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Debits and Credits (Word Scramble)

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If you have difficulty answering the following questions, learn more about this topic by reading our Debits and Credits (Explanation).

1. Liability accounts are decreased with a ________. DEBIT TBDIE Unscramble
2. A credit will increase the balance in a _________ account. REVENUE EERUNEV Unscramble
3. Credits are entered on the _________ side of a T-account. RIGHT HRTGI Unscramble
4. The accounting equation remains in balance due to ________-entry bookkeeping. DOUBLE UBOLED Unscramble
5. Debits are entered on the ______ side of a T-account. LEFT FETL Unscramble
6. Asset account balances are reduced by a _________ entry. CREDIT ECDTRI Unscramble
7. The accounting _________ should always be in balance. EQUATION AETQNUOI Unscramble
8. The book of original entry. JOURNAL AUJLNOR Unscramble
9. Revenues cause an increase in owner's _________. EQUITY IUTQEY Unscramble
10. These cause owner's equity to decrease. EXPENSES PESSXNEE Unscramble
11. The amount entered on the right side of a T-account. CREDIT RIDCTE Unscramble
12. _____________ are income statement accounts with debit balances. EXPENSES NEEXESSP Unscramble
13. Accounts _______________ is a balance sheet account with a debit balance. RECEIVABLE VALEBEREIC Unscramble
14. _______________ Depreciation is a balance sheet account with a credit balance. ACCUMULATED DAMUTEACCUL Unscramble
15. The Retained Earnings account will be reduced with a __________ entry. DEBIT BDITE Unscramble
16. ______________ are income statement accounts with credit balances. REVENUES VUENSEER Unscramble
17. A sole proprietor's ___________ account will have a debit balance. DRAWING AGRINDW Unscramble
18. Accounts _____________ is a balance sheet account with a credit balance. PAYABLE ALEABPY Unscramble
19. A ________ balance is an internal report to show that the general ledger's debit balances add up to the same total as the credit balances. TRIAL IRLAT Unscramble
20. The requirement that each journal entry needs to have at least one debit and one credit is known as __________-entry bookkeeping. DOUBLE OBUEDL Unscramble