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Depreciation (Word Scramble)

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If you have difficulty answering the following questions, learn more about this topic by reading our Depreciation (Explanation).

1. Depreciation achieves this principle. MATCHING TAGNCIMH Unscramble
2. Another name for book value is _________ value. CARRYING RARNGIYC Unscramble
3. When an asset is depreciated using the _____________-line method, the annual depreciation expense will be the same amount in most years. STRAIGHT TATSGIRH Unscramble
4. ______________ Depreciation is the balance sheet account. ACCUMULATED LTUCDEUCAMA Unscramble
5. This type of depreciation results in more depreciation in an asset's earlier years and less in its later years. ACCELERATED TRCEAEAECDL Unscramble
6. Depreciation is an ___________ process not a valuation process. ALLOCATION NOLICAOALT Unscramble
7. This long-term asset is not depreciated. LAND NADL Unscramble
8. An asset's cost minus its accumulated depreciation is its book ________. VALUE ALEUV Unscramble
9. Depreciation for income tax reporting can be different from depreciation for ____________ reporting. FINANCIAL IAFCLINNA Unscramble
10. Another term for residual value or scrap value is _________ value. SALVAGE AVASLEG Unscramble
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