What does an accountant do?

Some accountants are directly involved in preparing an organization's financial statements. This is likely to include maintaining the general ledger and supervising some employees.

Other accountants work with a corporation's management in analyzing costs of operations, products, and special projects. Usually this will also involve budgeting and preparing reports which highlight any variances.

Some accountants work as a corporation's internal auditor while many accountants are independent certified public accountants (CPAs) who audit the financial statements of many corporations and other organizations.

Some accountants and CPAs choose to have their own accounting firm and may focus on assisting small businesses with their accounting systems, financial statements, income tax returns, tax planning, investment decisions, etc.

The above examples illustrate the variety of opportunities that accountants have available. Accountants can also use their formal college education with many types of businesses and organizations such as manufacturers, retailers, financial institutions, accounting firms, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and more. Many accountants also use their knowledge and experience to become executives and business owners.