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"I have taken Accounting classes THREE DIFFERENT TIMES and failed every time - until now. Thanks to AccountingCoach, I finally understand the basic Accounting concepts that I couldn't figure out in a fast-paced classroom setting. I wish I would have found this site YEARS ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - E.M. from Amarillo, Texas
"I have more than 34 years of teaching Accounting and Finance. Still I find your materials simple, lucid with clarity and covers all the related links and concepts. I am getting your newsletter regularly and using your resources for my students. My students too join me in appreciating your untiring efforts in providing this service. Hats off." - M.A.M. from Mogadishu
"...I enrolled in a few online courses that offer bookkeeping...I find your information a lot more informative...I had to save this website to my bookmarks so that I would always have it by my side. Thank you, and thank you for making it free. I've learned more from your free site than I did when I paid hundreds of dollars for the information."
"There is something else that this website helps achieve. It is a great resource for anyone teaching foreign students accounting English. They are usually professionals who need to communicate in English and a website like this one is an incredibly easy source of 'training' materials for them as well."
"This site is very helpful especially to beginners like me. I'm a grad student but this is the first time I have ever come close to understanding accounting. It's like winning a lottery. I cannot believe that this is free!! Thanks a lot, thanks a lot for sharing."
"I just wanted you to know that this site on accounting instruction has been very beneficial to me as I review for my college accounting exams. I often find myself returning to your site to brush up on the principles of accounting. You made an uninteresting subject interesting and fun to learn with instant feedback and easy to understand explanations. I will tell other classmates who are struggling as I was about your fine service."
"This is a wonderful website. I am attending Angelo State University, and I wish I had found this website a year ago! I love the simplicity of the information (much better than my textbooks!) Thanks for all the wonderful info!"
"Having been in the accounting & bookkeeping fields for over 20 years, I must applaud your website, as being one of the most thorough & easy to understand presentations of accounting. For the professional seeking additional or refresher knowledge or for the students studying accounting, you have a resourceful site that will guide you through the complete accounting cycle & make you a more knowledgeable accountant." - RDG from Royal Palm Beach, FL
"Thank you so much for providing this excellent website! It is useful to me for preparing for my ACCA exam." - D.S. from Singapore
"I appreciate your dedicated efforts and really I have benefited from the information published and kindly request you to keep up with the same. Although I am not an accountant, I have grasped lots of accounting skills. Now I am successful in my job and implement what I get practically."
"Outstanding! As a finance professional, I sincerely say that what you have done with this site is simply the best product I could imagine. I have just sent this link to a young finance professional and I'm sure her career potential will be enhanced." - RED from New Albany, Ohio
"A great resource for anyone in need of a refresher course. LOVED the crossword puzzles. Thanks for providing such a great site gratis!" - LMS from Livingston, NJ
A truly great site, helped me to secure a job. The information is golden and the site is free. WOW... - W.D. from United States
"Having an undergraduate Degree in electronics engineering, I was an alien to the world of accounting and finance. The passion for this discipline grew as a by-product of my MBA. I would like to thank Mr. Harold B. Averkamp for taking the pain to put together this wonderful knowledge portal which benefited me extensively.. God Bless Ya.." - P.N. from Malaysia
"I would like to personally thank Mr Averkamp for developing such a masterpiece. What you have done for the accounting world is priceless. It is clear and concise. It is more than a course and for free. God bless you. You deserve to be highly recognized for this, if you haven't already. It is a great humanitarian deed. God bless you again and again. It comes in handy for me when I am revising certain topics." - J. from North Carolina
"I recommended this site to a friend, who is in IT field and was thinking of earning an MBA degree. I am afraid that he has learned more than I know coming from an accounting background. Great site. Thanks a bunch." - B.T. from Reston, VA, USA
"Over the last ten years I have somehow managed to "fake" my way through many business courses. Unfortunately, the one area that I never really understood was the accounting aspect. Your course lifted the "cloud" that has kept me from having the confidence that I needed to succeed. Thank you—you are a tremendous teacher who is making a difference in so many people's lives." - D.B. from Connecticut
"Thank you so much for putting this site together. It's been ten years since I earned my degree in accounting and there's a great deal I've forgotten. So when I signed up with an employment agency and they wanted to do testing, I was very nervous. I did a search and came to your site for a refresher. I ended up getting very high scores and received a job offer. And then the company I was already working for offered me a better position and a 12% pay increase. I'm sure my scores wouldn't have been nearly as good if I hadn't come to this site, so thank you again!" - S.V. from New Zealand
"I work in an accounting office with no job title or any specific accounting duties. Your website is helping me gain confidence so I can learn to utilize my knowledge...Thank you for all your great effort to help those who need." - B. from Seattle, WA
"I am extremely impressed with your website's content. I have been browsing through this site for about an hour now, and I have learned so much during that time. The way the information is written is so easy to understand and retain. Thank you so much for making this a free resource. I plan to continue using this as instruction for my new job. Thank again!!"
"As an accounting major who's set to graduate in less than a year, I am amazed at the thoroughness and simplicity of this interactive site. I am going to pass this on to all of my accounting professors as well as those whom I tutor. Thanks!!" - M.
"This is a great place to review accounting, and for those who cannot grasp the basics this website is for you. It is very generous of you, Mr. Averkamp, to provide knowledge that many students can only find in costly textbooks. Half the time they are useless and ridiculous to decipher. Well done." - A.A. from Paris, France
"Thanks a ton!!! I had stopped working for a couple of years. While re-entering the job world this is the website that helped bring back my confidence about accounting knowledge. The exams helped me to gauge my level. Words can't describe the magnitude of difference this website has brought in my life." - D. from Mumbai, India
"...You really know how to demystify obtuse concepts. I had a tough time really understanding the different types of inventory, but reading your explanations really made sense..." - N.G. from California
"I graduated recently and this is my first real job as an accountant/auditor. Although I know most of this stuff this is excellent for reviewing, refreshing your memory, and studying for the CPA financial aspect of things.... Wish I knew of this website while I was in college!!"
"I have never seen accounting explained so clearly before. I wish I had access to this website when I went through business school! - T.K.
"WOW, I can simply say this site is great. I have never seen such a site which teaches you accounting in an easy manner. I have got all the material and I am going through it and working simultaneously. This is providing me a good platform in further studies and work. I am really thankful and appreciate and recommend this package. Besides, these people are very kind may Allah bless them. Thanks a lot, thumbs up, hats off." - I. from UAE
"I have more than 34 years of teaching Accounting and Finance. Still I find your materials simple, lucid with clarity and covers all the related links and concepts. I am getting your newsletter regularly and using your resources for my students. My students too join me in appreciating your untiring efforts in providing this service. Hats off." - M.
"I got laid off a couple months ago. Thank you for offering this free on-line accounting course during this economic tough time. The materials are excellent. It makes a difficult and complicated subject simple, easy, and straightforward. Thank you so much." - L.K.H. from MA
"Great example! I love how you use "real world" examples with numbers to help me understand them. Keep up the great work!" - J.
"I just passed the CIA exam!!! ...AccountingCoach explanations and exams are a must. I would have paid more for the product. You run circles around other study materials. Your explanations for explaining complex accounting topics is priceless. Thank you so much!!!!" - S.M.S from Willingboro, NJ
"...I visited this site for the fisrt time today. In only one day, I managed to understand the things that my lecturer has been trying to explain to me for more than a week. The site is very helpful." - D.
"I found AccountingCoach more than a class-room teaching tool. Ever since I was informed to visit your website, I am able to get handy answers to my day-to-day problems in accounting. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and my best friend from New York." - A.
"I just want to say how great your website is. I am writing a financial challenge exam in two weeks, and I only had 4 weeks to study the material. I managed to get a textbook from someone, but the material is hard to understand, so I found your site on google and downloaded the package. It is awesome!! If it wasn't for your simple explanations, I would be a lost cause. Your information is so much easier to understand then the text, and I am very grateful. Excellent idea, thank you very much!!" - L.
"I recently purchased one of your accounting products. It is a godsend. I'm an engineer starting a business. I have little to no accounting experience. You can imagine what joy when I stumbled across your product. I don't know how you can afford to offer such a tremendous product so inexpensively, but thanks anyway. I can't say thank you enough. I'm telling all of my associates about your site and product." - F.C.L.
"I am so impressed with the quality of information you give for what I see as "Free". Thank you so much... Your course has lifted my spirits..Recently laid off & not interested in going back to school at 52." - D.
"Coach Averkamp I have to send you a personal thank you. I could not imagine that AccountingCoach would assist me in earning such an awesome grade in my accounting class. Late bloomer, first year college student at 53 and a bit scared of accounting. Many nightmares later, true I dreamed of financial statements, I am now at completion of my 2 yr coursework and will earn a B in financial accounting (83%). Thank you, thank you, thank you. I still have four years of study ahead of me, so keep me on the distribution list. I love this newsletter!" - B.
"I tried to study bookkeeping and accounts before and lost interest till I came across I thought it would be the same boring format of learning. I gave a try and now I am hooked. This is a definite launching platform to new beginnings. Excellent." - L.H.W.
"In spite of 35 years of teaching accounting at higher levels, I find a really wonderful, resourceful site which brings clarity to many complex and intricate questions. Hats off to Mr. Harold Averkamp. Thanks a lot for this service." - M.
"I ranked the AccountingCoach as high as the CPA materials that I am using currently. It offers more than I expected. I am very pleased with the AccountingCoach materials and highly recommend it to anyone that wishes to pursue Accounting, Bookkeeping, and/or CPA. Thank you." - R.T.
"Just wanted to let you know how much your site helped me tonight. I had to take an Accounting test for a job this evening and, if it weren't for your site, I would have absolutely failed it. I have been a stay-at-home Mom for 12 years, and before that only did a little Accounting here and there (I worked mostly as an Analyst or Auditor prior to kids) so I was REALLY rusty. The topic explanations and quizzes really helped refresh my memory and prepare me for the test. Regardless of whether I get the job or not, I am just psyched at doing well on the exam after all these years. Thanks again!!!" - M.V.
"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I have a job interview tomorrow and this site is helping me freshin' up on topics I haven't covered in years. Thank you for taking the time to create such an incredibly helpful resource!" - J. from Idaho
"I absolutely love this site. I am an Accounting major at a university, and this site has helped me more than any textbook has. The explanations are clear, and the examples are excellent. When I learn something in my accounting classes, I use this site to drill the concept into my head because it is so much easier to follow and understand. By far, the best free accounting aid there is on the web." - G.S. from Canada
"I've spent lots of money on well-reviewed books on different areas of accounting, but I ended up repeatedly confused by what seemed like conflicting information. AccountingCoach has now, finally, made everything much more clear and I can say with confidence that I understand all the basics, and I'm only part-way through the topics. The fact that it's free is brilliant, as I wouldn't have had the faith to spend more money on another book. I'd recommend to anyone who thinks that a knowledge of accounting could be useful to them." - F.B. from Portsmouth, England
"I would like to thank Mr. Harold Averkamp very much for his generosity and good heart. It is such a good source for people who have a limited amount of knowledge in accounting. It opens their eyes and makes them understand better and answers all their questions. I had many questions in accounting and I didn't know who to ask, but now all my questions are answered and I understand much better. He covered all the topics in accounting without forgetting any...amazing. So I feel now that there are still good people in life who serve others without knowing them...that is a big quality. All my respect to everybody who worked for AccountingCoach and I appreciate your work very much." - V.T. from Montreal, Quebec
"You gave yourself to this accounting world. We thank you. I have since advised my students and any students since 2007 to use only your materials as main text and all others are reference texts only when they find time." - M.G. from Shanghai, China
"Hands down, without a trace of doubt, your website is the absolute number one aid for an accounting student such as myself. Trust me, I have been to all the websites, nothing like even comes close. It is extremely professional and expertly web-formatted, not to mention, user-friendly." - T.M.

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