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"I've just started your course, but I can't tell you how excited I am that you made this available. I've tried taking classes but they were always at a fast pace and once you were lost, you're lost. I can do this at my pace go over it a hundred times if I need to. The visual learning give me the tools I need to succeed at bookkeeping woohoo!" - L.B. from Louisiana
"Not only has AccountingCoach been great for its simpler way of explaining the topics but also creating text opportunity for students to test their knowledge and for this alone let me say I'm more than grateful." - M. from Lagos, Nigeria
"...Mr. Averkamp has done what the three authors and numerous editors of my text could not do--provide clear and concise explanations of accounting principles. What an excellent resource..."
"I've just spent an hour on the first topic, and I'm still trying to figure out why/how you're doing this for FREE! I've already learned so much and can't wait to move onto the next topic. Many, many thanks for this wonderful learning opportunity!"
"This site is more effective than 500-page textbooks. Succinct and compendious. Bravo!"
"Wow, this site is amazing. I've taken accounting classes in college and never understood any of it. Finally I get it.
"I am a Manager from a large scale industry. My company has sponsored me for Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Global Management. I am finding your site very exciting and extremely useful. Thanks a billion!!!!" - G.S.
"This is so awesome, I'm understanding accounting for the first time! I have a big CSET (teacher credential) test tomorrow and you have helped me understand 1/3 of the material that will be on the test. Great website, thanks so much!"
"This is a great website. I am taking an accounting course and I find this site much more user friendly, easier to understand and I love the fact you have questions and if you choose the wrong answer, it will tell you why that is incorrect. Great website. I hope you will always have this available to use." - B.H.
"I have tried my accounting class twice and had to drop both times. Someone in my class told me about this website, so I went on thinking it couldn't be as great as she said, but it was even better! Everything made sense. They break down the information in a way that makes sense. Thank you sooo much for everything!" - S.B. from Wisconsin.
"I have an undergraduate degree in Business and a Law degree. Now years later I find myself learning what makes an accounting department run. This website is a wonderful review to get me back up to speed." - D.B. from USA
"I'm studying energy engineering (3rd year). One of my subjects is engineering management and we're dealing with accounting this term. Your website made me understand the basics of accounting and now it's much easier to cope with all the financial issues related to engineering management. Thank you very much!!"
"Unbelievable resource for the small business owner. THANK YOU!" - TJM from Denver, CO
"Thank you took my first accounting course...and was dreading the course. Without the supplementary reading from this site, and the Q&A section, I would have been lost!!!" - M.F. from Ontario, Canada
"...What a very informative site and it's free! My friend recommended your site to me...I hooked up here and kept reading. I am learning! This is great! Thanks to all of you. I love your site and guarantee to recommend this to all the people I know. THANK YOU SO MUCH!..." - M.L. from Los Angeles, California
"Thanks a lot for your efforts! Excellent Material for the Non-Finance professionals. The concepts are explained in a very comprehensive manner with simple examples. Simplicity of the material is the key differentiator. Kudos to founders."
"Since taking up accounting I have been trying to understand most of the concepts I have dealt with. Now that I have found your site, most of the same things I have learned have become more meaningful and understandable. Thank you very, very, very much." - R. from Solomon Islands
"Your website is great. I work as a bookkeeper and have taken classes at the local university and community college. I wanted you to know that I have notified my professors of your website so they can pass it on to their students." - K.
"I teach Intro to Accounting and managerial accounting, I also tutor all of the accounting courses at the community college in which I work and I have sent students to this website. Many students do not get enough practice with time value of money, and I like the way that you present it." - RVT from Baltimore, MD
"I really enjoy coming to this site. I have just started a new position as a bookkeeper in property management. When something comes up that I don't quite understand I can refer to this website. Thank you for this website."
"Thank you for the clear explanations on this site. As a student of bookkeeping I find the information on this site extremely helpful." - L.V. from Downey, CA
"This website is better than our instructor, who simply covered the material instead of teaching it. I simply love this site and the fact that it is free!" - RMJ from Georgia
"After finding this site accounting has become so much easier to grasp...I wish they could teach it like this rather than talking in a language that seems foreign to students. Thanks so much for creating this great resource!" - D.
"I love your website! Where were you when I was an undergrad?" - S.P.J. from Detroit
"I am a staff accountant with an IT consulting company and I love your website! (I wish I would have known about this in college.)"
"Your site helps me as a German controller to understand some basics that the CPA material does not provide." - M.
"This website is awesome!!! I am an accountant w/ 2years exp. in public accounting. This website is a great re-fresher course to use whenever I have a free moment. I love how the material is explained with simplicity. Especially like the drills and crossword interaction."
"It is rare indeed that I comment directly on the content of a website. I must say that I was extremly impressed with what I read. Your site does a tremendous service to the professional and non-professional world alike." - D.R.
"That's the best accounting website I have found so far! I haven't studied accounting before (actually, didn't have even an idea what it was all about) but with the help of the materials provided on your site everything became crystal clear to me! Thank you very much! This course will be a great preparation for the University course I am going to take next semester." - Z. from Russia
"Your website has been the tutor that I so desperately needed as I pursue my MBA. I will continue to use it as I take more courses and pursue my degree! Thank you so very much for this website, God Bless you!" - MOB from Owings, MD
"I can't express well enough how much your website has helped my sanity and business. Accounting has always scared me until my business was on the verge of collapse. Reading college textbooks made me even more confused AND so stupid. In desperation, I poked around the web and found your step-by-step explanations and examples of asset, liability and equity. Now they are not Greek to me anymore. I do aim to be an accountant, but now I'm not scared of accounting statements anymore. I feel so much better. Once again, my heartfelt gratitude!" - M.N. from Santa Ana, CA
"I am a CPA and Cost Accounting Manager for a large manufacturing company. I am responsible for the manufacturing/cost accounting activities of 7 manufacturing plants worldwide. I also teach accounting theory online to graduate students. I came across AccountingCoach during one of my courses. It is an exceptionally user-friendly and accurate reference for accounting principles and practice. It helped me communicate more effectively to students that do not have an accounting background. It has also served as a great refresher and research tool for myself in my own work. I highly recommend it." - CMM from Houston, Texas
"I can't believe this site is real!! I am an accounting student working on my bachelor's and never found a site like this to support me along the way. There have been many times I've gotten stuck and didn't have an immediate resource to help. Now I do and I thank you so much." - C.B.
"I would like to tell you that I really appreciate all the emails you have been sending to me, because this question and answer has completely turned me around and really improved my knowledge of understanding some accounting terms. Although it is not all the time I check my box but still I am glad when I see it in my inbox." - A.O.
"You guys are fantastic. I got a 92% on my exam. Thank you so much." - B.V.
" is awesome. Better than my tutor's teaching. Very simple everyday examples. Really much easier to understand. I am personally telling everybody I know that has a hard time understanding accounting to visit this site. I almost cannot believe it myself. Keep up the exellent work." - A.
"I stumbled upon this website when I was looking for definitions for my accounting class that I have been having trouble with. This website is fantastic! It is very helpful, just like a free tutor!" - V.L.
"Excellent, excellent resource. You have a knack for making difficult concepts easy to understand. I have been out of the field for some time but you have given me a wonderful refresher. Thank you!" - G.C. from Dallas, TX
"You have the best site for learning ANYTHING about accounting! I have a BBA in Accounting from an accredited University in the US. I wish YOU had been one of my professors. However, I think of you as my professor NOW. I surely will continue to utilize your VERY useful site to stay afresh of accounting principles and assist in future accounting endeavors. Thank you very much!" - S.L.B. from Tyler, TX
"My husband who studies accounting has been asking me to use this website for my accounting class for months now. I finally gave my stubbornness a rest and tried it, and OMG, I cannot believe how amazing it is. I love the immediate feedback, the fact that the information is up-to-date and so much more. I feel like I just increased my learning ability by 70%. Thank you!" - N.S. from USA
"I want to thank you for making this information available for free. I am enrolled in a basic accounting course at a Community College at the behest of my employer. I've been doing all the bookkeeping for this company since 2005, using QuickBooks and had no accounting background. The rationale for me taking the course was to make me more comfortable and less stressed about the increasing accounting work I am doing but frankly, your site is more helpful to me. The course I'm taking approaches accounting in a manual way which is confusing when the software does much of it behind the scenes. So, I just want to say thank you." - G.L.

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