How can I learn bookkeeping at a low cost?

You can use the Internet to learn bookkeeping at little or no cost. For example, at no cost you can read clear explanations of debits and credits, adjusting entries, financial statements, bank reconciliation, payroll accounting and more at Also at no cost, you will find practice quizzes and 1,100 Q&A for 30+ bookkeeping and accounting topics. (Visual tutorials, video training, quick tests, quick tests with coaching, ten certificates of achievement, and more can be accessed for a small, one-time only fee for a lifetime membership in AccountingCoach PRO Plus.)

After you learn the bookkeeping and accounting basics from AccountingCoach, I recommend that you learn QuickBooks. QuickBooks (from Intuit Inc.) is the leading software for small businesses. You should also learn an electronic spreadsheet. You will find some free and low-cost training for these important tools through an Internet search.

After you have mastered the materials on AccountingCoach and have become familiar with QuickBooks, strive to find a business, bookkeeping service, or not-for-profit organization that will provide you with real-world, hands-on experience. Don't be overly concerned with the starting pay since your value will come after you demonstrate your proficiency as an effective bookkeeper.