Why AccountingCoach?

AccountingCoach.com was started in 2003 in order to utilize the Internet for communicating a more clear explanation of accounting concepts to people in all parts of the world and at a low cost.

The Internet meant that features for understanding such as exams, videos, interactive puzzles, links to definitions, etc. could be provided in addition to the traditional printed materials. Learners of all ages are now able to to access high-quality educational materials anytime and anywhere that the Internet is available.

AccountingCoach.com has allowed people from all over the world to develop skills to increase their confidence, increase their value in the workplace, earn a better living, and create a fuller life for themselves and their family.

About the Author

harold_averkamp_headshotHarold Averkamp, CPA, MBA, is known for his ability to explain accounting in a clear, concise and thorough manner. He is the sole author of all the instructional content (both Core Materials and PRO Materials) found on AccountingCoach.

Mr. Averkamp brings accounting to life by combining theory with real-world examples. His simple, clear and accurate explanations allow people without accounting backgrounds to master accounting concepts. See 1,553 testimonials.

His background includes 25 years of being a highly rated university accounting instructor and more than 25 years as an effective accountant and consultant for a variety of companies and organizations. He has spent the past 10 years effectively communicating accounting knowledge through the Internet.

Core Materials on AccountingCoach.com

Prior to AccountingCoach.com few students had the opportunity to learn accounting (or bookkeeping) from a CPA who had devoted his life to teaching accounting at a leading university for more than 25 years.

Since 2003 the AccountingCoach team lead by Harold Averkamp, CPA, MBA, has worked thousands of hours to provide world-class materials for learning accounting basics via the Internet. Today, people from all over the world can learn accounting and bookkeeping concepts using AccountingCoach.com's Core Materials with:

  • NO cost
  • NO tuition
  • NO textbook purchase
  • NO travel or daycare cost

In addition, the Core Materials provide valuable benefits over traditional textbooks, study guides, and other costly resources. Some of the benefits include:

  • Clarity from 25 years of teaching and testing
  • Relevant examples from working with small businesses
  • Convenience of 24/7 access
  • Self-directed materials all written by Harold Averkamp
  • Self-paced to fit your needs
  • Links to definitions
  • 1,000+ Q&A
  • Quizzes for immediate feedback
  • Puzzles for another way to learn or review

To date more than 40 million people have visited AccountingCoach.com and sent us 1,500 glowing testimonials. We are moved by these thoughtful expressions of appreciation.

PRO Materials

As the use of the free Core Materials on AccountingCoach.com grows as well as the need to modify our content for mobile devices, our costs have become substantial. In order to keep the access to our Core Materials free, we developed some additional premium professional materials for which we charge a fee.

We refer to these resources as our PRO Materials and they include:

  • PDF versions of all our Core Materials
  • 1,780 Exam Questions
  • Video seminar: Understanding Financial Statements
  • Video seminar: Bookkeeping Basics
  • Visual Tutorials
  • 87 Business forms
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