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Bank Reconciliation (Word Scramble)

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If you have difficulty answering the following questions, learn more about this topic by reading our Bank Reconciliation (Explanation).

1. Checks written but not yet appearing on the bank statement. OUTSTANDING TIUAONSGTDN Unscramble
2. Deposits made but not yet appearing on the bank statement are deposits in __________. TRANSIT NRTSATI Unscramble
3. A common deduction on the bank statement is the bank _________ charge. SERVICE SCIEEVR Unscramble
4. A customer's check that was returned NSF is sometimes referred to as a check that ____________. BOUNCED UDECBNO Unscramble
5. NSF is the acronym for not ______________ funds. SUFFICIENT TSIIFFCNUE Unscramble
6. A check that has been paid and therefore appears on the bank statement is said to have _________ the bank. CLEARED EERCADL Unscramble
7. Items on the bank statement that are not yet on the company's books will need to be ___________ on the books. RECORDED DEERDORC Unscramble
8. A customer's check that was returned NSF will likely be debited to _____________ Receivable. ACCOUNTS COTANSCU Unscramble
9. The dollar amount of checks written but not yet clearing the bank is referred to as _________. FLOAT TOAFL Unscramble
10. The adjusted balance per bank statement should agree with the adjusted balance per _________. BOOKS SKOBO Unscramble
Certificate of Achievement

Certificates of Achievement

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