results. I also used some accounting to do inventory so the FIFO theory was of great assistance as well. It has been years since I used either, so a refresher on both these subjects is definitely needed.
I'm glad to have you as my virtual assistant at my work! My current position is Head of Finance, leading a Bulgarian entity.. My team works in the field of shared services and renders accounting and finance services. I became a PRO user because the guidelines in AccountingCoach are helpful and explained in a user-friendly way, which helps me during my daily tasks. I'm very happy to have you beside my shoulder!
I want to thank you for your AccountingCoach program. I have found your materials to be comprehensive and easy to use. As a retired corporation executive in operations, finance was critical to my doing a good job however my needs did not include expertise in balance sheets. The financial statements, cash flow, and budgets were more important to an operations professional. So, when I retired and started spending far more time on my investment accounts, I discovered the importance of the balance sheet, and that understanding it is critical to making good investment decisions. Your AccountingCoach PRO membership was a godsend as I am able to work at my own pace and improve my comprehension of the balance sheet, as well as to stay mentally tuned up on the other vital reports I examine for the stocks that I evaluate for my portfolio. I became an AccountingCoach PRO user after extensive research for an at-home system to increase my financial acumen, and AccountingCoach PRO has not disappointed. I understand the financial channels on cable much better than I ever have as they go about discussing the merits, or lack thereof, of a particular equity. I doubt there is a better program out there, especially at the very low price of AccountingCoach PRO. Logging in to AccountingCoach PRO weekly is part of my routine, and it has helped me understand companies in a way that I feel I make better investment decisions. AccountingCoach PRO may very well have been the best investment I've ever made toward understanding the underlying financial worth of a company.
AccountingCoach got me through university without a tutor! Invaluable resource, even after school!! Thank you so much for providing such a useful, accurate and easy to understand resource! Well worth the membership fee! I got an A+ in my accounting classes!
I am a software developer and most often my clients demand some financial reports and AccountingCoach has really been helpful. People always ask me if I have studied accounting in school alongside programming but they don't know that I visit Thank you.
In my roles as a business owner, member of senior management teams and as a business consultant, I frequently deal with accounting-related issues. While I have a solid grasp of a wide range of accounting practices and methods, I still find that there are times when I want to refresh or investigate aspects of accounting that I either seldom visit or have not had the opportunity to work with. When those circumstances arise, I turn to AccountingCoach which I find covers not only a wide range of topics but usually in enough depth and detail that you can use it almost like a condensed primer on any given topic. The information and examples are complete enough that I find I can apply what is shown to the task at hand and have the result be equal to what I would get from an accounting professional. It is not an exaggeration to state that it has saved both time and cost on numerous occasions. Highly recommended!
As an IT Manager/Director for SMBs, I found that there was a knowledge gap between IT and the accounting/finance folks. Having an MBA helped somewhat, but there was still a deeper knowledge that was lacking, especially when we moved into the ERP realm. Questions would arise concerning impacts to the GL from operational inputs and IT would be tasked with figuring out the issue and some corrective measures. AccountingCoach helped solidify that knowledge in a quick and timely manner with their easy-to-follow videos and excellent documentation. I now feel completely at ease sitting with that department and discussing current/future endeavors and how they might impact our bottom line.
With the virtually sole help of AccountingCoach, I was able to leave my dead-end job in customer service 4 years ago and become a bookkeeper. I became a PRO user to help me learn bookkeeping because I wanted a less social job than my previous one, and I enjoy working with numbers. The site presents by far the most digestible ways of understanding accounting, and the videos are much more interesting than having to learn everything via reading. I currently work for a small family-owned company so I haven't yet needed all of the Certificates of Achievement from the site, but I plan to try to work for a much bigger company soon, where the badges, certificates, and other features that PRO Plus has to offer will be of great help for me in achieving my long-term career goals.
I teach Accounting and this is the first website I give my students. I too, purchased the lifetime membership because it is a valuable resource for them and for anyone desiring to learn and understand Accounting. I even do the crossword puzzles, word scrambles, etc. to keep my skills sharp! Plus, it's fun! It's a challenge to keep my lectures interesting, and AccountingCoach helps tremendously. Thanks!
I'm a financial professional with a 25-year background in fixed income and financial planning. I felt out of touch in accounting, and thought this is where your coaching could come in handy. Becoming a PRO user was a game-changer for me. Your materials provided comprehensive learning in the accounting field, where I felt at a significant disadvantage against my peers. The PRO membership has significantly elevated my proficiency, translating directly into more impactful client interactions and increased professional success. I’m grateful for the invaluable resources you provide!
I work for an accounting firm as a general ledger accountant. I studied accounting in college, but stepped away for a few years to work in operations management. By becoming an AccountingCoach PRO user and using the materials, I was able to have a great refresher of accounting knowledge, which helps me in my day-to-day work. The materials are very clear and helpful, and I would recommend them to anyone who would like to gain new skills or refresh their memory!
I am thrilled to share my experience with the AccountingCoach PRO subscription. I bought the subscription when trying to learn bookkeeping, as I wanted access to the video series. The videos are not only well structured but also easy to follow, making complex accounting concepts accessible to anyone, regardless of their prior knowledge. The instructor is knowledgeable and engaging. I'm really pleased with the value that I got out of this purchase. Thanks to AccountingCoach, I have gained a solid foundation in bookkeeping, and it has greatly improved my confidence in managing the financial aspects of my business. I highly recommend the PRO subscription to anyone looking to sharpen their accounting skills or to embark on a career in finance. It's an invaluable resource that's worth every penny.
I am a medical device manufacturing executive with over 30 years of experience in diverse functions within my industry. I have learned that to be an effective contributor I must have an understanding of the business side of our enterprise, and the language of business is spoken through finance and the many accounting functions that interact to paint a clear picture of our results, efficiency, and effectiveness. I used the website to learn and familiarize myself with day-to-day concepts and knowledge that helps me communicate, understand and deliver results more effectively. It allows me to become a better mentor and leader for my team. I am very appreciative of the easy and accessible material that you present, allowing me to better understand and be comfortable in my role and in conversation with the executive team and peers. I look forward to your upgrade and the benefits that I am sure your users will derive from your tools and innovative approach.
My position is Advisor, along with Construction Control Board (CCB) Trainer, and of course, Small Business Entrepreneur. My experiential background was heavy in government contracting, leadership, and strategic and operational planning. However, I was a novice on most things bookkeeping and accounting until Harold Averkamp and the AccountingCoach site were brought to my attention. I signed up for the concise and clearly-written content, which walked me through the entirety of accounting while seamlessly letting me review and use any specific topic. Coaching small wannabe contractors on the topic of asset depreciation kept coming up in class—among many other bookkeeping and accounting topics. I certainly understood the basics, but that only tantalized the audience for the details. SO, I turned to my go-to resource, AccountingCoach. 4 lessons on depreciation, a quiz, and some scenario-based Q&A later, and suddenly I was a sage advisor being asked for accounting advice (which I respectfully declined to give). I recommend the site regularly as a startup first step and planning precursor to consulting a CPA. At a minimum, you should learn the accounting language. The materials are laid out clearly, well written, easy to understand, and speak to what I need to know. I'm excited to see this new upgrade and will continue to use and recommend the site as a vital business management resource.
I am an enrolled agent and specialize in taxation. Last year we decided to open our accounting firm and offer our clients accounting and payroll. During the start-up period, we consistently used AccountingCoach to advance our financial reporting knowledge. We had other options for training, but the cost was a significant investment where the AccountingCoach offered us better education for practically nothing.
I am a financial accountant. I have a CIMA and CPA (Australia) qualification, but your website always gives crisp explanations and reasoning for doing something. A PRO user gets all the information in detail, so, as I liked your website, I felt it was best to become a PRO user and get lifetime membership. The articles have benefitted me at work whenever some concepts were unclear. It has also helped me to prepare for exams and assignments.
I am currently an office manager for a small health practice. I have been learning bookkeeping, and came across AccountingCoach. I am pursuing my own business of bookkeeping and the PRO membership had what I needed to start learning. The materials have helped me gain a good foundation. I like the different methods used to help me learn, from quizzes to Q&A and flashcards. I also like that I can go back to previous quizzes and lessons to see where I have improved and to solidify my understanding. I have been able to use the knowledge I have gained and put to use in my current position. I feel I am closer to being able to become a bookkeeper!
I work in mental health as a federal grants management specialist, and work with budgets on a daily basis. I became a PRO user to learn more about accounting in order to be able to understand what our finance team does with those budgets, with regards to spending and our income statements. I also became a PRO member to eventually further my career as having both accounting and grants experience. I was also hoping to pass all the bookkeeper training with hopes to make money on the side as a bookkeeper. I like that there are different ways to learn from your materials. There are both visuals and audio, and puzzles to make it more interesting. The material is repetitive, to make sure I really learn. I have only benefited in a small way at this time, as I have not made it very far in the material yet, and need more time to do so. But I can say that I understand our finance meetings and the accounting lingo much better, and it’s always nice to know what your coworkers are talking about!
I am the office manager at my husband's machine shop. Prior to this job, I worked as a Certified Orthodontic Assistant for 22 years. To say I was unprepared is an understatement. Sometimes I just wanted a quick answer to a very basic question that I might have been too embarrassed to ask. AccountingCoach gave me all of the information I needed, when I needed it, and I didn't have to bother anybody else. Now that I have some experience, my questions are a bit more advanced, and AccountingCoach is still there to help me.
I have never seen accounting explained so clearly before. I wish I had access to this website when I went through business school!
I use it to refresh basic accounting and bookkeeping skills. At 60 years old I need all the help I can get! I love the challenge of answering questions and the tests are beneficial for class. I highly recommend AccountingCoach PRO.
I just wanted to express how thankful I am for this website. In times of struggle, like tonight where I'm studying for a test, I can truly depend on this website to always come through for me. I am so grateful for all the explanations and different ways of learning that are offered on this website. It's clean, clear, and just easy to navigate and get what you need. I'm so thankful, it's saving my grade and also helping develop a great appreciation for accounting. Even though I'm not that fabulous at it, I do know that with the help of this website and my teacher, I'll get better. Thanks so much.
After more than 25 years as a management consultant, I became the president of a small material-handling equipment company. While my business experience and educational background gave me a solid understanding of accounting and finance, I became a PRO user of AccountingCoach to gain access to technical definitions and examples of absolutely everything about accounting, instantly and completely. AccountingCoach has served at various times both as a refresher on details I had forgotten, as a way to catch back up to speed rapidly to have more productive and intelligent discussions with my CPA, and as a quick how-to guide when tackling a needed but not often used bookkeeping procedure. Overall, AccountingCoach has helped me to stay current and save valuable time and money!
I have been a long-time user of AccountingCoach, and highly recommend it for learning about accounting and getting a refresher on the basics. I was able to work my way into being a staff accountant for 3 years working for a CPA firm, and from there I most recently worked with a financial services firm for 5 years, most recently as an accounting specialist. AccountingCoach’s pricing is a complete bargain, and the material is very nicely organized and easy to follow. I am now in the process of opening my own accounting business.
I've spent lots of money on well-reviewed books on different areas of accounting, but I ended up repeatedly confused by what seemed like conflicting information. AccountingCoach has now, finally, made everything much more clear and I can say with confidencethat I understand all the basics, and I'm only part-way through the topics. The fact that it's free is brilliant, as I wouldn't have had the faith to spend more money on another book. I'd recommend to anyone who thinks that a knowledge of accounting could be useful to them.
AccountingCoach has aided me so much for my accounting modules. I can never imagine how badly I would fare for my exams if it weren't for this site. It provided thorough explanations for various accounting terms and examples. They were all really very useful. I am truly thankful.
I'm not an accountant but teach some business law courses at my university. Occasionally, there are some technical issues that come up that I need answers to. AccountingCoach PRO never fails to answer all my questions! The lifetime membership is a real bargain, and I will definitely be recommending this valuable resource to all my future students.
As a seasoned bookkeeper specializing in accounting and tax returns in Canada, I found immense value in becoming a PRO user. The depth of your materials aligns seamlessly with my role, providing comprehensive insights and practical solutions. The user-friendly format and up-to-date content have significantly enhanced my efficiency, ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting. Your platform has become an indispensable resource in my daily tasks, enabling me to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of accounting and taxation.
Just over 10 years ago, I embarked on a new career as a bookkeeper. I knew little about the subject other than having completed my own accounts. Discovering AccountingCoach was an absolute godsend. It helped me grasp firstly the basics of bookkeeping, and later on, more in-depth subject matter. It didn't matter that I was accessing it from the UK as the information was laid out in a way that was universal in nature. Overall, AccountingCoach was the most accessible and easy-to-use learning tool I have found. I still come back to it periodically to refresh and learn.
First of all, I would like to congratulate you and your team on the upcoming upgrade to your website. It is indeed a sign of an ongoing need to educate people with tools that can easily help us understand the technicalities of the accounting profession. I joined AccountingCoach when I was in my internship years, right after college (11 years back). As of now, I am holding the position of Finance Manager for a multi-disciplinary, international architectural and engineering consultancy. In my earlier days, when I joined AccountingCoach, without doubt your content and materials would help me understand the complex accounting policies in a much easier way. More so, the materials break accounting policies down into small parts, then explain the reasoning behind them. The other thing that I found very interesting was the glossary page, where each of the sections of accounting were split in a way that it was easy to get directly into the topic of interest. Furthermore, as I started growing in the company and began building a team, I always referred AccountingCoach to young interns who would join the team, simply because it is a one-stop shop for all accounting queries, explained in the simplest way possible. Honestly, as of now, I do not visit the website that often. However, whenever I have to go back to an accounting issue or understand a certain concept, AccountingCoach is my first preference. Congratulations to AccountingCoach’s team again on the upcoming upgrade.
AccountingCoach saved my job. I have had bookkeeping jobs on and off for the past ten years but never any formal training. I recently accepted a position and it was evident to me after the first day that I was way out of my league. Because of how AccountingCoach is structured, I was able to study at a fast pace and get the info I needed to be more productive at work. Thank you for presenting the information in such a basic, uncomplicated way.
I do not have a finance background and even then AccountingCoach has cleared most, or rather all of my concepts like anything. I keep it as a bible with me for understanding any accounting concept. It has empowered me into understanding any financial word. I wish to give my regards to its management who have developed and explained the concepts in such a manner that a non-financial background person also can excel at any finance exam.
WOW, I can simply say this site is great. I have never seen such a site which teaches you accounting in an easy manner. I have got all the material and I am going through it and working simultaneously. This is providing me a good platform in further studies and work. I am really thankful and appreciate and recommend this package. Besides, these people are very kind may Allah bless them. Thanks a lot, thumbs up, hats off.
I am a business consultant, and I have tasked myself with assisting marginalized micro businesses launch and thrive. I became a PRO user because understanding and teaching accounting principles is critical in my mission. I needed to brush up on certain concepts and found AccountingCoach PRO to be an excellent source. I could study concepts at my own pace, as well as utilize the forms to test my progress. I love how the website is built, and the easy thoughtfulness in how I can access materials in various areas. The AccountingCoach PRO materials are comprehensive and extremely helpful. I have benefited greatly from using these resources. I'm so glad I found them! Thank you, AccountingCoach PRO. You Rock!
I received a degree in accounting, and have worked in various jobs over the years. I had taken some time off to have four children, wanted to go back to work full time and found I was lacking the confidence I needed. I was thrilled when I found AccountingCoach. It helped me refresh my accounting knowledge and provided me with the ability to test that knowledge in several different ways. I most love the crossword puzzles and still do them for fun! I started with Intuit 3 years ago, and am currently a Quickbooks Live Sr. expert. AccountingCoach is still a great resource for me today. I use it when I need clarification on certain accounting topics. I find the explanations clear and easy to understand.
AccountingCoach always plays an important role in my bookkeeping job, for a small amount of money you will have access for a lifetime. I like the videos the most because I can watch them over and over again. It comes with the test and quizzes, plus the answer so you will know how much you learn for every topic you studied. This is really helpful and useful as a refresher course since I graduated accounting 28 years many topics to read.
I just passed the CIA exam!!! ...AccountingCoach explanations and exams are a must. I would have paid more for the product. You run circles around other study materials. Your explanations for explaining complex accounting topics is priceless. Thank you so much!!!!
Why does that go there? Why do you not put this amount? Wait, what? These are the thoughts that would go through my head every time I sat through accounting lectures. AccountingCoach helped break down the concepts in an understandable manner. It's a really good platform for those who aren't experts at accounting. When anyone talks about the perils of accounting, it's like a reflex now to recommend them to check out AccountingCoach.
I just want to say how great your website is. I am writing a financial challenge exam in two weeks, and I only had 4 weeks to study the material. I managed to get a textbook from someone, but the material is hard to understand, so I found your site on google and downloaded the package. Itis awesome!! If it wasn't for your simple explanations, I would be a lost cause. Your information is so much easier to understand then thetext, and I am very grateful. Excellent idea, thank you very much!!
I have an MBA, and as a manager, the materials have provided me with a great reference when accounting explanations are required. I became a PRO user to benefit from the quizzes, tests and reviews to keep my accounting knowledge up to speed. The materials are easy to understand, and offer a thorough explanation of accounting. They have allowed me to learn new topics and build confidence when working on accounting tasks.
My current job position is Accounting Clerk. My background is mainly in taxes, personal taxes for the most part, but I have some experience working for some corporations. I became a PRO user because I was applying for jobs; I graduated college about 2 years ago, and it was during the pandemic so I didn't feel confident in my accounting knowledge. I wanted to refresh my memory with AccountingCoach, and upgrading to become a PRO user made sense to me. I like how your material is organized in its sections. It makes it easy for me to navigate to a certain lesson if I need it. I benefited from your material as it helped me get my current job. I needed a refresher, and AccountingCoach also helped me with interviews. Since my background is mainly in taxes, getting a refresher on accounting in its entirety has helped.
I am the president/CEO of an outsourced accounting and CFO advisory firm. I originally became a PRO user when I was working towards my bachelor’s degree. The material that was being taught in school did not click for me until I found AccountingCoach. AccountingCoach made it so incredibly easy for me to understand the concepts of basic accounting principles. To this day, I still refer to AccountingCoach when I need it, and I refer my clients to it as well. The material presented is compiled together very well and is very seamless going from one topic to the next. I would recommend AccountingCoach to anyone and everyone who needs that extra bit of ‘umph’ in their accounting knowledge.
Getting a lifetime PRO membership at AccountingCoach was one of the best investments I have ever made in the field of accounting and finance. AccountingCoach makes accounting concepts and principles easy to understand and I have learned a great deal from using AccountingCoach in the last few years. I am a licensed tax preparer and I took accounting courses many ages ago. Having 24/7 access to a well-organized set of materials on a wide range of topics on accounting and bookkeeping has been very valuable to me. It has helped me stay up-to-date with my knowledge and understanding of modern-day accounting concepts, and as a result, better digest and dissect financial statements given to me by my business clients. Thank you, AccountingCoach.
I would like to say thank you very much for your support. I am a student of Accounting at George Mason University in Virginia. I found your website some time ago, and I have been a PRO member ever since. From the moment I found AccountingCoach, I recognize the value, quality and effort of your work. Currently, I am taking Financial Accounting. I confess I was scared because it has been awhile since I took accounting classes. Thankfully, AccountingCoach helps me to not just refresh my mind on basic accounting terminology, but also helps me to understand new terminology in plain English.
I am an assistant professor at a university. This year, I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation. I currently teach courses for students in English, covering subjects such as basic accounting and financial accounting. The materials you prepare are excellent and enable me to conduct classes very effectively. Students really enjoy them. In addition, I am involved in financial due diligence and business valuation in practice. I lead a team of approximately 10 people, and I must admit that I also use your materials for the onboarding of new employees. Thank you for what you do for the field of accounting education.
I am a governmental accountant. I became a PRO user while in college. I found accounting concepts to be new and challenging, and was looking for all the resources I could get my hands on. I really liked the one-time fee that came with lifetime access, and I also found the site material to be extremely helpful and accessible. The accounting concepts are easy to find and understand. The layout of the website is logical and in order, and the content is thorough and excellent. I benefited from the materials in college, and I've also benefited some in my work as a real property accountant dealing with assets under construction. I'm planning on getting my CGFM certification in the near future and will be relying on the AccountingCoach even more for that.
In 2020, I found myself having free time to learn new skills for new job opportunities, and I had had an interest in becoming a bookkeeper for many years. I found AccountingCoach and really liked the platform and how the lessons were taught in an easy-to-understand format. I started with a free account, but after a few months of consistent studying, I opted for the PRO account because I wanted to support the site. A wealth of knowledge was being provided for absolutely no cost to the user, and I really appreciated having access to material that provides a deep understanding of basic accounting principles and a strong foundation to build on for the more advanced accounting practices in the future. After studying the material on AccountingCoach for about 7 months, I received my bookkeeping certification through NACPB. I became a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and I was offered multiple job opportunities with a well-known hiring agency. Over time, I progressed into the insurance industry, where I currently work as an adjuster for insurance claims.
I am an accountant, and I would say that AccountingCoach has helped me in my journey through its clear and concise website, which easily teaches the most important accounting concepts in a simple and easy manner. I became a PRO member as the amount of information available to me was well worth the very low subscription fee, and they are always updating it with new features and developments as well. The website has allowed me to grasp accounting concepts in a simple manner, and it is also very easy to track my progress. Overall, I would recommend to anybody interested in accounting to start their journey with AccountingCoach.
AccountingCoach PRO resource subscription is a fantastic product. Great value with one off payment which makes it affordable. The author is clear and concise with presenting the material and it is easy to follow and understand. A truly genuine and generous approach to sharing knowledge. Thank you and congratulations on great job done well.
I'm a programmer and ERP implementer, and I needed to understand everything about accounting in deep detail. I work almost daily with flows of documents and business rules, and need to correct and also help users when working with accounting documents, invoices, fixed assets and so on. I became a PRO user because I needed help in understanding how to correct documents from a commercial and accounting perspective. I required lots of examples because I do many jobs in one, and AccountingCoach can help me to better understand my users. Thank you.
When I moved to New Zealand, fairly late in life, I became a small-business owner and started doing my own books with limited accounting knowledge. Now, 20 years later and retired, I confidently submit the annual accounts to the tax authorities without relying on the services of a CA. I also do the monthly and annual accounts for our local church. AccountingCoach has increased my knowledge significantly, and the extensive library of topics and explanations in ‘simple language’ has been a great help for me over many years. I look forward to exploring your new website.
I own a bookkeeping firm that services all industries from advertising/marketing firms, to construction, to agriculture. I reconcile accounts, process payroll, and run monthly financial reports for my customers' businesses. Once in a while, I come across some accounting challenges and need to understand best practices for handling different situations. I can easily access the answers to these questions through my subscription to AccountingCoach. I appreciate the ease of use and the depth of information that I can get by accessing AccountingCoach. It is well worth the small investment. Thanks for providing such a valuable resource.
I work as an accounting associate at a lab supply company. I was introduced to AccountingCoach by a good friend of mine, who gifted me the PRO membership as I was trying to get into the accounting field after moving to the USA. There are many reasons why I love AccountingCoach. The material is very thorough and the explanations are clear. I like all the different ways you can practice what you've just learned (crosswords, quizzes, etc.). You can keep track of your progress, as well as skip a topic if you already know it. Even though I have an accounting background, I have been able to review some topics that I had forgotten and learn concepts that are new to me. I can do that in a fun and entertaining way with AccountingCoach.
As a seasoned solution architect specializing in the ERP domain for over 17 years, my success in projects has often hinged on a deep understanding of accounting principles. Despite my strong technology background, I encountered a significant gap in essential accounting knowledge crucial for excelling in ERP-related endeavors. It was during this quest for comprehensive accounting guidance that I fortuitously discovered AccountingCoach. The platform proved to be a game-changer in my pursuit of accounting proficiency. Its intuitive interface, coupled with an array of practice questions, flashcards, and comprehensive study aids, facilitated a swift and thorough comprehension of intricate accounting concepts. Remarkably, AccountingCoach condensed volumes of material into a singular, easily-navigable source, effectively replacing numerous reference books. This resource not only bolstered my confidence, but also equipped me with the requisite expertise crucial for my professional undertakings. Thanks to AccountingCoach, what once seemed like an insurmountable learning curve became an accessible and manageable journey. I wholeheartedly credit this platform for simplifying accounting knowledge and empowering professionals like me to thrive in the complex landscape of ERP.
I work as an accounts manager for a medium-sized business. The controller is my superior but is unable to answer my questions. I have gone to AccountingCoach many times to find the answers I need. They are always available. Without AccountingCoach, I could not do the awesome job I do with collections and the accounts. Thank you very much for this service!
My current position is as Manager of Financial Operations. This is why I became a PRO user, as AccountingCoach is a great resource for me in my position. I like that I can look up and find information about anything that might come up in my current position. Your materials are easy to find and make it easy to understand. The information provided by AccountingCoach PRO is easy to research and understand, and has helped me to educate myself on different aspects of accounting.
I would like to say this website has been awesome. I am in college getting a degree in Accounting and I am on my second year. When I needed more depth on a topic I would go on my PRO membership and watch the tutorial videos and quizzes. I have used all I could out of this web site. I recommend this program, it is great. Thank you.
I consider myself a seasoned bookkeeper. I had been in this capacity for 26 years. I had to resign four years ago for personal reasons. I tried to get back in the system after four months of being resigned. I then realized that to get back, some sort of degree was required, even though I had 26 years experience. With technology moving so very fast if you are not on top of your game, you are out. Then there was the age thing. I had better be on top of my game. This website has been extremely informative. And very very helpful. So, I for one appreciate your knowledge and information I have been able to take from this. Thank you so very much.
I am an HR generalist at an American company, and based in Europe. My job requires accounting responsibilities, and the AccountingCoach website has been tremendously helpful for many years already. I gained a good basic understanding with the website, and have been a PRO member since 2016. These 8 years have taught me a great deal that I can now incorporate into my job. This has also made me equally enthusiastic about the accounting phenomenon. I'd like to thank the creators and editors of the platform, and compliment its interface and eye for details. I can recommend the website to anyone; I have already spread the word to many co-students and colleagues around the world.
I got an accounting degree many years ago, and worked as a staff accountant for several years of my career. I am semi-retired now as I lost my job due to a merger, then took time off to care for an elderly parent. I became a user of AccountingCoach because I felt it would be a great way to brush up on my skills so that I could enter the workforce as a part-time accountant in the future. What I like about the materials is that they cover all aspects of basic accounting, and in enough depth for one to feel proficient to re-enter the workforce with confidence. This has benefited me by giving me that confidence, and allowing me to review my accounting skills at my own pace in a well-put-together online program.
I was working for a non-profit organization in the accounting office, and was responsible for accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and donations. I came across a variety of situations where I needed extra instruction in order to complete the assignments well. I signed up with AccountingCoach PRO and found myself working through their sessions and gaining the insight I needed. I have continued to work in the bookkeeping industry and often refer to AccountingCoach PRO materials for help. Thank you for the ease and simplicity of your continuous learning themes. I appreciate all the benefits of purchasing a lifetime membership.
I am a master tax advisor, offering a bookkeeping service in my business. I became a user of AccountingCoach so that I could stay up to date and accurate in my knowledge to best serve my clients. The materials are easy to understand and offer many ways to learn, helping me understand and use the information I study. I have been able to help my clients with accurate accounting and bookkeeping services, which I would have not been able to do without your services.
I have been an accounting instructor for 18 years at the university, community college, and K12 secondary levels. I use AccountingCoach with all of my students. This site breaks down accounting topics into easy-to-understand content for anyone, from the novice accounting student to the advanced learner. It's an excellent supplemental resource that comes highly recommended. I have a bachelor’s in business, an MBA with an emphasis in accounting, and I am currently pursuing a DBA with a specialty in accounting. In fact, before interviewing for my first adjunct accounting position, I used AccountingCoach as a content refresher, which helped me secure the job.
AccountingCoach is currently the best online study tool anyone can use for accounting. As a teacher I use it to assist me in preparation of my lessons for a number of accounting topics thus making my job a lot easier, especially when developing solutions to accounting exercises. I also recommend the website to my students who find it very helpful when reviewing for exams and in preparing assignments. Try it and see for yourself; I'm sure youll love it
I love AccountingCoach. When I first started at my bookkeeping job, I was informed that I would be using Quickbooks. Okay, fine, I can do that, the software does most of the work. Well, I did not count on the other stuff I had to do. AccountingCoach made my job a breeze. It covered any questions I had, ànd in a manner that was easy to understand. If you are just getting started in a job, it can help you with that. If you have been there awhile, you can continue to learn. I teach criminal justice now, but I continue to use my skills in the real world. Those who work with AccountingCoach care about what they do; it is noticeable in the lessons and in their emails.
As the owner of an HR software, I've always prioritized staying ahead in the dynamic field of accounting. With over 25 years of experience, I understand the importance of continuous learning and keeping up with the latest tax and accounting regulations. This is where AccountingCoach has been invaluable. This resource has been a game-changer for my firm and me. The comprehensive, easy-to-understand materials on AccountingCoach have enhanced my team's knowledge base, ensuring we remain on the cutting edge of accounting practices. Whether it's brushing up on general information or understanding new accounting standards, the site's range of topics caters to all our needs. What sets AccountingCoach apart is its commitment to clarity and relevance. The examples and quizzes are particularly helpful, allowing us to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios. This practical approach has significantly boosted our confidence in handling diverse client needs, especially for the small businesses we passionately support. In a field where accuracy and up-to-date knowledge are paramount, AccountingCoach has been a reliable partner in our journey to provide exceptional service to our clients. It's a resource I would recommend to any accounting professional seeking to enhance their expertise and service quality.
I am currently working in the accounting department, with the title of Accounts Receivable and Credit Administrator. I became a PRO user to help me in my studies as I went through college to improve my understanding of the accounting system and procedures. This gave me the options to do extra study and testing, which gave me a different view and/or wording of the procedures and such than the school material. The material presented through AccountingCoach PRO was very user friendly and easy to understand. I have benefitted by using this throughout school for my accounting certification, and after by having the material for reference as I have been in the workforce. I started out doing accounts payable, and this has helped me rise through the company doing what I am doing now.
I had subscribed to your materials a while ago with the intention of teaching myself better accounting skills. I was never an accountant by trade, but found the need for learning more and more important. I had to close my business due to family health reasons, and move back to PA. I took a job with a similar organization but was let go after one year. I have not even filed for unemployment yet, as my mother has fallen to dementia, and it has been a full-time job finding a place for her care. I’ve always kept logging on to your site in the hopes of one day sitting down and getting myself educated. Only now, in the next few months, will I finally find it possible. I'm hoping to reeducate myself and find a position more in the accounting field. I could really use a break. Your materials and design appear top notch, and I would certainly like the opportunity to actually use them soon.
I do bookkeeping for 2 small businesses. It has been 20 years since getting my degree, and having not gotten back into bookkeeping until 14 years later, I sometimes run into a problem I don't have the answer to, or a process I’ve forgotten... AccountingCoach to the rescue! It really helps with learning/refreshing accrual basis, since my clients all operate on a cash basis. I love the step-by-step process, and who doesn't love receiving a trophy (or certificate) after completing something?!
I have been using AccountingCoach in my bookkeeping business for a few years now and love it! There are times when I need an answer to some accounting situation that baffles me and always have been able to find the answers I need on your website. I particularly like the clear and concise way the material is presented so I can quickly get results.
I relied on AccountingCoach quite a bit for definitions and explanations when I studied for my B.S. in Accounting through an online program. Whereas accounting texts can be quite complicated, AccountingCoach made concepts easy to understand and digest. I look forward to using AccountingCoach to help me study for my CPA exams, too.
I am currently the office manager for a small company that installs and repairs loading docks, in addition to doing custom metal fabrication. I first became a PRO user at AccountingCoach in order to find material to teach my teens about accounting. I continued to use and learn from PRO to brush up on my accounting skills when I was ready to go back to work full time. I like the material because it is accurate and well organized. I also like that there is plenty of practice material available. After brushing up on my accounting skills at AccountingCoach, I was able to comfortably transfer from a cash-based accounting job to a new job which uses accrual accounting. In my interview, one of the things I was asked was to explain FIFO inventory. Thanks to AccountingCoach, the concept was fresh in my mind, and I was able to answer without hesitation.
I work in an accounting/payroll function at a university. I'm trying to find a position a little bit higher in the accounting field. When positions do open up, I use the AccountingCoach as a great way to refresh myself on some accounting rules and procedures to help me feel more confident when I interview. It is a great review and learning tool to help keep myself more knowledgeable and skilled in accounting areas that I am not currently using on a day-to-day basis. AccountingCoach is user friendly and a fun way to learn, whether you are completely new or using it as a refresher. I like that there are fun games/puzzles to play to keep comfortable with the vocabulary, and quizzes to help me find out what I need to work on more when reading from the material.
As a new business owner trying to learn how to handle their own books and accounting, AccountingCoach has been a tool that has helped greatly. It has made learning accounting far easier than any other methods I have tried. I am not one to be excited about studying, but somehow AccountingCoach has made me enjoy learning the material. I can’t thank the team enough for providing the software and material so that it can help people like me in understanding more about accounting and how to handle finances in general.
I purchased the AccountingCoach PRO membership after my accounting tutor recommended it. I use AccountingCoach PRO in conjunction with my post-graduate textbooks - I am very pleased with it! For the unbelievably one-off low price, I have access to templates with formulas, exams, glossaries, explanations and more! Thank you very much for creating this and keeping it updated! I highly recommend it to all others!
AccountingCoach helps me to refresh all the aspects I learned and have not used in the past 25 years. Everything is explained so simple so even a person without any previous accounting background can grasp it very easily. I wish we had something like this while we were in school!! I recommend to add AccountingCoach PRO to the training manual for accounting staff not only to learn but also as a reference material.
Throughout the year as a full-charge bookkeeper I come across new challenges in both posting transactions or GAAP procedures. Some I learned in school and just don't have the brain power to remember down the road, some situations are brand new. Whereas before I would either consult an old text book or, in this Internet age, would Google the answer, AccountingCoach has given me a one-stop shop for every accounting question I have had in the past two years, and consistently provide me with understandable answers. It's my go-to now for every problem or question I encounter. Additionally, their educational links provides me a continuing education delivered straight to my email. Thank you! I hope you continue to grow and prosper. I'm counting on it!
AccountingCoach has been extremely helpful to me. I have had no formal training and I am working for my gracious son, who is being very patient. He got me a college book, but the website has been much more helpful because of the variety of learning opportunities. I need the drilling and the different learning style approaches. For me it has been the best investment, and thank you so much for making it affordable!
Currently, I am employed as a working director of an agriculture business. Although I am a commerce graduate, I have not been doing any accounting work for a long time. Since I invested and started a partnership I understood the value of a good accounting background. Your materials are precise and easy to understand, and they have helped me a lot in my current job to analyze reports like P&L, balance sheets, etc.—as well as to control our expenses for the future.
Currently, my job title is Budget Analyst. I have held this position for the last 9 years. I became an AccountingCoach PRO user years ago when I took a basic accounting class, which was quite easy until I took the managerial course. Now I was in projections, forecasting, and inventory on hand, which was challenging. Once I became an AccountingCoach PRO user, I was able to review various lessons until I mastered each lesson. AccountingCoach gave me the tools I needed to help me get my current job. I also like how I can work at my own pace and really master the concepts of accounting. I'm so excited and looking forward to AccountingCoach PRO Plus.
I have been using the AccountingCoach PRO program throughout my entire career. It has been an invaluable resource since the beginning of my accounting journey, playing a crucial role in supporting and enhancing my knowledge. The platform has been instrumental in my professional growth within the field. Even to this day, I continue to revisit the site for reviews and refreshers. Whether you are already in the accounting field or looking to learn more about accounting, having this resource at your fingertips is highly beneficial.
As a high school accounting teacher I have used the resources on AccountingCoach PRO to enhance my understanding of accounting concepts and make my explanation of concepts clearer for my students. I recommend AccountingCoach PRO to students pursuing higher level accounting after high school and to anyone teaching accounting classes---the money spent on this resource will be one of the best investments in professional development you'll make in your career.
I strongly believe that AccountingCoach is the best education program from a practical accounting point of view. Every tool like the accounting dictionary, crossword puzzles, word scrambles (I love it!) and so on explains difficult technical words with the most proper and simplest words. Visual learning programs and Q&A archives are especially effective for non-native English speakers to understand current and practical usage methods of accounting terms.
AccountingCoach has been really helpful for me when I need to review accounting principles or how to allocate some transaction. It gives me the oportunity to review concepts or to use the templates relating with the business. I found its explanations clear and straightforward. I usually refer this website to some business friends and accountants, when they ask me about finding specific accounting information. Now that the IFRS are widely use, I relayed this website to my friends and collegues from other countries as a reference for their daily accounting tasks.
Whether you are studying accounting topics for the first time, refreshing your accounting skills from the past, or researching a specific accounting question, AccountingCoach provides up-to-date information presented in a way that anyone can understand.
As a senior accountant, I rely heavily on accurate and up-to-date financial resources. Becoming a PRO user was an easy choice because of the high-quality materials available. The depth of content and practical insights have been invaluable for me in my role. I've benefited greatly from the detailed guides and well-structured content, which have helped me navigate complex financial scenarios more effectively. It's been a game-changer for my career, enhancing my expertise and confidence in financial matters.
I have been in the accounting field for over 20 years. I still use AccountingCoach PRO to research any questions that I have. I am a senior accountant and find the lessons and testing valuable even at this stage in my career. I became a PRO user about a decade ago so that I could keep up with the accounting concepts after I was in school. I thought of it as a secondary study tool. By keeping up with my knowledge, I have been able to move up the ladder in my career, and I think that AccountingCoach PRO has had a hand in that. Thank you for making this service available to us accountants!
AccountingCoach has helped so much with my work as a payroll maker in our company. I am a part-time payroll preparer and part-time patient therapy coordinator. New issuances in the website allow me to receive accounting updates and keep my bookkeeping and accounting knowledge updated. I always look forward to messages for new releases that could be applied to my present work. I even encouraged others to join and enroll in the site for their advancement.
I have been a principal project manager for 18 years. Currently, I am doing my dual master’s (MBA and MS in Leadership). I needed additional help for my accounting and finance classes, and that is when I came across your website. The topics are well organized and packed with tons of resources and examples. Each topic is taught through various methods, such as explanations, practice quizzes, flashcards, crosswords puzzles, cheat sheets, and tests. There is no way one cannot learn after being taught each concept in so many different ways. I used AccountingCoach’s material to understand and excel at accounting and financing concepts. I have recommended your website to all students in my class, and cited it on many of my assignments and homework.
I am so grateful to AccountingCoach. The site’s topics are clear, and consist of a lot of material. The examples provided with numbers help me to dive into the real world of bookkeeping and finance. I wish the program could be my professor for accounting. Thank you. Additionally, I want to mention the ratio analysis topic. I was so curious about the liquidity and profitability ratios that I checked and compared the financial information of my clients. I started to apply this knowledge in practice. I realized that small companies, like landscaping companies, usually accept third-party opinions on how to improve their business; especially if I supported my ideas using different types of diagrams. Using Excel allows me to even create simplistic mathematical models of projections of sales. It helps a lot with how to manage inventory on hand, and to avoid dramatical diminishing of cash flow from operating activities. We can clearly understand where the problematic customer is, and where the perfect one is, using the accounts receivable aging. Moreover, I have a lot of good things to say about adjusting and closing entries. Taking small steps from simple to increasingly-complicated material can definitely help people to build confidence and master their knowledge of bookkeeping, accounting, and finance. Using AccountingCoach helped me to have a career in an accounting company, then, after I got my EA certificate, to build a career in the field of taxation. Again, thank you very much. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I have been a customer for 6 years.
Firstly, I would thank AccountingCoach for giving me the PRO membership. I was doing my bachelor's degree in accounting without any college this website was an amazing one, it helped me in understanding accounting basics. The multiple choice questions of all the topics was very helpful in making me prepare myself for the exams. I am very satisfied with this website. Thanks for giving us such a helpful knowledge.
I am a software developer. I was once given a job to develop a financial management system. I only had some basic accounting skill which could not have helped me develop the system. Thanks to, I managed to develop a system with all requirements from trial balance, income statement, bank reconciliation, financial position, in a way that was acceptable to all my clients. Thanks again AccountingCoach.
My current job is as a bookkeeper. I became a PRO user because I have only just gotten a new job as a bookkeeper. Even though I was trained when I was in my 20s, I had been out of the field for 15-20 years, so I wanted to refresh my memory and get myself up to date with everything. The materials are set out really well. I like the way they can be selected by category; for example, bookkeeping, finance or management. I feel my knowledge has been updated enough to confidently take on my new bookkeeping role.
I have worked as a staff accountant for many years, and currently provide bookkeeping/accounting services as an outside contractor. I signed up as a PRO user as a backup source to better understand accounting. The PRO materials are very thorough and simple to follow. AccountingCoach is my go-to continuing-education program.
I am currently working as a merchandiser at a major wholesale chain. I don't have any formal college education at all, so I do my best to proceed with self-learning. I became a PRO user to teach myself the basics of accounting. I knew this would be a great skill if I decided to branch away from my current job and start my own business. It's also helpful in my overall pursuit of knowledge, and in everyday conversation to know the basics of a balance sheet. I appreciate AccountingCoach’s step-by-step method for learning, as well as being able to reference the material as needed throughout my journey. I have not completed the course yet, but so far I am more aware of how a balance sheet is constructed, and the types of basic transactions used in business.
AccountingCoach assisted me with training my team on the profit and loss statements. It helped me put the 'why' behind the terminology used. I would highly recommend AccountingCoach as a good resource for all levels of users!
I have been preparing tax returns for 9 years. I am also an enrolled agent.. I became a PRO user to refresh my memory of information I gained prior. In the early 1980s, I went to a business school and took two semesters of accounting. Due to my job at the time, I couldn't continue, so when I saw AccountingCoach I thought it would be a good way to refresh my memory. I recently learned QuickBooks, and I am now studying to become a certified QuickBooks Online user. The AccountingCoach materials are easy to understand, and the chapters are not long to the point that they bore you to death reading a ton of pages before you get to do anything. All of the exercises that are included are easy and help you learn the materials. I have been able to help taxpayers who want to start a business with this information. Additionally, taxpayers that already have a business and come in wanting taxes done when they don't keep track of their expenses or income, need help to show them how to keep track of them. I also plan on advertising to do bookkeeping for self-employed individuals.
AccountingCoach provides knowledge and skills in a fun and flexible website. I can study, work puzzles, take quizzes, and so much more anytime. The information reviews what I have learned and fills in the void when I don't quite understand something. AccountingCoach makes what I need to know more interesting and fun. I don't want to do without it.
I'm not currently working, but when I subscribed to your site, I was working as a bookkeeper, and while I understood the basics, I really wanted to understand what my accountant was looking for on a day-to-day basis. At the end of our fiscal year, and with the help of your site, this was easily accomplished. I no longer felt like my accountant was speaking another language and could easily understand the vocabulary he used with regards to the balance sheet and what belonged where. I've always loved accounting, and when I found your site, I found the clear explanations along with the prepared quizzes to test my knowledge extremely useful. I've learned a lot from your site and it's my go to when I have an accounting question. I'm also happy to recommend it to others as an informative, user-friendly, easy-to-understand resource.
I currently work as an accounting assistant for a municipality. I became a PRO user before I decided to make a career change in my 30s, and go back to school for accounting. I like how the material progresses, and there are chances to test your knowledge as you progress through it. I worked through some of the material before I started taking accounting classes, and I believe that this really helped me do well once I started taking the college courses. I have gone back to AccountingCoach throughout my time in college to help me understand concepts that I struggled with.
I love, and indeed relish the chance to speak about Harold Averkamp and his team have been instrumental in helping me to understand somewhat complex accounting functions. Although I had taken numerous accounting courses in college and was proficient, has helped me to understand additional accounting duties. I have completed nearly all of the training modules in both test and Q/A format. I have become a certified bookkeeper because of his superb online platform. This platform is the best one out there! Without it, I would not be where I am today.
I'm 55 and I am a Business Administrator with an MBA. But when I accepted this job I knew that I had to go back to the university to study Bookkeeping to have a better development on it. AccountingCoach made the difference and is a great consultation tool to go back in track and solve accounting situations exposed by the Controller (my boss) to me. I never admit that I don't know something without researching the topic first, and AccountingCoach helps me a lot!
I am currently working as a bookkeeper at a renowned law firm. I completed my graduation in Computer Information Systems. I then started my business in India, and after running it for 5 years, I realised how important accounting is for running a business, so I started looking for online courses. By God’s grace, I stumbled upon AccountingCoach. I first used the free version, and I felt I gained so much. I slowly realised that if I could use the resources provided with a PRO account, it would speed up the process. This is when I joined the PRO service, and trust me, it has increased my understanding of accounting exponentially through the tools provided. Flashcards are my favourite tools. I moved to the USA a year ago and got a job as Bookkeeper, mostly thanks to AccountingCoach. I am planning on getting certificates from PRO Plus, which will increase my credibility in the accounting world. THANK YOU, AccountingCoach.
I have been a volunteer treasurer for a not-for-profit charity for several years. Since I'm not an accountant and have not taken any accounting courses, I've found AccountingCoach extremely useful, and essential, for understanding and learning the terminology and transactions used by our accounting software and auditors. I have found the site to be very well laid out, well organized, and easy to understand and to find the information that I need.
I am currently a DSP (Direct Support Professional). I became a PRO user because I was looking for knowledge and certificates to help me start a bookkeeper or accountant career. What I like about the material is the simplicity and the easy way Mr. Averkamp presents different accounting concepts. I truly benefited from the different material on AccountingCoach, and I was able to complete 5 certificates out of the 10. I will go back to it and complete the 5 remaining. Thank you very much for this useful tool to learn about accounting, and thank you in advance for upgrading my account.
I'm a software engineer working on an accounting software that automates revenue recognition. I often need to understand how a particular accounting concept works then get it implemented in code. I don't quite remember how I became a PRO user. Maybe I wanted to access the questions to test my understanding. I also found that this might be the most easy-to-understand but also informative accounting tutorials on the internet. It helped me successfully ramp up in my role and be able to talk to accountants. I haven't finished all the materials yet; I often just log in, search for a specific concept and digest it. It's been pretty useful so far, and I appreciate the resources!
Whenever I have a question on an accounting issue, I know I can refer to AccountingCoach to help me sort it out and/or guide me in the right direction to getting my answer. I have found it to be an invaluable resource and tool in my work.
I have more than 34 years of teaching Accounting and Finance. Still I find your materials simple, lucid with clarity and covers all the related links and concepts. I am getting your newsletter regularly and using your resources for my students. My students too join me in appreciating your untiring efforts in providing this service. Hats off.
I am a senior accountant with over 15 years of experience. I became a PRO user because it wasn't always necessary to stay fresh with our accounting knowledge, and AccountingCoach has all the necessary training to feel confident regarding my accounting skills. What I like about the material is all the opportunities to test myself and to go over the lessons over and over again. The material is very extensive and well organized, and the information is really helpful. The greatest benefit is that every time I apply to a new job, I study this material, and I always get the job. AccountingCoach has been a great part of my professional career success.
I work as an accountant/financial analyst, focusing on tax equity/back leverage in the energy/carbon offset industry handling complex financial models/splits and environmental emissions. I went for PRO since there are not that many decent online accounting textbooks, and AccountingCoach presents the material in an easy-to-digest fashion. I like how easy the material is to read through and comprehend. You provide feedback with the quizzes and vocab sections, while also keeping up with the industry standard terms in accounting (there is a lot of different jargon per sector, so it helps to know each specific niche). The materials have helped me pass my accounting tests for my degree, and helped in preparing for my CPA exam. The content is right on point for what I needed.
I have worked as a CFO/controller in the construction industry for 18 years now. I became a PRO user to be able to refresh my skills and use the site as reference for things I have learned and forgotten. AccountingCoach is written in a way that simply explains complex subjects, especially ones I don't use often. I would recommend these materials to any accounting student or professional, as a resource to keep current and answer the odd question on a subject where you need a refresher.
I currently work in financial accounting as a software architect, where I used all the concepts taught in AccountingCoach, which nailed the basics very well. The PRO membership offers the accounting content in a systematic, logical, step-by-step approach, with a quiz at the end of each chapter that enables us to validate the concepts we learn. I like the categorization of the entire content into 3 classes: ‘Bookkeeping’, ‘Financial’, and ‘Managerial’. I enjoy the excellent, practical approach to learning accounting concepts, which enables me to apply this knowledge in real-world financial accounting applications and bridge the gaps in what I learnt in college. There are simple and clear explanations of all the accounting concepts, with practical solutions of all day-to-day accounting functions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, assets, and GL. I appreciate the value I received for my money. PRO offered me the best way to enhance my career, with a request that users have to be completely focused to learn all the concepts. My career has progressed tremendously as I learnt all the modules of ERP software using the PRO membership. I am planning to be a teacher, and will use the website as a potential tool that all students can use if they are interested. Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch—the two best stock market gurus—have said that accounting is the ‘Language of Business’. If one learns all the concepts with the website, then we can certainly be strong in accounting fundamentals, which is more than enough to have a successful career and make good returns as an investor. Thank you, Professor, for creating such a great website. I will be your lifetime member and will recommend it to all my friends and relatives, as your website can immensely benefit all aspiring accounting professionals, and I hope your team can promote it to various corporations and community colleges so that they can become members.
Going to college to learn accounting isn't an option for me. I'm a single mother of three. I am a self-taught bookkeeper thanks to AccountingCoach. I do taxes for businesses. One of the businesses I do bookkeeping & accounting for was recently audited. Thanks to AccountingCoach PRO, I showed the state auditor a thing or two. I have been complimented on my business practices by several people. I have had business owners tell me that bookkeepers/accountants do not comprehend or understand accounting concepts, which they went to college for years to learn, as well as I do. AccountingCoach PRO has made it possible for me to further my career, making a higher income. I have to turn clients away, because I simply do not have the time to assist them. Thank you AccountingCoach!
Accounting is not my strong suit. The AccountingCoach is the best source I know of that can walk me through the basics in a way that gives me confidence. It's always available 24/7. Can't say enough good things about it. Highly recommend it.
I have been working for a property management company for 15 years. I started at the property level and worked my way up to the corporate office. In May of 2023, I applied for an accounting position, even though I have no education or background in accounting. Due to my hard work and long standing with the company, they decided to give me a chance. It was my supervisor who suggested I try AccountingCoach to get a basic background in the duties I would be performing. I opted to purchase the PRO plan so I could download materials for future reference, and to take notes as I progressed. The materials are easy to understand and often contain examples to better illustrate the lesson. Although I have not yet completed all the courses (I'm taking my time to better retain the information), the material I have learned so far has made it much easier to understand what I am being taught by the senior accounts. In some cases, I have even been able to figure out how to complete tasks without training by my supervisor thanks to the lessons in AccountingCoach. I even have some of the charts hanging in my cube to serve as reminders when I get confused. All in all, I have been extremely happy with the layout of the courses and the information they have provided, which has made me much more successful in my new position.
I am a product specialist at a beverage industry-trade publication. I also run a small media company as a side business. I became a PRO user in order to better understand my company’s bookkeeping, plan for future growth, and help us make spending decisions. Now that I understand the fundamentals of accounting, I feel a new level of control and power when I create and analyze reports in QuickBooks. The learning resources are well written, well organized, and easy to understand. I can also solidify my knowledge with quizzes.
Currently, I'm a staff accountant at a national not-for-profit organization. I found this site after college, and I've been using AccountingCoach for years now. My reasoning to join the PRO membership was to make sure that I kept my basic and advanced accounting skills sharp. I also joined the site because of the affordable one-time payment for the lifetime membership option. The materials are simple to go through, with the benefit of having explanations for the more advanced concepts with great insight and in great detail. The step-by-step layout from one lesson to another makes it easier to learn each topic within either the bookkeeping, financial, and managerial sections. I've definitely benefited from making sure my skills are up to date, and as sharp as possible.
I am delighted to share my experience as a user of AccountingCoach. As an accountant in healthcare with a diverse background in mathematics, software engineering, dietetics, and also healthcare, I found AccountingCoach to be an invaluable resource. The materials are expertly crafted, breaking down complex accounting concepts into easily-understandable terms. The repetition of key concepts and engaging crossword puzzles not only made learning enjoyable but significantly enhanced my retention. This platform has empowered me to communicate confidently with colleagues and leaders, bridging the gap between my non-accounting background and the intricacies of my current role. AccountingCoach is truly a game-changer for professionals seeking to upskill without the need for extensive formal education.
AccountingCoach PRO is Amazing! I work in the logistics and freight industry, but I do not have an accounting role. I became interested in learning accounting when I started a side hustle and needed to use an online bookkeeping app. I had never taken an accounting class in school, so I needed to learn bookkeeping at my own pace and from the comfort of my home. I am thankful that I found AccountingCoach PRO through an internet search. It has taught me all the basics of accounting, and more! The content is easy to follow, interesting, and thorough. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn accounting in a logical and effective way. I now feel confident in my knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping! Thank you, AccountingCoach PRO!
It doesn't matter what your role is in your business, if you don't have a fundamental knowledge of accounting principles, you are at risk for maintaining and growing your business. Yes you can hire someone and hand a big box of financial information to an accountant. But at the end of the day, knowing how it all works fundamentally, gives you the confidence to make good business decisions. AccountingCoach PRO has helped me and my staff do just that.
I am the owner of a bookkeeping and tax business, with a degree in accounting. I became aware of AccountingCoach many years ago, and very quickly joined as a PRO user. Whether you already have an accounting background with experience or none at all, AccountingCoach is the go-to resource to learn new skills or refresh your current knowledge. AccountingCoach is comprehensive, yet easy to follow and engaging. AccountingCoach has helped me keep up to date in an ever-changing industry.
I've been a PRO user for a couple of years now. I had started a small business when I found this course to help me with my money management, as I had tried learning accounting before with small courses but couldn't absorb the information. I gained a great understanding of the terms of the business world, functions of finance, and of how to read financial documents. The finance world is so complex, that even just knowing what's going on can give you a seat at the table. I love math, but I'm not good with legalities, so this course was definitely a great find. It is so immersive, but doesn't feel like reading from a textbook. I really enjoy the crosswords and quizzes because they make it more interactive and fun. Although my small business only lasted a couple of years, I plan on starting a different one soon, and I'm going to go over this course again and really absorb as much as I can so I can apply it moving forward.
After having a career as a banker in India for about 17 years, I started my own business. Being on a new venture, I did not want to employ a bookkeeper or an accountant, so I searched the net for various accounting and bookkeeping courses. I was lucky to have enrolled in the AccountingCoach Basic course. The explanations and course materials were so good and easy to understand that I could grasp the concepts within a few months. I then upgraded to the PRO course and have been enjoying it the same. I strongly recommend that all novice, aspiring, and existing bookkeepers and accountants enroll in the program to stay abreast of the latest in the accounting world.
I cannot express the level of education that AccountingCoach provides. After owning my own accounting firm for 10 years, I still need to review the basic and complicated accounting principles. I visit AccountingCoach website every month and every time I learn something new. I would strongly suggest this site, I wish this site was known to me when I was a student.
AccountingCoach has been a valuable resource to me for over 10 years. I am a small-business owner that became a PRO user when I needed reliable information that was not an Intuit forum. AccountingCoach is a resource that equipped me with the skills and knowledge to make informed accounting decisions for myself without being dependent on expensive third-party counsel or another ‘Alice in Wonderland’ internet rabbit hole. The more you know, the more power you have, and AccountingCoach delivers! The lessons are simple and designed to give you a strong foundation for financial understanding!
I currently have my own business and am also a bookkeeper for small businesses in my local area. I became a PRO user because it was an economical way to stay up to date and learn new accounting practices. I like that AccountingCoach’s materials are very thorough and easy to work through. Being very mathematically minded, I appreciate the organized flow of information. I have benefited by being able to better serve my clients using the information I have acquired. Thank you for doing what you do, and for continuing to improve upon it!
AccountingCoach has constantly been there for all my accounting needs. Not only have I used it in my job, but also in my personal life. It has saved me hundreds of headaches. When I first stumbled across the course online, I had just started a new job after looking for around 8 months. The information seemed solid and expertly explained. Because of AccountingCoach, I was able to help the owner and became a partner with the startup that had hired me. The startup didn't work out, but I handled all the finances and books for the startup as we learned our way through the tech world. Without AccountingCoach, I would not have been able to keep up with it, and we certainly didn't have the funds to hire someone to do it. All our books, our taxes, and even my personal taxes, have been done greatly and without any IRS hiccups. The material is easy to understand; it's meaty when it needs to be, and simple when it needs simplicity. Now that our startup has stopped due to our personal lives, I am working at a hotel abroad. Once again, I am coming back to AccountingCoach. I really cannot stress enough how good this course is and how much it has helped me.
Over the last ten years I have somehow managed to fake my way through many business courses. Unfortunately, the one area that I never really understood was the accounting aspect. Your course lifted the cloud that has kept me from having the confidence that I needed to succeed. Thank you—you are a tremendous teacher who is making a difference in so many people's lives.
AccountingCoach have helped me a lot with my work as a manager. It has given me confidence in reading and looking at spreadsheets and budgets as well as giving me the tools to interpret our financial status and forecast future expectations at my work. A great idea to have it readily available for all of us managers and professionals that need to brush up on their accounting knowledge or learn to enhance their professional standings and job status. Thank you for the videos and cheat sheets, as I appreciate a great effort on your part to all of us that need to learn and revise their accounting and finance information and knowledge.
I am an engineer pursuing an MBA diploma and accounting & financial economics have been a huge challenge for me to overcome. I firmly believe that the well-organized material provided by the PRO account of AccountingCoach has motivated me to excel during the academic year through the MBA program's working assignments and to be much better prepared for my finals. I never regret investing in this online self-study website and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solid approach in accounting.
I am very pleased to recommend AccountingCoach. I did my accounting career online while looking after my family and attending a part-time job. During the seven years it took me to complete my degree, AccountingCoach was one of the best resources I found. Now, I have my own practice and I continue to resort to AccountingCoach for myself and staff. It is a great resource!
As an enrolled agent, as well as a senior staff accountant, I've found tremendous value in becoming a PRO user of AccountingCoach. The platform's diverse resources have significantly enhanced my skills and knowledge, covering everything from basic concepts to advanced topics. This wealth of information has empowered me to better serve my clientele. I appreciate the comprehensive and practical approach, making it an indispensable tool for any accounting professional seeking continuous improvement. I wholeheartedly endorse AccountingCoach for all accounting students and professionals. Don't miss out—it's a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their expertise in accounting.
This site is very helpful especially to beginners like me. I'm a grad student but this is the first time I have ever come close to understanding accounting. It's like winning a lottery. I cannot believe that this is free!! Thanks a lot, thanks a lot for sharing.
As a high school business teacher for the past several years, I have been searching for quality resources to help my students acquire the basic accounting skills they'll need to be successful in a career in business. When I found AccountingCoach, I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for. My students find the lesson breakdown and supporting materials extremely helpful and I am able to reinforce skills in class with them. We have grately benefited from AccountingCoach and I would highly recommend it to other business education teachers.
I am preparing for a Financial Planning and Analysis certification. I graduated from college with a BA in Business Administration back in 2000. The FP&A certification has two parts (two different exams). For the first part of the exam, I did use the AccountingCoach website to refresh some knowledge. And I did pass the test. Thank you for such a great website with a great price that makes the knowledge very accessible to anyone that wants to learn or refresh concepts.
I live in Canada & I have been using AccountingCoach as a reference for a number of years now. It is a wonderful tool & is my go-to whenever I have questions that need answers. Quite a bit of AccountingCoach can be applied to our Canadian Accounting Laws & I've been in the financial industry for over 30 years. I would recommend this informative site to any students or someone like myself who has been in this industry for as long as I have.
I'm semi-retired today, but still do some independent work involving accounting. I still consult AccountingCoach PRO from time to time. I've been a PRO user for years now. I became a PRO user because I found the content to be a great reference resource to consult when I couldn't fully remember a topic, or needed to learn about a topic of which I had no prior knowledge or recollection; or when I just wanted to brush up and be sure I understood up-to-date concepts and practices. I continue to use PRO because the website is easy to use and lets me zero in on the content I want. PRO is an important part of my toolkit as an independent consultant. I've previously worked in construction, telecommunications, software engineering, and manufacturing. I always found relevant and necessary material that I could count on to be timely and accurate. PRO always gave me a jumpstart when I needed to dig further into a topic.
I'm a women's recovery coach for women healing from sexual betrayal. I chose AccountingCoach PRO to sharpen my accounting skills. I'm the bookkeeper for my husband's private practice as a licensed counsellor, as well as for my own coaching practice. I've done all the bookkeeping for any business endeavors we've had, and have been preparing our taxes for 34 plus years, including some corporate tax forms. I appreciate the layout of the course, the order of each section, and the corresponding lessons. Navigating the sections and lessons is quick and easy. Word searches and scrambles, flashcards, crossword puzzles, and more all aid with memorizing the terms. It's comparable to having hands-on interaction with the glossary instead of straight reading and memorizing. Before I became a PRO user, I filled out the contact form, asking if I would benefit from the course since I'm in Canada. I received a quick response and decided to become a member. The course is much more thorough than I expected. AccountingCoach PRO has increased my confidence in my bookkeeping. I now understand our bookkeeping needs better. It also saves time and money when I access professional accounting services, because I can ask specific questions and use the same language they do. I enjoy the clearer comprehension of the answers. Thank you, AccountingCoach!
I am extremely grateful to have ‘discovered’ AccountingCoach several years ago—I want to say, 5 years? I had searched online for accessible and affordable opportunities to study bookkeeping and accounting. AccountingCoach popped up, and upon looking thoroughly at the website, I signed up then and there. I am completely satisfied with my learning through this resource. I feel the program provides extremely tangible support to me in my specific jobs, and more generally in this profession. I am currently the sole bookkeeper for a radio station in New Mexico. In the 5 months I've been in the role, I have at times been challenged due to the fact that I hadn't worked much during the pandemic and my accounting skills were set aside for several years. Previously, I have worked in several different industries and have at times done bookkeeping as a contractor. I have needed support from experts from time to time and in certain areas of learning. I successfully completed my study in computer accounting, which focused on GAAP principles and the Peachtree Sage software. I have mostly utilized QuickBooks Desktop. There is much to be happy with learning through AccountingCoach. The materials are excellent—providing vital content in easily-understandable formats. I have taken advantage of video lessons—equally excellent. I appreciate the option to take tests and earn certificates, which provides a fun reinforcement of my learning. I want to emphasize how important it is to be able to access expertise and knowledge at whatever professional juncture one is at. Whether a bookkeeper or an accountant—just starting out, or having worked one's field for years—AccountingCoach offers solid, results-driven learning for all in the full range of circumstances. I would be happy to speak to anyone who is considering embarking on this course of study. I wholeheartedly trust and value AccountingCoach.
I have been in accounting for 35 years, always with the company I was working for. I recently took a job with a CPA firm and was a little worried about the broad exposure to many different sets of books and situations. I knew about AccountingCoach through the free trial, so I signed up for a membership and started going through the modules. With the content and quizzes, I was able to brush up on some concepts and learn a few new ones in a matter of 2 weeks. It was easy, straightforward, and has really boosted my confidence for my new job. I would highly recommend the site to anyone with or without an accounting degree.
I have been out of college for many years. After spending 20 years working for the same company, I found myself on the job market again due to office consolidation. I had been in the same position for 15 years, and had lost a lot of my academic skills. I had to find a way to brush up on my skills, and was lucky enough to find AccountingCoach. They have helped me tremendously! They are user friendly yet challenging, and a great resource. I highly recommend them!
I am currently a senior financial analyst. I've obtained the following degrees and certifications: MBA in public administration concentration in forensic accounting, M.S in accounting,, and Local Finance Officer level I and level II. I joined AccountingCoach to assist me with any accounting questions or processes, and to guide me in all my years of employment. I also use AccountingCoach as continuing education to reinforce my accounting knowledge and to continue to test my skills to ensure I am continuing to complete journal entries correctly. The price is amazing for all the knowledge AccountingCoach provides. I tell everyone in accounting about AccountingCoach. One of the most amazing things about this membership is that you can move back and forth between topics. It is also self-paced. AccountingCoach makes accounting make sense, and the cost of the help is affordable.
I currently work as a director in revenue accounting. I became a PRO user to help me brush up on my accounting skills and allow me to go back and review select materials when I needed to research different accounting treatments. I found the site very easy to use, and I liked the fact that I could find the area that I wanted to review quickly and easily. The materials are very easy to understand and the site is very user friendly. I was a finance major in college, and this site allowed me to gain the understanding I needed to effectively understand and speak the accounting language and allow me to further my career without having to go back to school to learn and understand accounting. The materials have taught me all of the major categories in accounting. They are always my go-to resource when I need to brush up on a certain area of accounting.
I currently hold a management position in a European company that operates in the defense industry around the world. I became a PRO user in order to gain more in-depth knowledge of accounting during my postgraduate studies at university, and also because I needed to be familiar with such issues within the company and understand finance. I found your materials to be very well written and understandable, compared to other sources I found on the Internet. I gained a lot of knowledge on accounting topics, from basic to more complex, that I was able to apply in business and be familiar with the language, as well as follow our company's CFO in discussions.
I have been a financial analyst for many years. I was looking for an affordable online resource to improve my accounting skills, and found AccountingCoach to be the most comprehensive resource for the most reasonable price. The courses have helped me in many areas, but mostly to refresh my memory in things I already knew but didn’t use that often, to learn new things that I don’t typically come across in my daily duties, and to find solutions to specific issues that I come across at work. AccountingCoach has given me more tools to solve issues at work, which has definitely made me more productive.
AccountingCoach is my go-to resource whenever I encounter something new in bookkeeping. After a career in a totally different field, I took several bookkeeping courses, and then opened my own bookkeeping firm a few years ago. There are still always new things for me to learn, and AccountingCoach explains them in a way that's easy to understand. AccountingCoach makes it easy to find what you are looking for, which allows me to know exactly what to do for my clients. I became a PRO user in order to have access to the PDF version of the materials. I printed them out to read, which I prefer over reading them off a screen.
Thank you AccountingCoach! As an auditor, I frequently encounter government and private financial transactions that I vaguely remember from my college years. The information and ease of finding the right accounting procedures to those instances has been an enormous help to me in my job. This has definitely been a good decision to be a member.
We used the video training part of the AccountingCoach as a tool for our Finance Department. We have two relatively entry level employees who have no formal accounting training. We are in a remote location so going to training is difficult for us. We were able to use the projector and all 4 of us sat through the sessions together, pausing when a question came up or an opportunity to relate the lesson to what was happening at their particular desk. We used some of the printed resources for further help in making certain the content was understood. Love the crossword section as it puts an element of fun into learning. We look forwards to seeing what the new website brings!
I am so impressed with the quality of information you give for what I see as Free. Thank you so much... Your course has lifted my spirits..Recently laid off & not interested in going back to school at 52.
I used your site to study to become a Certified Professional Bookkeeper. I had been doing bookkeeping but not in all areas, so your website was a refresher course before I took my exam (and passed with an A). Still look up stuff when I doubt myself!
I own a financial planning firm which also offers part-time CFO services for my business owner clients. While I have an MBA in finance from a leading university, I find it helpful to brush up on accounting topics and issues through AccountingCoach. I have been a PRO Plus member of AccountingCoach for 8+ years and have found that it has consistently served to deepen and broaden my level of understanding of accounting.
AccountingCoach has surpassed my expectations, offering a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. The well-curated content, ranging from fundamentals to advanced topics, is presented in an accessible manner suitable for all levels. Interactive elements like real-world case studies and quizzes have strengthened my grasp on complex concepts, and the user-friendly interface and flexible modules made it easy to navigate. I highly recommend AccountingCoach for its transformative approach to accounting education, providing practical skills and knowledge essential for success in the field.
As a new-to-accounting secretary of a small nonprofit organization, I needed help to do the job I am responsible for. AccountingCoach was my chosen method of educating myself with the basics (and more) to help gain confidence and understanding in my role. I found the materials clear to comprehend, and found that they built upon each lesson in a way that supported my grasp of accounting methods and terms. I enjoyed the bit of fun in the tests, and looked forward to completing each milestone. From the start of my ‘training’ and until this day, I review the materials when I'm not sure of a certain term or procedure that arises. I expect to return to more lessons to expand what I have learned, and stay on top of my learning. AccountingCoach is just what I needed!
I am a CPA working in tax for a public accounting firm. I initially became a PRO user when first entering the accounting field. Many years had passed since completing my degree, so I was rusty on the basics. I was looking for a trusted and thorough source for accounting principles, and found that and so much more in AccountingCoach. The material gave me the in-depth review and the confidence I needed to jump right into bookkeeping work. In my current role, I use AccountingCoach as a reference to check myself on principles, financial-statement preparation, and journal entries. I’m grateful for this comprehensive and valuable site. What an asset!
I completed my BCom Economics and Financial Management degree at the end of 2014 via distance learning. I can't thank you enough for the countless times in which AccountingCoach was my 'go-to' when the given tutorials just didn't help me. I passed all my finals with flying colours and received my degree in March 2015. (Age 61!) Thank you!
Thanks a ton!!! I had stopped working for a couple of years. While re-entering the job world this is the website that helped bring back my confidence about accounting knowledge. The exams helped me to gauge my level. Words can't describe the magnitude of difference this website has brought in my life.
I am a recent entrepreneur with my own consulting company as of 2023, and I am also pursuing entrepreneurship through acquisition opportunities. The knowledge from the PRO tool has been very beneficial in building my confidence to attempt these endeavors. I initially became a PRO user while completing my MBA. Accounting was a completely new language for me to navigate. This tool helped me to quickly get the lay of the land, and even enabled me to take on a controller role in my previous company. I recommend this tool to fellow MBA students, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.
I am a nonprofit CFO, and I became a PRO user early in my career and while attending university. AccountingCoach is a great value to practitioners, and AccountingCoach PRO is totally worth it. I use the service to stay current on topics, and to research when I am confronted with a new issue. Additionally, the topic explanations and quizzes help to reinforce the lessons; in the past, I used them to prepare me for professional certifications. I have been a PRO member for seven years now. The program has allowed me to advance professionally, and is still a useful service to me!
I am a sesoned CPA, however, every now and then I use your website for either simple or more complex matters. Either way, I find the information on the website clearly presented, and most importantly it is easy to understand for all areas of accounting. This is the website I use to refer any people that need help with undertsanding how accounting is done, starting from debits and credits all the way to more complex accounting matters. Thank you.
No doubt AccountingCoach PRO is excellent and remarkable. All the materials are to the point and easy to understand. It helps me a lot to understand accounting and now I feel confidence after getting knowledge from AccountingCoach Pro. I appreciate the services of Mr. Averkamp who is sharing his knowledge of accounting through this site just free of cost and I have good wishes for Mr. Averkamp for his endeavors. Once again thanks to AccountingCoach PRO.
Thank you so much for making this world a little bit better - lots of people (including me) use the information provided by your website to get some practical knowledge that gives them a chance to get a job and makes them stronger and more competitive as professionals. Personally, I'm an experienced accounting professional, but my experience was formed in an jurisdiction other than the USA and based on the respective accounting system - so AccountingCoach helps me to adapt my knowledge to the local USA standards while I can't afford myself an expensive college course. I think I'll follow your project further (as I'm really attached to it) and consider acquiring other products produced by your team. Thank you.
I currently work as the bookkeeper and administrative specialist for a small environmental nonprofit. My background is actually in interior design, and I previously worked at a small architecture firm for many years, but I always did the bookkeeping there as well. I really enjoy this kind of work and I was excited when I had the opportunity to make a career switch. Since my background is not in accounting or bookkeeping, I had a lot to learn when I started working at a nonprofit. And, of course, nonprofit accounting has its own unique rules and requirements. I decided to become a PRO user so I could quickly get up to speed and continue to learn as new things came up at work. I love that the materials are so easy to use and understand. I can quickly find whatever topic I need to learn more about, and it's helpful that the website tracks my progress. The quizzes and activities are a great feature too and have helped me to retain what I've learned. I feel like AccountingCoach PRO has really enabled me to make bookkeeping my career focus and to continue to become better and better at what I do. Thank you so much!
Currently, I have taken a job in the Internal Audit department of a county in Texas. Before that, I was a staff accountant at a mental health facility. I became a PRO member years ago so that I could learn key accounting skills at my own pace. Even though I have a degree in accounting, learning through school allows for some key concepts to be missed. With a PRO account, I can go over all of those concepts at a pace that is more conducive to my retention of the information. The materials are clear and concise, yet in depth. The quizzes, crosswords, and word scrambles are my favorite parts of the experience, to be honest. Being able to test yourself in a variety of ways is fantastic. The materials are what helped me to progress in my career at this point, and I will forever be grateful for that.
On more than one occasion, I've been able to refer to your website to quickly locate answers to unforeseen questions by my owners; saved my backside. More than that, I've gone out to your site to obtain explanations for non-accounting people - your definitions are succinct and reliable.
Just wanted to let you know that this website is the best, especially because it is free. I have searched many websites and believe that AccountingCoach offers the most comprehensive learning material for this area. The information provided is thorough yet concise, and the content organisation makes it easy to access what is needed. Please don't change - your website is much used and appreciated!
I am an entrepreneur and business educator. I have been educating and preparing students to sit accounting exams for over ten years. I became a PRO user because it assisted me in creating content that is easy to understand for my accounting students. It also acts as a reference tool to assist them in exam preparation. The materials are an awesome resource tool for creating assessments. My students and I have benefited tremendously from the materials and the easy understanding of the content. They will continue to be part of our accounting arsenal.
Now retired, I have used AccountingCoach in many ways for over 10 years. As a practically self-taught bookkeeping and accounting person, I've relied on AccountingCoach to help me learn and use the various concepts and tools needed to keep accurate financial records. Since a good part of my work life included keeping track of financial transactions, I relied on AccountingCoach to help me through not just the basics, but also to understand the underlying concepts such as FIFO, LIFO, cost accounting, cash flow, and the like. While there are many books out there about finance and bookkeeping, for me, AccountingCoach has been the one to turn to when I needed solid, accurate, and straightforward explanations and answers to the questions I had. While I don't recall how I first came upon AccountingCoach, I'm glad I did and am happy to see an improved version. I'm sure it will make things even better for those of us who rely on it.
I got my associate’s degree in accounting, as well as my bachelor's degree. My current job position is Accountant II at an organization that I have been with for over ten years, where I do a little bit of everything accounting-wise. I became a PRO user to supplement my professor's lectures and book-reading assignments while I was going through college. This leads into why I like being a PRO user. The subject matter is much easier to understand than that of my professor and the accounting books. I get to benefit from PRO to this day by looking up subjects that I need to refresh on. For example, I recently started to do bank reconciliations here at work and needed a brush-up, and I found it through the PRO membership.
I was paralyzed by overwhelm, impacting not only my work efficiency but also my self-esteem. That's when I stumbled upon AccountingCoach, LLC, a beacon of hope in the midst of my accounting anxieties. Upgrading to PRO was a no-brainer. The exclusive access to advanced courses, personalized coaching from the legendary Harold Averkamp himself, and a vibrant learning community felt like the life raft I desperately needed. Since then, I've been blown away by the quality of the resources. Harold Averkamp's masterclasses—no more jargon-filled lectures! Mr. Averkamp's clear explanations and decades of experience make even the most daunting concepts approachable and engaging. His real-world examples and visual aids make everything click. Practice makes perfect—forget dry textbook problems. AccountingCoach goes all-in on practical exercises, giving me the chance to apply my knowledge to real-life scenarios through immersive simulations and software training. Thanks to AccountingCoach, my transformation has been incredible. I've confidently tackled complex accounting tasks, impressing my boss and securing a much-desired promotion. I've navigated intricate tax calculations with ease, earning the trust of my clients and boosting my professional credibility. I've aced my accounting certification exams, proving to myself that I'm no longer just a number-crunching novice, but a budding accounting guru! Words can't express my gratitude for AccountingCoach, LLC. It's not just a learning platform; it's a confidence booster, a career accelerator, and an invaluable resource for anyone looking to conquer the world of accounting. So, if you're ready to ditch the accounting anxiety and unlock your full potential, join the PRO family! You won't regret it.
I must confess that AccountingCoach has played an important role in my life. I was exploring the Internet for something like this and I was surprised when I found the AccountingCoach website. I love the quizzes and crossword puzzles. Some people think that accounting is a boring subject. AccountingCoach made it very interesting. It's like playing a game. I'm a bookkeeper and love to play with numbers. Therefore, I recommend this website for all those who love to play with numbers. As a matter of fact the AccountingCoach inspired me to get admission in a university and pursue my bachelor degree in accounting. You guys rock.
AccountingCoach is an amazing self-teaching tool for those first starting out and also for those that need the refresher course. It is written in a very engaging style that motivates you to read and continue to learn. It is very easy to understand, and breaks down a complicated subject matter into a progressive 'simple to learn and achieve success' system. I am enjoying AccountingCoach so much. I chose to be a member for life. Adding AccountingCoach to my toolbox has been one of the best investments I've made.
In starting a new non-profit, I have used AccountingCoach many times to confirm accounting processes as well as having my fiscal staff use the website for learning/training opportunities. I recently also referred your website to someone who is currently obtaining their accounting degree, and in some courses, does not have the best college instructor. Once she reviewed some of the information within your website, she was able to understand the accounting she was learning and it helped her greatly through her college courses.
I am from India and I am the CEO of a private limited company in the book publication industry. Accounting is a subject that has scared me the most, since I am from an engineering background. I had tried many different books and online courses, but none could meet my expectations and help me understand the subject in the simplest manner. Then one day, I found AccountingCoach, and for the first time, I could immerse myself into the world of accounting. It was a single place to learn through videos, simple theory, and lots of examples; and the best part was the quizzes and puzzles. Harold's way of explaining difficult accounting concepts is so easy that even a 5-year-old can understand the subject. Subscribing to AccountingCoach has removed my fear of accounting, and I am now more comfortable going through the financial documents of my business, and can make more informed decisions. Finance and accounting are some of the most important functions of any business, which can make or break a company. Hence, it is crucial for business executives to equip themselves with essential accounts and finance knowledge to make better business decisions. I would like to congratulate and thank Harold Averkamp for creating this essential knowledge base, which is of tremendous value to business executives like me.
I love having this PRO Plus resource available. I am an office manager that deals with all of the financial accounting for my company. I have a degree in accounting but there are many times I have logged on to find information that I needed or confirmation of what I thought was correct. The best money I have ever spent and it has saved me a few times. Thanks for making this available and so accessible when it's needed.
I am currently working as an accounting analyst at a large investment bank. I became a PRO user to take the full advantage of the awesome materials offered by the website. I actually started using the site when I was in college, but still use it because of the vast course materials, which is not only helpful to learn accounting basics but also to dive deeper into some advanced topics when needed. What I like about the website and the materials is that I am able to learn through the materials at my own pace without any time pressure like many other sites. The site is also very organized in terms of the topics, and most importantly, the option to receive the Certificates of Achievement! I have benefited a lot over the years using the AccountingCoach website, not only using it as reference and refresher website to learn key accounting concepts and materials, but also to learn in an organized manner and self-challenge my concepts by utilizing the Q&A feature, quizzes, and other problems.
I can't exactly recall when did I purchase the life-time PRO membership at AccountingCoach, but it has definitely been over 10 years, and honestly this website is one of my favorite accounting resources whenever I want to refresh my knowledge about an accounting subject, keep the good work guys.
I absolutely love AccountingCoach. I have used it as a 'cheat sheet' for work when I forget the logistics of a concept or even when I must train someone on concepts. It has been a phenomenal tool for business continuity from both the accounting and operations side. Thanks! Keep up the excellency!
I have been a legal English teacher for over 20 years. As my clients specialise in commercial law, they use a wider variety of professional terminology, including financial and accounting terms. I have become a PRO user to expand my knowledge of accounting. I have benefited a lot from the materials on the website. The content is super clear, of high quality, and to the point. Using AccountingCoach, I have gained greater confidence when designing lesson plans and structuring conversations around the accounting and financial topics.
I started a new position in accounting two years ago, handling accounts payable for a non-profit. It is my first accounting position. During our accounting meetings I frequently felt lost, as it seemed the other members of the team were speaking a different language. I wanted to learn the language, so in January 2023, I began working on my second degree; this time, majoring in accounting. My manager, who has been very supportive, recommended AccountingCoach as a learning resource to assist with classes. She said she had used the materials when she worked on her degree. I appreciate the layout of the material. The lessons are straightforward and are presented in small ‘bites’, which are easier for me to absorb as opposed to my textbook. Currently, I am maintaining a ‘B’ average in my classes, and I know I have AccountingCoach to thank for that. I am looking forward to learning cost accounting next semester with the assistance of your wonderful site.
I am a full-time office administrator with a part-time evening position doing bookkeeping for a non-profit organization. I signed up for AccountingCoach PRO many years ago and still go back to it regularly to refresh my knowledge. I find the website easy to navigate and to find the material I am looking for. The material is also presented in an easy-to-understand way. The crosswords and other study strategies they offer to learn the material have been very helpful as well. I will continue to use AccountingCoach for many years to come and appreciate the information it provides.
I am a multi-business owner, who does bookkeeping as well. I have used AccountingCoach PRO for years whenever I have needed a thoughtful deep dive into a topic. I love this site's approach, and the convenience of having all this information and these resources literally at my fingertips when I need to have a good think about how to approach and solve a problem. I will keep using this resource when needed for many years to come. I’m glad it is here!
AccountingCoach is a great platform for those looking to enhance their accounting skills. The site is user friendly, and offers relevant certificates covering a wide range of topics, from basic accounting principles to more advanced concepts. It provides clear explanations and examples, making it easy to understand complex accounting principles. The interactive nature of the site, such as the quizzes and practice questions, help reinforce learning. Overall, AccountingCoach is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to improve their accounting knowledge and skills. I highly recommend it.
I started to manage the business side of my spouse's medical practice at the same time that it transitioned from a sole proprietorship to a corporation. I became a PRO user because I needed to very quickly get up to speed with accounting principles to be able to discuss tax and estate-planning issues, and to understand how the business was actually performing. AccountingCoach materials are clear, concise, and exceptionally well organized. Before AccountingCoach, we had no way of knowing if our business was meeting our long-term financial goals, or what to do if it wasn’t. Now, using proper accounting principles, we are able to manage the business in a professional manner.
I am an accounting specialist for a wholesale company here in Maine. When I first started this position, my boss purchased this course for me to update my knowledge on accounting. I found the course to be easy to learn from and not confusing. I feel I have learned more from this course than through my accounting class in college. I love the fact that I can take tests, and if my score is low I have the ability to start my training over until I can perfect the test, which in turn perfects my skills. I love all the different references it gives me throughout to be able to search even more on a particular subject. And of course, I love the fact that I have access to this information year-round for future reference and to keep myself updated on anything new happening in the accounting world.
I operate a private accounting practice on the big island of Hawaii. I am an enrolled agent, and my practice mostly prepares tax returns for sole proprietors and individuals. I also do bookkeeping in QuickBooks and Wave Software for about a dozen clients with various types of operations. I became a PRO user of AccountingCoach to open up more opportunities to enhance my skills. I love that there are video courses supported by flashcards and crosswords to help with comprehension. I have been able to work with clients with more confidence and knowledge thanks to the enrichment I received from the AccountingCoach courses. Thank you, AccountingCoach!
I am self-employed, a co-owner of a furniture store since 2018. I also have a second small business on my own. Originally, I had absolutely no knowledge about accounting and bookkeeping. I searched the internet for some free information that seemed accurate and comprehensive, and came across AccountingCoach. After using the free version for a while, I was so impressed that I decided to purchase the PRO version. I appreciate the website’s comprehensive nature, dealing in a wide variety of issues. I really appreciate the double-entry method of bookkeeping. The flashcards were also especially helpful for me. Based on what I learned from the materials, I can now keep accurate financial records... and know that they are accurate. My tax accountant really appreciates the fact that I can provide an accurate one-page summary of all the necessary information, as well as provide all the supporting data in an organized manner—it makes her job much easier.
I currently work as a bookkeeper for a large financial technology company. I became a PRO user several years ago when I was studying bookkeeping, and I still use the program today. AccountingCoach was strongly recommended by our teacher, and I was happy to find such an affordable resource for continuous learning. The subscription fee was money well spent. I find the materials at AccountingCoach clear, concise, well organized, and easy to refer to. It works well with the way my brain works! I continue to benefit tremendously from AccountingCoach because the materials are learning friendly and geared towards adult continuous learners. Accounting is a perishable skill. On top of that, there's always something new to learn, or to refresh. AccountingCoach makes critical and difficult concepts approachable. As AccountingCoach evolved over the last few years, I've grown with it, and I look forward to its continued evolution. Thanks for making such a great product!
The PRO membership allows me to provide great explanations to my coworkers who are not versed in accounting without me spending a lot of time finding examples they may understand. I use my membership to review topics that I don't use very often and it has been one of the best investments I've made for my work and it costs less than my Accounting textbook!
I am currently the CFO for a drug store. I became a PRO user over 10 years ago. At that time, my career path took me back into the accounting/finance area, and it had been many years since I had graduated from college. I found your materials to be an excellent ‘refresher’ course on basic accounting concepts, and they helped me get back up to speed on accounting principles. Your materials are very well written, and easy to understand regardless of one's accounting background. Your website is easy to navigate and very well organized, by topic. I encourage anyone who wants to improve their accounting knowledge to make use of your materials. Keep up the good work!
I am a small-business owner, so the flexibility of an online resource like AccountingCoach PRO has been invaluable. The information is structured using video tutorials, practical quizzes, and real-world examples that allow for easy comprehension without becoming overwhelming, and have deepened my understanding immensely. The website has boosted my confidence in managing not only my business but also personal finances, and I believe that it's a worthwhile investment for anyone interested in advancing their financial literacy.
Fresh out of high school, I began working at my family's company (ran by my father), which has been in business for 40+ years. Through the years, I've grown from having basic administrative/receptionist duties to now being the bookkeeper for the company. Everything I have learned about accounting has been through experience and cross-training. Since we are a family business, we had employees in our accounting team that have been with us for 20+ years, and who taught me everything I know! As the years went by, our older staff have retired, handing down the bookkeeping responsibilities to me. I became a PRO user because I wanted to further my knowledge to make sure I fill their shoes with grace, as well as keep the accounting department of my family's business running better than ever! I love everything about the material. I have never come across a website that has such detailed and easy-to-learn courses. Everything on the site is explained so well, making learning not only easy, but fun! The examples used in the courses, the amazing videos, the tests, and the crossword puzzles—everything on this site makes learning so much fun and easy to track. The material on this site has saved me so many headaches! Just when I think I am in a rut, I know I can always depend on AccountingCoach to have the perfect examples and material to walk me through all my accounting needs. I cannot thank Harold enough for creating this site and helping young bookkeepers like me through the intimidating world of accounting!
I joined AccountingCoach years ago, and this website has helped me so much. I am so grateful. I work as a financial analyst, and although it is not in accounting, this platform has helped me better understand the basics needed to improve my overall job performance. I have benefitted from the materials tremendously. I just wish I would have discovered this website much sooner, but I am so glad it exists for anyone who would like to understand the accounting cycle, read and interpret financial statements, and review the financial health of any organization. Becoming a PRO user meant having the ability to expand my knowledge even further. I am able to earn multiple certificates and help any of my colleagues who need assistance or to better understand the overall accounting cycle. The website and the materials offered have made me more confident, and as a result, I am able to understand what the accounting executives say during town halls when summarizing the financial status of the company. I am forever grateful, and have recommended AccountingCoach to my family and friends. Thank you so very much.
My investment in AccountingCoach has been well used. I like being able to take the online classes and practice, so that I can rewind and look at them until I understand a concept. When I run into problems with something on my accounting software, I like to understand why, and AccountingCoach is the best resource I've found to actually explain the why. I look forward to your new site.
Personally, AccountingCoach is my proxy when I cannot reach for any of my accounting literature. As a Technology/Finance person, understanding accounting within the context of structuring analysis and ROI has been the underpinning of my success. AccountingCoach made it clearer or easy to understand how my technologies spend affects all of the financial statements (Balance Sheet/Income Statement/Statement of Cash Flow) with correlations. It has made it easier to connect to my accounting colleagues - I now understand some of their lingo (depreciation/amortization/accruals, etc.) and how it applies. Of course, it is a continuous learning theme - with AccountingCoach, it is much easier learning curve. Thank you very much for your due diligence and work! And yes, I purchased your lifetime membership!
I recently upgraded to PRO mostly as a thank you for the years I have used It has helped me more than the years of accounting courses I have taken. I like how AccountingCoach simplifies and explains every detail about the confusing accounting world. I work with a team of auditors who I have introduced to AccountingCoach. We often have to write exams and find AccountingCoach the best resource to keep current. I am located in Canada and realize a few things differ, however, for the most part, it has helped me beyond words. I could not continue to use AccountingCoach for free when it has been so valuable, so I have upgraded to PRO. I tried the exams on PRO and they are a tremendous help. Thank you.
Accountingcoach helped me understand accounting more. I was a student, in my final year at the university of valley view in Ghana. The truth is, I had always been afraid of studying anything that had to do with numbers like algebra, calculus, accounting etc. But when I found your site, things changed. I now want to solve any math and accounting questions and I'm just so glad I love accounting. You have no idea how much your site assisted in making me overcome that phobia. This was a course I majored in and I was afraid of it at the same time. You have no idea how frustrating it was for me. But it turned out great, I graduated in July this year, with a GPA of 3.59 a second class upper in my school. Just one point way to make a First Class which starts from 3.6-4.0. Anyway I'm thanking all those behind this site, you really saved me.
I am a senior accountant for a general contractor. I have been in construction accounting for almost 25 years. I became a PRO user because I wanted to make sure I had the unlimited potential to challenge myself with the plethora of teachings and goals found in AccountingCoach PRO. I like how easy it is to use, and how it is user friendly when stopping and picking up where you left off. I also enjoy the real-life situations that bring everything you have learned to life. AccountingCoach has expanded my knowledge on income statements and balance-sheet reading. I have also learned much more than I could have expected, from financial ratios, to the difference in all types of journal entries used on an everyday basis. I am looking forward to the upgraded version and what more I can learn!
I am currently the accounting manager at a telecommunications company, and becoming a PRO user has been a game-changer for me. The materials provided by this platform are unparalleled in quality and relevance. The depth of knowledge and practical insights have significantly enhanced my skills, directly impacting my performance in managing financial operations. The platform's resources are tailored to my role as well as other people in my department, making complex concepts easily digestible. The investment in a PRO membership has proven invaluable, propelling my professional growth and contributing to my success in the dynamic field of accounting.
I initially found and signed up for AccountingCoach while taking undergraduate courses in corporate financial accounting, in support of my degree. AccountingCoach was an amazing resource when I had trouble understanding concepts or figuring out how to apply certain principles, and provided excellent examples and in-depth context from outside my textbooks, as well as case studies. I became a PRO user during my coursework so I could access the breadth of resources available on AccountingCoach, and I really appreciated being able to download copies of the material so I could keep them with my other course files and readily reference information without having to go find it again on the site. The usefulness of AccountingCoach didn't end with my degree. I started a business several years ago, and still return to AccountingCoach as a reference source. Most recently, I was working on an ERP migration and was having difficulty with transferring certain types of transactions between systems. AccountingCoach was invaluable in that process because it allowed me to step back, ‘get back to basics’, and remind myself of ‘what I do know’. I focused on AccountingCoach's resources on the Accounting Equation and account types, and solved the challenge ahead of schedule. My accountant has on multiple occasions commented on my organized and ‘always balanced’ bookkeeping, and part of that is because I stay on top of my accounting knowledge with the help of AccountingCoach. It's been an invaluable resource that I'll return to for years to come anytime I need to refresh, learn more, or check the currency of my knowledge. People often write off accounting as ‘detail’ or as the ‘not fun’ part of business, but it's important to stay connected to the numbers in your business, and the resources from AccountingCoach help me confidently do that. Once you understand accounting, it's quite enjoyable and satisfying to work with.
My current position is Staff Accountant in a public accounting CPA firm, working with businesses in a variety of industries. I became a PRO user because I had no prior knowledge in accounting, and learning fast was a must. I came across AccountingCoach and quickly learned that this was what I needed. I dived into it a few hours every day learning the basics of accounting, which has brought me up to speed tremendously regarding the understanding and vocabulary of the accounting world. I found the most value in the help the site provided for understanding the accounting principles at a macro level, then diving deeper into each topic, challenging me to rewire my thinking to understand the principles and concepts. The AccountingCoach curriculum helped me to excel in my understanding in accounting to better serve clients and add value to the firm, even earning multiple promotions. I thank AccountingCoach for bringing me up to speed and laying the foundation of my accounting knowledge. I plan to continue to use the material in its new and updated curriculum to further my knowledge, thus providing apt understanding to clients.
I have been a member of AccountingCoach for many years now. I value the content and the easy-to-grasp manner in which the material is always explained. Many times I read the material here before studying it in my accounting book. I love AccountingCoach! They are very honorable as well. My membership continues to be valid after all these years. If I email them with questions about my membership or password or whatever else, they are always prompt to assist. I wish I had been a student of the founder of the site. He must have been a really wonderful professor!!! Thanks for putting all the work to create and maintain the site. You guys are the best!!
Having an undergraduate Degree in electronics engineering, I was an alien to the world of accounting and finance. The passion for this discipline grew as a by-product of my MBA. I would like to thank Mr. Harold B. Averkamp for taking the pain to put together this wonderful knowledge portal which benefited me extensively.. God Bless Ya..
I am a second-year staff associate for a Top-80 CPA firm. I have experience working as a tax preparer and an auditor. My experience in accounting was very minimal before jumping on board with my current employer, and that came with a lot of anxiety regarding how I felt I would do in the field. I turned to AccountingCoach PRO after initially finding a lot of helpful subject material through the free explanations and quizzes. I felt they did a great job explaining key concepts that just seemed to take a little while to grasp. Once I was comfortable with what AccountingCoach offered, I was very much looking forward to the extra resources available through PRO, like the flashcards and the concept tests, which truly help you decipher what you now know and what you still need to work on understanding. Overall, AccountingCoach has been a fantastic tool to use as a resource to help grow my accounting knowledge.
My husband who studies accounting has been asking meto use this website for my accounting class for months now. I finallygave my stubbornness a rest and tried it, and OMG, I cannot believehow amazing it is. I love the immediate feedback, the fact that theinformation is up-to-date and so much more. I feel like I justincreased my learning ability by 70%. Thank you!
I am a teacher and AccountingCoach has been to my rescue many times when I need worksheets and to clarify accounting notes for my students. Accounting is dynamic and the material I get from this website fits the learning style of the millennials. Thank you and continue the work in educating and supporting the accounting profession.
I use AccountingCoach on a steady basis. I am a bookkeeper and when I get stuck or unsure of an entry I simply Google up AccountingCoach and get the answer. AccountingCoach is the best accounting tool out there. I have recommended AccountingCoach to my accounting affiliates and they too now benefit from this fantastic 'coach'. Thank you to all at AccountingCoach, you guys are simply the best.
I absolutely love this accounting course! Not only does it provide real life examples, as opposed to just theory, it also includes a variety of puzzles and tests to help solidify the knowledge learned. I would highly recommend this course to those are just starting off with accounting and looking to get a solid base before moving on to more complicated topics. I now know enough to notice errors in my accounting and challenge my accounting if need be, all thanks to AccountingCoach!
I am happy to provide a testimonial on the amazing things AccountingCoach has to offer bookkeepers, both novice and experienced. I signed up for AccountingCoach years ago because I decided I wasn't a very good teacher for my bookkeepers. I have used AccountingCoach to clarify theories, explain processes and test the merits of bookkeepers who say they know what they are doing. I have caught a few who really didn't, and few who nailed the entire program, so it has saved me time and frustration, as well as explained things I needed an explanation for. I wish you great success with your new platform and look forward to using it for a few more years yet.
I used to see accounting as an abstract subject until I came across AccountingCoach and I have been hooked since. It's been more than 4 years now and I passed my diploma, went on to get a degree in accounting and am now trying to get my professional qualification from Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICA). AccountingCoach gives you the basic theories behind accounting principles by giving you an easy understanding. Thank you AccountingCoach.
Not only has AccountingCoach been great for its simpler way of explaining the topics but also creating text opportunity for students to test their knowledge and for this alone let me say I'm more than grateful.
This website is awesome!!! I am an accountant w/ 2years exp. in public accounting. This website is a great re-fresher course to use whenever I have a free moment. I love how the material is explained with simplicity. Especially like the drills and crossword interaction.
As a property manager, I apply accounting practices in my work every day. I have also recently completed an accounting class and will earn my associate's degree early next year. I joined AccountingCoach with the goal of becoming an asset to my father's bookkeeping business, and it has proven to be a valuable tool. The learning material is fun, informative, and easy to understand. AccountingCoach is always available for me when I need it, and I appreciate being able to depend on it for all my accounting needs.
As a small-business owner, it is absolutely critical that I am aware and knowledgeable of proper accounting and bookkeeping practices. I took accounting in high school, but I was not prepared for the accounting tasks required for a multi-product line business. AccountingCoach has been a game-changer for me because it goes in depth in all required areas of accounting, but is still very easy to follow. The website is intuitive, and I have been able to find the solutions to any questions I have had so far. I am glad I made the choice to purchase AccountingCoach's lessons and will continue to be a user for years to come.
AccountingCoach has been a great resource for review, and a way to stay current. It's also a wonderful place to send accounting students and employees who need guidance. Many of us practice in specific areas of accounting and may need a brief refresher in areas not regularly practiced. It’s been so reassuring to know that when you use this resource, you are getting accurate information overseen by a knowledgeable author and university professor.
AccountingCoach has been a valuable resource for my business. I have used it to be able to complete complex transactions, as well as to train my staff. The ability to go from simple, basic bookkeeping to more complex journal entries is key in my accounting firm. I highly recommend AccountingCoach.
My current position is as a contract billing contractor, payroll and benefits. I wanted to review my accounting skills and knowledge, as it has been several years since being out of school, and I don't necessarily use all that I learned at college. That is why I signed up as a PRO user. I really like the setup of the sections for learning, as well as the testing section. I've benefited from it while applying for jobs. I highly recommend AccountingCoach if you want to review any accounting skill.
I am a deputy finance director. I became a PRO user years ago to have extra resources for my accounting job and for the accounting classes I was taking at the time. I enjoy all the PDFs, and the various explanations of both finance and accounting functions. It is a great resource to anyone looking to take the CPA exam and/or other accounting-related exams. I would highly recommend AccountingCoach to anyone needing study materials.
I would like to tell you that I really appreciate all the emails you have been sending to me, because this question and answer has completely turned me around and really improved my knowledge of understanding some accounting terms. Although it is not all the time I check my box but still I am glad when I see it in my inbox.
As a 61 year old trying to access the accounting field I have found AccountingCoach very helpful as a refresher course. It's easy to follow and all of the quizzes, cheat sheets and crossword puzzles re-inforce the learning process. Very happy with PRO.
We have been customer of AccountingCoach, its info is completely valuable to my work as a professor. All the materials are highly professional and very easy to understand. I highly recommend this site.
Yes, no doubt, AccountingCoach PRO is really very helpful. I am an IT professional working for an assignment related to financial accounting. I needed some kind of a guide, which can brush up my accounting knowledge in a short period of time, and I am very happy to say that AccountingCoach did this with well structured materials, Q&A, assessments, and so on. It's helping me and boosting my confidence. Thanks a lot, this is great work, much appreciated!
I enjoy your website very much as I slowly work through an online course on starting my own 'virtual bookkeeping' business. Your site is, and will continue to be, a great teaching and reference source for me. You provide a mountain of accounting and bookkeeping information.
Your website is great. I work as a bookkeeper and have taken classes at the local university and community college. I wanted you to know that I have notified my professors of your website so they can pass it on to their students.
You guys are fantastic. I got a 92% on my exam. Thank you so much.
I have been using this site for years. It is affordable, it is informative, and the topics break down what is sometimes a challenging subject matter. Thank you AccountingCoach.
I just started looking into your website so that I can be more informed about how everything works in accounting. I took a college accounting class previously but I feel like the way that everything is organized on this website helps me learn a lot better than the entire semester of my accounting class. I feel like I am already learning so much more from here and I am getting a better understanding of it all. I just thought I would tell you how much I appreciate this website.
I am a CPA and Cost Accounting Manager for a large manufacturing company. I am responsible for the manufacturing/cost accounting activities of 7 manufacturing plants worldwide. I also teach accounting theory online to graduate students. I came across AccountingCoach during one of my courses. It is an exceptionally user-friendly and accurate reference for accounting principles and practice. It helped me communicate more effectively to students that do not have an accounting background. It has also served as a great refresher and research tool for myself in my own work. I highly recommend it.
I have used both AccountingCoach and AccountingCoach PRO as my reference library in my employment and educational life. I have a BS degree in Accounting and an MBA and still refer to the materials in my daily work. I am a committed and lifelong subscriber. I recommend this website to my colleagues on a regular basis. Thank you.
I am a staff accountant. I became a PRO user to be able to use it as a resource for anything I may not know, and it's also a wonderful refresher. I like the different methods of learning: word searches, Fill in the Blanks, quizzes, etc .The materials have helped me as a valuable resource in my past accounting jobs, as well as when I was going to school at night.
This website is better than our instructor, who simply covered the material instead of teaching it. I simply love this site and the fact that it is free!
I am so happy I came across AccountingCoach! The site has helped for the past four years in my position as an Accountant. What I found to be so helpful were the quizzes. I would recommend this to anyone interested in learning accounting especially students. I was always intimidated by accounting and ended up receiving my MBA specializing in accounting thanks to AccountingCoach.
I just started an MSA program and AccountingCoach has been a great resource to refresh my memory and prepare me for the program. The additional features provided by the PRO account, such as flashcards and quick tests have been very helpful in reinforcing the topics covered and making sure I've learned the material sufficiently.
My degree is in Finance but in order to advance my career I need a broader understanding of accounting. This program has helped me do that and more. After I finish this course my goal is to become a certified bookkeeper and who knows what else. I have the confidence to shoot for the moon now. Thanks for your help.
I am currently retired; I became a PRO user because I needed to keep my knowledge of accounting up to date. What I like about PRO is that everything is conveniently set up, and you are able to test yourself in different areas of accounting. The benefit of this software is that you can find answers to any questions that you might have regarding accounting.
I have an undergraduate degree in Business and a Law degree. Now years later I find myself learning what makes an accounting department run. This website is a wonderful review to get me back up to speed.
OMG, I'm learning and understanding concepts much faster and better through this site... and I'm so amazed that its completely FREE!! Thanks a lot for providing such opportunity, God Bless You.
I do tech support for an accounting software company. The program has been very useful in helping me explain accounting procedures to my clients. Also it keeps me updated and reminded on an as-needed basis. Thanks so much for a great program.
This is so awesome, I'm understanding accounting for the first time! I have a big CSET (teacher credential) test tomorrow and you have helped me understand 1/3 of the material that will be on the test. Great website, thanks so much!
I am a business analyst, working in the oil and gas sector. I am a CMA; I hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and use the site from time to time to refresh my knowledge and keep updated. I found AccountingCoach very useful when I had any doubts about some accounting concept or definition.
I wanted to change my occupation from working in insurance to being a bookkeeper. I received my AA in accounting many years ago, and had never obtained an accounting position. I used AccountingCoach to refresh my knowledge and gain the confidence I needed to get the bookkeeping job I desired. I refer back to the site whenever I come up against anything I am unsure of as I build my work experience.
Thank you took my first accounting course...and was dreading the course. Without the supplementary reading from this site, and the Q&A section, I would have been lost!!!
My husband and I purchased a local long-time business about 1 1/2 years ago. Although I went to school for business management, my accounting skills were very rusty after 13 years. I have used AccountingCoach on and off this past year to help me re-learn and get a better grasp on our finances as new business owners. Thank you for making the information so easily understandable, since I don't have much time, this was the best way to refresh my skills.
Excellent, excellent resource. You have a knack for making difficult concepts easy to understand. I have been out of the field for some time but you have given me a wonderful refresher. Thank you!
I teach Intro to Accounting and managerial accounting, I also tutor all of the accounting courses at the community college in which I work and I have sent students to this website. Many students do not get enough practice with time value of money, and I like the way that you present it.
I am currently Director of Accounting and Finance. I became a PRO user to help assist in my day-to-day learning and provide additional prep for the CPA Exam. I like how the material is organized, and how easy it is to navigate through the topics. There are so many learning options/styles, such as quizzes, crosswords, flashcards, etc. The material I have studied has helped me strengthen my knowledge, have a database to look up material I may have forgotten, and continue to learn new topics.
I was always wanting to go back to school, but as a single parent and sole bread winner, it was virtually impossible. AccountingCoach givesme the option to learn at my own pace, not have to pay additional child care costs and no fast paced instructors speaking high intellectual mumblejumbo. This is GREAT!!!! and it's FREE.
Having to re-enter the corporate accounting field after being self-employed for 6 years would have been unbearable without AccountingCoach. The user-friendly site is absolutely priceless! Thanks to AccountingCoach, I've consistently exceeded my departmental goals to the point of being promoted within my first year with the company.
Been a Bookkeeper for 25+ years and thought I was 'advanced' until I relocated and I had to get another job. Then I realized I did not have a clue! My current job I could not understand how things all tied together. This course was easy to understand and a true life saver! Worth every cent!
Omigosh! How long have I been a subscriber to AccountingCoach? At least for the past 10 years, and I think I've logged on to find answers, to compare issues, etc., at least once a month ever since. AccountingCoach is, in my experience, the definitive expert on theoretical issues and practical applications. I would not be without it (I have it bookmarked!), and I'm eager to see the wonders that the new website holds.
The PRO membership is great ROI. For those who looking to learn accounting, this is one of greatest accounting courses you'll ever find online.
As a high school Accounting teacher I have my students use the practice quizzes, scrambles and crossword puzzles. They enjoy the puzzles and don't realize they are reinforcing their vocabulary. Thank you for an awesome product.
This is a great website. I am taking an accounting course and I find this site much more user friendly, easier to understand and I love the fact you have questions and if you choose the wrong answer, it will tell you why thatis incorrect. Great website. I hope you will always have this available to use.
I am studying your course to short-cut my career as a finance associate with a general degree in business management. I want to move up to the next level of supervisor position in the finance department. I gained knowledge and can get right to a specific area of accounting through your course in less time. Thank you.
I'm very very proud to be one of the AccountingCoach PRO members as I totally know that it was a right path for me for my future career. It fully helps me in any difficulties that I face... now I can say that AccountingCoach PRO will give me a better job in the future, so thanks again for everything.
I am a qualified Certified Management Accountant (CMA), working as Accounts Manager. While doing my CMA, I became a PRO user to add some value to my CMA studies, and believe me, it has helped me a lot to understand things in a much better way. The material provided by AccountingCoach has a great way of explaining and giving a grassroots level of meaning to the topics. It helped me to understand the terms conceptually, and I was able to crack my CMA in one go.
I've learned so much from AccountingCoach, it's an awesome virtual coach for almost everything related to accounting topics. The beauty of the PRO membership is it's for life and all updates are included. All explanations are very clear and keep you engaged to read more and more! I recommend AccountingCoach PRO as a handy tool for all accounting jargon.
I have been teaching Accounting to Afghan students here in Kabul for the past 5 years. Although the examples in your lessons are American, the students here are able to grasp the principles of accounting quite easily from your explanations, quizzes and crosswords. And for me the price is right. Thank you.
...What a very informative site and it's free! My friend recommended your site to me...I hooked up here and kept reading. I am learning! This is great! Thanks to all of you. I love your site and guarantee to recommend this to all the people I know. THANK YOU SO MUCH!...
Accountingcoach PRO lifetime membership is definitely worth it because it is for life! A lot of Accounting courses end after a couple of weeks with significantly higher cost. With the PRO membership I can always go back and review stuff along with all the additions and details that the basics don't offer. Keep it up! I'm so grateful.
...Mr. Averkamp has done what the three authors and numerous editors of my text could not do--provide clear and concise explanations of accounting principles. What an excellent resource...
I'm studying energy engineering (3rd year). One of my subjects is engineering management and we're dealing with accounting this term. Your website made me understand the basics of accounting and now it's much easier to cope with all the financial issues related to engineering management. Thank you very much!!
I currently work in the business office for a nonprofit. The PRO membership helped me brush up on my accounting skills and provided the knowledge I needed to do my job well when I began this position several years ago. I like that the material is clearly presented in a way that is easy to understand. The benefits I have received from the PRO membership have helped me be effective in my role.
Your website has been the tutor that I so desperately needed as I pursue my MBA. I will continue to use it as I take more courses and pursue my degree! Thank you so very much for this website, God Bless you!
I have a bookkeeping business and I have a client whose accountant doesn't supply me with the adjusting entries at year end, just the totals on the financials. So I have been using AccountingCoach to teach me where to put some of the offset entries.
I am a retired administrative professional, majoring in accounting and administrative work. In the past, I've been held accountable for handling paychecks for approximately 600 employees, as well as banking, account receivables and payables. I thoroughly enjoyed being responsible for doing their paychecks and making sure they were done accurately. AccountingCoach has kept me honest and accountable for making sure all taxes were withdrawn from weekly checks, and paid on time.
I am a self-employed public accountant and enrolled agent, and have been for 24 years. I also have a degree in accounting. I jumped in as a PRO user of AccountingCoach to brush up on topics that were not run-of-the-mill to me, such as non-profit accounting. I love the puzzles and the lighter topics as well. I have also benefited from brushing up on financial ratios, which helped me to get an upgrade package off the ground for clients who wanted a little more analysis than I provide in my basic monthly packages.
I came from a tax foundation first and bookkeeping came second. Being able to go through the training at AccountingCoach and the questions there have brought me up to speed on bookkeeping in a way that supports my tax practice.
I'm currently the Church Bookkeeper. AccountingCoach PRO has refreshed my record-keeping skills, providing easy access to accounting terms and materials with helpful explanations. This allows me to succeed in my role without the need for costly college refreshers. I can review at my own pace, enhancing my efficiency.
AccountingCoach PRO is the first kind of purchase I have made and it has helped me strengthen my accounting basics. I have always been very pessimistic about online education, but going through AccountingCoach PRO, I simply made the decision to go for it. I am really thankful for the team to have such a service made available.
I simply love your site. You make accounting stupid simple. Whenever I am not clear on a topic, I quickly get to your site and get my problem solved. Keep it up.
I am a construction project manager for a government agency. I have been an AccountingCoach member for a while now, and I have benefited tremendously from the website. I am always reading the project management information, and I think I will benefit even more by being a PRO member. This is where I go first for information and to brush up on my knowledge of project management.
Study materials are presented in an easy-to-understand and well-organized way. I also bought the Accounting for Dummies book. Without AccountingCoach, I don't think I can understand that book. Very good study resources. Thanks.
I have been using AccountingCoach as my go-to to research some things I had forgotten or was unsure of. It has been a tremendous help for me and my colleagues. It has also helped me with some CPA questions. I have recommended AccountingCoach to my friends and will continue to recommend it.
AccountingCoach PRO is helping me to reinforce my education as well as my professional skills. It is a great investment.
That's the best accounting website I have found so far! I haven't studied accounting before (actually, didn't have even an idea what it was all about) but with the help of the materials provided on your site everything became crystal clear to me! Thank you very much! This course will be a great preparation for the University course I am going to take next semester.
I am so grateful for your site. It has helped me work through my Financial Accounting class and I am doing well with the help. I am now almost half-way through the course I am taking and you spell it out in plain English. Thank you so much for having this resource online.
I am an independent consultant, directing construction and project management contracts in multiple countries and continents. I constantly collaborate with general managers to ensure accurate and compliant accounting documents. Language is often a barrier, so I use AccountingCoach (for nearly 5 years now) to confirm my own understanding of accounting best practices, and to formulate questions with respect to business plans and financial reports. AccountingCoach is simple and explicit. I like it.
Thanks a lot for your efforts! Excellent Material for the Non-Finance professionals. The concepts are explained in a very comprehensive manner with simple examples. Simplicity of the material is the key differentiator. Kudos to founders.
I can't believe this site is real!! I am an accounting student working on my bachelor's and never found a site like this to support me along the way. There have been many times I've gotten stuck and didn't have an immediate resource to help. Now I do and I thank you so much.
My current job position is Senior Financial Analyst, and I have an accounting diploma. I became a PRO user because I wanted to continue learning accounting in depth. I find your material to be very detailed and easy to understand, and I have benefited from it as it allows me to refresh and strengthen my accounting skills.
I have tried my accounting class twice and had to drop both times. Someone in my class told me about this website, so I went on thinking it couldn't be as great as she said, but it was even better! Everything made sense. Theybreak down the information in a way that makes sense. Thank you sooo much for everything!
I'd just like to say thank you! Your site has helped me so much and is so much fun to use. I was able to understand what six weeks of university lectures failed to deliver effectively. I actually thought there would be no way of getting up to date, but I have been able to catch up with all my work during the semester break and will return here in preparation for the final exams. I look forward to using/paying for features on your site for the next few years while working towards my qualification in accountancy and finance.
I am working in a construction company and I am dealing with all sorts of transactions on a daily basis. I refer to AccountingCoach for complicated matters. The explanations to each topic are so clear and easy to understand. My goal is to improve my bookkeeping and accounting skills, and to get certificates.
I am a structural engineer, and owner of a small engineering company. Our services include design and construction of residential and commercial buildings, as well as special structures. I also have a master's degree in construction project management. The principles of business administration and accounting were an essential part of my training. However, AccountingCoach has given me a more in-depth understanding of accounting topics. I don't do bookkeeping, but I want to know enough to run my business efficiently, and AccountingCoach has served my purpose perfectly.
I've only just gotten started, but I can tell this is going to be the perfect answer for my situation. I'm 56 years old, and have worked for a few years in the finance dept of a publishing company, but have only half-way understood many of the foundational principles. I get along because we have a great financial software, but understanding what I'm doing is completely different from just following a job procedure to accomplish the daily, monthly and yearly tasks. I look forward to attaining a greater understanding of all the concepts and reasons for doing what I do!
I am a Sr. financial analyst in the healthcare system. My duties were becoming more and more focused in one area. I found myself searching for an accounting concept that had become fuzzy, or just for clarification of a procedure. It has always been extremely easy to find any answer I needed with AccountingCoach. It has never failed me, and has always given me quick and reassuring support. I'm sure I have saved hours of my time over the years by using AccountingCoach! Thank you, AccountingCoach!
As a business school student, I credit my exam success to AccountingCoach’s guidance. Your support has been invaluable, and I am grateful for the knowledge and skills I have gained under your mentorship. I look forward to continuing my studies with your ongoing support.
Wow, your website is wonderful! I really appreciate all of the work you have put into it. I am a bookkeeper in my first year of business and am constantly attempting to add value to my offerings to my clients. I am in Canada, but I think a lot of what you have on your site pertains to Canada as well. Years ago I had completed an accounting certificate and am currently in the works of completing a second certificate. The content on your site is a great summary of my learnings. Thank you for all the work you have done. I hope others find your site as valuable to them as it is to me.
My current position is as a staff accountant. I became a PRO user to have a quick-reference guide which is easy to use. The materials are outlined in such a way that I can find what I wish to review quickly. By using AccountingCoach, I have been able to remain current on skills that I do not often use.
I am the rector (senior pastor) of an Episcopal Church. I do not have a finance or accounting background, and realized I was not equipped to engage with the finances of running a church without further assistance, so I sought out this program. I like the reviews and frequent options for quizzing on AccountingCoach. AccountingCoach has allowed me to become more comfortable with financial statements and planning for the church.
I am presently working as Accounts and Finance Manager. Seeing all the benefits of AccountingCoach, I decided to become a PRO user. I liked the vast descriptions available for the subjects, and I have benefited from the explanations provided which I was able to implement into my day-to-day tasks.
I am studying a dual qualification in Bookkeeping and Accounting. I am doing this online and I also have a text book, but there are lots of holes in the learning. When I need clarification I go straight to AccountingCoach and it is a great resource and help.
I just wanted to thank you for your website. Through the years, I've worked in many areas of accounting and learned what I needed to know on the job and, therefore, never went to school to get a degree. Now that I have relocated, I am finding myself in a very difficult situation because many companies require a bachelor's degree or higher... I just wanted to cry. Until, I can scrape up enough money to go back to school, I am glad I found your website to at least gain enough knowledge to apply for a lower accounting position. I have purchased your PRO program and am excited to get started learning as much as possible. Thank you so much for making this available.
I was starting to go back into the workforce after taking some time off, and I wanted to refresh my brain. I am now an office manager for a nonprofit, which includes taking care of their accounting. I like how easy the courses are to follow and learn from; they are great for learning or refreshing one's knowledge.
I have found that the materials offered for study in the PRO Plus program are superior to others I have viewed on the web. The more I study the better they become. The material is comprehensive and well written. Like any other endeavor, it is the effort one applies that is the reward. The tests are challenging and one must really study the material to succeed. The support and encouragement is a nice bonus. I look forward to applying the skills to a new position. I certainly have found the price for the study to be more than reasonable. I recommend the program to anyone.
This course is the best. I can not believe how much I am learning. Even though I have had to suspend my studies to take tax prep class and work as a tax preparer as a second job right now, I can not wait to get back to it. This course is going to benefit me greatly when I start my own business.
I have been a bookkeeper for almost 30 years, and currently run my own accounting/payroll/tax business. I am very impressed with your materials and will definitely use them to train my staff, as well as reference for myself. Thank you for providing such a wealth of clear, easy to understand resources! is awesome. Better than my tutor's teaching. Very simple everyday examples. Really much easier to understand. I am personally telling everybody I know that has a hard time understanding accounting to visit this site. I almost cannot believe it myself. Keep up the exellent work.
I currently work as an accountant for a civil engineering firm, and have been for almost five years now. I became a PRO user to help brush up on certain accounting skills I had forgotten over the years since graduating from college. I really like how clear your materials are. They're easy to understand, and the quizzes really help. These materials have been of great benefit in helping me stay up to date without having to dig into old textbooks. I look forward to the new enhanced website and all of the benefits it will bring.
I became a PRO user because I have been interested in accounting for a while. I am not currently working in the accounting field yet, but I use this website to get familiar with accounting and to take some of the tests. I recently started at a community college for an associate degree, majoring in accounting, and I use your website as a study guide. It has been helping a lot, especially watching the videos and taking some of the tests and quizzes. Hopefully, I can continue to use your website for questions and references.
I currently work as an accounting operations manager. I decided to become a PRO user because I wanted to further elevate my interest in accounting by learning and securing the Certificates of Achievement. I really liked the tutor's style of explaining the concepts in a simplified manner, in particular all the examples provided and the pace of explanation. I was able to make a career move from IT Functional Analyst to Accounting Manager by learning from Harold Averkamp.
As has been stated by someone previously, the study material is presented in basic terms. This makes it easy for one to follow and has proven beneficial to a myriad of people. I am amember of a professional organization and have noticed on numerous occasions other members giving advice to individuals requesting to check out the AccountingCoach site for materials to prepare for the membership examinations. This is a testimonial of the invaluableness of the materials given.
I am now retired, but signed up for AccountingCoach PRO many years ago when I was employed with the Federal Government. I needed to upgrade my qualifications to qualify to enter the audit department. I used this program to enhance and test my skill set. It was an invaluable tool. I used it also as a reference guide for years to keep me informed. Great, straightforward, easy-to-understand reference manual.
My current job is Administrator/Bookkeeper. I became a PRO user so that I could practice my accounting (being that I haven't had much training), as well as for support with any questions I need help with. I have found that the materials are easy to use and understand, and I have benefited from them as I am now able to understand the process and apply it to my bookkeeping.
I’m a union worker for the local waterworks department in our municipality. I enjoy the easy lectures and cheat sheets that AccountingCoach provides. I hope to start a company soon, and this site will be a big help in starting up. I'm sure I will be referring to the many resources of this site as I go forward. The downloadable MP3s and more are a big help to listen to as I commute.
AccountingCoach has been so helpful as I try to understand the world of financial accounting! I am a long-time technical person who is going back to school to earn a Master's degree in IT Management. As part of my coursework I have a financial accounting class that is completely foreign to my 'nerd brain'. I had been reading through my lecture notes and reading the course material but the information just didn't seem to stick. Enter AccountingCoach! The videos are so clear and easy to understand! I feel like they have finally allowed me to understand the accounting terms and concepts that my traditional coursework made so confusing. Thank you so much for helping an old dog like me learn some new tricks! :)
I've used AccountingCoach for many years and have recommended it to others desiring a firm foundation in accounting basics. I fully support signing up for lifetime access if at all possible. Great resources. Thanks for being a valuable partner for me and my client base!
I am currently working as a contractor for several clients, including construction and Artificial Intelligence companies. I have worked as a full-charge bookkeeper for over 30 years, and AccountingCoach PRO has helped to keep my skills sharp. I became a PRO user to hone my skills and gain confidence to be able to take employer accounting skills tests. I like that the materials are easy to follow, and very thorough. I have gained knowledge, skills and confidence by using the AccountingCoach PRO program.
I studied accounting in college, and have worked as an accountant. I found AccountingCoach while googling accounting topics and was impressed by the breadth and depth of topics. I quickly joined PRO because of the real-world applications available through quick tests and business documents, in areas like bank reconciliation and financial statements. I also used the website when I was handling accounts receivable to calculate accounts receivable ratios on the job, which helped with my understanding, as well as to improve my job performance.
I can't express well enough how much your website has helped my sanity and business. Accounting has always scared me until my business was on the verge of collapse. Reading college textbooks made me even more confused AND so stupid. In desperation, I poked around the web and found your step-by-step explanations and examples of asset, liability and equity. Now they are not Greek to me anymore. I do aim to be an accountant, but now I'm not scared of accounting statements anymore. I feel so much better. Once again, my heartfelt gratitude!
I want to thank you for creating AccountingCoach. I am a PRO user and have been using your site for years. The information from your site was a significant factor in helping me find gainful employment and getting my life back on track. After personally experiencing long term unemployment and underemployment during the recession, I put it in my head that I needed to build my accounting skills so that I could freelance if I ever needed or wanted to put out my own shingle. I bought an old intermediate accounting textbook from a thrift store, a friend gave me her old Becker CPA books to study, and of course I used your AccountingCoach website. Luckily retraining myself worked out for me. Now I want to train others so that they too can develop the accounting skills that will allow them the opportunity for self employment.
I currently work in the accounting department for a production company. I became a PRO user because I wanted to brush up on some foundational accounting principles. I like the way that study material on your website is presented; there are several different ways to absorb the lessons. I feel that I have benefited tremendously from your layout and the corresponding explanations! I also love that I can review the flashcards or do one of the crosswords on my phone. Thank you for creating this resource!
I have worked as an assistant accountant, but it is not my ambition, I am looking to stop being an assistant and I know that with the help of AccountingCoach I will succeed. These classes have brought to my memory some concepts that will help me to improve my knowledge.
AccountingCoach PRO Plus was a great asset in my job hunt. I was tested on essential accounting skills and concepts and did great. After trying to review textbook material in preparation for my first accountant job, I found myself struggling with the structure and presentation of the material. I decided to use AccountingCoach and attain 3 certificates. The material is very accessible and well structured and the tests and flashcards are great practice to reinforce your knowledge. In 4 days of constant study I improved my confidence and earned the 3 certificates. PRO Plus is worth it and I highly recommend it.
I've found the coursework clear and well structured for self-study. I recognize that with some self-organizing I will be able to achieve amazing results on any accounting test.
I took accounting classes in undergrad and grad schools but forgot almost everything. As I'd like to change my career I need to brush up my accounting skills. Then I discovered AccountingCoach. The content was impressive. Without AccountingCoach I could not fulfill my dream as an Accounting Assistant. Thank you AccountingCoach.
I currently work as a legal compliance officer, but have an auditing degree. I like the materials that you have prepared because they are quite informative. The benefit has been that you can find the materials that are interesting to you, and dive deeply into a subject. Thank you for this interesting product.
You have the best site for learning ANYTHING about accounting! I have a BBA in Accounting from an accredited University in the US. I wish YOU had been one of my professors. However, I think of you as my professor NOW. I surely will continue to utilize your VERY useful site to stay afresh of accounting principles and assist in future accounting endeavors. Thank you very much!
As a bookkeeper, AccountingCoach PRO helps me most often when I run into new scenarios I haven't practiced in awhile. The information is detailed and easy to find, which helps me quickly affirm how to do my job.
AccountingCoach was extremely helpful to me when I was asked to teach high school accounting after many years out of the industry. It helped refresh my memory and provided me with useful tools and tips to pass on to students. Thank you, AccountingCoach. You are a ‘credit’ to the profession!
My interest in AccountingCoach started during my MBA courses, because accounting was really difficult for me as I graduated from faculty of science and I wasn't familiar with accounting and it's terminology. AccountingCoach helped me not only in knowing the terms but also in understanding accounting itself. Thank you AccountingCoach team for the effort and the knowledge that supported me accomplishing my degree.
Accounting Coach is absolutely fantastic! It's organized and written in such a clear manner that even those who are 'accounting challenged' can understand the material. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon this website while searching for accounting information on the Internet. I would recommend it to anyone looking to gain an understanding of the accounting process. I especially like the examples, they really help to clarify the concepts.
Purchasing PRO Plus is one of the rightful decisions I made in life with regards to working on my career in bookkeeping. As an individual coming from the healthcare sector who shifted to bookkeeping, I am completely clueless on the ins and outs of the job but I find it really fascinating which is why I strive to educate myself as much as I can. With PRO Plus, it has helped me work my way up to understanding bookkeeping anytime, anywhere!
Personally, from being a student to actually dealing with daily transactions, this is the go-to source for any accounting-related material. A well-designed, exceptionally organized, comprehensive site that meets the user's needs at basically any level (especially being a PRO member) with the additional practice. It makes continuous learning possible with easy-to-access formats that suit your preferred learning style. Thank you so much for putting it all together in one place.
I really enjoy coming to this site. I have just started a new position as a bookkeeper in property management. When something comes up that I don't quite understand I can refer to this website. Thank you for this website.
I'm currently self-employed, and became a PRO User to enhance my understanding in an easily-digestible format with very comprehensive notes and explanations. The notes are so good that it's like being in a classroom. I highly recommend AccountingCoach for anyone looking to join the profession.
AccountingCoach is great as a periodic refresher course and a helpful research tool. The value of the membership definitely exceeds the fee to join.
After finding this site accounting has become so much easier to grasp...I wish they could teach it like this rather than talking in a language that seems foreign to students. Thanks so much for creating this great resource!
It is rare indeed that I comment directly on the content of a website. I must say that I was extremly impressed with what I read. Your site does a tremendous service to the professional and non-professional world alike.
The AccountingCoach program has been a lifesaver for me. I took a couple of accounting classes in college, but I had so many questions. I was asked to take on the accounting/bookkeeping for a midsize law firm, and thanks to AccountingCoach, I have been able to do my job without any issues. We use a CPA for some of the bigger things, but the information I have learned from AccountingCoach has been so valuable in helping me resolve many problems. Thank you.
I've just spent an hour on the first topic, and I'm still trying to figure out why/how you're doing this for FREE! I've already learned so much and can't wait to move onto the next topic. Many, many thanks for this wonderful learning opportunity!
I am a senior financial risk professional. I enjoy the site as it provides a good refresher for myself from time to time on fundamental accounting principles, but my main use for it is as a teaching tool for junior colleagues. Many come into my line of business with minimal accounting education, and AccountingCoach is an excellent resource for coaching.
I have been out of the workforce on disability for 15 years. During this time I did not keep up with accounting changes. This course has been a wonderful review to bring me current.
My entire bookkeeping work history has been in various business fields. I joined AccountingCoach many years ago and upgraded to the PRO membership when that program became available. In the beginning, AccountingCoach was used as a refresher course in areas that I did not deal with in my job. Later, I enjoyed testing myself by reinforcing and gaining additional knowledge. This program is a great confidence builder and a quick go-to reference. I have recommended AccountingCoach to many other bookkeepers.
I recently got a job in a company that required me to prepare Books of Accounts. Having studied accounting some eighteen years back I knew I desperately needed help to brush up on my accounting concepts. AccountingCoach helped me to do just that and I achieved my goal with ease. Thank you AccountingCoach.
AccountingCoach is a resource that's made for people who want to understand accounting in detail. Everything is written very clear and with good examples. I would recommend certification for entrepreneurs who want to understand where their money flows, for current accountants to refresh their knowledge and for graduated students who are planning to prepare for an interview. Personally, I come back to my AccountingCoach PRO Plus account every time I change my job. It helps me to prepare for an interview perfectly.
AccountingCoach is very useful for me to explain in very lucid terms the accounting concepts to a group who have absolutely no background in accounting (mostly they have an engineering background).
AccountingCoach is a very well-structured site that has helped me enormously, from the time I started a bookkeeping course at NYU, in 2014, until now, providing me with sample questions and answers, quizzes, exams, etc. But my favorite aspect of this amazing site is its section of dictionary terms, which has helped me with my bookkeeping training as well as with my English.
As a candidate for an accounting position, I've been studying accounting for a week now. PDFs and textbooks for principles, financial accounting... textbooks borrowed from friends... all sorts of articles... free quizzes online. AccountingCoach is the first resource I've come across that succinctly & effectively conveys the principles clearly as well as how they fit together (the big picture). Thank you so much!!!
THANK YOU so very much for having this website available to all!! Your site is much appreciated by us struggling to grasp the accounting concepts. Accounting concepts are quite difficult for me to understand without the ability to apply them. Great job on your entire website!
I am currently employed with a global tech company as Senior Revenue Analyst. My company requires a bachelor's degree in accounting for this position. I have been employed here for 9 years. Before that, I worked for a family-owned company for 17 years where I held many positions including accountant. I became a member of AccountingCoach many years ago when I first started working on getting an accounting degree (when I worked for the family-owned company). I really like the material because it helped me throughout the learning process. It started with the basics (Accounting 101; the puzzles and worksheets were such a help!), and moved up to more difficult material. It is always a go-to for me when I have questions or just need a reference point. The material is always covered thoroughly. This has benefited me through earning a degree (from start to finish) to my present work situations. Thank you for all you do!
Thanks for AccountingCoach providing different topics in a professional and understandable way which everyone with less background can understand.
I have retired 5 times; having retired from a 55-year commercial lending career and with my final retirement when I was 80 years old as a court receiver working with bankrupt companies. I find AccountingCoach extremely accurate and interesting with historic and new accounting practices. The craft of accounting is a dynamic picture of a borrower or a company in trouble that needs the help of an individual who is knowledgeable enough to read the numeric picture of a company. I congratulate you in supplying an easy-to-read up-to-date methodology for those interested in staying abreast with current accounting procedures.
I stumbled upon this website when I was looking for definitions for my accounting class that I have been having trouble with. This website is fantastic! It is very helpful, just like a free tutor!
I am a Florida realtor, certified in divorce financial analysis and divorce mediation, with a bachelor's in accounting and finance. This program has enhanced my skills and prepared me to better assist my customers. The material is presented in a simple format, easy to navigate, with the concepts clearly explained. I became a member when the program was free of charge and immediately upgraded to PRO when it became available. Thank you AccountingCoach for reigniting my interest in accounting!
I am an experienced businessman now semi-retired and I guest lecture to senior managers in major UK companies and at academic institutions including some internationally famous business schools on topics such as Business Performance Measurement; Business Decision-Taking; and Assessing and Managing Risk. Although I understand business finance well, I never trained as an accountant. But to maintain high credibility when delivering my courses I need to be aware of and keep up to date with certain key international accounting standards and current accounting definitions and practices. I have found AccountingCoach to be an excellent way to do this and fantastic value for money.
I am an MBA in Accounting & Information Systems from a leading university in my country and currently working in a private commercial bank. I have a great interest in my subject and continuously try to update what I learned. AccountingCoach is an amazing portal that helps me to always be updated in my subject. I thank Mr. Harold Averkamp, CPA, MBA from my heart for his great and laborious initiative.
This website is a boon to all the people engaged and related in financial industry. Nowhere on the Internet you can find the topics on Finance explained as simple as in Million thanks to Mr. Harold Averkamp.
At first I was using the AccountingCoach in University several years ago to help me study. I studied science in high school and enrolled in accounting major in university, so accounting was something I was definitely not familiar with. Now I always use this site to help my family members or friends who frequently ask about accounting to me and they thought the site was very helpful indeed. Thank you for helping make my life and the others easier!
The course detail is amazing. I have struggled in the past with some of the accounting concepts but the AccountingCoach method made it very easy through repetitive learning and fun exercises. I would highly recommend it.
AccountingCoach helped me in delivering guest lectures to the bank employees appearing for J.A.I.I.B (Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers) exam conducted by the Indian Institute of Bankers. As a PRO member I will be failing in my duty if I do not thank Mr. Harold Averkamp who has made efforts in presenting the subject in a lucid and cogent way which can be easily grasped even by a layman. I strongly feel that everyone should learn accounting not only for career but to gain knowledge, useful in our day-to-day life.
I am taking an online Bookkeeping course and this material has helped immensely with supplementing that course. The easy-going teaching as well as the quizzes and tests are so helpful!!
I am retired, but do volunteer work at my local church. I became a PRO user because I needed a comprehensive program to learn accounting, and with my research, I found this to be the best option. I like the idea of no-pressure, non-timed learning tools that are easy to follow. I still have some learning to do but it's comforting to know that I have this resource to come to for accurate answers.
The materials provided by AccountingCoach are very helpful in all aspects of the accounting field, and help me learn more in depth in each aspect of the accounting world, as well as help me to improve upon my skills and experience. I have been working mostly in accounts receivable and accounts payable for about five years now, and each time, I learn a different set of skills for the companies I am placed with. I am currently with a temp agency, and I have had to take many different types of accounting tests in order to be placed with a company. In all fairness, since obtaining my college degree in business management with an emphasis in accounting, I have not had much experience with what is asked on these tests they have me take. Your programs help me to study and gain the necessary knowledge to understand the accounting terminology (again), given that I got my degree in 2012 and have not been able to actually use it until about five years ago; but even then, it was nothing like the test questions or what I've read and learned from your program. I wish that I was taught more about the accounting world in college. It would have helped if we had your program available back then. I have only had basic accounting experience, due to being placed with a company upon graduation which only had me making coffee, running errands or copying paperwork, so I have slowly lost my skill set over the years. When I did end up getting an accounting receivable job with a great company, I was able to apply my knowledge during the years that I was there, but unfortunately, the owner retired and the family did not want to continue operating the company, so that ended my years of employment. I then had to start over with temporary jobs through temp agencies. When I came across your accounting program, I was so excited because it was easy to read and understand. Although I have not taken the tests at the end of each session, I was able to constantly go back and reread courses so that I could take and pass the many tests given for various positions, even for jobs like payroll and taxes. The courses are definitely priceless in terms of knowledge retention. I am very grateful to have been able to come across such a valuable program, which everyone should use to understand and learn more about accounting. Until I am able to be placed in a permanent position at a company, I know that I am able to go back to your program and courses to brush up, take notes, learn, then apply what I learned, which motivates me to move forward and possibly get a better advantage to ask for a salary that I want and be able to live comfortably. Your program only adds to my degree; which I was very happy to get, being the first in my family to attend and graduate college.
AccountingCoach is superb. I am a web developer and I really want to learn basic accounting and join an accounting school. But with AccountingCoach, I felt like I don't have to now. Thank you AccountingCoach for providing us free and uncomplicated way of accounting learning.
I graduated recently and this is my first real job as an accountant/auditor. Although I know most of this stuff this is excellent for reviewing, refreshing your memory, and studying for the CPA financial aspect of things.... Wish I knew of this website while I was in college!!
I am not currently working in a field that requires accounting (I am a cook in a restaurant), but I studied business at college and took accounting as part of my major. I didn't want to forget what I learned at college. I know that accounting is a fundamental tool for every business and company, but I wasn’t very good at it when I studied accounting at college, so I wanted someone to explain accounting in an easier and simpler way. I also wanted to have knowledge on accounting that would last a lifetime. This is why I became a PRO user. I liked the materials provided because I only had to pay one time years ago, and I still have access to the materials today. Your explanations are also easier to understand for me. Although I am not currently using the knowledge I gained from the website, one day, I will go back to school to do my 4th year at college (at our college, we could graduate and get a bachelor’s degree with a 3-year study). I hope to work in management positions in the future, so continuing to learn accounting from your website is very important to me.
I am a software developer from India who is aspiring to get an MBA and start my own business one day. I became a PRO member after completing the CORe online course offered by HBX, as it piqued my interest in financial accounting. I wanted a platform to continue learning accounting concepts. I really enjoy the quizzes offered in the material. They help me synthesize, reflect, and test my understanding of the concepts that I have learned. The course materials help me to keep in touch with accounting fundamentals, as I don't use accounting on a daily basis at my job.
Accounting was all Greek to me when I began my first semester in college until I came across the AccountingCoach. That is when the language barrier began coming down. Because of AccountingCoach I can now participate meaningfully in my accounting class while looking forward to a good grade at the end of the course. Thank you so much AccountingCoach.
Thanks Harold for the amazing job you've done. I am the manager of a social enterprise in Africa and I frequently refer to your website for detailed information about accounting. Your website is a highly reliable source of information and it helped me many times finding the proper way of storing the figures:) Congratulations! And again thank you very much.
I work as a solutions architect in the FinTech industry. I have a technical background, however, I also wanted to learn about accounting concepts in order to be effective in my role. This is the reason I joined AccountingCoach. I like the material available on the program, as well as the interesting way in which it is presented. It has helped me attain in-depth knowledge of the subject, and I am very happy to use and endorse it for others.
I'm preparing myself to attend college to obtain a BS in Accounting and right now I have a clearer understanding of Accounting by studying this course. I now feel prepared to start also as a late bloomer and get this degree. This course is very helpful and I will let you know how much it helps me throughout my tenure.
I am doing an online accounting course. At 54 years of age and no prior classes in accounting, there are many accounting terms that I need defined. AccountingCoach is a quick and easy place to turn for such information. Definitions / explanations are very helpful and easy to understand.
AccountingCoach has helped me in my accounting study. I went from a C to a B in a short time. Thanks for all your help.
I am the treasurer of a homeowners' association, and have been for the past 5 years. I have been in management positions in my career for over 40 years. I also have an MBA and doctoral degree. I'm currently retired from my career, but serve as a volunteer for the homeowners' association. I became a PRO user of AccountingCoach to help me make accounting decisions in my current role. As the treasurer of an HOA, I am responsible for all accounting entries. Your materials are easy to understand and apply in my current role to help support my accounting decisions. They are also complete, and always help me in making these decisions. AccountingCoach PRO has assisted me on multiple occasions to make appropriate accounting entries. Because of my expertise and your software, I am always readily elected to the position of Treasurer.
I was recently promoted to Accounts Payable Supervisor at my organization. I purchased the PRO membership many years ago before I was working in accounting. I was looking for ways to strengthen my skills in the Accounting and Budgeting series within the Federal Government, and thought being a PRO user with lifetime access was the best option and offered the most value. While I don't have an accounting degree, the downloadable PDF and quizzes served me well when I relocated for a new job working in the Financial Management Office. I was at least able to understand basic accounting concepts and demonstrate my ability to apply those concepts. I'm thankful I can return to the website anytime I need a refresher.
My current job position is Financial Advisor. I work internally as a project controller for the many consulting and advisory projects that our professionals take on. My work background since college has been in finance. I became a PRO user right out of college because I liked how the website explains concepts that I sometimes cannot remember. I like that the material is relevant and easy to understand. The explanations for accounting concepts are great. I have indeed benefited from the materials, and hope to retain this benefit as a PRO user. I tend to utilize concepts that concern both finance and accounting, as I don't do just accounting anymore. However, some concepts are and continue to be universal financial concepts, so they are still relevant and important to know and remember.
This site really does wonders overnight! It has been of great help of me! I have excelled in accounting because of this and I'm really grateful.
I just want to let you know that after attending an accounting class for 4 months and not understanding any of it, I have been able to learn the required course material in a matter of days by using your materials. Thanks.
I want to thank you for making this informationavailable for free. I am enrolled in a basic accounting course at aCommunity College at the behest of my employer. I've been doing allthe bookkeeping for this company since 2005, using QuickBooks and hadno accounting background. The rationale for me taking the course wasto make me more comfortable and less stressed about the increasingaccounting work I am doing but frankly, your site is more helpful tome. The course I'm taking approaches accounting in a manual way whichis confusing when the software does much of it behind the scenes. So,I just want to say thank you.
I use your website for my career, mentoring my subordinates and friends in the accounting & financial industry. Personally, I find it concise, on point and even explains procedures and methods long forgotten after studying for my major and well after university graduation. Your emails usually have something that I need to be reminded of in our discipline. If I did not have your type of periodic presentation on subjects, I would have to spend more time doing research online. You're one of my favorite email senders. Period.
I am a qualified accountant and fellow member of ACCA (UK), and I work as an accountant in a practice firm. I became a PRO user so that I could update my knowledge of basic accounting techniques and procedures. Your material is quite helpful in understanding different accounting principles and applying them in practical situations. I have benefited a lot from reading all the material and articles. It has helped me a lot to apply them to different accounting-related situations.
I signed up for PRO Plus to help me create financial statements for Clan McAlister of America, a genealogical organization for which I am the treasurer. AccountingCoach was recommended to me by another member of Clan McAlister, who happened to be an auditor by profession and who could see that I was struggling with creating accurate financial statements. I happen to be a Registered Nurse, and although I have taken several accounting courses, quite frankly, understanding financial statements and accounting procedures is Greek to me---I need all the help I can get. I am still learning, but am glad to have this resource to help me!
I can't thank you enough. AccountingCoach helped enhance my knowledge and understanding of accounting. Thank you Mr. Averkamp, I really appreciate your excellent work. AccountingCoach is a very reliable site to learn and understand accounting! Highly recommended!
I am working as a staff accountant for a small battery company and I have a bachelor's degree in business management. I took basic accounting classes in school, but nothing that could help me prepare financial statements. This program has helped me to understand T-accounts, and also debits and credits. It is easy to follow, well explained and has quizzes and tests. I am very happy with my decision of joining this program.
AccountingCoach is my go-to whenever I get stuck using QuickBooks. For example, sometimes I don't know how to categorize an entry or create a journal entry. Or even when I just need an explanation or definition, I know AccountingCoach will always have an answer for me.
I have been working in the business field for many years, yet every year there are more and more tax changes and issues with bookkeeping that we just need refreshed in. I was in search of one particular item when I found AccountingCoach. Not only did I receive the information I needed to refresh my memory on the issue, I subscribed for future posts and have been extremely blessed and informed through this program. Thank you so much AccountingCoach. I hope you continue on to help others as you continue to assist me.
I'm very grateful for making the decision of joining AccountingCoach. I have advanced in my learning and I can understand Accounting clearly now.
I am still in the process of tapping this fine resource. I am juggling a review of bookkeeping while learning income taxes. The explanations on AccountingCoach are thorough. It is great to have 'plain English' when I am confused about something. This site is terrific!
This site is truly beneficial to those of us who have graduated from college and are still seeking employment in this field. It allows us to stay abreast with the terminology. I stumbled across this website by web-surfing for examples of chart of accounts. Thanks AccountingCoach! I will definitely recommend your website to some of my friends and professors.
I am the CEO of a medical laboratory in Chile, with a degree in engineering. I have become really interested in learning about reading 10-Ks in order to better understand companies’ financials, aiming at doing equity valuations and buying shares at cheap prices according to my analysis. For this, I decided to become a PRO user of AccountingCoach, where I have learned the nuances required to read 10-Ks in the way the pros do. I love the orderly manner in which the material is presented, and the simple and well-rounded examples provided to explain the concepts. I have definitely gained a ton of knowledge by going through the material, and I am now a better reader and interpreter of financial figures thanks to the help of AccountingCoach. Thank you for your hard work.
When I purchased AccountingCoach, I was working for a small complex company with a very diverse clientele as well as projects. AccountingCoach helped me to keep track of all the rules and requirements for both T&M and granting agencies. I am now an independent consultant with various clients who have very different needs. AccountingCoach has given me the tools to make the right decision on booking entries and recording cash and expenses. I have found it easy to find the answers I need in a timely manner.
Thank you so much for creating the website; it is so informative, and useful for my job. I am an accountant, and have an accounting background. I need to update my knowledge via a PRO membership. I like your materials so much, because I learn from them.
I ran an audit office for 10 years. For personal reasons, I left the accounting field for about five years. I am currently self-employed, working as a contracted project manager. I am also considering opening a boutique accounting firm. I became a PRO user at least 10 years ago. The materials provided by AccountingCoach are laid out very well, and are thorough and easy to follow. I use them as reference material all the time. The materials have benefited me greatly as a go-to source when I need to understand or re-familiarize myself on certain topics.
I am a management consultant from Brazil working on turnaround projects. AccountingCoach has been an amazing tool for me. I am quite familiar with financial accounting but being from Brazil and working on international projects I have had to become familiar with all terminologies in English. That is how AccountingCoach has helped me in such a very structured way to find statements and technical terminologies in English. Thanks for your very good, professional work, Harold.
I can't say enough about AccountingCoach and AccountingCoach PRO! Currently, a retired auditor with prior years as a bookkeeper, followed by AAS in Accounting...(late bloomer 1st yr college 52)...never to old too learn! Always enjoyed bookkeeping/accounting and when I found, I was thrilled. You forget a lot once you don't use your skills anymore after retirement, however, I just loved reviewing all the topics on the AccountingCoach website, and upgraded to AccountingCoach PRO. Here I can do accounting crossword puzzles, unscramble accounting words within a limited time (it's fun), take quizzes to test your understanding of each topic, print out financial cheat sheets, and if you wish, take exams!!! Although I won't be currently seeking employment, if I do, my confidence is high due to all that is offered at the AccountingCoach website! Excellent tools for beginners and those who wish to refresh their knowledge of bookkeeping and/or accounting. Thank you AccountingCoach!!
Dear Sir, a friend recommended this website to me. What is there is impressive, not only the knowledge and the way you explain them but also the heart you give to it. What you have dedicated in the past so many years tells who you are. I am recommending your website to every professional I know and they thank me. I think you are a hero in today's business world, in education, and in your life. I respect you and wish you much more success, health, happiness, and all great things you deserve!
The topic explanations and quizzes really helped refresh my memory and prepare me for any test. With AccountingCoach I was able to study at a fast pace and get the info I needed to be more productive at work. Thank you for presenting the information in such a uncomplicated way.
I look forward to every article you send out. I am currently an analyst in the treasury department at a university, and I chose to become a PRO User to increase my accounting knowledge to help in my day to day processes. I love the experience of being a PRO User. It provides me with a complete and concise workflow. I have also benefited from the examples, references, and overall knowledge the program has introduced me to. Thanks again for this great learning product!
Hello! I just want to let you know that the AccountingCoach site is an excellent reference for me. I went to school for accounting but never was able to utilize it in my previous job of Operations Manager of 14 years. They closed our company down because of the Obamacare and currently I am now working in a job where I am the Accounting Bookkeeper. I just love my job now because I am doing what I enjoy. I use AccountingCoach as a reference tool. It is like I have my my own reference manual on my desk. I used it as a refresher course for me too! The Q&A and explanations are a great reference. And the Quizzes you offer keep me on my toes. I am so happy AccountingCoach offers such beneficial free information and offers more with the PRO version. Thank you for helping me in so many ways!
I have been an HR professional for over 25 years and have no ability to understand finance and accounting, despite having twice attended Finance for Non-Finance Professionals. In late 2019 (after retiring from corporate HR life), I needed to help my partner set up an accounting function in his medical clinic. I purchased ABSS software, and got someone to help me set up a chart of accounts and teach me how to use the accounting software for over a year. It was really a “Monkey see, monkey do” approach that I adopted. My job back then was HR/Accounts Advisor. In early 2020, I hired an accounting assistant to do data entry, but without any accounting training, I didn't understand what I was doing to be able to check her work. I tried signing up for a different online accounting course, but I found it difficult to follow. Then I stumbled on your program, and decided to become a PRO user with the hope of learning enough to do my work. I did the essential modules only because my job didn't require the rest. Your materials, videos and tests are really awesome! They are detailed and well structured, and anytime I had a question, I was able to reference your materials to get my answer. I was also able to follow and successfully acquired the knowledge I needed. The quizzes and crossword puzzles were essential to help test my understanding. I can now confidently supervise and advise my assistant on accounting entries and the processes. I have truly benefited from your course, and even today, your materials are my go-to reference. I may attempt to do the other modules later. So well done!
AccountingCoach has been a wonderful resource throughout grad school and my new accounting career. It breaks down and explains concepts in layman's terms. More helpful than my textbooks!
Hi, usually I don't really bother to comment on things except for some things that are really good. I find your website to be very helpful, clear and concise. There is no website that comes close to AccountingCoach. Please continue your hard work.
Great resource! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be a lifelong Accounting and Finance learner.
Whoa! I just wanted to tell you, your site is amazing. You make accounting actually seem to be exciting and interesting. And more importantly, you make the learning as easy as it could possibly be. I am just super impressed with your execution, and I couldn't contain myself for reaching out and congratulating you. I love it when I see someone executing so perfectly. I'm a geek about that. Thoroughly impressed with what you've created.
AccountingCoach is a very good platform for all, from the student level to the officials. The videos helped me to understand the concepts very well and the tests helped me to judge myself on my level of understanding. The puzzle creates more interest for me to solve the quiz, which in turn gains a good knowledge about the topics. Thank you so much.
AccountingCoach has become an essential tool for both school and work. I use it every day.
I have done a masters in commerce and I chose to be a teacher. AccountingCoach has helped me to illustrate technical jargon of accountancy and commerce to my students in a very lucid and comprehensive manner. In a nutshell, AccountingCoach is Google for accountancy.
AccountingCoach has been really useful to refresh my knowledge on accounting concepts before an interview. I have also had to recap on cashflow forecasting and AccountingCoach proved very useful.
AccountingCoach PRO has greatly helped me with my studies in Accounting Colleges, university and post-graduate studies for MBA. I recommend AccountingCoach PRO to all students as a valuable tool in their studies. I have been a life-time member since 2013.
AccountingCoach is awesome because it helped me progress well in my career as I frequently visited their website when I needed direction on some of the accounting procedures I had forgotten. Believe me it came in very handy, a huge thank you to AccountingCoach, you guys are the best.
Well, to begin with, this is quite the offering. My current background and developing position has three components: consulting, counseling, and chaplaincy. Over the years, I have held a wide range of positions in customer service, sales, and marketing, all of which have morphed into a consultative representation of the three components listed above. My reason for becoming a PRO user is that for years, beginning in 2006, I’ve had the desire to become proficient in bookkeeping and in my understanding of accounting. It was a considerable foreign land at the time. I felt I had some basic bookkeeping ability, however, I wanted to improve and hone my skills. I did this by enrolling in a professional bookkeeping and accounting course, which was challenging, but I really enjoyed it. I was able to successfully complete their certification with 85 percent plus passing, but I wanted to keep improving. With the advent of the internet, learning PC skills, and figuring out that surfing the web was not a water sport, I intentionally kept watch for something to help in this arena while also in the midst of raising a sizable family, and now even more sizable with grandchildren. There were ongoing offerings popping up, but I was not sure, or satisfied by all that was offered. As far as the AccountingCoach offering goes, somehow it had materialized; I’m not sure of the exact year, but I purchased the CD offerings then. I have not regretted it. Harold seemed to be offering a real deal, and even though I was green, I knew well enough that this would be helpful. Over the years I have nudged myself along by referring to the material, as well as other materials, books, and exercises. As far as the benefits go, the material provides an ongoing resource; in case you haven’t calculated it, this journey has spanned some time, and as I continue to offer what I call ‘consultative services’ in this season of life, it is comforting and wise to have valuable resources for whatever time I have left on the planet. My ongoing hope is to impart the knowledge base and the vast resources to those who have an ear to hear. I especially want to pass on to my children and their children everything that has been learned, acquired, and that will serve them as they journey through life. The skills being developed with the AccountingCoach’s material have helped with that. Harold, thank you for providing this offer, as well as support as needed, and the improvements and updates. You clearly have your fellow men and women at heart, and the betterment of all our lives, business skills, and understanding of accounting. Blessings from a grateful accounting-skills learner.
AccountingCoach made me a King of accounting in my first year. It injected vital knowledge that I didn't know alone. I do appreciate it and keep up the great work.
The information on this site is excellent, especially the exam questions.
AccountingCoach had helped me a lot in my career since all the materials of the course are clear, simple, comprehensive, memorizable by using flash cards, and finally interactive by using the questionnaire and exams.
Only a brilliant mind with a sense of sharing, driven by expertise, can put together such a range of topics as presented here. Learning from this site is a real pleasure!
Dear AccountingCoach! Thank you for always having clear and simple answers to the many questions I've had. Wouldn't make it without this site!
I learned more at AccountingCoach online tutor than in my class.
This is truly a fantastic tool or platform to keep your financial and managerial accounting skills updated and current. Imbibe accounting practices in a regular manner to be consistent and relevant.
I love your website, as it helps as a reminder for accounting concepts and keeps my bookkeeping knowledge relevant. In day-to-day bookkeeping, you don't always need to know everything, so I find it very easy to refresh my memory or to even learn something I didn't previously know. It has been a great help and I am very grateful for it. Thank you.
I have been employed as an Internal Auditor collectively for eight (8) years now. AccountingCoach has assisted me tremendously in my daily functions at work.
I have spent most of the day playing at this site. It is awesome. It has given me just the refresher I needed for a new and upcoming position. Thank you so much!
The lifetime PRO membership purchase is not expensive and has good value. This site has a lot of good accounting information for professionals as well as non-professionals. The information is easy to understand and above all, the information accurate and reliable.
While I am neither a student nor am I writing any qualifying professional examinations in accounting, AccountingCoach was very useful in clarifying certain points when/where I had doubts. It's kind of a handy tool, which you can use any time, anywhere. Just like a friend. Thanks a lot.
My experience has been so amazing. I am learning a lot and there is a lot to learn! But I don't feel overwhelmed, I feel like the self-paced aspect is great. The curriculum as well as the activities have promoted such a great learning experience. I can retain a lot more information with the activities that are provided. I am a mother of three babies under 5, I go to school full time in college and I work full time from home now, and I can study on my mobile device and desktop every chance I can squeeze in time.
If you are looking for clarity and straight-to-the-point explanations of the accounting processes, then please go to AccountingCoach. I would recommend AccountingCoach to anyone interested in full comprehension of accounting concepts. It's a quick refresher on areas that I need to update myself on as a qualified Corporate Accountant. AccountingCoach is simply awesome.
I could say that this website helped me a lot in pursuing my work as a Purchasing Clerk. Actually, I am an Engineering Graduate whose background in Acctg. is not so good during my college days. But now, little by little I learned something from this site that was not done before. Most especially in the debit/credit session. There are so many things to achieve on this site. I am very much thankful to all the staff who made this site possible for us to view anytime and to get something w/o regrets. Once again thank you very much AccountingCoach for all the things you have done with the help of the Almighty Father...keep up the good work.
I just want to thank you for creating an incredible resource for those learning about accounting. This is all foreign to me because I do IT for a living. The website has been incredibly useful for an accounting class that is required for many IT project managers. Great job and thanks for making the world a better place.
I am a Katrina victim and can't afford to go back to college right now. I started Accounting 1 before the storm hit. Even though we are homeless for now, I wanted to continue studying; I found this site and it is an excellent one. Thanks for not charging a fee. Thanks for being available for people like me.
AccountingCoach is extremely helpful to refresh topics that you haven't used in a while and easy to navigate when searching new topics. I love how it refers you to a topic connected to what you're learning so you have the full understanding. Using AccountingCoach gives me more confidence. Thank you.
Thank you for this site! I became homeless after a downsizing, self-worth depleted but capable of earning a living. I realized that I enjoy finance and accounting functions and desire to grow in knowledge while recovering in personal finances. Your site is extremely valuable while I endeavor to return to college as a baby boomer:) Best regards for everyone who shared a part in the information and site functions.
What an excellent website it is. I was introduced by a friend after I noticed that my workmate was well ahead of me in understanding the accounting concepts. I urge all student accountants and professionals to visit this website for clarity in their areas of interest.
I have been preparing taxes and doing bookkeeping since around 1986. I am retired but still have my hands in taxes & some bookkeeping. Over the years the basics are sometimes overlooked with the years of picking up self knowledge. However, I have to say that AccountingCoach has been a great asset to re-educate one's mind in making sure that simplicity and follow-though steps are not lost or not used. Keep up the good work.
I use your site to keep my accounting skills fresh. I find it is perfect for my situation. I am working in a position where others in my position would have a 4 year degree in Business or Accounting. I only possess an Associates in Computer Science. I have been with same company for 10 years in an accounting role. Since I am approaching 60 (next year) I never really entertained thought of going back for my 4 year degree due to fact that the cost benefit in my situation did not make sense to me. Your course gives me a space to brush up on my skills without having to enroll in college courses. Thank you for creating this site.
I am taking a college class at a junior college and this website has been soooooooo helpful because I had a hard time with what to credit and what to debit. This website has made accounting less ambiguous to me. Thanks a lot.
Dear Mr. Harold this is one of a best websites I have ever seen in my life. What a splendid work you did. I must say that such work should be appreciated at every level and people like you are admirable. It's so easy to understand every single term related to accounting.
This website Rocks!!! Thank you for spending soo much time putting this together to help people. I could not have figured out when to account for my expenses if it wasn't for this site. Again, thank you!
As a bookkeeper without years of experience, I have found AccountingCoach to be very helpful. It is easy to type in a question and find the answer you are looking for. I have enjoyed various resources over the years and just wish I had more time to explore all that AccountingCoach has to offer. Easy to access and to find the information you are looking for.
Your site has helped me get a better grasp of the fundamentals of accounting. Thank you for making the site!
Dear sir or madam who created this web page. Would like to thank you very much for such a great help in studies. I have been looking for such kind of information about accounting bases for a long time. As I am coming not from a very rich family, I cannot afford buying books. I live in Azerbaijan, recently decided to apply to one of the auditor firms and found this web page very useful and very easy to understand even for non native speakers. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eureka! At last, I finally found this website. It's great because it's totally free. It will help me on my review...for the CPA board exam here in the Phils. I'm a new mom and working as an accounting staff. I can still studythrough your website even during my lunch break. I can really utilize my time. Thanks for this.
AccountingCoach has made it easier for me to study since it summarizes most of the fundamental topics in accounting and is easy for students to understand. My grades have improved and I know I will do my best on my exams because of the help from AccountingCoach.
You really know how to demystify obtuse concepts. I had a tough time really understanding the different types of inventory, but reading your explanations really made sense.
AccountingCoach is an awesome site where you can find all the answers to your questions. Very helpful for a work-from-home bookkeeper such as myself. There's always room to gain more knowledge. There are so many forms of materials, such as spreadsheets, etc. to aid in the preparation of financials for those starting a new business. It's been an excellent tool to refresh my skills as a bookkeeper after not using these skills for several years. Bank reconciliation and payroll accounting are both new to me, so I'll be looking forward to doing those courses and receiving my certificate. Thank you, Harold, for your AWESOME assistance!
This site benefited not only me but also all my friends I referred. We go through this site before attending any interview. The accounting concepts were explained briefly. The newsletters from AccountingCoach keep us updated to emerging account theories. Thank you will not be enough.
Wow—finally an accounting resource written by people who know how to write! I learned more in one hour from your website than I did in five hours with my textbook. P.S. The drills are awesome. Thanks for having this site!
Whenever I want to understand accounting terminologies, your site is a reference for me. Your way of explanation is very simple & to the point. Thank you and keep up the good work.
As a new immigrant to Canada, I was indeed lucky to join AccountingCoach which helped me in understanding the intricate accounting procedures in a very simple and methodical manner. The tutorials of the chapters through explanations, videos, quizzes, flashcards, and other ways of smart learning helped me set up my own accounting software which took care of my small business as an immigration consultant. In addition, their Certificates of Achievement for PRO members provide a strong foothold, especially to those seeking professional careers in the industry. My personal appreciation and gratitude goes towards Harold Averkamp (CPA, MBA) for sharing his experiences through such an innovative and noble effort!
I am currently a staff accountant, and I became a PRO user to help me study when I was in college getting my undergraduate degree in accounting. I still continue to use the program while studying for the CPA. I like the detailed explanations, and how the program continues to be updated. I have greatly benefited from how thorough and clear the explanations are. AccountingCoach breaks down the subject so that anyone can grasp the concepts.
I used AccountingCoach to figure out items that I did not know. I am happy that my adviser told me about this. I have saved it and refer back to it frequently.
I would like to thank you for providing this website. I am a student Accounting major at CSU and found this site 'on Accident'. What a pleasant surprise, as this is exactly the resource I was searching for. So far, all of the past material I have learned has been accurate and resourceful. Again, thank for for your contribution toward education and accounting. It is highly appreciated.
I am enjoying this program. I am retired and always wanted to study accounting. I enjoy the challenge and find it is easy to follow and understand.
AccountingCoach helps me a lot in my teaching profession. Your topics are well explained and easy to understand. You make it simple though it's complicated. What I learn from you, I share with my students. I will not stop visiting your site. You are such a big help. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work!
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I've used AccountingCoach to explain accounting concepts and practices to non-financial managers in our organization.
AccountingCoach helps me tremendously. Although I haven't been as consistent as I should in using the resources available through AccountingCoach PRO, I always find-up-to date financial and accounting information needed. As I move into the next phase of my work life and career, AccountingCoach PRO will be an essential tool as I move from employee to business owner. Thank you for this very valuable tool which continues to evolve and grow.
It is an excellent place for research any accounting situation that I encounter. Well explained and easy to use.
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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for putting up the best tutorial in accounting course. I have done my graduation in Accounting 15 years back & this tutorial helped to refresh everything that I have learned.
AccountingCoach is a godsend for anyone with experience in accounting or if they are a student like I am, taking accounting for the first time. Business Economics is my major, and although the concepts are confusing at times, AccountingCoach gives a PRO Plus member so many resources to study from, eventually it all comes together. THANK YOU!!!
Such a powerful , wonderful , meticulously designed yet a simple and easily understandable online coaching system...Thank you so much....
AccountingCoach is helping me pursue my Undergraduate Degree in Accounting at the age of 60! This website has helped me receive my first A in an online accounting course!! I am looking forward to completing my Accounting degree with the help of AccountingCoach!!
I have my accounting midterm TONIGHT! I was trying to do practice problems by flipping through my textbook for help and was not understanding some of the concepts. I came to this site read it over once and got the question right on my first try after trying to do it for hours with the textbook last night. Thanks!
I am a Senior Accountant almost retiring. I use this wonderful tool to refresh knowledge when in doubt or just for fun to review concepts. Wonderful and very well explained concepts.
I own a bookkeeping and tax business and I use AccountingCoach to train my bookkeepers. The value far exceeds the cost!
I am a graduate of accounting but never practiced because I barely understand how to apply it. Until I saw this website. Such an amazing one providing information in a very friendly and nice approach. Now I understand everything. More power guys and God bless!
Thank you for creating such a great website---and offering it for free! I'm a 35 yr old mother who just returned to school. I have been doing accounting work (clerical) for 15 years and finally decided to go get my degree! I came across your site once when looking for some additional clarification on some information in our Intermediate Accounting book. I have since bookmarked your site and plan to use it regularly to help me accomplish my 4 yr degree and CPA. I've even shared the site with all my classmates! Thank you!
There are many different ways to plan and to deliver a lesson, however, as I am a teacher of accounting I gain my experiences, skills and knowledge from AccountingCoach. I advise my colleagues for using this website in their examples of material also on preparation of their examination for their students and encourage them to revise questions and related topics on the same website.
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I could not imagine that AccountingCoach would assist me in earning such knowledge in my career in accounting. To speak the truth, it's due to your AccountingCoach site that I am becoming more aware of the accounting cycles and the financial statements. Please carry on with these good deeds. Thank you.
I am writing from Argentina. I am starting my career in accounting and I find your site to be excellent. I do not find any discrepancies with what I am learning here in South America. Thanks a lot for the site!!!
Thank you very much for such a noble work. I am using your website materials for my ACCA and CPA exam.
Your site is very clear and easy to understand. After obtaining my MBA and going through 6+ years of various accounting professors, I am having many concepts click-in for me for the first time. I only wish you could be my CPA instructor.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For your time and energy into building your website. Accounting is my major and I am excited about my future in the field. I want a teacher with your clear passion to demonstrate and illustrate the broad accounting field for me. For the time being, you have given me a real good role model to turn to. Thanks.
This website is incredible! I am a student in graduate school and I use this website to research accounting information that is not explained very well in my textbooks. I wish there were more websites like this.
AccountingCoach has been a big asset to me. As a bookkeeper I need a source to look up accounting questions. Very helpful information that makes sense and I feel confident I can trust. Thanks AccountingCoach!
Dear Mr. Averkamp, Where were you when I needed to learn Accounting basics? Another student recommeded your site for help with the terms, and I was blown away! You are a Godsend and a very skilled and intelligent teacher. God bless you for all your help with students everywhere! Have a blessed, safe, and joyous holiday season to you and your loved ones! God bless.
AccountingCoach has helped me to refresh some knowledge in certain areas of accounting not used before on previous jobs. I am happy to find a source that helps me to handle some topics in my actual job. When I have some questions, I look to AccountingCoach. Thanks.
Great job. I am studying accounting and finance and this course is great. Please keep up the good work on helping me with my studies. Here is a secret, I understand the accounting courses much better.
I just started learning financial accounting, now I am doing the second year 3rd semester of my accounting. I think your website is a great resource for beginners and those who want to develop accounting skills in a simple way.
I am a software developer new to the accounting principal. I signed up as a member in AccountingCoach PRO to benefit from the online teachings and of course the lifetime membership. I am not disappointed. The knowledge gained gives me the confidence I need to develop a basic accounting software for my customers.
My experience with your website may be somewhat different from many who may use your service. I'm a self-taught treasurer for our church and found your site through a search. You all saved my life. I found a couple things I was doing all wrong and was able to correct it all. You have made me a passable treasurer as I strive to learn more and more. Thank you for your website, you are a life saver!
What an awesome site! I finally get it! The contents in this website are easy to understand and I would recommend to anyone taking an accounting course.
I have been struggling with debits and credits and a way for my mind to think about it and make it work. When I read the introduction I was so excited because it explained D & C exactly the way I have figured it out so I knew this site was right for me. I have learned so much that it has helped me in my business. THANKS!!!
I am extremely impressed with your website's content. I have been browsing through this site for about an hour now, and I have learned so much during that time. The way the information is written is so easy to understand and retain. Thank you so much for making this a free resource. I plan to continue using this as instruction for my new job. Thank again!!
I purchased this program and it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. The information is clear and complete, and the amount of information that comes with the progam is astonishing. The quizzes are related to the subject in question so you can see what types of accounts are associated with it. I haverecommended this program to many people.
As a layman in accounting, your tutorials have helped me in understanding accountancy when discussing it in relation to my work.
AccountingCoach has been essential to my success in school. Any answer I need is just a click away.
AccountingCoach has helped me with my bookkeeping classes and helped me to pass the course. I was also able to get a Payroll Manager job thanks to being able to use this website for practices and answering questions that I had come across. I will continue to use it as things continue to change in accounting. Thanks for the awesome website.
I have been using AccountingCoach to improve my technical English. I am an accounting expert with more than 40 years experience but am a Portuguese native speaker living and working in Brazil. Because of my job I have to prepare and review reports in English. In these tasks AccountingCoach has been helping me so much.
I have been searching online for several days for basic accounting information and am so pleased to have found your site. I am taking on a new role as a business manager to my sister's small retail shop, but have no accounting experience to speak of. Thankfully, your Basic Accounting Concepts are exactly what I require at this stage, and I will continue to educate and empower myself with all the great assistance your amazing site offers. Thank you so much!
It has been 11 years since I graduated from college in accounting with an Associates Degree and with honors, but I never had the chance to practice my accounting skills at this level. I just took an 8 week course in banking and financing and now I am ready to get back into the working world, but after so many years I needed help re-freshening myself in the accounting field and AccountingCoach has been a great help in this area for I haven't been able to find any classes to take that would suit my needs.
A practical website with easy-to-use navigation. I used AccountingCoach during school as an adult student and continue to use it at work. The answers are brief but precise. That helps in understanding the principle behind a question. Very informative and a wealth of knowledge. Thank you, and good luck.
AccountingCoach has helped me so much, especially in developing a genuine interest in accounting. Just the first two topics which covers the basics and the concept of debits and credits is still helping me throughout the study of accounting. I am now able to actually understand why 'things' happen in such and such a way in accounting just because of the first 2 topics! Plus, all the other topics are really well explained and it leaves little doubts at all. This allowed me to pursue a career in the same field, but now with a actual passion for it :).
This is an EXCELLENT learning site. Thank you for creating it. The floating answers are so very helpful in the learning process. I found the topics to be very organized. My favorites are the exams, drills, glossary, etc.—everything here is excellent for learning accounting. Thanks again. This is a site that everyone interested in accounting should definitely explore.
I work for a subsidiary of an American company in Brazil. Every month we have to send our financial statement based on the USGAAP (that is a bit different from BRGAAP) in order to combine with the headquarter's financial statement. AccountingCoach helps me to understand the concept of the USGAAP better. I do recommend!
I was having problems with cost accounting but through AccountingCoach I was be able to get my first degree, thank you so much.
I am currently a manager in practice. I became an AccountingCoach PRO user when I was studying AAT. I found the materials very easy to understand, and I liked the quizzes and flashcards. The videos are great, as I tend to learn better by listening. I benefited from the courses as they helped me pass my exams. Great site, thank you.
Found your site through CFO magazine comment. Quick review indicates good, clear, and concise info. Thanks for your efforts.
This website is really fantastic and mind blowing. I am doing an MBA in Finance and this is the best resource...everything is defined clearly and easy to understand. Great!!!
The website is one of the best sites that I have ever encountered. Excellent form and content. Perhaps more impressive than the site is your apparent commitment to teaching the concepts with a straightforward and interpretive style...Your ability to synthesize concepts so keenly is rare.
I was between jobs trying to get a better job. I could not believe my eyes when I came across this website. Free accounting! Amazing, I'm very thankful that there are people like this to share and offer free services. I learned a lot from this website and thank the founder. Thank you very much for sharing this knowledge.
AccountingCoach PRO Plus has supersized me. I can finally see my path to becoming a professional accountant. I had on and off jobs, nothing was stable, and I felt like I couldn't keep myself together. But now I have a new shot at life. This certificate means my life. Thanks AccountingCoach.
I want to send my sincere thank you in helping me with your AccountingCoach blog! I do consulting and have a S-Corp and found your site from Googlesearch to understand several terminologies.
Thank you for the great information you disseminate on AccountingCoach! I am 67, and retired from a career in government finance. AccountingCoach keeps me up-to-date, and keeps me sharp in my area of interest. So, keep up the good work, and thank you!
I use for most of my accounting classes. I've been working in the healthcare field for 15 years and had no experience in accounting when I enrolled in the accounting program. I succeed in all of my accounting classes because of your simple explanations. Thank you so much for having this site available, I have 1 more class to achieve my MS in Accounting.
I had grappled with accounts for 2 years failing my exams on one occasion. AccountingCoach really helped me understand some of the topics I could not grasp easily. Well done for the well-researched topics, they are really a great asset. I have since cleared the level of my banking course I was doing.
I am a Computer Science student who was required to take accounting in my third year even though I didn't have any accounting background. AccountingCoach was a life saver and started to make me feel I could replace my Computer Science degree with Accounting. I LOVE YOU AccountingCoach!!! is a very useful tool when I need a refresher course on accounting principles that I do not use on a regular basis. I am so grateful for the ease and content of the website, and I love having it at my fingertips. Thank you AccountingCoach!
Me and my aunt both looove AccountingCoach. Before my aunt introduced this to me, I was struggling on the basic concepts of accounting. As a college student AccountingCoach has really helped me a lot during my 1st year in college. I am taking up BSA and thanks to AccountingCoach's aid, I have already reached 3rd year! AccountingCoach offers up basic knowledge and background in Accounting. They have summarized topics in accounting which made my life easier. I know I'm not in the work force yet but I know AccountingCoach can help me through with my dream of becoming a CPA.
I have provided bookkeeping services to clients for the last 20 years. is my ultimate resource for accounting questions. It allows me to send information to clients in verbiage they will understand.
I regularly use this website to review and reinforce the knowledge that I gained from my college courses. The diverse topics allow me to focus on topics that I have difficulty with, and improve my skills. I review every question I make a mistake on using the reading materials and other resources on the site. The site is easy to navigate and responsive, no matter the device I use. I highly recommend using this website alongside the other resources that you are currently using to ensure that you retain your knowledge of accounting principles.
I am a State Accountant by profession but I must say that AccountingCoach helps me every day when I need clarification on certain accounting aspects. So thank you AccountingCoach for making my life easier. Thumbs up!!
I really appreciate the time that has been taken in the compilation of the learning contained on this website. It has made a massive difference to me!! The cost of this membership wildly understates the quality of the information and insight available!!
I have a degree in accounting and a job in bookkeeping. It has been a while since I completed my degree, so if I need help remembering how to post a particular entry for an infrequent type of transaction I can go to AccountingCoach for help with that. I really like the website. is the most useful site I've encountered when searching for resolution on how to treat accounting issues. It has been the key study guide and supplemental to my MBA textbook. Thank you for the excellent information in an organized and user friendly format.
I am a self-employed accountant with a bachelor's degree in accounting and 10 years of experience as an industry accountant and tax professional. I became a PRO user because even with my educational background and my professional experience, I found that there were times I had accounting questions about items I don't often use or have not used in a long time, including principles or equations. I like AccountingCoach's website, which makes it easy to find information, as well as its tools for self-improvement and training. Using AccountingCoach has saved me time looking for answers elsewhere through web searches. I recommend the website to other accountants I know, or to those working to become an accountant or bookkeeper.
Recently I began studying and reading the materials in PRO Plus. I consider it very helpful to review concepts and practice the materials. As a PRO Plus member, one has the benefit to download important materials and obtain a certificate in different areas of study. I feel very confident with the materials I have covered. Thank you so much for the education and professional website.
I received so much help from your tutorials and the printouts. I do have a better job just by studying the tutorials and Q&A. This is a really great tool to keep. I always look for new material to learn more and earn more skills. Thank you so much!
I have found AccountingCoach offers clear, concise and relevant instruction, continuously upgrading information, and THAT material is free. Considering a lifetime membership is $49, joining AccountingCoach is a no-brainer! It gives you further access to sample exams, video tutorials, business forms and more. I've used the available resources studying for college classes and CLEP exams. Oh my gosh, thank you!
This is an incredible site. It is so wonderful to be able to learn from all the information here and I can't believe that all of it is free. Thank you. Being unemployed I took a course in basic accounting but this site will help me to learn some of the material that was just glossed over in my course.
I am a bookkeeper at a small retail business. I have used the knowledge that I received from AccountingCoach every day. I keep my AccountingCoach notebook with me at my desk to be able to refer to. I also provide help to a small accounting firm, and I use my knowledge there as well. I have loved having AccountingCoach as a resource to help me when I get stuck. I would recommend, and have recommended, AccountingCoach to anyone who is in the accounting industry.
I have worked for a business for nearly ten years, the past few years in the accounting department. With no prior accounting or business background, I am often lost in staff meetings when people use accounting terms or explain the company finances. AccountingCoach has helped me tremendously in understanding the basics of accounting. The drills and puzzles make learning more interesting. Thank you!
AccountingCoach helped me during the times I had trouble remembering accounting concepts. It is a very useful website encompassing a broad area of accounting and finance. Definitely the best go-to place for accountants like me. Thank you so much!
...I enrolled in a few online courses that offer bookkeeping...I find yourinformation a lot more informative...I had to save this website to mybookmarks so that I would always have it by my side. Thank you, and thank youfor making it free. I've learned more from your free site than I did when Ipaid hundreds of dollars for the information.
Super tutorial on Bank Reconciliation process. I saw so many websites regarding the same, but couldn't get as accurate and as self-explanatory article as this one. Thanks for coming up with a super article.
I'm a Software Quality Analyst and had recently switched jobs into an accounting software firm. helped me to quickly understand all the required accounting concepts. Thanks for the easily understandable content.
I am in a Business Management program and for all my accounting classes (Account 1 & 2, Finance 1), I've used AccountingCoach to help me prepare for midterm and final exam. AccountingCoach is a life saver in making everything simple with simple and clear instructions and explanations. Thank you SOOO MUCH!
I run a vacation rental in the middle of nowhere on the border of Mexico and Belize. The village has about 2000 people most of them fishermen. So when I needed an accountant there was nobody to help. I had no choice but to learn accounting and bookkeeping myself. AccountingCoach really helped me to understand the basics of accounting and bookkeeping. With the help of AccountingCoach, I set up the company books for everyday bookkeeping and accounting. AccountingCoach explains accounting in layman's terms easy to understand and follow.
This site is a life saver site. Whenever I had questions in my mind and I can't get those questions, this site always helped me a lot. I'm a student and I know we don't have long term memory, so this site will be a reminder to us in our field...I really really appreciate this site. Thanks a lot professor and other site members who help me a lot.
This is the first website I turn to when I have an accounting question. The quizzes keep me on my feet so that I don't forget processes which impact my current position.
AccountingCoach is an amazing resource. I recommend it to anyone seeking an affordable way to learn bookkeeping. It helped me make sense of everything I wasn't understanding in my Accounting 101 textbook in a digestible way. Everything is explained to the point, no-frills.
I am currently a lieutenant, as well as an instructor at a university. While I teach at my university, I am also a part-time MBA student. I plan on leaving my Lieutenant position within a year, and I'm exploring career options. I found that I loved my accounting and finance courses, and I wanted to have AccountingCoach as a resource to refresh my basic accounting skills when needed. I also own a few rental properties, for which I keep track of the finances and taxes myself. I love AccountingCoach because of the way all the material is broken down, and the ability to test my knowledge through quizzes and other assessments. I have benefited from the program by allowing myself to audit my real estate transactions, and I'm hoping that I can use that knowledge in my future career.
I greatly value your resources which has helped me on multiple occasions. Even with years of experience one sometimes encounters unusual business transactions requiring to think first how to enter them in the accounting system. On those occasions, I found AccountingCoach to be a convenient and concise resource.
I bumped into the AccountingCoach when I was browsing to gather basic knowledge of accounting to help me understand the terminologies, cash flow and balance sheets. Though I am a program manager, I needed that understanding to understand finance reports. And I needed some site that would explain things to me in simpler terms. I thank the AccountingCoach website for helping me with that. Thank you.
The AccountingCoach curriculum has been an invaluable asset because of the wealth of information at my fingertips. With my unpredictable schedule I've been unable to pursue regular class studies but my investment in AccountingCoach PRO has afforded me the opportunity to study at my pace and schedule. The tax preparation company I work for has noticed my improved business accounting talents and has placed me with the business consulting division.
It's obvious you are passionate about accounting and I so appreciate this site. I have been in accounting for the past 10 years and because of your lessons I am learning to be passionate about accounting too! Thank you, thank you so much.
It's a very useful website full of information related to accounting and finance, I use it like my English dictionary but in accounting instead. Most beautiful that it's representing accounting in simple manner that's easy to understand and apply in practice set. Wish you more success.
I am a franchisee of a large maid service. This program is just what our whole franchise system needs to use. Many of us are non-financial people and REALLY need to understand this whole new world. AccountingCoach delivers all we need and so much more.
I changed career paths at 37 and started as a trainee accountant on my first year of online external degree work. Thanks to the straightforward, direct and plain English information on AccountingCoach I am half way through my degree with a high grade point average and am now teaching new trainees that come into the firm.
I am new to the PRO side of AccountingCoach but thought you might like to know that when I was getting my AAS degree in Accounting 5 years ago almost everyone in the class that was working hard to learn would use AC to find answers or learn a topic. Had I been in the PRO side I might have got the topics faster, though I still aced all my course work.
I found AccountingCoach about 6 years ago when I was trying to get a job in governmental accounting. Although my background is in business, I needed a refresher on accounting because my previous jobs had not included much of it. Oh my goodness, AccountingCoach has been such a useful resource ever since. The breadth of topics covered, from debits and credits to banking to investments and on and on, has given me information in ways that are easy to understand and learn. I especially like that it has assessments for each section. These give me confidence that I have absorbed the content. I highly recommend it!
Thank you, Harold. You have a big heart. Your generosity will benefit many who are unable to attend or afford formal courses worldwide. God bless.
Thank you for all the help from your site. I work alone and do from reception to trial balance and do not have the opportunity to attend refresher courses. Whenever I get stuck AccountingCoach are there to help me.
Hello, I have one word your website is AMAZING!! Very useful to me as a chief accountant. Thank you again.
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I have been an accountant for 30 years. I worked for a professional sports team for 16 years, then an international beauty company. My current position is Controller at three cannabis companies. I became a PRO user because I was looking for accounting templates so that I didn't have to spend the time creating my own. I also needed to brush up on my manufacturing cost skills to be able to calculate the cost of producing a pound of cannabis. I like the templates, available in both Excel and PDF. I also found material that I can use for training. The material available on the AccountingCoach website has saved me a lot of time. The reference material is easy to access, and makes it easy to find quick answers to simple questions.
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I've just started your course, but I can't tell you how excited I am that you made this available. I've tried taking classes but they were always at a fast pace and once you are lost, you're lost. I can do this at my pace and go over it a hundred times if I need to. The visual learning gives me the tools I need to succeed at bookkeeping woohoo!
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As a dedicated professional in the non-profit sector, becoming a PRO user on this platform has been a transformative experience. The rich and relevant materials provided have empowered me to navigate the unique challenges of the non-profit landscape with greater efficacy. The platform's commitment to up-to-date insights has proven invaluable, directly impacting our organization's outreach and impact. The user-friendly interface ensures that even amidst a busy schedule, I can easily access and apply the insights gained, making a tangible difference in our mission's success.
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AccountingCoach is a wonderful platform that has helped and is still helping me to solve intricacies involved in contemporary accounting.
I want to thank you for all the information and resource learning tools you have on your website. I continue to learn and refresh my memory and gain more knowledge every year. It takes a major commitment on your part to keep the website current and accurate. I want to let you know how much I appreciate all you have done for bookkeepers and accountants.
I am an IT Business Analyst. I have recently encountered a critical financial project. Since I am from a computer science background, the knowledge which I had before that project is '-1'. Thankfully, Google showed me this website when I was searching the Internet to understand financial terms which I have to understand. This website is a complete package for professional accountants and novices like me. End of the day, I can explain financial stuff to my colleagues as well. Thank you
AccountingCoach has helped me tremendously with doing my books for my company. Before I struggled and now it is easier to do my books.
Hello, hope all is well. I thank God for allowing you Mr. Averkamp to share your knowledge with us. Your website breaks down accounting at all levels. I have learned so much from AccountingCoach and look forward to learning so much more.
Maths and Accounting have always been my favourite subjects. I have recently completed a Bookkeeping Certificate online, and AccountingCoach has helped in widening my knowledge of my course contents. As I am currently unemployed due to having been made redundant from my last job, I hope this course I have completed with the help I gained from AccountingCoach will assist me in getting a job.
I was always confused why banks credit their customers accounts but, after reading your notes on this topic, I now completely comprehend why they do this. Thank you.
Thank you!!!! I used your site yesterday to study for the IRS Revenue Agent exam and I passed!! You have a wonderful way of simplifying the most complex issues.
I have a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Accounting. But I've never had accounting concepts, etc. explained so plainly. They are a great review also! Thanks!
Thank you so much! Your website is my go-to reference corner which I can access from any client when I do Bookkeeping and run across something where I have a question. I have visited frequently and truly appreciate the access.
For an engineering major like me with hardly any finance skills, this website is like the perfect first step to understand accounting. Its simple approach is very appealing to me!! Thank you team! Your site is now a permament favorite in my browser!
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I am a big fan of your art ( I can't emphasize enough how much I rely or have relied on this tool when I wanted to learn a new concept back in college, or needed a quick review on old concepts. Thank you for taking an initiative in creating this tool.
Earlier I was not in touch with the Internet regarding my accounting studies. I used to refer to my book only. After watching AccountingCoach I chose it as the only reference for my studies. I'm preparing for CBSE so I have to be conceptually clear in each and everything. The way of explaining accounting is simply outstanding. If I would not have seen it I don't think that I could have understood clearly..I would really like to thank the author.
I am very glad that I joined AccountingCoach PRO PLUS because it has helped me refresh my memory of the accounting basics, and I am confident that completing this program will be a great boost for my knowledge to succeed in the business world and moreover, the certifications will be a major upgrade for my LinkedIn profile.
One of the finest works I have ever seen on Internet. I have acquired complete information about basics of accounting for my new upcoming accounting software. I have learned a lot from it. GOD bless them.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart to the AccountingCoach team, it really helps me in gaining accounting knowledge. Every part is explained in detail which we can't find in books. Whenever I have doubts in anything relevant to accounting I just visit AccountingCoach and I'll find a solution.
AccountingCoach has been a great tool to review concepts, to understand the purpose of the different financial statements. I'm very interested in become a CPA after I graduate and AccountingCoach has been of great help to review what direction to follow to accomplish that.
My Grandson got through his business studies at Newcastle University, with your help. He is still using '' at work and has been head hunted three times. Thank you.
I am so happy to find this website. I can't believe it's free. I am pursuing my accounting degree and use this site along with my textbook. I often find this site more useful. Thank you so much!
Great support and reference resource, simple explanations for odd infrequent transactions or questions. Would recommend to anyone with an accounting Job.
In my role as a business analyst, I wanted to get comfortable collaborating with FP&A folks and accounting teams at work. I am truly impressed with the course materials. The material is exceptionally clear and well structured, making complex accounting concepts easy to understand. The practical examples and step-by-step explanations have significantly enhanced my grasp of financial principles. This course is a valuable resource for anyone looking to build a solid foundation in financial accounting, especially if they have previously completed any academic coursework in accounting.
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Just wanted to thank you for your great website. As an accountant from the 80's and 90's, then a 15-year motherhood break, I felt a little rusty re-entering the work force. Your website is a great reference and thank you for that!
Thank you for your site. It is a source of my revision anytime I encounter any accounting problem at work. It has been very helpful in my professional work as an auditor.
Very much thankful for having this site. It had helped me a lot in self-reviewing accounting theories and practices each time I needed some support to back up my presentation during board meetings as well as some explanation to support my financial reports to my manager and other end-users. Thank you.
I have started my accounting studies after 15 years. It was very difficult to recall all those accounting formulas and definitions. During search I came across AccountingCoach. AccountingCoach is a one-stop learning center were you can find different accounting definitions and short notes on many more concepts. I would like to thank the team for their hard work and dedication.
I work in an accounting office with no job title or any specific accounting duties. Your website is helping me gain confidence so I can learn to utilize my knowledge...Thank you for all your great effort to help those who need.
Reading and going through the concepts on AccountingCoach is really worth the time. It helped me understand accounting in the correct perspective. Thank you AccountingCoach and all the concerned individuals behind it for making the great effort of sharing this knowledge.
I am certainly grateful to you for the service you are providing! When I get confused by something that I don't handle everyday, I turn to your site for help. And there is my answer in clear language that makes the light bulb go on quickly and gives me confidence in my work. God bless you!
Thank you so much for your website. I am a high school teacher studying for a state exam and your site explained everything I needed in easy to read, and understandable language. The best site I've found. Thank you.
It's a great and extremely useful site. It helps a lot in anything I need regarding accounting and even financial analysis. Thank you very much.
AccountingCoach was and still is very helpful to me, your topics are very accurate and simplified in a very good way.
I own a small business and have some bookkeeping in my background. A few situations have come up where I needed an answer and I have been able to go to the AccountingCoach site and find the answer quickly. Thank you.
I am an undergrad accounting student and I just wanted to say thank you for the free info given on your website. It really helps me a lot.
Very few websites have been as informative and interactive as AccountingCoach. I commend the efforts of the people behind the veil.
I graduated from a university in Africa in 2009 before I migrated to the US. I have been using this site since 2011 and it has kept me updated with my career. I really love it.
I must start by appreciating the work you people are doing. God bless you. Sincerely, AccountingCoach has been of great help to me. I have learned a lot of things which I missed in college. As we continue with the program, I always know that your work is not in vain. I am still planning to go on with my studies and I strongly believe that I will benefit from it should I succeed in proceeding with my studies.
I learned accounting after my college, but due to some financial conditions, I entered the field of medicine. But deep inside I always wanted to be an accountant. 3 years later, I got a job call from a company in Riyadh. I had only 2 months to prepare for that. I had almost forgotten my accounting studies. This website was God sent for me. It helped me a lot. Now I recommend this to all my friends.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for existing. :] I became a member when I was struggling through a college accounting class a few years back and it was a TREMENDOUS help with my passing! Today, I use the site to help with understanding nonprofit accounting for my start-up organization. Just... THANK YOU!
AccountingCoach is my dictionary when I need them. I dont need any other website except AccountingCoach.
It's simple - having all of this valuable information in one place is super helpful. I do not work with a lot of the material we are taught in college, so when I need a refresher I know I can come here.
I only wish that I found this website months earlier! You saved me from having to repeat my accounting class. WOW is all I can say after using this website.
I do not know why you do what you do but THANK YOU!! The information contained on this site has saved me from embarrassment and failure over and over again.
AccountingCoach was and still is very helpful to me, your topics are very accurate and simplified in a very good way.
I was a new entrant to accounts, the definitions of debits and credits etc are explained beautifully by you. Thank you very much.
AccountingCoach is my go-to source for accounting articles and explanation. It gives me a good level of depth and thorough explanation.
You are doing excellent job to help students and others in accounting studies, I really appreciate your work. Thanks.
Your site helped me to solve my day-to-day problems. I am really grateful for your encouragement, guidance and support.
AccountingCoach is my daily guide to accounting techniques and formulas that I use in my profession.
I gotta say, this is the absolute best site to gather things related to financial matters, it's the most comprehensive and understandable accounting site I've ever seen!! I already have a degree but I spread it via Facebook to investor groups and it has helped many people, including myself at times, thank you!!
An excellent site for understanding accounting. Its just like hunting treasure. The gems are spread everywhere. Anybody can get best out of this. Thanks to all involved.
As a teacher, AccountingCoach has helped me in many ways. One of the ways it has assisted me is by generating assessment for my lessons on varying topics. As a result, I was better able to provide immediate feedback to my students about their learning. Thank you for making teaching and learning fun!
I must say I'm glad for purchasing the PRO Plus access, it was interesting and full of insight. Now, I have more confidence and won't doubt my accounting skills. I can only get better every day. Thanks for these wonderful teachings.
I have found very useful information in your website. The step by step and detailed accounting topic approach is helpful to improve fundamental and high degree of accounting concepts and knowledge. Thank you so much. This is a great website for one who wants to redefine their accounting knowledge.
I graduated with a 3.99 = A average and earned an Associates in Accounting. Great university and knowledgeable professors. The courses were fast paced and a few details did not stay with me. I have however, used AccountingCoach to keep me updated and help me over the blurry spots. It felt like I was back at CTU in a 1-on-1 with the professor. AccountingCoach is a valuable tool for people who need brushing-up, or just want additional help. They are highly recommended from yours truly.
Congratulations on a job well done. I certainly appreciate referring to your material from time to time. Well done in all aspects. Thank you!
I was searching for a simple accountancy explanation. I am glad I got to your site after sifting through others. It's the most simple to understand for a lay person like me. Thanks a million for this site!
Even 'old accounting salts' like myself can use AccountingCoach to refresh terms and procedures that may have become dulled over the years due to infrequent use. Glad to be a participant of this great service. Thank you!
AccountingCoach is best online reference point for fundamental to advanced accounting topics.
I would like to THANK YOU very much for providing such valuable material on the Internet on one of my most feared subjects. Accounts is one subject which always had me worried and was a complete nightmare. However, thanks to your simple article with easy to grasp examples, I am now very confident of this. You are the best.
AccountingCoach has helped me countless times. I have a degree in accounting, however, I received it in 2003. If you are employed in a certain industry, there are aspects that you lose. In my case, construction-related accounting like job cost. There is nothing that you can't find on this site. No one condescends when answering and it's better than having your textbook next to you!
I just wanted to say thank you for such a great website with amazing information. I love it. PLEASE keep this website great. I have learned so much from you guys. As a young businessman AccountingCoach has served as a great teacher and study guide to increase my knowledge and make wiser decisions. I personally love numbers so this website just made me better with them. Thank you again.
Thanks a lot to AccountingCoach for helping me to update my knowledge.
I had to learn bookkeeping in order to run my company and AccountingCoach was one of the best websites I learned from.
I learned a lot more from this website than I did from my professor...This website saved me from failing a class!
The interactive process of research and learning from AccountingCoach has been a great tool for the profession. A great resource and aid in all aspects of accounting, providing the basics for new students as well as a reference for the working professional.
Thank you so much!!! This is actually quite helpful and is going to help me further understand accounting as I'll be university in the coming months. Huge thanks.
Thank you AccountingCoach! I started my MBA program with no knowledge of accounting and fell behind my classmates. Your site was my saviour! You communicate the concepts clearly and I love the format and organization!
As a teacher in Grade 11 and college, it has helped me a lot in the preparation and using your website as an aid to my materials. It is very handy and students enjoy the test materials and they use it for their review. I am taking some exams from your site and I thank you for your effort. Thanking you so much for these endeavors.
There are times in which I need assistance in some bookkeeping entries and that's when I depend on AccountingCoach. It's been so helpful to me that I have been recommending it to my colleagues. I trust the information given on the page. I will never doubt as to apply whatever information I get from AccountingCoach.
AccountingCoach has helped me understand the accounting principles better. It was well explained and very easy to follow. Everything you need to know about accounting is here. Excellent investment! Thank you so much Mr. Harold Averkamp!
Your information and practice problems have kept me abreast in my accounting career. Thank you very much!
The explanation of terms is very easy to understand. Just read once or twice at the most, then you got it. Please keep up the good work.
AccountingCoach PRO has been a great resource to answer questions I've simply forgotten the answer to. I am constantly moving between payroll, accounting, and taxes. Its great to refresh my knowledge quickly when there's a tight schedule.
I visited your site a lot. And in each visit I learned something new. My English improved and my accounting skills improved more than expected. Thanks a lot to those standing behind this amazing site and helping people all over the world.
WOW...This site is absolutely amazing!!!! I've committed to learning about accounting on this site for two hours daily in preparation for my BA in Accounting and Finance degree next year and it's amazing how much I've learnt over the past few days!! The puzzlesmake learning more exciting. Thank you...Thank you...Thank you very much!!!
I starting my career in Finance & Banking and have segwayed into a controller role in my latest company, I often have to get the lowdown on mechanics of an accounting transaction from AccountingCoach. Once I have the base concept from AccountingCoach I then ramp up to IFRS and beyond!
I'm a PRO member and I'd like to add that the website is fantastic in explaining accountancy at a fundamental level and really emphasizes the concrete base knowledge that every accountant needs.
Mr. AccountingCoach you are the most brilliant teacher I had ever met in my life, OMG your books are very explanatory. Certain topics that I wasclueless about make more sense now than they did before. Thanks.
Wonderful professional accounting package with excellent self-learning kits.
This website is helpful with comprehensive accounting information. All about accounting in one site. Thank you!
Mr. Averkamp, if only you had been teaching accounting at Texas Tech, I might have stayed with accounting instead of switching to finance! I have just started the free courses, and so far the information is comprehensive and user friendly! I automate processes for companies, most often for the accounting departments. I am thrilled I have found you!
I am a graduate accountant working as an accounting agent. I feel so lucky that I get to know this website when I just start my accounting career. It is very helpful, especially with those areas I am not familiar with. You give very clear explanations. Thank you, you have done a great job!
This is an elegant and beautiful site. I'm brushing up on accounting and finance and I find your material cuts right to the key concepts and offers great insight. Many thanks to you for a job well done!
AccountingCoach has helped with my first two accounting classes. Practicing and reviewing class assignments at my own pace was a big help. I became a PRO user because I wanted to have more resources and be able to work on additional accounting problems outside of class to see if I understood the material. I liked how the material was explained with a related story to understand the concept better. I currently work at a college as a financial aid specialist, and this site has made me feel more comfortable in my position when doing specific budgets for students for financial aid eligibility. I like how easy the material is to use, and the quizzes at the end to test your knowledge. I plan on returning to refresh and prepare for my next accounting class. I recommend this site to my classmates all the time.
I am currently Vice President of a management firm that manages platinum-level clients, with onsite staff and resort-level amenities. I have been in this industry for seventeen years. My team works 100% remotely. We have a training plan for our new accountants (we call them Financial Managers, as they are also front-facing with our platinum-level clients). Part of our vetting process is an accounting test. I direct our candidates to AccountingCoach's website to do a review of accounting terms and practices. It is not easy to find a numbers person who has the personality to engage our non-accountant board-member clients. When we find that personality, I do all I can to help them pass the accounting test. I use AccountingCoach to find information on topics that come up in our day-to-day operations. Occasionally, we get a client that has an operation or component we do not see every day. That might be a large equipment lease, a land lease for beach access, loans with an interest swap, or odd things listed on their balance sheet from the previous management company. AccountingCoach is not an authoritative entity, but it is a great source of information on how to apply principles and to give a great background on those principles. I have never regretted being a PRO member at AccountingCoach. I like the simple definitions and the living-room-like presentation of definitions and principles. Thank you for this opportunity to share my experience with AccountingCoach's website. I look forward to the new look coming in January 2024.
Simply amazing. Your endeavor is undoubtedly praiseworthy. Keep it up.
AccountingCoach assists me in my studies. I am also a late bloomer, first year college student at 56. I am now at my last subject in completion of my 1st-year Certificate in Bookkeeping at the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. There was so much to learn, and thanks to AccountingCoach I could sort out the problems and understand most of my material.
Great website! Very easy to navigate through and very informative. I will be using it as part of my CPA exam study material or CFA exam. I'm not sure which one yet but I'm sure it will work for both. Thanks! Best regards.
I stumbled across this most wonderful site while despairing about ever understanding accountancy from the textbooks I had. And I cried with joy—the sheer clarity and simplicity of explanation. Thank you Mr Averkamp. God bless you.
Thank you for giving us such skills without any cost. It is a pleasure to consult AccountingCoach and help me in my career as relationship and SME officer in my institution. Thank you very much.
Definitely there when you need help. Easy, user-friendly, quick and easy access.
Greetings! I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks for all the information that you have shared. It really helps me to refresh everything and apply in my daily concerns and adds to my teaching. More power and God bless!
AccountingCoach was a Godsend while I went through my coursework to complete my degree program and I continue to utilize it as a refresher! Fabulous asset to enhance my knowledge and skills! Thank you AccountingCoach!!
I have worked as a Financial Services Trainer and have always found information to pass onto my students from the 'AccountingCoach' site. The information covers basic topics to the more complex definitions and has been a great resource for me in both my training role and my bookkeeping business.
I have benefited from your help and look forward to gaining more insight with the clear, precise, and trust-worthy information you provide.
AccountingCoach PRO membership provides the necessary accounting knowledge for me on my job. Most of the time I would check this website to verify certain accounting procedures or look up for quick reference.
I was searching for a good website to improve my accounting knowledge. When I reached your website, I really found it profitable and useful. Thanks a lot.
I've perceived obstacles in the middle of my accounting course, but the availability of your services has helped me acknowledge a few methods one can use to keep going, which later resulted in prosperous outcomes in my accounting course. Your services are appreciated and valued. Thanks AccountingCoach.
AccountingCoach PRO Plus has helped me to be a better student. I plan on completing the certificates as they translate into marketable knowledge, and in today's market you can't have enough of that.
I inadvertently came across your website. I will be learning because of you. I thank you kindly!! This guide will be a tremendous help for me. This is truly awesome you having this guide and other helpful information available and at no cost. I will pay it forward someday. Thank you again!!!!!
Even though I am no longer in the workforce - your site has helped me in maintaining my personal and household accounts. Whenever I have a question regarding accounting I go to your site and there it is! - the answer. I have worked in accounting positions all my professional life and wish your site had been available then.
This is an incredible Site! I'm constantly impressed with what you can learn here! Thank you for providing such an amazing service to people who didn't jump into college and earn a degree!!!
I just wanted to thank you for this great site! I know that it is advertised as being a site for those who just want to know the basics about accounting, but I am an accounting major in college and use this site almost every time I have an accounting assignment to work on. It is great to be able to clarify information and see how to work through processes. Again, thanks!
I am the business office manager at a retirement community. I had taken some accounting classes in business college and university, but they were limited. Since I am working for an entity funded by HUD, I am audited each year, so my goal has been to improve my skills yearly. I appreciate AccountingCoach because it gives me easy access to improving my accounting skills without going back to school. I became a PRO user because I wanted the opportunity to continue to grow and learn and improve. Due to difficult circumstances in my life the past few years, I've gotten away from the training, but what I appreciate is that I CAN come back anytime to improve my knowledge and skills and pick up where I left off, which I plan to do very soon.
This website is very supporting for me. I learned a lot of things from here. I appreciate your team for this great work. Thanking you. ;)
I was surfing the Internet looking for a little help (I'm studying Accounting) and I found your website. I'd like to tell you Thank you!!! The site is amazing. I found what I couldn't find anywhere else. And plus, the crosswords, dictionary, topics explained! I just became one of you fans.
I must confess that the AccountingCoach materials from your site has helped in sharing my teaching skills as a university research fellow. Indeed, it provided a variety of recent discoveries in the interpretation and simplification of the basic foundation knowledge to a majority of my undergraduates. I dove my cap for you in this regard and wish you well in your endeavour to take this coaching business to the next level. My regards.
Even though I am not an Accountant, I find AccountingCoach very helpful in understanding many transactions.
I am a software developer and part of my job has been to develop accountancy software. My main area of expertise is as a computer programmer. AccountingCoach helps me to understand accountant-speak so that I can produce the software that accountants want.
I just wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you how invaluable your website has been while I have been studying for my CPA exam. This is also reflected in the fact that when you Google most accounting topics/terms you're usually in the top 5 hits which is a tremendous accomplishment.
I fell in love with AccountingCoach some five years ago. It has served as a reference dictionary to me. Not only so, it has helped to refresh my mind with new developed concepts and its down to earth explanations.
I appreciate the amount of thought and work you put into all your lessons. You really do help make accounting easier to understand and I know that is not always easy. :)
I originally purchased lifetime access to AccountingCoach back in 2012. I thought it would be a good thing to learn, as my exposure in the area was limited. Even back then, I found the materials to be helpful, and most importantly—NOT INTIMIDATING! At the time, I was a volunteer with a non-profit, trying to help in any way that I could. By gaining some understanding through the resources provided on the website, I felt very comfortable offering support in performing basic record-keeping duties and report preparation. Over the years, I have seen some changes in the offerings, but this latest upgrade appears to be the best one yet! What a fantastic opportunity to brush up on skills, learn something new, and be able to access shareable certificates. Mr. Averkamp clearly has the desire to make accounting knowledge available to everyone, and the PRO Plus offerings are the latest in his efforts to do just that! I’m looking forward to the new website in 2024!
I am very fortunate to have all the information you provide on your website and it will help me perform my function as an auditor of the Inland Revenue Department which I audited different industries with different activities.
I have been looking for employment for six months now. I use AccountingCoach to keep me up-to-date and relevant. It is amazing how quick you forget the tips and tricks of the trade when you do not do the work every day. Your website is key to my future employment.
AccountingCoach taught me a lot. I have had a bookkeeping business for one year now, but I never feel confident about it. After exploring AccountingCoach it was evident to me after the first day that I am in good hands... Because of how AccountingCoach is structured, I was able to study at a fast pace and get the info I needed to be more productive in my business. Thank you for presenting the information in such a basic, uncomplicated way.
Thank you so much. I have been in school on-line for the last 4 years. I am now in the Masters Program at Keller Graduate School. I cannot even tell you how many times I have used your site and what a help it has been to me with my courses. I hope to sit for the CPA exam. Thank you again for all of the help you provide with your website!
I am a student, and this site is a very big help to understand accounting in a simple and lucid way. It's a great reference including quizzes and exercises. Thank you so much for sharing! God bless you.
It is the best accounting website I've ever seen, I learned the concept of accrual and deferral well from here. It is a very comprehensive website and was also very useful to learn accounting terms in English.
I am so grateful for having found this site. I only wish I could have found it before taking intermediate accounting. But I know that after reading this site I will feel more confident in signing up for the CPA exam.
Thanking you for excellent tips.
I have a background in IT and accounting. I am currently retired, but continue to access the AccountingCoach website as a way to keep my accounting skills up to date. The manifold documentation, quizzes, and games are a great way for me to challenge myself and stay current. Harold has put together, in one place, a lot of valuable information, and disseminates everything in an easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand method. I became a PRO user a few years ago because it is a great way to keep track of my progress, as well as have access to extra content.
It's a great experience to learn from AccountingCoach, the thoroughly explained articles help me in my studies and learning. When I am confused at any term, AccountingCoach has the perfect elucidation and examples. Thank You AccountingCoach.
I am a tutor in financial accounting and this site is really helpful for me to reinforce and explain different concepts as well as for my various students to use if the textbook is overloading with information. Everything is neat, condensed, and relevant. The practice exams are a great tool. I highly recommend it!
Accounting coach has assisted me a lot in advancing my career. Tremendous website and great help.
I just wanted to say 'Thank You!' for creating this site! An excellent resource for teaching and tutoring!Keep up the great work! Thanks again!
WOW! This is a wonderful website and I will use it to master many concepts... It is a godsend. I love it. As a student, you need a refresher sometimes, and this website is it. Thank you sir, and I will pass the word on!!
Thanks for the good job that you are doing for all the accounting in the world. Especially for my country. We have textbook problems. Your questions and answers are really helping me. Thanks a million times.
Sometimes I was very alone by solving my problems, and was so happy to have AccountingCoach. All what I can say is THANK YOU, two short words for a great help and service.
This site is amazing! I downloaded the AccountingCoach material yesterday and it has already proved to be very useful! I recomend it for accounting students on all levels.
I am a Granny of 67 years old, a South African National, studying for an undergraduate degree in Accounting. Coming across AccountingCoach was the best gift I ever received throughout my education pursuits. AccountingCoach is pleasantly user-friendly and a great study tool for senior citizens and those who study part time because of their busy work schedules. Even South African University students who are presently facing funding challenges in South Africa can use AccountingCoach as a study tool. Thank you.
Amazing, very informative and helpful! Wow, thank you for the great site. It's a great example to all and everyone especially to those beginners like me. Thank you very much!!
AccountingCoach helped me get a 78% in my end of semester examinations. I appreciate the help it has been to me as now I will be going into my third year.
I am neither an accountant nor a bookkeeper. Rather, I am a Ph.D. economist. However, my wife owns a small literary agency and needed someone to keep track of her business records. She recruited me, and I turned to QuickBooks. I'm afraid I found the language of double-entry bookkeeping somewhat confusing. As an economist, my only encounter with accounting was my training in national income accounting, especially as it applied to international trade. For me, that knowledge didn't quite transfer to small-business bookkeeping. I looked around for a source that I could use to educate myself on what seemed to me to be the arcanum of accounting for small businesses and bookkeeping. I stumbled, quite accidentally, upon AccountingCoach, and I am really glad I did. I find the material accessible and clear for a non-specialist like myself. Not only do I continue to learn about the ins and outs of accounting and bookkeeping, but I think one of my main benefits from being an AccountingCoach subscriber is that my wife (of 50 years) is pleased with my work for her accounting needs. And her happiness, for me, was worth the cost of admission. Thank you very much.
Thank you immensely for a fantastic web-site. I have only take one formal accounting course way back in 2001. My background is mainly in compliance and taxation, yet I am taking an accounting test to land a job, and your website is excellent in the respect that it is very clear, explains the concepts in vey simple and clear terms, and does not include too much clutter. Thank you.
Your approach has been really helpful. I passed my level four final accounts paper with distinction in the UK.
After finishing my accounting program, I felt prepared to tackle any job my supervisor gave me, though in many cases I needed to refresh some concepts. AccountingCoach helps me when I have some questions. I used it almost every day and I take the quizzes to refresh my knowledge.
Top notch help in gathering answers to common questions as well as some esoteric situations.
AccountingCoach is a great reference source. It helped in refreshing my memory and was a useful tool in my preparation for an accounting job interview. It is highly recommend. Keep up the good job!!!!!
This is wonderful.....the information presented is better than the $160.00 text I had to purchase for my accounting MBA class. Thanks so much!!!!!
Thank you so much for the guidance and teachings this website has given me...I could not even imagine getting first class upper in my first semester of the university. I am very very grateful.
I have been using AccountingCoach for many years both for education and learning and also as a reference guide for resolving simple or complex questions.
I have the minimal training in accounting, and since using AccountingCoach, I have been able to handle some Campaign accounts for this coming election, without any problems. It is such a joy to be able to read and understand a section the first time around without having to go through the specific section again to understand what the procedures were, or what to label the receipts.
As a part-time online tutor, this site and program have provided me with a wealth of both knowledge and resources to use with my students.
Just wanted to say thank you for all the information on your website. I am holding an 'A' average in my classes because of the quizzes and dictionary. So thanks again.
AccountingCoach is an excellent resource for all things 'accounting'. Quick, efficient and well written to be easily understood.
I am contacting you to let you know what a help your program has been to me. I recently signed up to become a member and I could not be happier. I don't know how many people contact you to let you know what a help your program is, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to do so. Thank you so much.
I know I have thanked you before for putting together such a valuable website, but I want to again. As one finance person to another, your website is written in a terrifically concise and clear way that I find myself referring back to it again and again to help me explain some concepts to my clients. Your work is much appreciated.
I attend a top 3 business school and I find your website a lot more helpful than many of my professor's lectures. Thank you very much!
AccountingCoach has really helped me with my coursework in college. I'm an older adult who returned to school to study accounting for my position at work. When there is a concept that is unclear in my book, I always turn to AccountingCoach to clarify the material. It is also a great resource for studying for tests and questions at work.
I am actually an economics student, and in my first year it was a requirement that I take accounting as a course, I wasn't prepared for that, it was one of my weakest points even from High school, so having received help from this site, I'm glad to let you know that I obtained an A.
Just awesome at giving me easily understandable and to-the-point solutions to my different queries. Thanks a lot.
I am not from an accounting background, but recently while making a business plan AccountingCoach has helped me to understand the accounting process big time. Now I have a fair understanding of basics of accounting and as executive manager can better plan and understand the business process...thank you AccountingCoach.
AccountingCoach PRO has been a Godsend. It has been far more helpful to me than the actual AIPB manuals!
I am a county planner with a background in large public and private projects. During my MBA program, I had limited time to absorb many new financial concepts, and became a PRO user to keep up with my classes in Accounting (the language of business). I found the format and content of AccountingCoach ideal to understand and review what we were covering, especially when preparing for exams. While I haven't used AccountingCoach as heavily since graduating, I still visit occasionally to brush up on topics my high-schoolers need help understanding. I keep finding new content and valuable resources which make my investment worth more than ever.
It's a nice way to brush up on skills and keep up-to-date on Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable skills.
I am grateful to AccountingCoach because they help me a lot in developing my skills in accounting. Thank you. Keep it up.
I would like to thank Mr. Harold Averkamp very muchfor his generosity and good heart. It is such a good source for peoplewho have a limited amount of knowledge in accounting. It opens theireyes and makes them understand better and answers all their questions.I had many questions in accounting and I didn't know who to ask, butnow all my questions are answered and I understand much better. Hecovered all the topics in accounting without forgetting any...amazing. So I feel now that there are still good people in life who serveothers without knowing them...that is a big quality. All my respect toeverybody who worked for AccountingCoach and I appreciate your workvery much.
I take this opportunity to thank AccountingCoach for guiding me in my career. It's been more than a decade that I graduated and for a job change now I could not imagine how I would browse over my accounting stuff. AC has helped me very very much and I am very happy for that.
AccountingCoach helps to understand the fundamentals of accounting well. The course material is helpful to both newcomers as well as the experienced who often tend to forget the fundamentals.
I am so amazed how AccountingCoach has helped me. I am an accounting student and sometimes when I go to lectures and my accounting lecturer is lecturing I don't understand, but when I go through AccountingCoach I understand it better. I went from 65% to 80%, thank you for your help.
Good day! I just want to thank you Mr. Averkamp because your website is really a good help for me. I'm finance student from Philippines and I appreciate your website. I am also a fan now of yours because of your achievements in life. Thank you very much:)
I have my own accounting and bookkeeping firm that I've run since 1994, and your site has been incredibly helpful. I found you in 2015 and bought a lifetime membership at that time. Some of the best money I've spent on education. Your site is easy to navigate, and the information library is in depth yet accessible to varying skill sets. I work in several different arenas, including non-profits, construction, service industry, and retail. I highly recommend your site!
It has been a helping tool and learning centre for aspiring accountants. So good.
I learned more from the free quizzes on this site in a day (before the final) than I did in an entire college financial accounting course. I am about to own my exam thanks I will buy the set of materials if I need them when it's CPA time.
I just recently purchased the AccountingCoach program, the outline of the program is very simple and clarifying. It's an excellent program. Thank God for this program and the affordable price.
I am almost done with my masters in accounting and never in all my years did I ever find materials as clear as these. I wanted to refresh my memory with some of the fundamentals of accounting because I am taking my CPA exam and these materials are excellent. Thank you very much.
I have a clearing office of myself in Angola, and I am a customs broker. I am very glad to tell you that I have benefited from the materials you have published. Beyond my knowledge of accounting and supply chain management, your materials are self-teaching, and help me in my day-to-day duties that I am practicing, as well as with making money to manage myself, my employees, and my family.
I am currently a billing coordinator for a utility company. I became a PRO user as I wanted to have better reference material for my accounting class when I attended college. I enjoy how easy lessons are to follow along with, and the opportunity to test what I've learned in real time, with explanations that reinforce the lesson plans. The materials help me perform my current job with greater ease. In my previous job, I was often entrusted with the company's financials when our usual accountant was absent. I thank the lessons from AccountingCoach more than my college accounting classes for my confidence.
AccountingCoach is a very reliable tool for all sorts of people who need a quick and clear solution regarding any relevant information about accounting on the Internet. It has eased my study a lot within my college years.
Without AccountingCoach, I would flunk out of my MBA program. The Managerial Accounting class is poorly packaged by the university and without training in financial accounting, students are doomed to fail. The university apparently does not care, so I chose this program in order to learn the financial accounting needed for this class that the university decided not to offer but expects us to know, even students that have no background at all in accounting. Thanks for saving my degree!
Thank you very much for all your efforts to make available and maintain the best Accounting website online. I cannot tell you how beneficial your website is to me. I purchased lately at a very affordable price more accounting material. Making this information available and free to everybody on the planet is for sure a quality of a true believer. May God sustain you and reward you for your efforts.
I am an accounting major at a college in the southeast and your material is a good addition to the material that I have to learn in my accounting classes. At times the information on your free website is much easier to understand then the information that is in my $120 textbook. Therefore, I just wanted to say thank you for creating your website to help those of us who find accounting a bit hard to understand at times.
I am very happy with AccountingCoach. The content I found here is very good, it's great, above my expectations, thanks AccountingCoach!!!!
AccountingCoach was a great help to me since I was in the Philippines. AccountingCoach was my guidance with my work and now I'm here in the US, still AccountingCoach is of great help. Thank you.
Thanks, AccountingCoach helped me to increase my knowledge and think more about the accounting course. My career improved because of AccountingCoach. Today, I have confidence among others. Thanks, be blessed.
I love AccountingCoach! I am a finance director for a non-profit. Being a PRO user will give me more access to material, as well as certificates to qualify for. Accounting regulatory changes happen often, and with AccountingCoach, I can get solid info on these things. AccountingCoach is easy to use and to navigate. It is simply the best tool. I would recommend AccountingCoach to a new accountant or a seasoned CPA!
I am currently a part-time office manager/accountant for an HOA. AccountingCoach has been a real asset for me. I am over 60, and have had several part-time jobs. For one of my last jobs, I had to prepare to be tested. Even though I have an accounting degree, and am confident in my work, I still felt that I needed a refresher course. I like the way your course material is comprehensive, yet condensed. It makes it so much easier to review things you may have forgotten or not used in a while. I don't like to take tests, but the AccountingCoach tests help so much. I look forward to using the new website. Thanks, AccountingCoach!
Thanks a lot for the opportunity to learn from your website, - It is huge. Easy to follow and user-friendly. A pleasure to work with. Very much helpful and advanced in many ways.
AccountingCoach has been a great asset to me and my job. It helped me while I went to school at a late age 45. I continue to use it. Thanks.
I am going through this course which is helping me do my bookkeeping business and is helping me sit for my exam. Thank you so much for the help.
One of the best sites which I have gone through. It helps me very well to get a detailed analysis of the topics in which I have doubt. Simple. Crisp. Knowledgeable. I have advised many friends to refer the same.
My understanding of accounting was shallow until I came across It has tremendously helped me understand accounting beyond my imagination. I give kudos to AccountingCoach for this great opportunity. Please continue the good work.
I worked in accounts for approximately 10 years and now am self-employed. I never had formal education in Accounting and took on a job back then internally from one of the companies I worked for. Years later I started studying via-online. The online tutor gave short answers and it didn't help that much to complete my assessments. Also, the textbook can be hard to understand and learning material can be limited on one book. I stumbled across AccountingCoach, and I found the learning materials are so much easier to understand. Although I am not in the same country as you, apart from the law may be different but everything else helped me so much to pass my Accounting Principles exam. Thank you so much for your help.
Thanks you've helped me and instilled morale in me to pursue my CPA. I am going for it. This is a place to be.
I benefit from AccountingCoach a lot. It answers my questions and teaches me about accounting and serves me as vital reference. It is very important for doing my job.
I am a newcomer PR to Canada and preparing for a screening test for an accounting course. The AccountingCoach materials are very useful and helpful for me in my preparation as the accounting system here in Canada is a bit different from my home country. Hopefully, I will be able to clear my screening exam and will enter my dream career in Canada. Thank you very much.
Just wanted to say that I love this site! It is really helping me to re-learn a ton of information that I have forgotten. The tests, quizzes, etc., are awesome!! Thank you for putting the time into making such a website.
Unbelievable! The website is super helpful for anyone, real professionals and non professionals. As a CPA, I almost can find all answers to any questions I may think of about real accounting. I must say you are so knowledgeable and experienced. All my students love the site, and I am not an exception. Thank you.
I am so satisfied that I signed up to AccountingCoach. It enabled me to progress from basic bookkeeping to an advanced stage where I am now confident in preparing Financial Statements to a level that they are ready to be sent to the tax accountants for tax returns and adjusting entries. I had been attending courses at college but trying to work and fit in attendance was a real juggling act. With AccountingCoach I was able to focus on the specific areas that I needed at any given time. More so, I was able to do this at home in the evenings at my leisure and not have to worry about how I could fit studying into my schedule. I found AccountingCoach to be structured in such a way that made it so much more interesting and not just a chore. I was able to quit the college but at the same time feel totally confident that I would achieve my goals. I am now successfully running my own business and have established quite a reputation as a go-to person for resolving difficult situations. I have no reservations in recommending AccountingCoach as an essential tool for anyone wanting to follow an accounting career.
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