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Harold Averkamp

Harold Averkamp

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Certificates of Achievement

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10 Topics

Debits and Credits

Pass our 40-question exam to demonstrate that you have mastered debits and credits, double-entry, and the accrual method of accounting. As you use the AccountingCoach materials to prepare for the exam, you will gain a deeper understanding. This will lead to a new level of confidence and less need to memorize.

Adjusting Entries

Unless a company’s financial statements are adjusted at the end of each accounting period, they will not present the true profit, assets, liabilities, etc. Passing our certificate exam will allow you to gain confidence and distinguish yourself. You will become more valuable as you prepare to pass this 40-question exam.

Financial Statements

Earn this certificate to demonstrate your knowledge of the main financial statements. In the process you will be improving your knowledge, retention and recall of key elements. You will feel more confident knowing you passed the 40-question exam prepared by an experienced CPA and university instructor.

Balance Sheet

Preparing for this certificate exam will deepen your understanding of what the balance sheet is reporting and what it is not reporting. Decide that you are going to take your financial sophistication to a higher level and then demonstrate it by earning this certificate.

Income Statement

Passing this certificate exam will indicate that you have a solid understanding of the components of the income statement. As a result of your studying, you will stand out from others who are limited to citing the bottom-line amount. With additional knowledge you can make constructive suggestions to improve the profits of your business.

Cash Flow Statement

As you study for this certificate exam, you will be taking your financial literacy to higher level. No longer will you ignore this valuable, required, and insightful financial statement. Not only will you better understand where a company’s cash has been going, you will also discover indicators of potential operational problems within a company.

Working Capital and Liquidity

Earning this certificate will show that you understand the need for managing working capital and why company owners often proclaim, “Cash is king”. Studying and reviewing our related materials will allow you to become more astute about changes in a company’s working capital and the importance of the speed in which current assets are converted to cash. You will also see the importance of the liquidity information contained in the statement of cash flows.

Financial Ratios

Earn this certificate of achievement by calculating 15 common financial ratios and answering questions about their meaning and limitations. Preparing for this exam will enhance your knowledge of financial statements and will help you gain insights about a company’s finances and operations.

Bank Reconciliation

By studying for this certificate exam, you will be improving your proficiency in preparing a company’s bank reconciliation. You will also understand why a bank’s debit to a company’s checking account means the company will need to credit its general ledger Cash account. Finally, you will appreciate the need for preparing the “bank rec” often and on a timely basis.

Payroll Accounting

As you prepare for this 40-question certificate exam, you will learn about the rules and calculations behind the payroll accounting entries. Specifically, you will gain insights into the IRS rules covering overtime pay, minimum wage, Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, and more. Make the commitment to become more knowledgeable, confident, and valuable by earning our payroll accounting certificate.

Motivational Badges and Points

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Earn our unique badges and points as you track your progress and complete various milestones. You'll find this to be an effective way to stay motivated and celebrate your success.

Motivational Badges and Points

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my Certificates of Achievement?

In order to earn a certificate you must receive a passing score of 70% on the related certificate exam. Once you pass an exam, your Certificate of Achievement will be instantly accessible through 1) a unique verification URL so you can share your certificate online, 2) a link to download and print your certificate in high-quality PDF format, and 3) a special link to add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile.

Do I have to pass all ten exams?

No. You may choose to earn any individual certificate or all of the Certificates of Achievement at your convenience. For example, as soon as you earn a passing grade on the Debits and Credits Exam you will instantly receive access to your Certificate of Achievement for Debits and Credits.

Do I have to take the exams by a certain date?

No. Our certificate exams can be taken at any time. Your purchase includes lifetime access to the exams. Hence, you can and should take the exams only after you are well prepared.

How many attempts do I get to pass each exam?

Your payment includes two attempts to pass each of the exams. If you have not achieved a score of 70% or higher on your first attempt, a second attempt is allowed at no additional cost.

What are some benefits of the Certificates of Achievement?

In addition to providing evidence that you have attained competence in various areas, our certificate exams can 1) demonstrate your proficiency to employers, 2) boost your confidence, 3) direct your attention to areas you need to study further, 4) provide a refresher prior to a job interview or added job responsibilities, and 5) assist in retaining important concepts.

Why a certificate from AccountingCoach?

Our Certificates of Achievement have been developed by Harold Averkamp (CPA, MBA). He is the sole author of the materials found on and AccountingCoach PRO. Harold’s professional work experience and his 25 years of teaching and testing students at a highly-rated accounting program result in certificate exams that are clearly written and have a balance between theory and business situations.

Will these be accepted for continuing education units or for college credits?

At this point we have not submitted our certificate of achievement exams to any group or organization for their acceptance. Therefore, you should not expect to be awarded either continuing education units or college credit. On the other hand, our Certificates of Achievement provide evidence that you have attained a level of competence established by AccountingCoach (one of the most well-known and widely-respected websites for learning introductory accounting and bookkeeping).

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