Cost Accounting (Word Scramble)

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1. In variable or ________ costing, fixed manufacturing overhead costs are not assigned to inventory. DIRECT TRIEDC Unscramble
2. The _____________ margin is sales minus variable costs. CONTRIBUTION IOTNIRNTCUBO Unscramble
3. Activity-based costing uses more than one cost ____________. DRIVER RRDIEV Unscramble
4. Factory supervision is part of manufacturing _____________. OVERHEAD DEREVAHO Unscramble
5. Service ______________ are associated with the allocation of manufacturing overhead. DEPARTMENTS SMREDTANTPE Unscramble
6. A benefit foregone is an _______________ cost. OPPORTUNITY NTYIPUOOTPR Unscramble
7. Full __________ costing involves assigning both fixed and variable manufacturing overhead. ABSORPTION PROITNASBO Unscramble
8. ____________ costs are predetermined unit costs. STANDARD DNTRDASA Unscramble
9. Differences between standard costs and actual costs. VARIANCES RISVACAEN Unscramble
10. Direct materials, direct labor, and factory overhead are ____________ costs. PRODUCT DTCPUOR Unscramble

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