Seventeen years ago I earned an accounting degree. How should I proceed to become a CPA?

I suggest that you first determine your state's requirements for taking the CPA Exam and for becoming licensed as a certified public accountant. You can do that with an internet search for your state's board of accountancy.

It is possible that you can take the CPA Exam with your present degree, but to become a licensed certified public accountant, you will need a minimum of 150 college credit hours (some of which are specified), passing an ethics exam, and having the appropriate professional experience.

The CPA Exam is so rigorous that only half of the people pass the exam. That includes the people with 150 college credit hours and those taking a CPA review course. Therefore, I feel you will have a monumental task ahead in order to pass the CPA Exam.

You might meet with the chairperson of the accounting department at a college having a recognized accounting program to get that person's advice. It is possible that the college may have a program designed for a person with your background.