Will I be able to pass the CPA Exam after studying the accounting material on AccountingCoach.com?

AccountingCoach.com contains introductory accounting material. While you need to master the principles and concepts contained on this website, you will need to master more than ten times the amount of this material in order to pass the CPA Exam.

States and jurisdictions have specific requirements that must be met before taking the CPA Exam. In the U.S. it is common for the requirements to include 150 college credits. The accounting material on AccountingCoach.com is perhaps the equivalent of 3 college credits of accounting, while students obtaining an accounting major will have 30 college credits in accounting courses alone.

You should also know that even with 150 college credits, including 30 college credits in accounting, most people cannot pass the CPA Exam. If you wish to be successful, you will need an aptitude for accounting and business in order to master the complex material included on the CPA Exam.

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