Elements of Financial Statements (Word Scramble)

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1. Probable future economic benefits is part of the definition of __________. ASSETS STASES Unscramble
2. Inflows from delivering goods or services and other activities that are part of a company's main operations. REVENUES ESEERUNV Unscramble
3. The residual interest in the assets of an entity after deducting liabilities. EQUITY YQUIET Unscramble
4. ______________ by owners increase their ownership interest. INVESTMENTS TSNMISVENTE Unscramble
5. Probable future sacrifices resulting from a past transaction or event. LIABILITIES IILLBESTIAI Unscramble
6. Outflows, using up of assets, or incurring a liability as the result of earning revenues. EXPENSES SENPSEEX Unscramble
7. Other ___________________ income includes foreign currency translation adjustments. COMPREHENSIVE PORCHESIMEVEN Unscramble
8. The net outflows resulting from peripheral transactions. LOSSES SSOLES Unscramble
9. __________________ to owners will decrease owner's equity. DISTRIBUTIONS TORNDUSTIBISI Unscramble
10. The net increases in equity from peripheral transactions. GAINS SAGIN Unscramble

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