Bookkeeping (Word Scramble)

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1. These are entered on the left side of an account. DEBITS STDIBE Unscramble
2. These are entered on the right side of an account. CREDITS RTDSCEI Unscramble
3. These accounts will normally have a credit balance. LIABILITIES IELATISILIB Unscramble
4. These accounts will normally have debit balances. ASSETS TSESAS Unscramble
5. Sales are an example of retailers' operating __________________. REVENUES EENESVUR Unscramble
6. Accounts are contained in the general ___________. LEDGER DLRGEE Unscramble
7. Entries for depreciation are first written in the general ___________. JOURNAL NORLAJU Unscramble
8. The credit amount in the depreciation entry is recorded in ______________ Depreciation. ACCUMULATED DTUCAMALCUE Unscramble
9. Under _________-entry bookkeeping a transaction affects a minimum of two accounts. DOUBLE UDELOB Unscramble
10. The accounting or bookkeeping ___________ is Assets = Liabilities + Stockholders' Equity. EQUATION UNIAQETO Unscramble
11. Bona fide invoices from suppliers that are to be paid in 30 days are reported in Accounts _______. PAYABLE YABEALP Unscramble
12. The ______ of accounts receivable sorts the customers' balances according to the dates due. AGING GINGA Unscramble
13. These will reduce stockholders' equity. EXPENSES NXSEEEPS Unscramble
14. The type of adjusting entry associated with a prepayment. DEFERRAL LEDERRFA Unscramble
15. The type of account that is affected by the accrual of an expense. LIABILITY ILBAIYITL Unscramble
16. Internal controls include the _______________ of duties. SEPARATION ROSTAENAIP Unscramble
17. A ___________-in-transit may be one of the adjustments appearing in the bank reconciliation. DEPOSIT SPTDOIE Unscramble
18. Another term for supplier. VENDOR RODEVN Unscramble
19. One to whom money is owed. CREDITOR ODCIERRT Unscramble
20. __________ Insurance is an asset account. PREPAID RAEIPDP Unscramble

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