Financial Statements (Word Scramble)

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1. The _______ sheet will report the total amount of a corporation's retained earnings. BALANCE NABCALE Unscramble
2. The financial statement that reports the liabilities is sometimes known as the statement of financial ____________. POSITION NIPIOOTS Unscramble
3. The balance sheet reports amounts at a _________ in time. POINT TIPNO Unscramble
4. The amount of working __________ can be calculated quickly from a classified balance sheet. CAPITAL TACLIPA Unscramble
5. The income statement reports amounts for a _________ of time. PERIOD ORPIDE Unscramble
6. The amounts earned from a company's main activities. REVENUES NEREVSEU Unscramble
7. The costs that are matched with revenues. EXPENSES SENESEPX Unscramble
8. Sales minus the cost of goods sold equals _______ profit. GROSS SOGSR Unscramble
9. The financial statement that reports the change in cash and cash equivalents is the statement of cash ________. FLOWS WOLFS Unscramble
10. Other comprehensive income is reported in the statement of stockholders' ________. EQUITY TUIQYE Unscramble
11. The heading of the statement of cash flows discloses the _________ of time covered. PERIOD EIDPRO Unscramble
12. The income statement is often referred to as the ________ and loss statement. PROFIT TOPIRF Unscramble
13. Bonds payable will be reported as a long-term ____________. LIABILITY YBAITIILL Unscramble
14. Financial statements are best prepared under the __________ basis of accounting. ACCRUAL LCAARCU Unscramble
15. Paid-in capital is one section of ________________' equity. STOCKHOLDERS TCSKOROHDSLE Unscramble
16. The amounts to calculate the debt to equity ratio are found on the ________ sheet. BALANCE CLAEABN Unscramble
17. The current period's net income is part of the corporation's ___________ earnings reported on the balance sheet. RETAINED EINERADT Unscramble
18. The costs expiring during the current accounting period. EXPENSES NEEPSXSE Unscramble
19. Prepaid expenses are reported as ________. ASSETS SATESS Unscramble
20. Customer deposits are reported as _____________. LIABILITIES IBALISITEIL Unscramble

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