Break-even Point (Word Scramble)

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1. The break-even point occurs where total ___________ are equal to total costs. REVENUES UNSEVERE Unscramble
2. Revenues minus variable costs equals the _________________ margin. CONTRIBUTION OBITUNRNITOC Unscramble
3. Costs and expenses which do not change in __________ when there is a change in volume are considered to be fixed. TOTAL LOATT Unscramble
4. Costs and expenses that change proportionately with the change in volume are said to be ______________. VARIABLE ARELIABV Unscramble
5. The break-even point in _________ uses the contribution margin per unit. UNITS SUITN Unscramble
6. When calculating a product's break-even point in dollars, the denominator is the contribution margin __________. RATIO TORIA Unscramble
7. When calculating a product's break-even point in dollars or in units, the numerator is __________ costs. FIXED XDIEF Unscramble
8. A cost that is partly fixed and partly variable is referred to as a ____________ cost. MIXED DIMEX Unscramble
9. The "V" in CVP. VOLUME LEMOVU Unscramble
10. The excess of sales over the break-even point is the margin of ___________. SAFETY YEFAST Unscramble

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