Bookkeeping Proficiency Exam

Get immediate feedback on your bookkeeping skills with 300 questions sorted into 14 topics.

Great for prospective employees and employers.

Answer key included

View the list of topics covered
  • Accounts
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Adjusting Entries
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Closing Entries
  • Debits and Credits
  • Depreciation
  • Financial Statements
  • Inventory
  • Payroll
  • Petty Cash
  • Recording
  • Various Terminology
Bookkeeping Proficiency Exam Cover
BookkeepingExam for Prospective Employees Exam Cover

Bookkeeping Exams for Prospective Employees

Includes three exams, each with 40 questions. The exams are similar, but no question is repeated on any of the exams.

Great for employers and prospective employees.

Answer key included

Financial Accounting Exam

Test your knowledge of financial accounting with our exclusive 640 questions.

Covers 16 financial accounting topics (40 questions each).

Answer key included

View the list of topics covered
  • Recording Transactions
  • Accounting Principles
  • Adjusting Entries
  • Intro to Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheet
  • Stockholders' Equity
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Financial Ratios and Analysis
  • Accounts Receivable and Bad Debts Expense
  • Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold
  • Investments
  • Depreciation
  • Bonds Payable
  • Bank Reconciliation and Petty Cash
  • Payroll Accounting
Financial Accounting Exam Cover
Managerial and Cost Accounting Exam Cover

Managerial and Cost Accounting Exam

Assess your understanding of managerial and cost accounting with this 520-question exam.

A valuable way to learn and review 19 managerial and cost accounting topics.

Answer key included

View the list of topics covered
  • Cost Terms & Classifications
  • Manufacturing Costs
  • Service Department Allocations
  • Variable vs. Absorption Costing
  • Cost Behavior & Estimation
  • Regression for Estimating
  • Break-even and Cost-Volume-Profit
  • Job Costing
  • Process Costing
  • Standard Costing – Direct Materials & Direct Labor
  • Standard Costing – Manufacturing Overhead
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Joint Costs
  • Operating Budgets
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Decentralized Operations
  • EOQ & Inventory Control
  • Financial Ratios
  • Quality & Other Terms

Financial Ratios Exam

These 100 questions pertaining to financial ratios will help increase your understanding of financial statements.

Answer key included

Financial Ratios Exam Cover
Exam for Seminar, Bookeeping Basics Cover

Exam for Seminar: Bookkeeping Basics

This 50-question exam pertains to our video seminar Bookkeeping Basics.

Answer key included

Exam for Seminar: Understanding Financial Statements

This 50-question pertains to our video seminar Understanding Financial Statements.

Answer key included

Seminar Exam: Understanding Financial Statements Exam Cover

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Printable PDF Format

Covers 50 different accounting topics

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