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Investment Accounting (Word Scramble)

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1. If CorpOne owns more than 20% of CorpTwo's common stock, it is an indication that CorpOne may have significant _______________ over CorpTwo. INFLUENCE ELECFIUNN Unscramble
2. If CorpOne owns between 20% and 50% of CorpTwo's common stock, CorpOne will likely account for the investment under the ________ method EQUITY EUIYTQ Unscramble
3. If CorpOne owns more than 50% of CorpTwo, CorpOne is said to have a ______________ interest in CorpTwo. CONTROLLING LONCGINLRTO Unscramble
4. When a corporation owns more than 50% of another corporation, it is likely that ________________ financial statements will be issued. CONSOLIDATED DOSTINAEDLCO Unscramble
5. Held-to-____________ securities are not reported on the balance sheet at their fair value. MATURITY TTAMYIRU Unscramble
6. __________ securities are a portfolio of stocks and bonds where the intention is to sell the securities in the near future. TRADING DITGNAR Unscramble
7. ___________-for-sale securities are reported on the balance sheet at their fair value. AVAILABLE ELALBIVAA Unscramble
8. The changes in the fair value of the portfolio of the trading securities are referred to as _______________ gains or losses. UNREALIZED ZURDENLIAE Unscramble
9. The changes in the fair value of the portfolio of the available-for-sale securities are reported as a separate item within ____________________' equity. STOCKHOLDERS OKLOTRSEHSCD Unscramble
10. The portfolio of held-to-maturity securities is likely to consist of these securities. BONDS DNSBO Unscramble

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