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Harold Averkamp

Harold Averkamp

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Real-World Business Forms, With Instructions and Examples

Available in both Excel and PDF format

Stop scouring the web for accounting forms! AccountingCoach PRO gives you 80+ real business documents like Financial Statements, Financial Ratios and Analysis Forms, and Depreciation and Amortization Forms.

Each Excel form allows you to customize our templates to fit your exact needs. Please note that templates do not include formulas.

Bookkeeping Video Training to Enhance Your Understanding

Watch our 13 videos
(around 10 minutes each)

These videos include everything you need to know as a beginner starting out in bookkeeping. We walk you through all the necessary concepts like debits and credits, general ledger accounts, double-entry, adjusting entries, bank reconciliation, and more.

View the list of Bookkeeping videos

Financial Statements Video Training to Enhance Your Understanding

Watch our 14 videos
(around 10-minutes each)

Learn the fundamental components of the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. We walk you through, line by line, each financial statement so that you'll know exactly what everything means.

View the list of Financial Statements videos

Flashcards to Lock In Terms and Concepts

You'll get access to more than 500 digital and printable flashcards

The flashcards provide you with crystal-clear accounting definitions, so you can master complex terminology faster and easier. Access the flashcards on any device including your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

View the list of topics covered

Visual Tutorials to Reinforce Important Concepts

Perfect for people who get overwhelmed studying jargon-filled accounting textbooks

For some accounting concepts, just reading about them isn’t enough. So we created 8 Visual Tutorials to explain important accounting topics in a more intuitive away. Simply following along step-by-step.

View the list of topics covered

"Quick Tests" to Challenge Your Knowledge

We designed our Quick Tests to show you exactly what you need to study further

The Quick Tests contain more than 1,800 test questions written by the Accounting Coach himself. Our quick tests can be taken online or printed in PDF format. Answer key is included.

View the list of topics covered

Quick Tests with Coaching to "Learn the Why” for Each Answer

We designed our Quick Tests with Coaching to help you go from memorizing to understanding

The Quick Tests with Coaching have been developed for 14 important topics. For each question we provided detailed coaching for solving the answer. Our quick tests can be taken online or printed in PDF format. Answer key is included.

View the list of topics covered

Cheat Sheets for Convenient Review

Quickly learn each topic's most important concepts

With AccountingCoach PRO, you'll have access to our exclusive cheat sheets, packed with definitions, terminology, formulas, and ratios. The Cheat Sheets provide you with all the most important study concepts for study, in one place.

View the list of topics covered

You'll also receive our special Guide to Bookkeeping Concepts as well as our Guide to Managerial & Cost Accounting.

PDF Files for Easy Printing

Our entire collection of materials, available to you in high-quality PDF format

When you sign up for AccountingCoach PRO, you also get access to printable PDF files for all of the 2,000+ pages of materials, including our:

Easy Progress Tracking

Visualize your progress and stay motivated as you move through the lessons

We've also included simple, intuitive progress tracking as a part of every PRO learning module. No more wondering which assignments you’ve completed, and which ones you still have left. Now you can see exactly where you are in the course, with just a glance.

With progress tracking, your AccountingCoach learning path will be easy to visualize, helping you stay motivated and on-track as you move through the lessons.

Only Available with Pro Plus

Motivational Badges and Points

Have fun, stay motivated, and celebrate your achievements as you complete our lessons

Earn our unique badges and points as you track your progress and complete various milestones. You'll find this to be an effective way to stay motivated and celebrate your success.

Motivational Badges and Points

Only Available with Pro Plus

Earn Our Certificates of Achievement

Prove your skills to employers and distinguish yourself among colleagues

Receive an official certificate from AccountingCoach after passing each of our certificate exams. You can download and print your certificate in PDF format as well as share your certificate online with your own unique and verifiable URL. We offer the following three introductory accounting and bookkeeping certificates:

Earn Certificates

Who Will Benefit From Our Materials

Employees and Small Business Owners Who Want a Better Grasp of Accounting

With AccountingCoach PRO, you’ll gain deep-level knowledge and powerful insights into your business. With your increased understanding, you’ll become a valued contributor with the confidence to participate in important financial discussions.

Anyone Who Wants to Master the Language of Business

Accounting isn’t just for accountants. Today, everyone needs to improve their financial literacy. For men and women who want to master accounting and take full control of their careers, AccountingCoach PRO is the clear choice.

Accountants and Bookkeepers Returning to the Workforce

For accountants and bookkeepers returning to the workplace, AccountingCoach PRO is the ideal learning resource. You’ll gain a deeper, more thorough understanding of critical skills that may have gotten rusty over time.

And for someone looking to obtain a bookkeeping certification, AccountingCoach PRO Plus contains 10 Certificates of Achievement which can be earned by passing the related exams.

College Students Learning Accounting or Bookkeeping

If you’re feeling lost in your accounting class and are starting to fall behind, AccountingCoach PRO can help.

Forget about expensive, textbooks, study guides, and outdated class materials.

AccountingCoach PRO explains the fundamentals of accounting in simple, easy to grasp terms, with examples to reinforce everything you learn.

More than 2,500+ Reviews

To read more Reviews, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Meet the Author and Coach

Harold Averkamp

Harold Averkamp (CPA, MBA) has more than 52 years of teaching and business consulting experience

But it’s not his degrees or certifications that make Harold such a great teacher. It’s his unique ability to explain accounting in clear, concise language that even people without business training can easily grasp.

By combining accounting theory with real-world examples, Harold brings accounting to life for students in ways that no textbook, lecture, or run-of-the-mill course can.

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  • Visual Tutorials
  • Quick Tests
  • Quick Tests with Coaching
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Business Forms
  • Q&A
  • Crosswords
  • Word Scrambles
  • PDF Files for All Materials
  • Progress Tracking
  • Motivational Badges and Points
  • Certificate - Debits and Credits
  • Certificate - Adjusting Entries
  • Certificate - Financial Statements
  • Certificate - Balance Sheet
  • Certificate - Income Statement
  • Certificate - Cash Flow Statement
  • Certificate - Working Capital & Liquidity
  • Certificate - Financial Ratios
  • Certificate - Bank Reconciliation
  • Certificate - Payroll Accounting
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PRO Plus Certificates of Achievement

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  • Explanations
  • Quizzes
  • Bookkeeping Video Training
  • Financial Statements Video Training
  • Flashcards
  • Visual Tutorials
  • Quick Tests
  • Quick Tests with Coaching
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Business Forms
  • Q&A
  • Crosswords
  • Word Scrambles
  • PDF Files for All Materials
  • Progress Tracking
  • Motivational Badges and Points
  • Certificate - Debits and Credits
  • Certificate - Adjusting Entries
  • Certificate - Financial Statements
  • Certificate - Balance Sheet
  • Certificate - Income Statement
  • Certificate - Cash Flow Statement
  • Certificate - Working Capital & Liquidity
  • Certificate - Financial Ratios
  • Certificate - Bank Reconciliation
  • Certificate - Payroll Accounting
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"Becoming a member of AccountingCoach was hands down a great decision for me. I have been in bookkeeping for over 16 years and all the training I had was from the CPA that I worked for. While I felt I had a good foundation and years of experience, once I took the leap and branched out with my own bookkeeping practice I felt the need to brush up on my skills. AccountingCoach actually not only helped me brush up on my knowledge, but has helped me pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses which allowed me to focus on those areas that I was lacking knowledge. It was also a great boost to see how much knowledge I already had. I think it was a great investment and I love knowing that when I second-guess myself I can easily log in and review the information needed. Worth every penny!"
"This course is the best available and I want to thank you for making this available at a small price. I say that from experience. I paid $1,000 for a course that didn't have any meat, this course is a fraction of the price and yet has all the meat. I am $1,000 sorry I didn't know about your course first. Thank you and if there is a way for me to let others know of your course I will."
"It's hard to pick a starting place to extol the virtues, usefulness, and timeliness of Accounting Coach Pro. I can truthfully say I would pay a good deal more for a subscription having become familiar with its value. I have enjoyed reviewing basic concepts as well as more advanced topics in the easy formats and downloads. Accounting is a second career for me. I was in public accounting for about 9 years and have been a government finance director since 2001. In addition to personal benefit I have found Mr. Averkamp's work extremely useful in training subordinates and making recommendations to students. I applaud Accounting Coach Pro and its creator and give the highest recommendation to anyone looking for a constant tutorial companion or just a good refresher."
"Currently working as a finance officer leading a small finance team, and entrusted with accounting responsibilities, your platform has been an invaluable resource throughout this career development. The in-depth structure of your materials, coupled with seamless cloud-based accessibility, has aided my understanding of intricate accounting functions. Becoming a PRO user was a natural choice to gain comprehensive insights into complex financial scenarios and descriptions—especially when relocating to an English-speaking country and needing to understand the professional terminology—while getting lifetime access. Your site's practice-oriented approach has significantly bolstered my practical expertise, particularly at the beginning of my journey, allowing me to navigate nuanced accounting tasks with confidence. The constant online access has been a game-changer in refining my accounting skills."
"I want you to know just how much I love AccountingCoach, I use it all the time. I love the puzzles and tests, the information is broken down and extremely easy to understand. It's easy to find answers to specific questions. Finding AccountingCoach was the best thing for me and my employer benefits big time. I missed my opportunity to attend college but with AccountingCoach I have the same knowledge at my fingertips, forever! I can study at my own pace at home or at work. I am a full charge bookkeeper for a multi-million dollar business and occasionally I run into issues where I need help and I get it with AccountingCoach. Even if you have a degree you can't pass this up. No one remembers everything. Forever grateful. Thank you Harold."
"It is my sincere pleasure to give full support for the AccountingCoach website. As a college professor at two (2) colleges and a full-time accounting professional at Toyota, I refer my students to the AccountingCoach website for source data, concept explanations and resources. AccountingCoach is one of my main sources for accounting information, it has easy access and the information provided is simple to understand. My students and I love the site. My lectures are more powerful because I use the site as my validation and source data. The site makes teaching and applying accounting concepts so much easier when you have a reliable source like AccountingCoach. The site is full of information and will give you the knowledge base to be successful in the world of accounting and in business. The site is great for those who may not make it to college to take a formal accounting course like mine. It is a great benefit. Thank you AccountingCoach for assisting us, ensuring the world of accounting is easier to understand, and for providing an easy to use site for finding information and an affordable pathway to increase your knowledge."
"I am a recent fashion merchandising graduate. I became a PRO user because I had to take an accounting course in the fashion merchandising program, which I found difficult. I purchased the accounting PRO course because it explained the accounting process in an easy format, and the materials were outstanding! After using the materials for my degree course, I was able to understand the accounting process. I must understand accounting because of my major and fashion career. I plan on starting my own fashion business, and I now have a wonderful accounting website to look back on as a reference if I ever need to. Thank you for creating an amazing website!"
"I work in finance, and my current position is as an accountant. I became a PRO user because I really like the format of your website, and how intuitive it is. The site offers easy search functionality, and explanations of accounting procedures and principles. I also really like the materials provided on the website, as they are presented in a way that's easy for either a beginner, or an advanced person to use and understand. I have benefited for many years from using AccountingCoach. For example, when I need to refer back to a topic or a task, I can find what I am looking for. The instructions are also easy to follow and remember, unlike many other accounting websites that have so much ‘filler jargon’ on them, which makes it hard to get a quick and simple answer when you need it. AccountingCoach, however, gives me the ease of knowing my accounting questions will be answered, and the website also provides some really good step-by-step instructions on how to perform an accounting task."
"I found myself taking on a new position in the office with my current employer after 15 years on the floor so to speak. I started looking for some bookkeeping courses from the the local college or school boards but found nothing helpful. Came upon AccountingCoach and I knew I could stop looking. Everything I needed was here, and it was free. I thought it was too good to be true, where's the catch? But there was none. The more I read the more I loved it. I signed up for the 'PRO' level so I could track my progress and see how well I was able to retain what I was learning. Thank you for this website. Keep up the good work, and I'll get back to my homework. Learning this way is fun."
"I am now a bookkeeper for a small company, thanks to AccountingCoach PRO Plus. PRO Plus’ material helped me understand debits and credits; the examples and the breakdown of the financial terminology helped me understand the role of debits and credits and how everything comes together, which also helped me understand how they play a part in the financial statement. This made it easy for me to explain the owners’ overall financial picture to them. I like how a certificate is given at the end of the exam. I was able to use the certificate to land my current job. I will continue to use PRO Plus; my goal is to become my own boss and open a bookkeeping company."
"I came across AccountingCoach some years ago and since then it has been my go-to solution for all and any problems or issues that arise in my day-to-day work. Whenever I come across a situation I have not faced before I sign in, read up on the related data, of which there is plenty, and solve another problem. I think of AccountingCoach as my personal library where I can look up information on any aspect of my business. My clients are always impressed with the results I provide. Thank you AccountingCoach."
"As a business analyst at a leading investment firm in Kuwait, I constantly seek tools to enhance my professional skills. My journey with AccountingCoach, particularly as a PRO user, has been transformative. The platform's plethora of benefits—including detailed tests for each section, comprehensive video tutorials, engaging puzzles, and practical cheat sheets and flashcards—significantly enriches the learning experience. What sets AccountingCoach apart is its ability to simplify complex accounting concepts, making them accessible to professionals like me who come from a non-accounting background. The well-designed tests and puzzles are excellent for gauging the knowledge acquired from each section. Moreover, the ready-made forms are not just theoretical tools; they have practical applicability in everyday office tasks. Thanks to AccountingCoach PRO, I've not only grasped the fundamentals of accounting but also developed a keen interest in the fields of accounting and finance. It's an invaluable resource for anyone looking to demystify accounting, irrespective of their professional background."
"I have been employed as a bookkeeper and office accounts manager in several small businesses over the years, and am currently a freelance bookkeeper. I first came across AccountingCoach while searching online for answers to queries that came up in the course of my work. Every search led me to AccountingCoach, where I consistently found concise, easy-to-understand answers. Recognizing the reliability of AccountingCoach, I made it my first click in search results, saving valuable time. I became a PRO user to further enhance my bookkeeping skills and broaden my understanding of accounting practices. The comprehensive and well-organized materials offered by AccountingCoach can be followed systematically or explored by specific topics. This resource has proven invaluable, providing insights beyond the scope of my formal bookkeeping qualification."
"I am an internal audit director, and I became a PRO user while I was working on my degree. I was struggling with intermediate accounting and needed help. Using AccountingCoach as a student, I found the material easy to understand. It has continued to be helpful as a quick reference that I can trust throughout my career. Using AccountingCoach when I was struggling in school helped me get my degree. I am a CPA now, and I still find it to be a helpful tool."
"I love this website!! It helped me many years ago to earn my B.S. in accounting and I am once again using this website. I am in the process of earning my MaCC degree and I refer to this website for both my college classes and at work. I am also in the process of studying for my CPA exam and have decided to start from the ground up with the use of your website. I even have my boss using it!!! Everything on your site is in plain English and so easy to follow, and I love all the activities to help reinforce the topics!! Thanks so much!!!!!"
"I highly recommend AccountingCoach for anyone looking to enhance their accounting skills. As an enrolled agent with limited formal accounting training, this website has been an invaluable resource for me. It offers a comprehensive range of accounting materials and goes beyond the basics, allowing me to review and deepen my knowledge efficiently. AccountingCoach has saved me a tremendous amount of time by providing all the necessary tools and resources in one place. It's a real gem for anyone wanting to brush up on their accounting skills or expand their expertise in the field."
"As a senior accountant, the AccountingCoach website has been a game-changer in my professional growth. Becoming a PRO user was a no-brainer to elevate my accounting expertise. The site's simplicity in tutorials, interactive quizzes, and comprehensive lessons is unparalleled. These materials made complex accounting concepts crystal clear, boosting my confidence in discussing intricate financial matters. Furthermore, the provided spreadsheets and study guides have been invaluable aids, both in my professional endeavors and academic pursuits. AccountingCoach isn't just a resource; it's a catalyst that has enabled me to excel further in my career and education."
"I was looking out for an online accounting course after a gap of 25 years. Luckily, I came across AccountingCoach. The very first visit to this site made me feel very comfortable. I felt as though it was made just for me. Very soon I enrolled myself as a PRO member. Now that I am able to access the entire site like the seminars, exams, crosswords and many many more interesting ways to learn accounting, my knowledge in accounting has deepened. I can confidently say to people who are new to this field, or who are trying for a refresher course like me, this is THE WEBSITE for you. It's a well structured program, the most difficult accounting concepts have been explained in a very crystal clear fashion with beautiful real-life examples. Thanks to Mr Harold Averkamp and his dedicated team for sharing their deep insight without whom I wouldn't be ready to give my bookkeeping exams shortly."
"I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the incredible resource that is AccountingCoach. As a seasoned Sr. project manager, I have relied on your platform for many years, and it has proven to be an invaluable tool in honing my accounting skills and understanding complex concepts. One of the standout features of AccountingCoach is its user-friendly layout, making it incredibly easy to search for and find relevant content. The inclusion of videos alongside the data provides an extra layer of support, enhancing the learning experience. I have found this particularly beneficial when tackling more challenging accounting topics. What sets AccountingCoach apart is its versatility. For new business consultants, this platform serves as a comprehensive learning portal offering quizzes, tests, and well-structured content. It is particularly helpful for those needing a refresher in key areas that may not have been thoroughly studied. The speed and ease with which one can grasp managerial and financial accounting concepts make this platform an invaluable resource. As someone who has navigated the intricacies of project management, I have consistently recommended AccountingCoach to colleagues and peers alike. The platform has been a key companion in my professional journey, aiding me in staying sharp and informed in the ever-evolving field of accounting. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse AccountingCoach for its exceptional educational content, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive approach to accounting education. For anyone looking to enhance their accounting skills or gain a quick refresher, I highly recommend this platform. Thank you, AccountingCoach, for being an indispensable partner in my ongoing professional development."
"I work independently, as well as with an accounting company, doing bookkeeping for clients. I've been doing this now for almost 15 years. When I started working with my accounting firm, I realized I lacked knowledge on the accounting side of things, and so I signed up with AccountingCoach to help me bridge the gap. I chose this program because of its systematic approach to the learning process. Having the ability to test to see what I've retained, whether through the quizzes or flashcard features, has been invaluable. This program has given me the confidence to speak the language of CPAs—something I didn't have before I started with AccountingCoach. I highly recommend this program to anyone just getting started in the accounting profession or looking to enhance their knowledge."
"AccountingCoach is a great resource! You're introduced to the basics in the beginning, and it ramps up nicely from there. You have access to quizzes throughout the topics, which will make you think and apply what you've learned. You can hop back and forth to any section and learn at your own pace. Best of all, you have lifetime access. Whether you need a refresher on one topic, or your current role is expanding to a new area of accounting, AccountingCoach will have what you need to achieve what you're after. It's a great investment, and a bargain for what it delivers!"
"Thank you AccountingCoach, you have helped me over the last 8 years of study and guided me to my dream job of becoming an accountant. I've answered and explained all the hard questions that I needed to get me where I am today I certainly couldn't have done it without you! I will continue to use AccountingCoach PRO for the rest of my career. You are the best."
"AccountingCoach is my go-to for all my accounting needs. It has been a pivotal part of my career. AccountingCoach has had my back in many situations, and has helped me to understand accounting at my pace. I am now a financial/management accountant for one of west Australia’s largest heavy engineering companies. I will continue to use AccountingCoach throughout my career for continued learning and personal growth. I highly recommend AccountingCoach to anyone studying or already in the accounting industry. I, personally, will always be a member. Thank you team AccountingCoach, I wouldn't be where I am today without you."
"I retired a few months ago from a law enforcement career in order to spend more time with my family. Leading up to my retirement, I explored different secondary career options that would be stimulating and rewarding, but also give me the flexibility I wanted. I learned about bookkeeping and really developed an interest for it. From the beginning, I saw AccountingCoach and Mr. Averkamp being highly and widely praised. After taking a few courses, I made the decision to become a bookkeeper. I became a PRO user because I believed it was important to keep track of my studies and use as many resources as possible to absorb the information. I like how the material is presented in a variety of ways (reading, video, flashcards) that reinforce my learning. I also feel it is presented at a good level, in a way that makes it fairly easy to understand without oversimplifying it. AccountingCoach has helped me understand proper accounting skills that can be applied regardless of the accounting system or software I use. I think this is great because although there is a lot of software out there that simplifies bookkeeping, I don't think it should be used without having a thorough understanding of the processes and knowing whether it's working properly. I definitely believe AccountingCoach has helped me become a better, more reliable, and more intelligent bookkeeper."
"I've been a lifetime member for quite awhile now. This site is like having my college textbooks on hand, and it has helped me through multiple career paths: from Assistant Controller, to Controller, to Accounting Director, and now into Public Accounting. If ever I am stumped this is my first go to for why, how, and what to do. It is a tremendous help. Honestly, I find it much better than searching through my textbooks, and it is always up to date. Keep up the great work on this site and this wonderful resource."
"My background includes a hotel management degree, and I also have an accounting diploma. I became a PRO user as my mother tongue is Greek, but I needed to learn accounting terminology in English in order to work in the UK. AccountingCoach’s materials are very good, as they explain in plain language what every term means so as to be easily understood by anyone, whether or not they are in accounting. These materials have helped me to learn and understand the matching terms in English so I could get an AAT Level 3 Diploma. Thank you very much for all this useful information, which is updated frequently."
"AccountingCoach is designed for non-accountants and is well suited to students, small-business owners, and bookkeepers. The quizzes and crosswords provide positive reinforcement and are a fun way to learn. There are videos if you prefer to learn by watching and listening rather than reading. The tests increase your confidence in your mastery of the material. As an employer, you can test the knowledge of a potential hire before they can touch your books. Additionally, the free articles on bookkeeping and accounting are a great resource for when you have questions as an isolated bookkeeper working from home with no peers working alongside you. The PRO Plus membership has certificates you can earn, which could potentially even help an employee get a raise or promotion at work, or to return to the workforce. All around, this site is a great resource."
"I love your PRO Plus program, I must say you've done a fantastic job creating this course. I learned more here in a few weeks, than I did in the previous 2 years with my college 'Bookkeeping' program. In fact, I was doing my final project when I realized they just did not teach me (or I did not retain) all I needed to know. Thanks to your course, I am getting ready to complete their diploma course. I plan to get my certification and start a bookkeeping business here. I was thrilled to pay for your course, well worth it. Thank You!"
"I work in public audit. I became a PRO user because I wanted to refresh my accounting knowledge by going through your lessons and quizzes, and to save and track my progress as I go through your website. What I like about your materials is that the bite-sized lessons explain the topics in a simple, straightforward way that's easy to understand. The interface/layout is also user friendly. I have benefited from your materials as they have helped me gain more confidence in my knowledge and skills when it comes to my day-to-day tasks as an auditor."
"As a trainer/lecturer of English for Specific Purposes with a focus on Financial and Business English, is THE website I recommend to my students. They are speakers of other languages and makes the world of finance and Accounting in English accessible to them. They need nothing more to convince themselves of accounting and finance terminology. This is their go-to resource. Apart from improving their English levels, professionally they gain insight as well. They are getting core information, updates, and learn about trends. To this effect many students have commented. Your website is also a tremendous support to me when it comes to doing quizzes, finding material to improve reading skills and when setting exam papers. And all of that for free! Thank you Mr Averkamp. For sharing your knowledge, for making such a contribution to education, for reaching students across the globe. You are changing the world. With sincere gratitude!"
"I started using AccountingCoach when I found myself unemployed and looking to brush up on my cost accounting skills. It was a wonderful tool and I found it easy to use and contained all the information I would need to get familiar with the topic, all while not having to go back to my college books or my CPA review materials. It is affordably priced and well worth investing in. I am now employed and the materials I studied helped me to prepare for questions I received in the interview process regarding topics I needed to brush up on."
"I have a small bookkeeping company. Being a PRO user on AccountingCoach has been transformative for my bookkeeping and accounting skills. The comprehensive lessons and interactive quizzes provide a structured learning experience, demystifying complex accounting concepts. The clear explanations, coupled with real-world examples, have significantly improved my proficiency in my business. The platform's intuitive interface enhances accessibility, allowing me to seamlessly navigate through various topics. The PRO features, including in-depth Q&A sessions and additional resources, ensure I stay ahead in my financial endeavors. AccountingCoach is an indispensable tool for anyone seeking a profound grasp of accounting principles, and its PRO membership is worth every penny for the enriched learning journey."
"I am a small business accountant and tax preparer. A lot of my clients are do-it-yourself bookkeepers for their small business. Most of them, if not all, use bookkeeping software to keep track of their business. Although software programs are great at what they do and are easy for the user, the double entry accounting method is still occurring in the background. Accounting concepts and terms are not easily explained to a small business owner who doesn't understand why reports look the way they do. To help them, I always direct them to AccountingCoach to learn the concepts and terms. The tutorials, glossary, and web topics are presented in the best way that anyone can understand accounting. It's the best source on the web!"
"Just wanted to let you know how much your site helped me tonight. I had to take an Accounting test for a job this evening and, if it weren't for your site, I would have absolutely failed it. I have been a stay-at-home Mom for 12 years, and before that only did a little Accounting here and there (I worked mostly as an Analyst or Auditor prior to kids) so I was REALLY rusty. The topic explanations and quizzes really helped refresh my memory and prepare me for the test. Regardless of whether I get the job or not, I am just psyched at doing well on the exam after all these years. Thanks again!!!"
"I'm an independent bookkeeper. I'm very happy to have AccountingCoach as my most reliable source of information! It is my one and only resource that I don't know what I'd do without it. I became a PRO user many years ago because I was self-teaching to see if I could practice becoming involved in accounting for a living. The most important aspect of becoming a PRO user, which made me stay committed, was the easy access and all of the wonderful explanations of accounting. Easy-to-understand verbiage that didn’t go over my head was certainly key for me. If it wasn't for the easy access to all the material and resources, I would not have moved forward in my own business. I know I'm in good hands with this wonderful program. I'm well aware that I have so much confidence in what I do for my clients, knowing this program gives me valuable, reliable and helpful information when I need it most! I'm excited to see and experience your new website! I'm sure it will be even more user friendly and awesome. Thank you for being my rock for accounting!"
"I am thankful I signed up for AccountingCoach. My background is in front-office customer service and minor bookkeeping. My husband and I opened a satellite office for a European company where I had to use all those skills and more. We have an ERP system and an accountant, but I needed to brush up on some of my bookkeeping and learn new skills to keep up with my accountant. I have recently started with AccountingCoach, and I can tell you that it is user friendly and easy to navigate. You can go in order or jump to a section as needed. Everything is clearly explained. The PRO platform is great because you have access to all the material whenever you need it, so if I have any future questions, I can go back and look at it. I would highly recommend this website to others."
"I discovered AccountingCoach while I was teaching an Accounting 1 class at the college I work at and provided the website to my students to supplement their learn experience. I know it made a difference! I am a Small Business Development Center adviser and workshop presenter and I provide the AccountingCoach website to my clients and workshop attendees to help them learn accounting. AccountingCoach is a great resource for small business people!"
"Earlier this year, I began my own bookkeeping business in Indiana to help small local service businesses with their books. As I was preparing for that transition, I started looking for some basic accounting training as my degree in college was in music education. Someone recommended your website to me, and I loved it! I became a PRO user after I had been using the free version of your website for a while. I felt that having access to the additional materials (tests, quizzes, etc.) would help me synthesize and understand the information on a deeper level than simply reading about it. And it absolutely did. I liked the various ways that the website offers to engage with the information. Not only is it more interesting, but it truly aids in learning. As a trained educator, I greatly appreciated the incorporation of various learning implements to deepen understanding. I believe I have developed a much stronger understanding of accounting basics since using AccountingCoach. Obviously I'm not a CPA, but I have a good grasp on the fundamentals and the terminology involved. Thank you so much for this website—I appreciate feeling like my money is well spent, and upgrading to PRO was absolutely worth it."
"I am currently an accounts payable specialist for a hospital in my city residence. I became a PRO user years ago because I was looking for a website that could assist in improving my bookkeeping skills, as I wish to eventually open my own business one day. I really like the use of the materials, such as the chapter breakdowns, the summaries I can read over, the quizzes to ensure I learned what I was reading, and so much more. I feel I have greatly benefitted using the materials, as they helped build my confidence in becoming a self-employed bookkeeper in the near future. Thank you for building such a useful tool for learning accounting and bookkeeping; I see you are still #1 Best Overall Voted by Google and most websites."
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"I'm a financial controller (formerly). During Covid, we were laid off! I have an associate, bachelor, and MBA in accounting, as well as 35 plus years of experience! Now, for the past few years, I have owned my own accounting firm. I became a PRO user because I needed access to a valid source of readily-available, easy-to-find information. I have researched and found the PRO membership to have the information I need. I like that the materials are easy to find and to understand. I've purchased AccountingCoach PRO for two of my employees as well to earn their certifications. This is also my go-to when I need to have a legitimate source for my clients. Almost all of my clients are from different industries and have different reporting requirements. Cash or accrual, percentage of completion, etc. Simple things, like where other income and expenses go, and how it affects gross margins if categorized incorrectly. I have been able to keep up with almost all of the accounting methods. This material has been far better than any I have found so far! Right at my fingertips, it's not easy finding a valid source of information on the internet! I keep myself sharp and knowledgeable with this material in order to help my clients by providing accurate financial data they can rely on to maintain, grow and make informed decisions. I'm now a construction industry accountant/fractional CFO, and construction is booming. More and more construction businesses are on the rise, and very few accountants have access to this kind of accounting knowledge!"
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"This service has helped me tremendously over the years. I signed up for this service when I attended school for my finance degree. This not only helped me through classes obtaining Summa Cum Laude, but also currently helps me today. I'm the finance director of a manufacturing company, and I use this site often to stay on top of any changes and assist me with training my employees. It's clear and direct and very informative. Along with tests and a wonderful glossary, I'm not sure what I would do without it. Thank you for providing such an excellent service to assist in my accounting career journey."
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"I needed a refresher course in Accounting as most of my professional work has been in Finance and other areas where I don't apply accounting skills regularly. I needed to go over accounting concepts as job interviews test you on general accounting skills and I was in the process of looking for new employment. As I started reading through the materials, I found them very easy to understand. The topics are great for anyone who is looking for a refresher or trying to get in the Accounting world. I upgraded to AccountingCoach PRO as I wanted to have more testing materials to make sure I understood the topics thoroughly. Overall, I think the investment is so much worth the price for the information provided. I recommend AccountingCoach to anyone trying to understand the basics of accounting and its applications in the real world. Thank you for such a great course."
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"I am currently employed at a food distributor as an account specialist. I have been using your website for about a year now. When I started here, I didn't know very much about accrual accounting, as I had always used the cash accounting method. In my position, I am responsible for entering the company’s JE. I was hired as an account specialist, with the opportunity for a promotion to Staff Accountant. For that promotion to be fulfilled, I needed to learn more about accounting procedures. My manager set goals for me to fulfill and went online to find some online accounting courses. That's when he found your website. At the time, we didn't know how useful the site would be, so we chose not to purchase the PRO Plus option. After using it for some time now, I found the site to be extremely useful. It is very user friendly and has a lot of valuable information. I have learned a great deal from your site. The biggest thing I learned was how the accounting equation works. I've been able to learn more about accruals, deferrals, adjusting journal entries, and more. I also understand more about how the JEs I enter affect our financial statements here. This has proven to be invaluable to me because it has helped me move closer to the promotion of Staff Accountant, which includes a pay raise. I know I have a lot more to learn."
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"My current position is as a business broker. I became a PRO user of AccountingCoach because I wanted to learn bookkeeping as a side job during the pandemic. The site is laid out in a very logical way, and it's very easy to follow. I love that there are tests along the way to check your knowledge. I first enrolled in AccountingCoach during the depths of the pandemic. I was stuck in a foreign country and couldn't return to the US, so I started to look for skills I could use to build an income. I chose bookkeeping and stumbled upon AccountingCoach. In a matter of weeks, I went from knowing nothing, to freelancing for clients. Later, I started a business and was able to handle all of my own books thanks to what I learned from AccountingCoach. After selling that business, I started helping others buy and sell their businesses as a business broker. Reading and understanding financial statements is an essential skill in this line of work. It is not a stretch to say that AccountingCoach is the highest ROI investment into my education that I have ever made!"
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"Back in November of 2010, while attending an online university I was totally freaking out because I am at a loss when it comes to accounting. I had to take Financial Accounting Concepts and Principles. Had I not purchased your accounting package, I would have had to pay for another class. So, I want to thank you AccountingCoach because I got a B+ for my XACC/280 class and went on to receive my Associates back in 2011. I could not have achieved this had it not been for AccountingCoach, for that I truly thank you."
"I want to thank you for your AccountingCoach program. I have found your materials to be comprehensive and easy to use. As a retired corporation executive in operations, finance was critical to my doing a good job however my needs did not include expertise in balance sheets. The financial statements, cash flow, and budgets were more important to an operations professional. So, when I retired and started spending far more time on my investment accounts, I discovered the importance of the balance sheet, and that understanding it is critical to making good investment decisions. Your AccountingCoach PRO membership was a godsend as I am able to work at my own pace and improve my comprehension of the balance sheet, as well as to stay mentally tuned up on the other vital reports I examine for the stocks that I evaluate for my portfolio. I became an AccountingCoach PRO user after extensive research for an at-home system to increase my financial acumen, and AccountingCoach PRO has not disappointed. I understand the financial channels on cable much better than I ever have as they go about discussing the merits, or lack thereof, of a particular equity. I doubt there is a better program out there, especially at the very low price of AccountingCoach PRO. Logging in to AccountingCoach PRO weekly is part of my routine, and it has helped me understand companies in a way that I feel I make better investment decisions. AccountingCoach PRO may very well have been the best investment I've ever made toward understanding the underlying financial worth of a company."
"I am a partner in a small family accounting firm in Pennsylvania. I became a PRO user so I could review and refresh on the basics, as well as new items and regulations that pop up every other day. I love the way each subject is organized for easy access and review. I can go in, read the materials, and take an exam at the end to help solidify the concepts in my mind. It's always helpful to be able to go back and refresh my memory as I age and tend to concentrate in only specific areas of accounting. I have also benefited from the website by being able to review material when clients have questions or any particular situations that need further research on my part."
"I am an independent bookkeeper specializing in non-profit accounting. My background includes a master's degree in business, with Certificates of Achievement from AccountingCoach to supplement my credentials. I became a PRO user to further my skills in accounting, better perform my job, and expand my scope of services. AccountingCoach is user friendly and offers many learning opportunities. The menu allows you to track progression in individual areas and quick-reference topics. The Certificates of Achievement help assess learning and apply learned knowledge, as well as to review topics/skills in need of more development. I like that the materials are available online and are consistent in targeting accounting topics for all levels of accountants and bookkeepers. The website is always reliable, and I have never experienced it being offline or inaccessible. I have benefitted from AccountingCoach’s materials and have been able to enhance my current skills, review other skills, and develop/learn additional skills that have helped me obtain more clients and perform my current role at a higher capacity. It has given me confidence in weak areas of my knowledge, and has been a valuable resource for review of areas less frequently used in my current job. I have recommended AccountingCoach to colleagues as a learning and developmental tool for accounting, from beginner to advanced user. I started using AccountingCoach 4-5 years ago and still use it today. Thank you for creating such a great accounting resource and learning tool."
"I found AccountingCoach when I was preparing to apply for positions in the accounting field after an absence of 15 years. I previously worked for 6+ years as an accounts receivable clerk and general accounting assistant, but I felt that my skills were rusty and wished to refresh my memory on the basic principles of accounting. This was exactly what I needed. I found that I really had not forgotten as much as I feared I had. With regained confidence, I was able to secure a position as an accounting assistant to an accounting manager for a small company."
"I've been an AccountingCoach PRO user for several years, and have used the course to expand my understanding and become more advanced in my bookkeeping skills. The course is very easy to follow and complete. I particularly like to use the ‘search for any accounting term’ feature when I need to find and learn about something specific. Each time I log in, I pick up something new that I didn't know before. I recommend this website if you are looking to learn or improve your accounting skills."
"AccountingCoach is like having an accounting professor sitting next to you at your computer, 24/7. I would not be operating as successful a bookkeeping practice as I am had I not subscribed!!"
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"My current role is Senior Accountant. I started as a payroll accountant with very little bookkeeping/accounting experience. I was presented the opportunity for a bookkeeping role with some tax preparation, and became a PRO user to get a better understanding of financial statements. Your materials have helped me excel in my role! I'm now training others! The material is easy to follow. I love the quizzes and examples. Even though I am now 2 years into my role, since I don't have an accounting degree, I still come across things on complicated financial statements that I'm not sure how to handle, and AccountingCoach always has the answers! Love love love your materials!"
"I was struggling through online accounting classes with nobody to answer my questions. I didn't want to just find answers to my homework; I wanted to actually learn the concepts. I was so grateful when I found AccountingCoach online. AccountingCoach PRO has truly helped me get through the past two years of accounting classes (prerequisites and now graduate school). The information is written in an easy-to-understand way; I am so grateful! I also really appreciate that I just paid one small fee and that was it! Now I have all this information at my fingertips, not to mention that I get emails telling me that more information is being added all the time. It is easy to find what I need. Thank you so very much!"
"I am very appreciative of I believe that Harold Averkamp, CPA, MBA, deserves to receive a special award for his philanthropic dedication to educating people about accounting. I try to spread the word as much as possible because this website is truly a wonderful opportunity to learn bookkeeping and accounting. And it is FREE. Plus you get the opportunity for lots of material for a very small amount of money. And there are great videos & quizzes, too. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to study at Whenever I am talking with just about anyone I refer them to Honestly, this is the best website to learn a valuable skill with the added plus of no debt in the process, using the least amount of money, zero gasoline, zero transportation time/energy, no frustration and having the finest teacher one could hope to be learning from, i.e., Mr. Harold Averkamp, CPA, MBA."
"I became a PRO user of AccountingCoach to enhance my knowledge of accounting procedures, as I am self-taught, and knew from the first time I logged on that this site would be beneficial for me. I like the AccountingCoach website because of the detailed explanations of procedures and the self-testing to show where my weaknesses and strengths are, and because it is an extremely useful reference program. The benefit of using AccountingCoach for me is the easy access to specific subject matters and the assistance it provides me to learn, grow, and take on added responsibilities with confidence in my role as Accounting Manager. I would highly recommend this site for anyone who is responsible for accounting, bookkeeping, and financial reporting. It has helped me personally to gain confidence in providing accurate financial information to the owner of our company."
"I've been a member of AccountingCoach for a couple of years now, and since signing up, it has helped me refresh my accounting knowledge after taking a break shortly after college to backpack through Central America. I am currently a senior accountant, and became a PRO user because knowledge is key. I find it extremely important to always stay up to date, as well as to support tools that encourage students from all over to continue learning. I truly enjoy how accountable AccountingCoach keeps with the multiple questions and quizzes, and how it always keeps their members up to date. AccountingCoach has provided numerous benefits, including making learning interesting, allowing me to continue or pick up learning on my own time, and the endless education/site improvements that it brings to me as a student."
"I am one exam short of finishing a different bookkeeping course. It is a very good course but AccountingCoach PRO is so much better. For example, the Cash Flow Statement is explained in such great detail and tests you on your understanding thoroughly. Nothing is left unexplained. The thoroughness of the course is unbelievable. This gives me a lot more confidence when dealing with issues that will crop up. And like a good reference/textbook, you can always go back and check on anything you may not be sure of. This is a lifetime resource. Highly recommended."
"After running my electrical contracting business for three decades, I attribute a significant portion of my financial acumen to the invaluable training provided by AccountingCoach. This premier site has been my go-to resource for accounting education, offering an extensive and comprehensible curriculum. What sets the PRO membership apart is its depth and breadth, providing advanced insights that are directly applicable to my business. The excellent explanations and materials on the site demystify complex accounting concepts, making them accessible and relevant to my industry. This program has not only fortified my understanding of financial intricacies but has also empowered me to make informed decisions, contributing substantially to the success and longevity of my business. AccountingCoach has been an indispensable companion throughout my entrepreneurial journey, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a robust foundation in accounting."
"I am currently a staff accountant (following a career change) with a B.S. in accounting, and MBA. I have 20 years of experience in the retail industry, and 10 years in the accounting industry across diverse sub-industries, e.g. government, digital media, non-profit, etc. I became a PRO user to increase my knowledge via continuing education, become a more valuable employee for current and future employers, and to use the information provided to assist with studying for the two-part CMA exam in 2024. I like the comprehensive nature of the materials, such as the explanation, quizzes, and various other creative tactics to facilitate learning, e.g. flashcards, word puzzles, and crossword. I have benefitted from your materials primarily through additional hard-skill learning and retention. The 30+ categories presented are very well rounded and detailed, which is so useful for individuals hoping to accelerate their learning path."
"Having been a senior advisor for a business development center for some 15+ years, as well as holding a BSBA [Hotel & Restaurant Mgt] and MFA in Economics, I find the resources provided are relevant, timely and accurate as support for my advising of small-business clients. I started as a 'basic' user and found the resources provided with PRO are what I needed to better serve clients in the area of financial literacy and strategy. The site is easy to navigate, and goes deep into collateral resources I didn't realize I wanted/needed. Our business development center is the go-to resource for small-business advising, based largely on the 'relevancy, timeliness and accuracy' of the resources, and the 'can-do attitude of the AccountingCoach team'."
"I am currently working for a Pharmacy Benefits Management company (PMB). I discovered AccountingCoach when I was in college going through the accounting program. Sometimes in school, the concepts weren't always clear to me, or I just needed a concise refresher on certain accounting topics. AccountingCoach fulfilled both of these needs for me. I became a PRO user because I found value in the additional resources I received. It really helped me to solidify my understanding of the accounting process. I like the materials on AccountingCoach because of the clarity and conciseness of the information. I find myself wanting to brush up on things from time to time, and because of the format of the AccountingCoach platform, I'm able to quickly find what I need. I have benefited from the materials both academically and professionally. In school, I did well in my courses, and I know that using AccountingCoach contributed to my success. Professionally, I have felt confident in communicating with my coworkers regarding accounting concepts, which has in turn helped me to progress in the company. Sometimes when I’m working, I reference the templates provided on AccountingCoach to guide my work. I will be using this site for years to come!"
"I found myself in need of reviewing many topics in accounting and accounting principles used in the US. I looked into many accounting courses, but I found AccountingCoach to be the best and most reliable accounting resource ever! I like it because it is very well organized and user friendly. I was able to easily find the topics I needed and understand perfectly what was required, as the material provides thorough and detailed explanations with examples and practice quizzes to test your knowledge at the end of each topic. I love that it covers all the information needed in accounting and finance, with hints and reasonable financial analysis when it comes to financial ratio studies that would interest anyone working in those industries. I am really grateful to have AccountingCoach! Thank you, professional gentlemen, for creating such a great and trustworthy source of accounting information. It has made my life easier! I highly recommend it to everyone in the field."
"I love, love, love your website, it has helped me to succeed in all the bookkeeping I have done off and on throughout the years. Whenever I had doubts I could easily access the website and find my answers quick and I love the videos. Very educational, accurate and reliable. The lifetime unlimited access was one of the best investments I have ever made a few years ago! Makes learning fun and I would suggest this to others in a heartbeat, business owners, employees won't be disappointed. Even those who do occasional bookkeeping will definitely be satisfied with any membership purchase. Thank you AccountingCoach for all that you have helped me with!!! Amazing site!!"
"Just had to write & say how much I love AccountingCoach and love being a PRO member! Love reading the material because the explanations are so clear and helpful. Years ago, I took a course at two different 2-year colleges, and I remember being frustrated and agonizing over how confusing and unclear both courses were to me. Having AccountingCoach's material to study heals the frustration and confusion and brings me hope and peace, and joy! Truly! I refer people to your site as much as possible knowing they'll be benefiting and very grateful. This is Education at its finest!"
"My current job is Director of Gifts and Records. I initially purchased AccountingCoach PRO to renew my skills after being out of the accounting field for a number of years. I became a PRO user to access the quick tests and the flashcards. Rediscovering accounting with AccountingCoach PRO has been a game-changer. After years away, the user-friendly interface, comprehensive curriculum, and flexible learning schedule made it a breeze to renew my skills. The bite-sized lessons, real-world examples, and interactive quizzes kept me engaged, while the accommodating pace fit seamlessly into my busy routine. AccountingCoach PRO exceeded my expectations, and I wholeheartedly recommend it for its effectiveness and user-centric approach."
"I am a CPA with a (heavy, technical) tax and accounting (bookkeeping) practice. After training and teaching accounting and taxes, this is THE ONLY place where I can send interns, staff, associates, and most importantly, clients! There needs to be a place where any person can get simple, concise, and complete explanations of accounting, processes and some theory (what/why/how). Most folks do not find that, and therefore stop doing accounting, or stop trying to get it right. Thank you for the most appropriate, thorough, and sensible source for accounting explanations, and for the understanding and value it brings to folks at any level. The paths to success you offer are numerous and well considered, to avoid the normal ‘I don't get it’ failures that drive some to just give up and quit. BEST overall accounting resource out there, and I continue to use it even after over 50 years of experience. GREAT JOB, please continue!"
"As the owner of a busy bookkeeping firm I decided it was time to go for a degree in Accounting. Before opening my firm. I took the necessary courses to become a Licensed Certified Bookkeeper, which included two college accounting classes and passing the final exams. AccountingCoach helped me through the classes to attain my professional license, with my business and now with earning my accounting degree. They break everything down and make it easy to understand. AccountingCoach has been my go-to resource website for so much in the past four years and will continue to be. My belief is, you never stop learning and AccountingCoach has been there the whole way. Thank you so very much for your website! I maintained a 4.0 GPA through all of my accounting classes with your help and intend to graduate with my degree in accounting with the same GPA!"
"I cannot think of another program that I have seen that has given me access to this type of both current and relevant accounting situations. My goal is to prepare myself to return to the workforce and the AccountingCoach program is certainly refurbishing my skill set, providing the confidence that I was hoping to have to be successful. This is so good that I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to solidify their skills or just wants to have access to an enormous library of accounting questions and solutions. Thank you AccountingCoach."
"The lifetime PRO membership is the greatest purchase ever. This is like having your own personal tutor at your fingertips!! I love it. I have benefited greatly from my purchase. I recently had to use this site for a college course and it is a great learning resource for any accounting class too. I can't recommend it enough."
"Thank you so much for putting this site together. It's been ten years since I earned my degree in accounting and there's a great deal I've forgotten. So when I signed up with an employment agency and they wanted to do testing, I was very nervous. I did a search and came to your site for a refresher. I ended up getting very high scores and received a job offer. And then the company I was already working for offered me a better position and a 12% pay increase. I'm sure my scores wouldn't have been nearly as good if I hadn't come to this site, so thank you again!"
"There are many resources out here in 'internet land', but AccountingCoach has become my go-to for all things accounting. Whether it is a specific accounting question I have, or if it is simply to refresh my brain regarding a cash flow statement, prepaids, deferrals, or all things accrual! I have small-business owners as clients, and I refer them here to learn the basics. What a truly great resource for simple AND more challenging accounting questions. I appreciate you, AccountingCoach!"
"I'm setting up a small business and needed to refresh my accounting skills. The lifetime PRO Plus membership is one of the smartest purchases I've ever made. For such a low price, my work here has already yielded significant professional advancement accompanied by a higher salary. The extraordinarily clear and engaging explanations make self-study possible for anyone with an interest in accounting. I simply can't recommend it enough."
"AccountingCoach is one of the best investments I've made in my life. I can't believe how easy and well structured it is. They deserve their success. I don't recommend many things, but this one I do. I really thought Accounting was a hard course by the way people used to speak in college about it, but when I study with this one it's not. Thank you for all your experience in putting together this course."
"I was employed to do basic bookkeeping at my current company. I knew practically nothing about it. I began to research bookkeeping and I came across AccountingCoach. Their materials were so clear, and contained all the information I needed to get up to speed. The website had stopped my random search on the internet, as AccountingCoach’s materials contained everything I needed for my job. I could also work on it at my own pace. It helped me to perform well at my job. The practice questions really help me understand and retain the knowledge I got from their materials. I also loved the videos, as they were very easy to digest. I still refer to their materials regularly."
"AccountingCoach is one of the BEST tools to learn (and to refresh) my accounting knowledge. I have a degree in Accounting, and have worked in the field for many years before staying home to raise our children. After they got older, I wanted to get back into the field, but felt my skills were lacking/rusty. AccountingCoach PRO was exactly what I needed to refresh my skills and test my knowledge. All the topics are covered, so if you need more practice in a certain area, it's easy to focus on that. And if you think you are strong in an area, you can jump to the test to find out the truth (whether good and bad). It's a great value for so much material! Love it."
"I am currently employed as an accounting manager, and have been involved with accounting all throughout my career. I became a PRO user after reviewing AccountingCoach with a CFO at a previous employer. He agreed that this would be a useful tool to have available to me and the accounting department. The detail and amount of accounting information available in AccountingCoach has been very helpful in my career. There are so many challenges to accounting work. Having AccountingCoach to find answers for general and specific processes has been invaluable to me. It has helped me to work through challenging issues as well as to just get a refresher on basic accounting situations. It is assuring to know that I will always have this tool at my disposal."
"I am currently working as a financial consultant, providing financial advice and guidance to clients. I became a PRO user after I came across your website while searching for accounting materials. The website seemed to offer helpful resources that could enhance my knowledge in the field. I really appreciate the comprehensive nature of your materials. They cover a wide range of topics and provide in-depth explanations, making it easy for me to review and understand complex concepts. Your materials have been incredibly beneficial in helping me review my knowledge. They have allowed me to deepen my understanding of various accounting principles and techniques, which in turn has improved my ability to provide accurate and valuable advice to my clients."
"I found Accounting Coach online about 2 years ago. It has helped me tremendously to brush up on knowledge and information about accounting that I don't have time to go to school for. I have been an accountant for many years and don't plan on going back to college at this point; I have a Bachelors degree already. I use Accounting Coach to study for a job in accounting if I am not familiar with the work or to understand something like cash flow statements when prepping for a job interview. Recently, I used the online exams extensively to study for a city accounting job; with great success. Thank you Harold!"
"Recently, I decided that I needed to do more to ensure that I was growing professionally and staying competitive in my current field of accounting. I felt stagnated, stuck, and that I wasn't learning anything new. Rather than complain, I decided that I needed to take action to change my circumstances. I started doing research and came across AccountingCoach. Given that it was reasonably affordable, I decided to give it a try. Since then, I have been reading, doing the exercises, and have noticed a significant shift and improvement to my current skills. I love the quick tests, flashcards, and other tools provided and could not be happier that I took a leap of faith and joined. Thank you AccountingCoach, for providing me with the extra support I need to excel and move forward in my career."
"I graduated with an accounting degree 10+ years ago. I was up for a job promotion that was going to dive into cost accounting which is something that I haven't really dealt with in my professional career. AccountingCoach was an outstanding refresher course on the core concepts of cost accounting. I studied the materials, retaught myself concepts I haven't thought about for over 10 years, and got the promotion. Using AccountingCoach was the best decision I could have made! Would recommend to anyone!"
"I currently hold the position of Environmental, Health, and Safety Specialist. I became a PRO user because while pursuing my degree in paralegal studies, I was required to take classes in accounting. My online class was completely self-taught, and I found myself struggling to understand the concepts as they were presented in the textbook. When I looked for online help, I found AccountingCoach. Becoming a PRO user allowed me to access lessons that made understanding my classes so much easier. I like that the lessons walk you through the concepts of accounting and are very clear to understand. They don't throw too much at you at one time; they make it easy for you to grasp one lesson before moving on to the next. Thanks to AccountingCoach, I was able to complete my accounting classes and graduate with my degree. Since then, I have become responsible for the finances of my team, and everything I have learned allows me to work with our finance department each quarter to review our books."
"I am a degreed accounting and finance professional with a diverse business background (bookkeeper, staff accountant, auction coordinator, etc.). Over the years I have held many different roles that sometimes require transaction-heavy duties. Other times, the billing, invoicing, and journal transactions are automated. In order to keep my accounting skills sharp and to retain my theoretical understanding, I had chosen AccountingCoach PRO many years ago. The content has always been concisely written and well structured, with possible areas of confusion preemptively addressed. It's a great platform to have access to for graduates, students, and accounting professionals alike. AccountingCoach has benefited me greatly, as its materials have always kept me prepared for my next challenge."
"The AccountingCoach program saved my business. Period! This is the best content I've found on the whole web on accounting. I just had to follow through the program and I learned everything I needed to know to be able to do all the bookkeeping for my business, which was way overdue. I only had to pay 50 bucks for the complete content so really, you won't find anything like this anywhere. Thank you so much Harold, you are a blessing."
"I became a PRO user back when I was an accounting student pursuing my bachelor's degree. Accounting is like a whole different language, so I found it difficult to learn in the beginning. As someone who did not have prior accounting knowledge in high school, it would take me a while before I would understand the topics. Then I found AccountingCoach, and it helped me tremendously in really grasping the concepts at my own pace. I also utilized the exams as practice for my actual exams. I found that the most effective way to test one's knowledge is to try it on their own, and the materials on AccountingCoach allowed me to do just that. I graduated Summa Cum Laude and am now an accountant at a local public accounting firm. I am really thankful for the resources provided by AccountingCoach when I was still a student, and I am looking forward to maximizing the benefits with PRO Plus now as a professional!"
"I'm a virtual assistant to two amazing small-business owners, and I get paid as a contractor, so I needed to brush up on my accounting skills before I started invoicing. I wanted to set up my own accounting system in Notion (my go-to, everything-management app) that would grow with my personal needs, so I became a PRO user so I could have long-term access to the lessons and information. What I love about AccountingCoach are the generously-written explanations for everything; I only have high-school accounting knowledge from the 1990s (and Australian accounting, at that), but I could still jump in and find my way immediately. It's also a relief to have just one single trusted information source, so I don't ever have to scour the internet for accounting info. I basically use AccountingCoach as a textbook that I can rely on to be accurate and complete. My main benefit from all this has been confidence—I've built my little Notion-based accounting system, and I know if I need to expand it or improve it I can just jump on AccountingCoach PRO and find the information I need to help me do that."
"AccountingCoach PRO is an exceptional service. It not only provides all the essential material to succeed in learning accounting and finance, but also explains all the relevant details that make the difference when you need to understand the complexity of accounting systems. As a communication trainer and business coach, I had to pick up the language of accounting in no time in order to communicate more effectively with my clients. This website's benefits have exceeded my expectations. Many thanks for your great support."
"Right after graduating from university and getting my bachelor's degree in accountancy, I didn't manage to land a job in the accounting field, instead I got a job in banking. While the pay was a little bit higher than what many other fresh graduates would get in the accounting field, I didn't particularly enjoy what I was doing. So I decided to give what I was most interested in to begin with another shot. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling very confident in my ability and knowledge in accounting because there was a particularly long lapse of time where I wasn't exposed to accounting. Thankfully I discovered this website, which explains the basics of what you need to know about accounting in a very concise and rather layman way. I also really appreciate that the administrator of the website tries to improve and add more content to the site instead of stagnating them after getting my money. I can definitely recommend this site if you need to refresh yourself with accounting, or even just to help you with your study if you're still in the process of getting your degree."
"Your website is truly one of the greatest amongst all accounting websites, entailing every possible concept in the best manner possible. The concepts are explained in the best and simplest forms. Everytime I need to go back to revise anything, I make sure to visit your website as it is to-the-point and so easy to understand. Thank you a great deal."
"I currently work in accounting as an accounts receivable manager in the healthcare industry. I first found the AccountingCoach website and became a PRO user because I needed to brush up on my accounting skills, as I had been out of the field for 20 years while raising children. I knew I needed a source that would help me achieve that. I like the simple format and the ability to navigate the website easily. I also like how well organized the material is, as well as being able to access the material on my own schedule and find the topics that I'm specifically interested in. The material has really helped me get my skill set and knowledge current again. And to remind me that I hadn't forgotten as much as I thought I had!"
"My current position is as Accountant/Tax Preparer, with 20 years experience. I became a PRO user because I wanted all the information provided by the website to be available to me. The materials are easy to follow, and I like how you can get a certificate as proof of your achievements. Not only do I use the materials for myself, but I also use these to help teach employees that were not previously familiar with the concept."
"I have been a bookkeeping professional for five years, and AccountingCoach PRO Plus has been a tremendous resource for me. The material is well organized for studying, and the Certificates of Achievement for each module validate learning. The various methods of instruction (flashcards, video tutorials, and printed materials) appeal to all learning styles. This program has allowed me to expand my understanding of accounting principles and reporting, and to easily locate information when I need to refresh my training on a particular topic. I highly recommend AccountingCoach PRO Plus for anyone who works in the bookkeeping industry."
"I am a 52 year old former stay-at-home mom who finally decided to take a stab at earning an AAS in Accounting. Starting Accounting 1 was initially an intimidating experience. The text was confusing, and I felt like I was learning a whole new language. A fellow classmate suggested AccountingCoach, and I'm so glad she did! I find the information here understandable and relatable. I currently have a 98% in the class! I earned my 4-year degree almost 30 years ago, and I wish there had been programs like this around for every major. I am looking forward to using AccountingCoach for the next 2 years and possibly beyond. Thank you."
"Oh my gosh! To say that AccountingCoach has helped me is a total understatement. This site has been a godsend for my practice. I thought I knew everything about accounting and bookkeeping; however, since I've been subscribed to AccountingCoach, I can't begin to tell you how many times I've referred to it when I would question myself. Because of you, I have become a better bookkeeper, more knowledgeable in accounting, and the learning does not stop! I continue to improve my abilities every week. And what's best about all this is that my clients are the beneficiaries and that's what it's all about! Thank you AccountingCoach!!"
"I'd love to share my experience with you. I'm in the insurance industry, which is heavy on regulatory credentialing. Your site was recommended to me after I failed the dreaded Accounting 540 exam, which is part of a series of tests for the CPCU designation. After just a few weeks of watching the videos and completing the practice problems, I retook the exam and secured a pass! I have it all to owe to you; while I've not worked through the entire series, there’s no doubt that my pass can be credited to your program. Thank you!"
"My current position is as a CPA. I have utilized many tools from AccountingCoach PRO, both in assisting other professionals to learn and more importantly in my role as an adjunct professor. The materials provided by AccountingCoach are organized by topic and the modules are built on each other, making it a perfect learning—or in my case, teaching—tool. AccountingCoach has saved me hundreds of hours in developing teaching materials, as I use the materials provided to supplement the college textbooks."
"AccountingCoach has been invaluable in sharing and imparting accounting knowledge. Since I became a member of your training platform, my understanding of accounting fundamentals has become firmly established. AccountingCoach is a godsend for anyone that needs a learning and training partner as they develop. With Harold Averkamp, AccountingCoach is a no-brainer. You will find many resources on AccountingCoach: formulas, accounting equations, tables, layouts, accounting jargon, and presentation formats for professional presentation. You can take my word for it. I have been a member and still continue to be one today."
"I was once told that I didn't need to have all the answers; but, need to know where to go to find the answers. Best piece of advice. AccountingCoach has been my 'go-to' for answers when I've needed it! I appreciate their simple, straightforward explanations. Thank you so much!"
"Hands down, without a trace of doubt, your website is the absolute number one aid for an accounting student such as myself. Trust me, I have been to all the websites, nothing like AccountingCoach even comes close. It is extremely professional and expertly web-formatted, not to mention, user-friendly."
"I became a bookkeeper at my work. Prior to this, I had little experience so I knew I had to get some sort of education. I came across AccountingCoach and signed up. The material is easy to learn, and the format is great. I really like the repetition, because that's exactly what I need. I like the testing at the end which helps to ensure that you grasp what you've studied. If it wasn't for what I learned at AccountingCoach, I would have been more lost and confused. I became a PRO member because I wanted all the benefits I could get, and it was a great choice. It really helped me, and I couldn't have gone into this job without the knowledge I gained from AccountingCoach. Thank you!"
"My story is not so different from some of the other AccountingCoach fans. I'm a late bloomer and have been working in bookkeeping for some time. When I took an adult extension accounting class some years ago, I was hardly a standout student, and I barely passed the course. I hated my homework, and dreaded tests. My on-the-job training has been touch and go. Then, a year and a half ago, I was up for a job that would definitely require accounting skills, and I was sent a test from the agency that presented my resume for the position. I spent some time preparing on your site, and I aced the test and got the job! I still use the site to progress in my accounting knowledge, and when I need questions answered."
"I want to share that I've embraced your education in between jobs and in between states. I signed up to further what I already have learned and it has been a wonderful review of what I already knew along with learning so much more I did not know. I find myself far more confident in taking control of making the accounting office 'right', in accordance with the GAAP. The tools provided are creative and intelligent, and they help make learning a fun thing. I'm really grateful I found PRO Plus and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone! You can't get much better than how it's structured. Thank you again for being there. You are a treasure chest filled with gold and have made a huge difference in many lives."
"I took an accounting course 30+ years ago but never really used it in my job(s). My job recently expanded into bookkeeping and I want to hone my skills; AccountingCoach is perfect for this - it allows me to move at my own pace, and I love the test quizzes and crossword puzzles - I can really see how I am retaining the information. The price of the course is well worth it!"
"I'm the accounting manager at a business advisory firm.. I subscribed to AccountingCoach because I moved from Mexico and needed a platform that could show me accounting concepts in English. I loved the way the site is structured, as it allowed me to study and practice accounting concepts to retake my career. AccountingCoach gave me the confidence to apply to jobs and speak in a professional manner. Thanks for all the time dedicated to creating this site and all the topics that have been incorporated."
"I have my own bookkeeping business with a full time client base. AccountingCoach has been an invaluable tool for research, process, and of course, how to book those out of the ordinary General Journal Entries. I have been a bookkeeper for 30+ yrs; the CPAs with whom I work call me an accountant which is quite a compliment. Thanks to AccountingCoach, I am able to continue to learn and hone my bookkeeping skills to better serve my clients."
"I have been doing bookkeeping for over 20 years, mostly for easy clients with no assets. Becoming a PRO user helps me when I occasionally take on a client with a more complex business. With one client in particular, I came across a situation I was not quite sure how to handle. I was able to go to AccountingCoach and quickly resolve my dilemma! The platform is awesome. It is so easy to maneuver around. I love being able to take the ‘Quick Tests’, which are a great refresher. I love the ‘Questions Answered’ portion as well. This is a great program for not only the seasoned bookkeepers, but also for the ones just breaking into the business."
"I can't believe how much more confidence AccountingCoach PRO has given me, and I never want to be without it! I received my degree in accounting, but still found that I had questions, and did not feel confident in my abilities to perform in my new position as an accountant in a small contract manufacturing company. Because of this, I purchased the PRO version so that I could study sections I was not clear about and then test my knowledge. Being able to keep track of what you have studied is great, but what I love most is that I am able to figure out what I need more help in with the tests, and then use the flashcards to help me understand those areas better—so much so that I have challenged decisions from our controller, and was able to intelligently discuss my reasoning and be granted permission for change. Any person wanting to become a bookkeeper or accountant would benefit from using AccountingCoach, but having the PRO version takes it to the next level! Oh, by the way—I started as the staff accountant, and have since been promoted to Assistant Controller and will be promoted again to Controller when our current controller retires in less than a year. Thank you!"
"I work as a forensic analyst in accounting and foreclosures. AccountingCoach is phenomenal. It is impossible to know everything about any topic especially accounting. When I come up against issues of accounting, my first place to go is AccountingCoach. It is worth the money. It is worth your time."
"As a bookkeeper, I want to strive for excellence and continual improvement. I don't have an accounting degree, but I have learned through mentors and experience. I started taking the courses in AccountingCoach to help me better see the big picture—to increase my confidence by understanding the “why” behind the books. AccountingCoach is exactly what I needed. The core concepts are thoroughly explained, the quizzes help cement my knowledge, and I love that I can watch them over and over again as needed. AccountingCoach is an incredible resource and provides great value."
"I am currently managing a family business in Thailand, which mainly concerns the import and export of frozen seafood. I became a PRO user after going through the first few chapters and finding the material to be comprehensive, answering all the questions I had as I read along and even the ones I didn't know I had. I like how detailed the material is, while still being digestible and not too time consuming. The examples later on encourage me to think about each problem as an accountant would based on what I've learnt. Since reading the first 10 chapters, I now already have an easier time making sense of financial statements issued within the company, to the point where I was able to help my accountant make decisions about how we should manage certain situations regarding intricacies of the factory. I wanted to thank AccountingCoach and the team responsible for putting this great content together as it has had a very positive impact on my life and career, and helped me make decisions with more competency and confidence."
"I currently work as a computer engineer. I became a PRO user on AccountingCoach to track my progress and enhance my experience on the platform. What I like most about the material is that it provides multiple mediums, including text explanations and videos to enhance the experience. This has all benefited me in providing me with a better foundational knowledge of financial and managerial accounting and has helped me to excel in my accounting and finance courses in my MBA program."
"The AccountingCoach has helped me thru the years with all kinds of accounting questions. I have a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and my MBA. I have had various different accounting jobs and turn to AccountingCoach when I need a refresher or if I have a question. I recently took a job at a nonprofit organization and had no idea what I was getting into. AccountingCoach even has a section on that. You learn a lot in college but if you don't use what you've learned every day, AccountingCoach is a good resource to get yourself back up to speed."
"An important job opportunity within a major food company drove me here. As a non-native english speaker, I was looking for a solution to learn how to use and express my knowledge in accounting and finance in English, a requirement needed to succeed in my job application. I wanted a well-organized website gathering all the different aspects of accounting in one place. After surfing on the Internet, I finally found AccountingCoach and did not hesitate long before subscribing to the PRO membership. The variety of resources (to download, to watch, ...) was the perfect solution to both read and hear accounting and financial English."
"I am so impressed by AccountingCoach. I happened to stumble upon it when I was checking for an explanation on impairment and while I was busy Googling I saw AccountingCoach. Ever since then my life has become uncomplicated and all these accounting books throw out the window. It truly is the best! I could not believe it? I run my own accounting, bookkeeping practice and I am still today amazed about the way they have simplified things! I love it! Job well done to the team at AccountingCoach! I am your biggest fan! Thanks so much."
"I can't praise your website enough. The bookkeeping cheat sheet, my goodness, every bookkeeper or accountant needs one! I would've been lost without it. It's been my saviour when the going gets tough, and still use it today. The visual illustrations have helped me understand concepts much better and refresh my memory. Keep it up folks, great job."
"I currently work as a bookkeeper. I became a PRO user as I had studied a different field in college, but as I moved up in the outsourced accounting firm I worked for, I needed to learn more about accounting. I like the fact that the materials are easy to understand, and that I didn't have to spend a fortune on more college courses. Thanks to AccountingCoach, I've been able to go further in my career, which has led to a better lifestyle."
"Thank you for being my reference book as I complete my accounting degree. I had no experience in accounting or bookkeeping before completing this degree and understandably I was in over my head! All the way over in New Zealand I came across your website, subscribed, hoping I may learn even a couple of things and have ended up using your website as my main reference tool. The quizzes, question and answer pages, the entire website is so user friendly and I know it will see me through to the completion of my degree. I can't thank you enough, please keep up the fantastic work!!!"
"I initially signed up as a member with AccountingCoach when I was in college for my accounting degree, and I can honestly say that AccountingCoach not only helped me pass college but also put me on the dean’s list for five semesters straight. Even after college, whenever I had to look up accounting information that I forgot or needed to refresh, AccountingCoach was always there for me to go back on and refresh my memory so I can always be on top of the game at work. Currently, I am a tax accountant with a focus on cryptocurrency, and I can honestly say I still use AccountingCoach to this day over 8 years later."
"I found AccountingCoach when I was just starting out as an entry-level accounting assistant. I had been through several college courses but still felt very lost in my first role. I found AccountingCoach by looking online for affordable training options. It was a massive reason I felt confident enough to continue my path towards new responsibilities and growth. I am now a fractional CFO, and when I come across something that I need a quick refresher on, I can still rely on AccountingCoach. It is a simple and intuitive way to understand accounting. I put all of my new employees on AccountingCoach their first week so they have the opportunity to utilize the resources and grow, too."
"AccountingCoach rocks! I've used this website extensively in both my academic and professional careers, and I've recommended this site to countless friends and colleagues! It is my #1 go-to source when I need a refresher on anything within the accounting realm!"
"With the resources available through AccountingCoach, I was able to learn many of the fundamentals about accounting and bookkeeping without any prior background. With the wealth of knowledge provided by AccountingCoach at my back, I've been able to take over all accounting functions for a $5M company after less than a year. I used other resources as well, but couldn't have done it without the firm base established by my time studying AccountingCoach."
"I decided to upgrade to PRO because I needed to understand the basics of accounting in English, as a non-native. AccountingCoach PRO is an easy way to find very well-written material, and easy to understand for non-native speakers as well. I can say that thanks to AccountingCoach, I could start a career abroad and I'm now specializing in accounts payable, as well as having the chance to expand my knowledge. The material is great, the quizzes and questions are to the point. And above all, with a low one-time payment, you can have lifetime access. I wish I had done this earlier!"
"I joined AccountingCoach years ago. I was entering accounting via the grassroots of bookkeeping. Now, my current position is Controller at a high-end residential construction company. I became a PRO user to assist me in my undergrad classes at university, and to help with the concepts as I was learning the industry. I have enjoyed how well the contents are both laid out and explained. AccountingCoach has always been my first resource to find answers to questions or concepts I need. Thank you, and good luck in the future."
"As Senior Finance Manager and Intermediate Financial Modeler, I needed a refresher course in accounting that would make learning fun, but that would also be in depth. After looking at various online classes, I discovered AccountingCoach and found that the mix of detailed learning material, along with the structure of the materials, fit my needs. The puzzles, videos, and accounting techniques supported my learning style and my schedule. Additionally, the ease of mobile studying allowed me to be able to learn on the go. It is a great tool for anyone who needs to learn accounting from the beginner level, or a professional like myself, who needs to keep abreast of new accounting concepts. I continually return to the course to learn something new."
"I am currently the Director of Accounting in a multi-billion dollar Company. My team and I are responsible for closing the books, consolidation, financial reporting as well as internal management reporting. I became a PRO user because I found AccountingCoach to be helpful in areas when you just need someone to explain in simple accounting terms. This website has helped me in various areas especially with brushing up my skills before onboarding any new team members. Recently my Company changed our health insurance carriers and I needed to understand payroll accounting in a very short amount of time. I immediately utilized AccountingCoach which helped me understand payroll journal entries and the impact they could have on the financials. I am forever grateful for this resource as I know I can easily get an answer and even quiz myself in order to ensure I have a full understanding of accounting concepts. Thank you again for making this resource available at such an affordable rate."
"I have been in accounting for 20 years and had questions while changing industries. AccountingCoach was such a valuable tool helping me understand those things I had forgotten or was not exposed to during my career. The teaching, tests, puzzles and study material are an excellent way to learn or brush up on your accounting skills. Before finding AccountingCoach, I looked into purchasing books to assist me in the questions I had. The books would have cost me 5 times the amount it cost to join AccountingCoach and I got more content and material than I would have purchasing 3 books. I recommend AccountingCoach to anyone wanting to learn, brush up on their accounting skills or might be opening up a small business. It's an excellent way to understand accounting at your own pace."
"I currently serve as the CFO for a nonprofit organization, as well as running a small business providing bookkeeping and financial advisory services to small businesses. Prior to this, I worked as the financial controller for a family of companies with consolidated revenues of $85 million. I stumbled across AccountingCoach 10+ years ago and it quickly became my go to for clear and concise explanations. I downloaded different versions of the cheat sheets and tests to utilize when onboarding accounting staff. I upgraded to PRO in order to gain access to the additional material. I still use this site to refresh my memory on some terms or processes. I have not found any other site where I can get straightforward and easy-to-understand answers as quickly and concisely. The forms and templates are an invaluable resource. I recommend AccountingCoach to associates and clients as the go-to site for instruction for their bookkeeping and accounting staff."
"I am currently a returning adult student studying business and accounting. My Intro to Accounting professor recommended AccountingCoach, and it has been invaluable. I opted to become a PRO user because I knew it would serve me well, not only throughout my schooling but in my career as well. The certificates, flashcards, and practice quizzes are a great way to master and maintain accounting concepts. The site is very user friendly and has all the information I could ever need. A fantastic resource!"
"As a seasoned bookkeeper and business owner with over 30 years of experience, I can confidently say that becoming a PRO user on the AccountingCoach website has transformed my approach to accounting. The materials offer unparalleled depth and clarity, perfectly aligning with my professional needs. The decision to upgrade was motivated by a quest for comprehensive resources, and the website has surpassed my expectations. The engaging content and practical examples have not only streamlined my workflow but also enriched my skill set, making intricate concepts more accessible. For anyone serious about excelling in accounting, this investment is truly worthwhile."
"I'm currently a finance associate for a nonprofit. I came to a career in finance from having been involved with nonprofits in other capacities. I realized after starting my position (my first real finance job) that I was missing key contextual pieces. AccountingCoach was recommended to me as a professional development solution to help round out my knowledge. I like that the material is self-paced, meaning you can do as little or as much as you want in a sitting. It's also easy to look up specific terms or lingo and see what they mean, which is very helpful in the day-to-day. I don't have time to take an evening class, so it's a perfect middle-ground solution for me! Thanks to the material, I have come a long way from where I started 1.5 years ago, and I'm now able to play a much more essential role when it comes to our monthly and yearly reporting. I have also been given more responsibilities at my job, as my understanding of financial concepts and terminology has increased."
"I am Vice President/CFO of a small wholesaling business. I was thrust into this position unexpectedly due to the untimely death of my predecessor, and had almost no prior instruction other than a few accounting courses in college. Thanks to AccountingCoach, I don't have to email my accountant for every little thing. I can find most things easily on AccountingCoach. The materials are well organized and easy to understand. AccountingCoach has helped me to understand why things entered the way they are."
"I have a BA in accounting and economics, and have passed all four parts of the CPA exam (back when there were still essays required on the exam). However, I have been on a career break for a while due to caretaking responsibilities for aging and ailing parents, as well as becoming a mom and raising our son. I was studying for a civil service exam and felt I needed some refresher pointers in accounting and bookkeeping. I did a search online, and discovered your AccountingCoach website. I was immediately impressed with how thorough and elegantly organized your site is. I was able to search for any topic in accounting (inventory methods, retained earnings, financial statements, financial ratios, etc.) with ease. I quickly upgraded to PRO, and felt as though I was systematically re-educating myself with the latest in the accounting field. This has been a great benefit to me as I can review and challenge myself with your materials, with the flexibility to suit my schedule, and in hopes of confidently relaunching my career."
"As a business owner, I believe it is very important to understand the financial health of your business and not depend solely on the opinion of others. Having an understanding of financial documents helps me to make better business decisions. I became a PRO user because it allows me the opportunity to test and confirm my knowledge base at the same time. I like the materials because they are easy to follow, and don't contain a lot of accounting jargon that someone without that background would find difficult to understand. This program is a keepsake, as I can consult it regularly when I come across a financial matter in my daily business that I'm not very familiar with."
"I was interested in getting my finances under control. I was advised to track my expenses but I had no background in accounting. I wanted to do proper record keeping and not just of expenses, but my wealth. I came across many tutorials online. The most comprehensive tutorials were those of AccountingCoach. After being able to quickly learn, I decided to go PRO to have access to additional learning tools. I love the quizzes, they help me determine if I truly understand the material. After 1 year, I know enough about accounting to manage my finances and grow my wealth. Going PRO is one of the best investments I've made. Thank you AccountingCoach!"
"I currently teach Bookkeeping at one of the colleges in New York City. Being a member of AccountingCoach PRO has helped me tremendously. There is always something new to learn and teach. The price is very affordable. I have always encouraged my students to join the site. I'm glad to say that some have and they have really benefited from what AccountingCoach PRO has to offer."
"As a Finance Director, AccountingCoach has helped me remain up-to-date, refreshing my knowledge after more than 10 years out of school, and updating me with new concepts and how to apply them to my job. I couldn't imagine all the benefits one could enjoy becoming a member of AccountingCoach. Thank you for being there, keep it up!"
"Since 2003 till present I've been working as a chief accountant and then CFO. So acounting principles, finance and controlling are already in my background. So why decide to take your online coaching? The reason is that I'm Italian and for my career I need to study once again everything in English, in order to be able to explain every finance and accounting subject fluently and with the most correct vocabulary. Your coaching is really rich of opportunities of learning in different ways (reading, videos, charts, tests and so on), it's always so clear in explanations and for my purpose I can say that I've found it extremely useful!! Thanks and good accounting to everybody."
"In my current role as Director of Operations in the financial services industry, I've found immense value in being a PRO user on AccountingCoach. The materials provided are crafted by Harold Averkamp, a seasoned CPA with over 25 years of teaching experience, ensuring unparalleled clarity and relevance. The core materials offer a strong foundation, and the PRO materials elevate the learning experience with comprehensive resources, including video training, quizzes, and Certificates of Achievement. The convenience of 24/7 access and self-directed, self-paced learning fits seamlessly into my schedule, providing invaluable insights that have directly contributed to my success. AccountingCoach has truly become my go-to platform for advancing my accounting knowledge."
"As a seasoned accounting/auditing professional in a dynamic corporate environment, I rely on AccountingCoach as an invaluable resource to refresh my understanding on important accounting matters and stay ahead in my field. Becoming a PRO user was a no-brainer; the comprehensive materials cater perfectly to my professional needs. The clear explanations, real-world examples, and interactive quizzes have significantly enhanced my understanding of complex accounting concepts. This platform has not only helped me excel in my current role but has also empowered me with the knowledge and confidence to take on new challenges. I have referred several others to the AccountingCoach platform over the years. Kudos to AccountingCoach for being my go-to resource!"
"AccountingCoach PRO - a great learning experience at a very low cost. I would like to thank Harold Averkamp and all the staff behind it for preparing course material that contains all the essentials for a successful career in the accounting field and for giving lifetime access to the materials. The materials are very easy to follow. I am particularly impressed with your ability to explain so beautifully the accounting concepts and debits and credits. I feel that even a beginner can understand them easily. All my interactions have been great! I recommend this excellent accounting course to all."
"I'm currently transitioning from a programming background into the world of accounting, and AccountingCoach has been an absolute game-changer. The PRO membership has provided me with an unparalleled learning experience with the videos, quick tests, cheat sheets, flashcards, and printable PDF files; and those are not even all of the features of the PRO membership! I'm so happy to have found this excellent learning platform, covering everything from accounting basics to the most complex topics. The depth and simplicity with which intricate accounting concepts are explained have been a revelation. And the greatest thing about it all is that I can master accounting at my own pace, without any time restrictions. The lifetime access ensures I can revisit and reinforce my knowledge whenever needed. Thank you, AccountingCoach, for being the comprehensive, accessible, and reliable platform that has immensely supported my transition into the captivating world of accounting!"
"I was a career teacher and coach before I took on the accounting/bookkeeping side of our business. My only accounting experience had been in college, with the one class my parents required of me—Accounting 101. A helpful class, yes, but not a strong base for dealing with daily business entries. Over the years, I read various books that helped me gain general knowledge and keep us in the black and out of trouble with my accountant. When I found AccountingCoach, I was blown away by the ‘fount of all accounting knowledge’ at my fingertips, complete with courses, study guides, and straightforward explanations that even a DIY accounting hack could understand! I now serve as our company's CFO and oversee the books and financial direction of multiple subsidiaries. AccountingCoach has helped me gain confidence and knowledge as I continue to learn best practices to run our businesses."
"I have worked in my current position as an office manager, accountant and HR professional for 25 years. Wearing multiple hats has given me many opportunities. I joined AccountingCoach to help in the area of financial reporting. The application has provided much-needed information on finances over the years. It has saved me time and money versus having to contact my CPA for answers to financial questions. The website is user friendly, and the materials are accessible 24/7."
"AccountingCoach was a huge help to me while going through my MBA program. Accounting can be an intimidating subject to many. I've worked in the education field in the past, so I understand the importance of displaying information in a way that helps the learner stay engaged. This tool made challenging concepts more understandable. The lessons were broken down into a simple layout and the interface was easy to navigate. I have recommended AccountingCoach to several of my friends. Thank you AccountingCoach for continuing to enhance your content!"
"I have a BS in accounting, and was previously working as an accountant/cash manager. Then, I took 15 years off to raise my kids. Once I decided to go back to work, I felt very out of the loop, so to speak, when it came to accounting. My education and work experience had been such a long time ago. I found AccountingCoach quite by accident, but once I looked it over, I became a PRO user so that I could track my progress and have lifetime access to many of the other advantages PRO provides, like the videos and quick tests. I really liked that everything was organized into subjects and that I could either go in order, or click into different areas and read or work on a specific accounting subject. Working through various parts of your program really helped me remember different things that I had previously learned, and also helped give me the confidence to get back on track with my career. I am currently working as an assistant controller. I still go back in now and then to reinforce some of my previous education, as well as to go over things I don't have as much experience in, like non-profit accounting. This really is a great site, whether you're new to accounting, or you already have an accounting background and just need to use it to reinforce your knowledge or improve your skills. I have never regretted spending the money to become a PRO user."
"AccountingCoach is a simply fantastic self learning source. The way it explains various accounting concepts in such a simple and self explanatory manner is really commendable. Being an engineering student with no past accounting background, AccountingCoach has been a great saviour in my MBA accounting module. The Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and Income Statement all have been explained very beautifully. Thank you AccountingCoach. Keep up the good work."
"I am currently a controller. I began using AccountingCoach when I first started working in accounting. It was a huge asset for researching and answering accounting questions. Once I saw the PRO version, I did not hesitate to ask our company head to purchase this subscription. I have now been working in accounting for over 16 years, and AccountingCoach continues to be full of helpful information for any accounting level."
"My purchase of Harold Averkamp's AccountingCoach PRO service was one of my best career decisions. It is embarrassing to say that my accelerated MBA, focused in accounting, was too brief for becoming an accountant. I began subscribing to different online courses, however, these could not deliver exactly what I needed. My problem was solved with my purchase of AccountingCoach PRO. I am so grateful for the streamlined, organized, and invaluable lifetime service of AccountingCoach PRO. The content is well organized into a learning path and includes cheat sheets for quick references. The content is valuable for both current and aspiring careers in accounting and finance. The PRO membership content is also relevant for payapp developers, business owners, investors, and management consultants. I referenced these cheat sheets before every job interview leading into my accounting career, and I am grateful to say that thanks to this, my most recent role is FP&A Manager. Accounting is complicated and vital for all business activities, and I firmly believe that an AccountingCoach PRO membership is the best way to get started with it."
"AccountingCoach has helped get me hired. I signed up with AccountingCoach to refamiliarize myself with basic accounting/bookkeeping jargon and concepts to land a great position in a financial firm after being away from an accounting role for 35 years. The bookkeeping videos got me back up to speed in one day and helped me not only pass a skills test, but also labeled my efforts as proficient. Now, after being in my new role for 2 months, it's time for me to continue the courses to improve my overall knowledge and stabilize the value of my participation on the team. The videos hold my ADHD attention and the quizzes reinforce the material well. Thank you, AccountingCoach, for getting me where I needed to be."
"When I began to cut my teeth as a new general ledger accountant, I discovered that my memory of a lot of the accounting that I learned in college was getting slightly hazy. So, I combed the internet for websites that could help refresh that hazy memory of accounting principles. When I stumbled upon AccountingCoach by Harold Averkamp, CPA, MBA, my search ended. AccountingCoach helped me straighten out the bits and pieces of accounting that were beginning to elude me or that hadn't quite fallen into place. It didn't take long for me to realize that I wanted, and needed, the peace of mind of having complete access to the concise and easy-to-understand lessons. I became a PRO user over fifteen years ago, and I have always been glad I did. Thank you, AccountingCoach, for many years of being my number-one accounting research website!"
"AccountingCoach allowed me to understand accounting principles without any prior knowledge. Using simple to follow step-by-step explanations, I was able to grasp how debit and credit works, how balance sheet and income statement complimented each other, what the cash flow statement is and how to create one. I have tried many different books and online resources on accounting but only AccountingCoach managed to convey information in such a way that a person with zero previous knowledge or experience on the subject was able to finally understand and be able to apply it in real-life situations."
"I enrolled in an accounting course online. I was sent textbooks and a workbook in the mail and that was it. I was on my own to figure out the rest. It was difficult trying to match the course and workbook together to do the lessons and exercises and the explanations left too many gaps and questions. I knew I needed extra support. I stumbled upon AccountingCoach in an Internet search and from the little I was able to read, I gained a far better understanding than the college level textbook I had been studying for months. I signed up for the PRO level and it got even better. I'm able to do more exercises and gain extra studying tools and more detailed explanations to ensure my understanding of the accounting process. Truthfully, I've learned more through the AccountingCoach PRO than the college textbook and it cost sooo much less! It has been a life saver. I don't think I could have continued without it. Thank you for creating such an amazing experience and giving me the confidence I needed to keep working towards my goal."
"What is absolutely wonderful about AccountingCoach is that they have just the right answer at just the right time. In our top-heavy results driven business environment, and because I have had to wear many hats for various employers, sometimes you grow stale between projects on particular topics. It's good to know that I can 'refresh' my mind and continue to be and sound like the accounting professional I am. Their easy-to-follow format and search gets me right where I need to Thank you!"
"After working in accounts payable for 5 years, I applied for a similar position elsewhere. Given warning I would take an accounting exam, this English degree-holding gal crammed for a week using AccountingCoach. Come test time I was ecstatic to complete and pass the exam, leading to a job offer through which I am now making double what I was previously. I owe it all to AccountingCoach!"
"I am currently working as an asset analyst at a multinational company. I perform all activities related to asset management, e.g. creating new assets, running monthly depreciation, and doing write-offs. I became a PRO user because I wanted to get a job in the field of accounting. I think the material is extremely detailed and very well explained, and easy to understand even without previous studies. I really like the video training, flashcards and quick tests that all help us deepen our knowledge. It's much more enjoyable than learning from a textbook. AccountingCoach’s materials helped me get my current job, and I'm confident that if I wanted to change positions and do more complex things, not just asset accounting, the materials would be very useful, as the whole accounting field is covered."
"I am a staff accountant at a small CPA firm in southern California. I previously worked as the accountant for a county probate department for a number of years, and also worked briefly for an oil & gas company. I finished my accounting degree in 2016, but it wasn't long into my career that I realized I didn't know many of the things I should have learned in college. I would often have to google things I should have already learned, and found that I was often directed to AccountingCoach, which answered nearly all my questions. That was when I decided to become a PRO user, and AccountingCoach became my primary tool for supplemental learning. There are tons of topics available and the concepts are taught in an easy-to-understand manner. I especially like the quizzes and the ease of use of the entire program. AccountingCoach has helped me learn many of the things I should have learned in college, and I believe it has directly influenced my professional growth."
"I am currently the owner of a bookkeeping and tax business of 16 years. AccountingCoach was purchased in 2018, originally to help answer simple bookkeeping questions. Since then, I have found AccountingCoach to be extremely useful in helping my new bookkeeping hires to understand the more complex sides of bookkeeping in a simple way that saves me the time of training. It has been a wonderful tool to incorporate into making my business more successful."
"I am thrilled to share my journey with AccountingCoach PRO, a platform that has been a cornerstone in my career transformation from Accountant to Finance Manager, and now Business Applications Manager. I vividly remember the day I was called for an interview that included a critical accounting exam. AccountingCoach was instrumental in helping me revive crucial knowledge, ultimately leading me to outshine other candidates and secure the job. What truly set me apart was the practical assistance from AccountingCoach PRO, particularly the ready-to-use Excel templates that streamlined my work processes. My journey with AccountingCoach didn't stop there. It also played a pivotal role in my career progression from Accountant to Senior Accountant, and eventually in my role as Financial & Administrative Manager. The platform has been invaluable, not only in refining my own skills but also in enabling me to effectively communicate complex financial concepts to junior colleagues, business owners, and non-finance stakeholders. Whenever I encounter a forgotten topic, AccountingCoach is my reliable resource for quick and clear information. The decision to upgrade to the PRO version was a no-brainer. It offered an array of advanced tools like training videos, Excel cheat sheets, comprehensive PDF guides, and flashcards—all of which has significantly enhanced my knowledge and memory retention. Today, as a business applications manager working closely with accounting, finance, data, and ERP teams, I owe a great deal of my success and professional growth to the foundational and ongoing learning supported by AccountingCoach PRO."
"I have learned so much about accounting by simply studying an hour a day. I did not realize how much fun the PRO Plus program was going to be. I highly urge anyone and everyone in business to try it. I personally have gained so much more knowledge than in my college classes. Thanks to AccountingCoach and their amazing online program!"
"I am a student starting over at 56. Accounting is not easy for me although I love learning it. The AccountingCoach has helped me clearly understand. It explains things in a way I understand. Accounting is not simple at first, I wonder if I will ever feel I 'know' it fully. But, I know I would not have an 'A' had I not found AccountingCoach. It has been well worth what little money I spent for it. I would be the best sales person for AccountingCoach since I share it with so many people. Thank God I found you!"
"AccountingCoach is the real deal. I am a new accounting student and found myself very overwhelmed and confused at the start of the Spring semester this past January. I was extremely frustrated and contemplating changing my major (again-- I'd just switched to accounting from Paralegal). I cannot remember how I came across AccountingCoach, but I am so grateful that I did. Any time I feel that I am not getting something, I come to AccountingCoach for easy-to-understand explanations. I was able to pass all of my classes that semester, and I was able to earn a 4.0 this semester because I made straight A's. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!!!"
"I am so thankful to have found the information I needed at AccountingCoach. Several years ago I became the corporate finance vice president for a new public charity. I had many years of executive management experience, but little 'hands on' accounting needed to set up the financial system and to keep the books. AccountingCoach's clear, straight-forward explanations were exactly the review material that I needed. And, I much appreciated that all of this expert and concise information was freely shared on their website. Thank you, AccountingCoach!"
"My current position is Accounting Associate. I recently graduated with a Masters of Accounting, and have roughly 8 months of accounting experience. I became a PRO user to use all the features of AccountingCoach in order to be better at journal entries for entry-level accounting positions. I loved that the materials were condensed and extremely easy to read, understand, and implement into my studies for tests and for my current position. I have benefited from the program by being more confident with adjusting entries, statements, journal entries, cash flow statements, as well as understanding the language of business."

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