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Currencies (Word Scramble)

To see each answer, press or click on the blue "Unscramble" button.

1. The currency of Brazil is the Brazilian _______. REAL LEAR Unscramble
2. The currency of Britain is the __________. POUND NODUP Unscramble
3. The currency of China is the Renminbi (RNB) ________. YUAN AYNU Unscramble
4. The currency of Greece is the ________. EURO RUOE Unscramble
5. The currency of India is the Indian _________. RUPEE EUREP Unscramble
6. The currency of Japan is the Japanese ______. YEN EYN Unscramble
7. The currency of Mexico is the Mexican ________. PESO SEOP Unscramble
8. The currency of Saudia Arabia is the Saudi _________. RIYAL YAILR Unscramble
9. The currency of Singapore is the Singapore _______________. DOLLAR ROLALD Unscramble
10. The currency of South Korea is the _______. WON OWN Unscramble

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