Bonds Payable (Word Scramble)

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1. Bond __________ usually occurs every six months. INTEREST TESIETNR Unscramble
2. A bond's principal comes due on the bond's ____________ date. MATURITY TAUYMTIR Unscramble
3. A bond is reported on the issuer's balance sheet as a __________. LIABILITY YLIBTILAI Unscramble
4. A bond that is not secured by property. DEBENTURE ERTBNUEDE Unscramble
5. If a bond is issued for less than its face value, ________ on Bonds Payable is recorded. DISCOUNT USITODNC Unscramble
6. If a bond is issued for more than its face value, ___________ on Bonds Payable is recorded. PREMIUM MUIRMPE Unscramble
7. The market interest rate and the yield-to-maturity should be the same as the __________ interest rate. EFFECTIVE FCEEFEIVT Unscramble
8. A bond __________ fund is an asset restricted for the retirement of bonds. SINKING GISNNIK Unscramble
9. Bonds maturing on a single date are referred to as _______ bonds. TERM ETMR Unscramble
10. The _________________ of the premium on bonds payable will reduce interest expense. AMORTIZATION NOZRMITAAOTI Unscramble
11. The legal document that provides details about a bond. INDENTURE TRUDENINE Unscramble
12. Interest on bonds is usually paid __________________. SEMIANNUALLY ALIMEYLUNASN Unscramble
13. Bondholders' claims will come ahead of the claims of ___________________ if a corporation is liquidated. STOCKHOLDERS DOTSCROSKLEH Unscramble
14. If bonds are sold between interest dates, the buyer will pay the seller any _________ interest. ACCRUED RECDUAC Unscramble
15. A bond sinking fund is reported in this section of the balance sheet. INVESTMENTS MSTENVINEST Unscramble
16. The amortization of _________ on Bonds Payable will result in more bond interest expense than the cash amount of interest paid. DISCOUNT STUDIONC Unscramble
17. __________ on Bonds Payable will cause the carrying value of the bonds to be greater than the face value. PREMIUM MIMEPUR Unscramble
18. In present value terms, a bond's interest payments form an ordinary __________. ANNUITY INTAYUN Unscramble
19. Most bonds are __________ by the issuing corporation at a price specified in the bond's indenture. CALLABLE LLACEALB Unscramble
20. When the amount of amortization of discount or premium on bonds payable is the same amount each year, it is referred to as ______________-line amortization. STRAIGHT HRITATGS Unscramble

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