Seventeen years ago I earned an accounting degree. How should I proceed to become a CPA?

To pass the CPA Exam you will need to review all that you had learned plus get current on accounting and auditing standards that have been issued during the past 17 years.

The first step is to determine your state's educational requirements for taking the CPA Exam. Recent grads usually need to have earned 150 college credits in order to sit for the CPA Exam. You need to determine the requirements for someone graduating in 1991 with an accounting degree. We provide links to the state boards of accountancy within our free Accounting Career Center. If you need to take additional college credits, then you should give thought as to whether it should be for the minimum credits in the discipline of your interest, an MBA degree, or more accounting courses. To assist you, I suggest that you meet with the chairperson of the accounting department at each college that you are considering. Often they have special programs that are designed for a person with your background. Our Accounting Career Center also has direct links to more than 700 college accounting departments in the U.S.

After obtaining the required amount of college credits, many students enroll in a CPA Review course just prior to sitting for the CPA Exam.

Within's Accounting Career Center we provide othe assistance and links for obtaining information on the CPA Exam.